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January 14th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Uncle Roy: The Lone Flamer

From the Mailbag

Poni Princess: Kick start your year at Easyriders with The Carolina Rider!

Golden Opportunities with Bub & Friends: Last & First

Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 14-21, 2014

Tuesday 57 few showers, Wednesday 54 pm showers, Thursday 44 p-cloudy, Friday 48 few showers, Saturday 42 sunny, Sunday 49 sunny, Monday 58 sunny, Tuesday 55 p-cloudy (as per on 1/14/14)


Envisioning the Year

January is "Vision Month" for me. I spend December saying goodbye to the old one and when the new one gets here, I need a little time to get adjusted and consider what it is I want to create. The year sprawls out ahead of me - an empty canvas awaiting the brush strokes of my intentions and visions to state who I am now and what I hope to experience and be. Yes, there's lots I have no control over but I can surely take my dreaming a little further down the road with the power of intention.

And so, I'm seeing such great possibilities in the year ahead. Like the morning of a long unplanned ride, I just know I'm going to enjoy some eye-opening adventures, connect with new energies, and live as I never have before.


Perhaps you can't get on your motorcycle this week. Maybe you just have the option of a long slow walk. Whatever you can pull off, how about take a vision ride/walk? Clear your head, let the old stuff go and give over to the possibility that there's new and fresh and life-filled adventures ahead for you in 2014. I'll be taking one of those walks myself and then sitting down to an evening of Visualizing this young year's development and you all are part of my vision!

Seeing interesting, supportive, beautiful, profitable, caring, play-filled, joyful, crazy-good days and weeks and months for us all! ...


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The Lone Flamer

   It was a fine afternoon to be a biker on tour, in a fine place to ‘find’ oneself.  It was a fine time to be riding a motorsickle in Southwest Texas. It was a fine destination that lay ahead; and if I might say without seeming immodest, right about now, it was fine to be ME.  By way of brief introduction; I’m Reno Slade; full-time biker, free-lance comedian, and ‘professional sidekick’.  I also do ‘philosophic quotes’ but I don’t charge for these.  On this day, I was riding from my digs in Western NC, with my ultimate destination being Big Bend Park; in Texas.  Located way down on the ol’ Rio Grande’, Big Bend is the most remote, least-visited National Park in the U.S.A.  I’ve started out four times, over the years, intending to visit this park; but road adventure sidetracked each of those attempts.  It happens; if yer lucky.  This time I was in a ‘Big Bend or Bust’ mentality.

   I had recently stumbled into a an amazing and incredible piece of luck that allowed me to substantially beef up my money stash—and, since I believe the only defensible reason for working is to get money; when I have money, the motivation and inclination to work goes away like a fart in an Oklahoma tornado.  I don’t encourage—or discourage—this attitude for others, nor do I hold it to be in any way superior or better than any differing attitude another person might start. But that’s just me.   At any rate, with an ass-ticklin’ bank balance making it all possible, I was rewarding myself with some ...

Reader looking for Info on Riding in the

Mayo Lake/Roxboro Area

Wayne writes: "I have been receiving The Carolina Rider ezine for nearly two years now and really enjoy reading it. I don't live in North Carolina yet, but my wife and I will be retiring in July, 2014 and moving into our retirement home on Mayo Lake near Roxboro, NC (and by the way can't wait.) We love to ride and can't wait to start exploring the Carolinas and attending some of the events and restaurants mentioned in your publication. One thing that has struck me about the articles, there are very few events and places mention in the northeastern part of the state where we will be living. Are there any groups or places in our neck of the woods that you would recommend we contact or visit? We are the type that have no problem jumping on the bike (2004 Road King Custom Screamin' Eagle) and riding for an hour to a great restaurant or hot spot with good music, beer and atmosphere. I look forward to hearing any ideas you might have. Happy New Year!

Email FancyFree with your responses

Kick Start your Year at Easyriders

with The Carolina Rider!

The Carolina Rider has been in semi-hibernation throughout the holidays, but we are ready to bust a move now that the New Year is upon us! Come join your best biker buddies as The Big Ride Bus descends upon the Easyriders Bike Show Tour in Charlotte, NC January 25, 2014. The location is the same as last year at the Charlotte Coliseum, 501 College Street with hours from 10:00 to 8:00.  There will only be 5 Easyrider shows this year and Charlotte is fortunate to have such a collection of national bike builders, all the major manufacturers, and tons of entertainment to get your motor running for what we intend on being the BEST YEAR EVER for The Carolina Rider.

I hope you were one of the lucky ones to have been out on your motorcycle this past Sunday. Yeah, I know the playoffs were on but surely after The Panthers got their butts kicked you went out for a ride to make it all better. What a bummer of a game, but what a magnificent day to twist the throttle.

Now that you remember what that bike can do, come visit The BIG RIDE Bus at the Easyriders Bike Show Tour and let us get to know you. We will be ...


Editor's Note: Make sure to read and click-over to the full article online because Bub's furnished us with links to his ride videos!

Last and First

Don’t know about you, but it’s been kinda slow around here cycle-wise.  Cool ... dare I say “cold” weather and wet.  My heated gear is good for about 40 degrees, below that and I’ll get cool on a long ride.  And I don’t like being cool in that sense.

Mickey and I rode one day for about 150 miles or so, but the temps moved into the low 40s and it was good. I rode several times on local roads and that was good. Charley and I found a road over near Blacksburg that has a little stream flowing over it.  You’ll see that on my video, “Last day of 2013.” Several years ago, I discovered a road near home that has water flowing over it and you'll see that road and stream on “First day of 2014."

I’ve tried to make last and first day videos each new year time, but haven’t always made it.  Last year [ 2012-2013] the weather was really bad and it didn’t happen. Anyway it makes a nice record for us, the 11-12 video was made on the FZ1 Yamaha and the DL1000 Vstrom. Still miss that bike [ Vstrom } but I sure love the CB1100 Honda. ...

Motorcycle Safety & The Easyriders Show

This week is moving fast. One more day then I'm off for more MSF training. The rest of the week will be about how I can be a better instructor and help the students I teach learn more and get more out of our classes. MSF is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and they are the ones to provide beginner and advanced rider training across the US in community colleges and Harley-Davidson dealerships. Harley's Rider's Edge is based in MSF too. CPCC here in the Charlotte area has classes as do many of your hometown community colleges. As I've said before and will again and again, take the class.

Next week is Easyriders, (did you read Poni's article where she tells us it's only $100 each for a VIP meet and greet of Bobby from SOA?!) That notwithstanding, Easyriders should be jam-packed this year especially since it's a one-day only show. So make your plans to come out and enjoy the day with us. And remember ... if you are wearing your Carolina Rider shirt/hoodie, the first beer is on me!!



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