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January 12th Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree


EVENT REPORT: 15th Annual Vets' Christmas Charity Ride

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 13-19, 2016

Wednesday 46h & sunny, Thursday 56h & sunny, Friday 47h & 100% rain, Saturday 57h & p-cloudy, Sunday 48h & 30% am showers, Monday 45h & m-cloudy, Tuesday 42h & sunny (as per on 1/12/16)

Ease it onto the Road ...

Roll easy on the throttle of 2016. She's still in those first 500 miles and needs some extra gentle care before you take her out and open 'er up full-throttle. Just be patient. Don't go takin' any wild rides just to see if she can take it. She can't. This young year's gotta get some easy miles on her before she can show us what she's truly got. And she does have some roads to tear up. She will show her badass moves, her playful side, her devil-may-care attitude. She will. Don't worry, there are plenty of miles up ahead to get your kicks!

This "easy does it" perspective comes to you thanks to my Holiday in the Keys afterglow ... still radiant after a week's return to un-reality .. but, like my tan, fading a bit as the days pass. I got an email before leaving on our vacation. John C asked, "Just wondering what is going on this time of the year to direct your ride toward Key West??" Here's the thing. It was the end of December, beginning of January. Sure, we're been having a warm winter in The Carolinas but during our time away, it was raining mostly here and in The Keys, the days were 83 degrees and sunny every single day. The nights were reminiscent of a humid Southern Summer. Riding in the Keys is all blue sky and gloriously-fresh salt air with lots of exploring over long and short expanses of bridges as well as cobblestone streets. Fabulous food and drink to be found everywhere. You can wade through touristy-stuff on Duval Street, wander into the more artsy sections, or go north into many many other Keys for a deeper, richer experience. And then there's the crazy and simple quirkyness of The Keys that gives permission to every soul to come forth and express itself in whatever whacky, loving, spirit-filled, and down-right playful way it wants.

Aren't too many places that have a Weiner Dog Parade as a New Year's Eve daytime event ... complete with a "Chihuahua Smash Mob" right in the middle of it! Musta been a couple hundred dogs - mostly the starring dachshunds but a smattering of others and a scammpering of those visciously-cute flash mobbers. Honestly, I laughed till I cried and these pics don't do it justice...

Here are some of our sights and sensations .. beginning with The BIG RIDE 2's first foray over 7-mile Bridge. That day was the last of overcast and, after that giant Christmas moon, all was bright and shiny for days on days!

Both Footloose and I found new hats and enjoyed a Geiger Key cocktail that can set you free. (Just look back in the photo of the tiki bar for the recipe on the board!) Our home was The BIG RIDE set at Geiger Key Marina, a small laid-back, unpretentious spot 10 miles north of Key West. If we'd have wanted to, we wouldn't have had to leave the campground since their restaurant produces some killer food (once featured on the Food Channel we hear!) and our site was right on the waterway for beautiful sunset and pelican-watching.

Why trailer your bikes to The Keys for the holidays? It's a holiday escape that can bring color back into your life amidst the dreary wintertime and you'll truly enjoy the ride!

If I have a New Year's Resolution, it is this .. to not forget the following Key West commandments:

  • Refrain from Hurrying

  • Make Every Day Playful

  • Create Adventure and Magic Wherever you Are

  • Pause for the Beauty Around You

  • Be Fully You!

  • and Footloose adds, "Live Hard and Play Hard"

    Win Tickets to Easyriders 2016!

    What is your New Year's Rider Resolution?

    Write me now! Best of the best to write me first will win 2 tickets to next Saturday's Easyriders Show in Charlotte.

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The Easyriders Show excitement is in the air

The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, and The Carolina Rider is giving away a brand new Harley on stage at the show! Yes, you heard it right, a BRAND NEW HARLEY! (As pictured below and in our top pic)

You can register at H-D of Charlotte or at the tent/bus of Mr. Taylor,The Carolina Rider, or H-D of Charlotte ... or the bike will be located on the main isle and you can register there. I hope you win.

Speaking of winning, we'll have some fun give-aways for you at this year's Easyriders Show at the Charlotte Convention Center next Saturday, January 23rd. And if you don't already have your ticket, FancyFree is giving away a pair of tickets to the show. Check out her column to see how!

Have fun and stay warm.

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