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photo by Paul Noble from the Windjammers Toy Run in Shelby, NC.

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Januaary 7th Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

From the Mailbag

Sandy Reece: Eyes Wide Open for 2014!

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 7-14, 2013

Tuesday 27 sunny, Wednesday 42 sunny, Thursday 42 m-cloudy, Friday 46 cloudy, Saturday 64 showers, Sunday 64 cloudy, Monday 63 showers, Tuesday 57 m-sunny (as per on 1/7/14)


How u Doin'?

Well, the pipes didn't freeze and burst here last night, all my chickens are happily munching their breakfast after a 7-degree night, the howling winds from The Arctic Vortex have calmed, and altho my fingers and nose went numb during my outdoor chores this morning, I've got plenty of layers and all is well in my world. I hope the same is true at your place.

It's the beginning of a happy new year here at The Carolina Rider and Footloose and I are so looking forward to celebrating all year long. This year marks 5 years that we've been online and we're planning to honor that exciting milestone with some special events, contests, new highlights of our Sponsors, and a few more things currently under creation. We're calling it "A 5th of The Carolina Rider" because you guys have just finished off the first "5th" and we're opening a new "bottle" as we begin this new year and look for another great 5 years ahead.

Each month of 2014 will bring something new so keep your eyes on The Carolina Rider Scene for news about how we're celebrating ... and how YOU are most especially invited to join in! Below you'll see the "Birthday Box." Look to it here for news and challenges and all sorts of anniversary goodies.


Final Toy Run Photos

My sincere apologies to those of you who were looking for your photo online from the Windjammers Toy Run. I think I told a couple of you that we'd have them up by that Monday. My bad. I knew better but in the midst of the great fun we were having, I failed to think that we were entering our 2 week vacation. We just NOW got those photos online in our GALLERY and there's some great ones by our photographer Paul Noble. Thanks to the folks of Windjammers who helped us all feel so welcome. Thanks to everyone who came out for that generous ride - including our own Lester and Bub who rode up from the southern regions....

(TCR contributors, Bub and Lester, with me at the Windjammers Toy Run in Shelby)

Speaking of toy runs ... can you believe that the folks of Gaston CBA are already working on this year's? See their flyer above for the April fundraiser that's an important part of the toy run support for this devoted crew of volunteers.


As I look at our Events Calendar, there are 3 "polar bear" rides, one "candy ass" run, and one called a "freeze your hiney" ride. Woo hoo! You guys go! I took a spin around our block the day we took our holiday card photos a couple weeks back and, like Sandy mentions in her beautiful column today about the state of her own hands, my knuckles were blue and my happily-grinning teeth were chattering when I pulled back into the driveway. But unlike Sandy, I only rode less than a mile just because my bike was pouting and I was missing The Wind and the purr of my bike. To Sandy and to All of You who ride this time of year, I SALUTE and envy you. I fall into the "candy ass" category but would love to be out on a ride right this minute.

Thinking warm thoughts to all who ride this time of year and always ...


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Reader looking for Info on Riding in the

Mayo Lake/Roxboro Area

Wayne writes: "I have been receiving The Carolina Rider ezine for nearly two years now and really enjoy reading it. I don't live in North Carolina yet, but my wife and I will be retiring in July, 2014 and moving into our retirement home on Mayo Lake near Roxboro, NC (and by the way can't wait.) We love to ride and can't wait to start exploring the Carolinas and attending some of the events and restaurants mentioned in your publication. One thing that has struck me about the articles, there are very few events and places mention in the northeastern part of the state where we will be living. Are there any groups or places in our neck of the woods that you would recommend we contact or visit? We are the type that have no problem jumping on the bike (2004 Road King Custom Screamin' Eagle) and riding for an hour to a great restaurant or hot spot with good music, beer and atmosphere. I look forward to hearing any ideas you might have. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I trust everyone had a safe and joyous holiday season and now it’s time to start those resolutions in forward motion.  My resolution...To move forward with my eyes WIDE open!

As I reviewed back on my stories in 2013, I found a lot of key meanings in my stories.  Such key meanings as:  lessons learned, journey, discovery, memories, honor, awareness, help, and lots of FUN!

Now as I look forward to the New Year in 2014, I’ll be looking for some of those same keywords in my new adventures.

The ole’ saying goes, “Whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do the rest of the year.”  For me, I hope that’s true.

Batman and I went for a nice ride.  At lunch time, it was a nice sunshine day with a little nip in the air at 54°.

But when the sun went down, so did the color in my fingers!  But I toughed it out and finished my ride in high spirits.

Lots of FUN stuff coming up in the Carolinas!  So if the cold keeps you from riding… Take some time to inspect your gear, T-CLOCS on your motorcycle, and get out the maps or google on the computer and make a Bucket List for 2014.  I have already started my list, thanks to my husband.

Looking forward to the riding season in the Carolinas! For now, stay warm and well! Patience - Spring will be here before we know it!

January and it's Cold ....

Other than some warm weather, the only thing I can think of to look forward to in the next little while is the annual Easyriders Show! And, thankfully, it's coming up in 18 days. (That's January 25th at The Charlotte Convention Center.) Of course, The BIG RIDE Bus will be there. We will be giving away a trip to Skyline Village Inn (a GREAT place to hang out) and we will also have a H-D leather Jacket to give away complements of Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. So be sure to make plans to come see us and you just might walk away a winner!!



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