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January 21st Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

See our Creative Contributors at this Saturday's Show!

Meet Uncle Roy at Easyriders Show THIS SATURDAY!

Get your Photo taken with Quece at Easyriders!

Quece: My New Year's Ride & Easyriders too

Ron Lofts: Around the World without Leaving The Carolinas

Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 21-28, 2014

Tuesday 53 showers/wind, Wednesday 35 sunny, Thursday 36 p-cloudy, Friday 34 sunny, Saturday 47 p-cloudy/wind, Sunday 49 p-cloudy, Monday 53 m-sunny, Tuesday 37 p-cloudy (as per on 1/21/14)


PLEASE DO come a-knockin' if

you see this Bus a-rockin'!

> Easyriders at The BIG RIDE Bus <

This Saturday is when hundreds of my favorite people come to The Charlotte Convention Center to celebrate my birthday! ... otherwise known as the Easyriders Show. My birthday is actually Sunday but the show typically lands close to or on my day or Jon's. His birthday this year is on Thursday. In fact, Caroline, who you'll recognize in our bus staff, is celebrating her birthday this week too. It's just one great big party of a week and so, we invite you to please come see us and have a slice of birthday cake too!

It's gonna be a big time. Many of our magazine's contributors will be hanging out at The BIG RIDE. Some can't make it but here's what we do know....

Schedule of Happenings at The Bus

Photos with Quece! - Quece, our 4-legged contributor will be there pawing autographs and modeling for photos off and on from 12-4:30pm. In fact, our staff photographer, Paul, will gladly make photos of you with Quece! And.... Harley-Davidson of Charlotte will have a couple hot bikes hangin' out at The BIG RIDE so, if you like you can get your photo made with Quece (in her special motorcycle seat) and the bike too! (And, please don't overlook Quece's Mom, Jane. She is, of course, the human train behind this canine engine!)

Uncle Roy & His Books! - Uncle Roy will have a stack of his own books at the show. You can meet him, swap stories, buy a book, and get him to autograph it too! Look for his banner at The BIG RIDE Bus and take home an Uncle Roy original - a Shovelhead Red book all your own!

In fact, throughout the day you can be sure to meet someone special from The Carolina Rider creative team ...

Our talented wordsmith, The Poni Princess herself, will be there (and who knows, she might even show up with her tiara on!)

The many-miled "Orangeburg Ron" Lofts from the little town of Cope, SC will be around as well!

Our Greenville-Spartanburg Rep, the ever-smiling Henry "Lester" Donald, wouldn't miss it for the world!

The talented shutterbug and enthusiastic rider, Sandy Reece, is coming if the snow doesn't keep her away and plans to be around the bus on and off from 10am-3pm!

Our newest contributor and long-distance rider, Mike on a Bike will be at the show from noon till around 6 and will be by the Bus on and off to say howdy.

Sandhills Mike is coming too altho his arrival time is yet to be defined. It'll be great to see this Fayetteville contributor who we met at last year's show!

Our fabulous Bus Team, Paul and Caroline, will be doing their usual thing - smiling and welcoming you all to sign up to win a night at Skyline Village Inn and to, of course, learn more about our publications. In addition to helping with the Quece shots, Paul will be running around everwhere snapping pics and meeting new folks who have yet to hear about The Carolina Rider. (And here's a little insider info: Paul and Caroline are gettin' hitched the next Saturday! Share your bestest wishes with this beautiful couple!)

And The Shag Man, yes, our beloved passionate and gifted rider and writer, Shaggy, will join the Bus gang too enjoying the show for most of the day!

We will miss him ... but Bub (the Golden one) sends his regrets and says he'll see you on the road (or perhaps eating something sweet at Strawberry Hill!)

See you Saturday!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

So “we” (that's Mom, Dad, and I,) started January 1, 2014 off with “a ride.” Let me explain what “a ride” is. It is a minimum of 200 miles.  We rode over 250 miles.  Dad had the idea that if we headed South it would get warmer.  That is a good thought…but what happens when we are on the way home? (I am not sure Dad plans that…he just plans the GO part!)

We head South.  We left the sun somewhere in North Carolina … because it seemed to be getting cloudier as we got deeper into South Carolina.  We did see quite a few bikes along the way.  We weren’t the only ones celebrating the New Year!

One of our favorite rides is along ...

Well, the holidays are over.  Hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. That you got everything you wanted and the New Year will be the best yet.  I was cleaning out and came across some pictures of a few years ago when we moved to this area and we made the ‘northern’ tour through ‘North’ country.

In taking Hwy 321, I think it is called Savannah Highway, out of Columbia (exit 115 off I-26, or where I-77 and I-26 come together) you go first through North, South Carolina.  Then to the little town of Neeses, where you can stop at the Piggly Wiggly and pick out your steak and they will cook it for you.  Then you go through Sweden.  But don’t blink because it is only a few houses and the sign.  They did put the sign back up, but it gets taken a lot.  Then you come to Norway.  Norway is a small community that looks like at one time it had a thriving cotton warehouse/storage and farming community.  Even the IGA has closed in recent years, but there is still one gas station/convenience store, a pharmacy and post office.  It has a good looking antique store that is open by appointment only and I’ve never made an appointment, but looks like it would be fun in looking through the window.

Then we head on down 321 to Denmark ...




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