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Read what Footloose has to say about our new partnership with The Big Hairy Fox!



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 8-15

Tuesday 52 m-cloudy, Wednesday 63 m-cloudy, Thursday 56 few showers, Friday 66 few showers, Saturday 71 p-cloudy, Sunday 69 m-cloudy, Monday 64 few showers, Tuesday 56 showers (as per on Tuesday 01/08/13)



Happy New! - Happy Old!

I had a truly wonderful Holiday with time away from many responsibilities and good relaxing time with people I genuinely enjoy. Hoping you did too! And now as I sit at my freshly-cleared and re-org'd desk, I am excited about what lies ahead on our journey with The Carolina Rider this New Year. New writers, new partnerships, new ideas, and new projects rekindling our creative fires and inspiring our engines to a re-tuned roar. Looking forward to all that's yet-to-be-explored plus the balancing gifts of the things we know well! While it's a lot of fun to enjoy something new, there's something equally wonderful about a favorite old jacket or a lived-in pair of boots. And so, as 2013 revs to a rumble and I'm still struggling with the new numbers when I write out the date, I am excited to return to all of you who have been a part of these publications in the past year/s as well as to turn an eye to new friends joining the adventure....

The Big Hairy Fox

Footloose shares below about a new association between The Carolina Rider and The Big Hairy Fox. If you listen to the radio station WRFX, you'll soon hear them sending folks to "The Bike Report powered by The Carolina Rider dot com." And while it's not as much for those of you who already get our rag; but is in hopes of reaching out to others who haven't been touched by what we have to offer. And we know you'll appreciate having your favorite motorcycle publication plugged on air ... we are!

Horse Bucks Prizes Available NOW

Horsefeathers Roadhouse in Sherrills Ford, NC has been a TCR Sponsor for several months but we have a treat to offer you from our partnership with this cool ride destination. For the first 20 readers who write me and tell me their ride plans for 2013, I have $5 Horse Bucks to send you! When you write, remember to include your mailing address (so I can mail your Horse Bucks!) and tell me what kind of riding you want to do this year - where, with whom, how long - in as much detail as you can provide and with photos if you want as well! Whoever puts the most effort into their answer will get $25 in Horse Bucks to use at Horsefeathers Roadhouse for food and drink. All winning emails will be published in the January 22nd edition of The Carolina Rider Scene so yours must be to me NO LATER THAN 1/20/13.

FREE Motorcycle Event Planning Seminar For YOU!

We at The Carolina Rider have a good bit of experience with making powerful events happen from the ground up. Additionally we are most appreciative of the efforts of countless rider groups and individuals in our Carolina communities raising money and awareness of not-for-profit charitable and educational causes. In that light, we are making it one of our goals this year to help you produce valuable events for all involved. On Saturday, March 2nd we are offering a 2 hour workshop of practical how-to's and tried 'n true guidance to help as you try to help the world around you. Will it be worth it? Well the seminar if FREE and there will be a FREE LUNCH and HANDOUTS for you to turn to later plus beneficial discussions and connections made. The Carolina Rider foundational staff has 30+ years of marketing and fundraising expertise and involvement in the motorcycle world, truckloads of creativity and tons of useful advice that we know can improve what you're currently offering or planning to make happen. Is 2 hours enough? Perhaps not but it's a starting point and we don't want to overload brains or schedules either. You'll be armed with tools and ways to get your future questions answered too.

Who should attend? Individuals and groups actively planning or dreaming of creating a not-for-profit charitable or educational motorcycle-related event this year. That includes rides, rallies, shows, and other such events. But, hey, in the spirit of creative thought, remember there are probably lots of other kinds of charitable/educational events that haven't been ventured into yet so don't limit your visions.

Check out the flyer below and REGISTER NOW because we need to know how many to plan for. Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions. We're most grateful to Cox's Harley-Davidson in Rock Hill, SC who are providing space for the seminar.

On New Year's Day, Footloose and I had the pleasure of taking The BIG RIDE Bus on a motorcycle ride! The motorcycle club down at Sun City Carolina Lakes takes an annual ride for brunch at Jomar's in Lancaster, SC. This year it was misty drizzling rain and clouds but not too cold. Still, some of the regular riders joined us in the warmth of The BIG RIDE as about 25 bikes and a half dozen cars took their annual trek. "What fun!," I heard several say about riding an old school bus; "Thanks for the lift!" While Sun City Carolina Lakes may be a "retirement community" and these riders may be more senior in age than most, this is a lively and active club who I'm sure can ride circles around many of us. Long distance riders, frequent riders, exuberantly- dedicated riders! Footloose and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends and experiencing a different New Year's morning!

Here're a few photos. For more info about their club read this online article.


The weather report for Saturday looks like Spring - so get out there 'n ride!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"




The Ins & Outs of Bike Shows

Easyriders Show on its way to Charlotte!

The bike show season is upon us and the Easyriders Bike Show Tour rolls into the Charlotte Convention Center on Saturday January 26! I always look forward to this tour. When the show comes to town it is like a taste of spring for a day even if the weather sucks outside. I have never missed an Easyriders bike show here in Charlotte.

I love bike shows and have been attending shows since the mid seventies. (I guess that is a clue to my age?) That is a lot of shows over the years. One thing about this tour is that no two are alike. No two are judged with the same judges' sheet. The criteria changes with the show. There are no set rules in place for bike shows. Some shows have numerous classes that I have never understood but that does not make it wrong, just different.

Bike Shows should be FUN!

One thing I have learned is that above all else bike shows should be FUN! I have seen people get so upset that they were ready to tear up the building, some have cussed and fussed and I have even seen some cry! Now if you are going into a bike show with the idea that "I definitely have this one, I am going to knock this out of the park!," you will be disappointed more times than not. Why? Because you never know who will show up with what bike and that is part of the bike show mystique, the unknown! When I was a lot younger and a lot dumber, it would bother me not to win an award and I have won my share but I grew out of that. Just because you don't win doesn't mean you have an inferior bike. It is all about taste and what people like that day, ... again part of the mystique of the bike show.

How to get your Bike Show Ready

Now for some tips for getting your bike ready for the BIG show ...





Well, Happy New Year, Everyone!!


Christmas and New Years Days were on Tuesdays this year so we decided to let your Inbox take a holiday as well as you. We missed you these past two weeks and hope you missed us too! But now we're back at work and ready for the new year kicking off with the Easyriders Show just a couple of weeks away. Plus, we have BIG news: The Carolina Rider and WRFX have joined forces to promote motorcycling. THE FOX is reviving The Bike Report and The Carolina Rider is pleased to be providing the content for them. While it's stuff YOU are already receiving here in this weekly e-Magazine and on our website, there are other folks out there who don't know about The Carolina Rider and we're happy they'll be hearing about us on the radio and finding us through the WRFX website. Plus through the power of WRFX the Fox the listening world will get more exposure to motorcycle events and what we riders are all about.

Click on this link and see what it looks like now. Congrats to our writers who will be getting even more play out there in cyberspace!

Looking forward to a great year, how 'bout you?!


Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D

























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