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Come see The Carolina Rider Gang at The Charlotte Convention Center

this Saturday and Sunday, January 22-23, 2011!

> Show hours: Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm <


In This Week's Issue:

Lil' Weather

* Harley-Davidson of Charlotte Offers *

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Kibbles 'n Bits

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of January 17-24, 2011

Monday 46 pm-showers, Tuesday 45 few showers, Wednesday 52 p-cloudy, Thursday 52 p-cloudy, Friday 42 showers, Saturday 38 light mix, Sunday 44 p-cloudy, Monday 44 sunny (as per www.intellicast.com on Sunday 1/16/11)





My hands on the grips were like the bullied kid's tongue on Winter's schoolyard steel pole;

A couple hours of bare-knuckled riding in a twenty degree windchill welded them in place.

Locked in a throttle roll, I questioned my ability to allow the power to subside;

Stopping was almost as painful as going further but it was time and the stop was a must.

Creaking leathers and icy joints climbed out of the only warmth I'd known for miles;

Tin Man-like I ambled toward a door and what I hoped would liquify my frozen blood.

Warm air greeted my surface and my resulting smile almost cracked the face of ice that had formed under fibered layers of cotton and fleece, denim and leather;

A fireplace in the corner hailed my arrival while the firewater at the bar beckoned as well.

Should I run hot water over my hands or would that hurt more than help? Should I keep my layers on or strip down to my foundation? Should I move about or be still at the flames? Should I just get the hell out of here and proove I can go on?

Hands like skewered marshmellows melted easily at the hearth. Layers heaped on the back of a chair, fist wrapped around a firey lowball of dark rum, I roamed the warm pub new-friend-smiles and laughter rekindling. Thawing.


Sorry you missed it!

If you wondered about the little writers' workshop that I offered this past weekend...wondered if it was for you, whether it would be fun or boring, if other "real bikers" would do such a thing .... just thought I'd let you know that you missed a great time! I am inspired by the writers who attended and I am excited to share them with you along the way. You'll be hearing from a couple of them (Mickey and Jane!) soon in The Carolina Rider Scene and The Carolina Rider dot com.

If you too would like to explore writing about The Great Ride of Life, give me a holler. We plan on having more opps for self-expression and I welcome your stories and articles. Send me your stuff or email me with some ideas. So much great material on the road.... and in a rider's soul.......


Easyriders Countdown ...

Saturday & Sunday ... January 22-23

Looking foward to seeing you all crawl out of your warm homes and join The Carolina Rider and Friends for this year's show at The Charlotte Convention Center. Come see me! In addition to hangin' with some of us, register to win some really cool prizes ... Break The Vault and perhaps you'll win a 2011 Street Glide! PLUS a drawing for a weekend for 2 at Skyline Village Inn!

Show hours: Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm


Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Please make sure to come by and say howdy. You can't miss our tent.....it's the black one with North and South Carolina in that bright fuscia color that stands out from all the orange and black everywhere else. Here's who I know will be hanging out at our tent over the weekend: Pebbles and Michelle of course...and Stealth and Vicki ..... and Wesley of Zemplivin .. and Jane and Greg .... and me and my man too!

It's always a treat to meet new friends and to see folks who I miss seeing over the Winter.

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"




Gemma Wins a Golden Globe!

They welcomed her to the stage as "the motorcycle mama" when they called her up to receive her award. Katey Sagal won Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series last night at the Golden Globes. She said "I'm so shocked. I've been working so many years and I'm so honored to be up here. My God, I can't believe this."


And speaking of Superstars....

There's a You Tube video of an interview with Keanu Reeves about his experiences wrecking bikes and lessons learned about bikes, people, and celebrity.


Soooo....., here they are yet once again ... some resources for learning to ride & polishing your awareness.....

New rider class contacts....

Central Piedmont Community College

Rider's Edge, H-D of Charlotte

Rider's Edge, Cox H-D



It's Show Time!

This Saturday and Sunday is the Easyriders Show.... the unofficial official starting to the 2011 riding season. Of course there will be a couple more months of cold but it's all a cool downhill after Easyriders in Charlotte.

It's a great time. Motorcycles, motorcycles, perfect angels, beer and motorcycles. Not just regular motorcycles but great works of art... old rat bikes, bikes you would love to have and some you wonder how it even rolls (ones you really want to see someone ride for more than a mile!)

This year The Carolina Rider will be offering the opportunity to win a 2011 Street Glide with a game called Crack the Vault. You enter five numbers and if those five numbers open the vault you win! How easy is that? If you don't win the bike, we are still giving you the chance to win a weekend at Skyline Village Inn on the NC Blue Ridge Parkway: two nights for two people any time this year. And beyond that we might give out some great Carolina Rider t-shirts!

You get a discount for your admission so CLICK ON THE COUPON ABOVE .... start thinking about your five lucky numbers ... get on down to the Charlotte Convention Center on Saturday or Sunday .... find the Carolina Rider tent .... and hopefully you will leave with a shiney new Street Glide...

Oh yea, don't forget to say hello to our beautiful Carolina Rider spokesgals!

Show hours:

Saturday 10am-8pm


Sunday 10am to 5pm


Keep the shiney side up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com


Superior Ins




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn




Motorcycle Maps





Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn




Motorcycle Maps





Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn




Motorcycle Maps





Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins







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