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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree


Register Now for FREE Motorcycle Event Planning Seminar


Big Mike Buildz Bikes! - A Build by The Bike Exchange


Golden Opportunities - A Different Viewpoint


A Woman Rider's Perspective with Sandy - Finding your Fit in Motorcycles & Motorclothes


Loose Talk with Jon



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Geoff with the Durham Harley Owners Group shares the folllowing event with us. He says "Proceeds from the raffle support local charities and the bike show is our biggest raffle-ticket event." Please give 'em your support and let them know you saw this in The Carolina Rider!



The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 22-29, 2013

Tuesday 39 sunny, Wednesday 43 m-sunny, Thursday 44 p-cloudy, Friday 41 rain, Saturday 41 p-cloudy, Sunday 42 p-cloudy, Monday 51 m-cloudy, Tuesday 62 p-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 01/22/13)



Lots to Read

... if and when you are so moved....

As I, myself, have to delay or kick out countless items in my own Inboxes (and I have 4 very active email addresses!,) I am completely understanding to the possibility that while you might receive this e-Magazine, you may not be able or willing or mildly interested in reading what comes to you. Perhaps you read it occasionally or never, once a month or every week. Whatever the case is, please know that we are honored to produce this publication and hope you can make as good use of it as works in your world ... but we don't expect you'll always have time or inclination!

Having said that, this week happens to be a particularly chock-full edition .. one to set aside for when you have time and a hot cup of coffee. And it's a good example of how far we've come and how far we have potential to grow this year. Thanks so much to all our contributors for some genuinely good work!

Wow! What a week! This e-Magazine is bursting at its computer-generated-seams today! ...

  • A couple columns from 2 of our wonderful contributing writers, Golden "Bub" Carper and Sandy Reece: Golden takes a truly animated angle in his column this month and Sandy points women riders (and potential riders!) to a few buying suggestions to ready you for the season ahead.

  • A Bike Build Show-off from Big Mike of The Bike Exchange: they do some killer builds and rebuilds!;

  • And a New Column meaningfully-dubbed "Riding BE-cause" where you can find what's happening in not-for-profit motorcycle events and the causes behind them



We Welcome a New Contributing Writer!

Next week you can expect yet another new monthly column as we begin what we hope to be a long and prolific relationship with a new contributing writer, "PoniPrincess," who lives in Rock Hill, SC. A Harley rider for much of her adult life and new to The Carolinas, PoniPrincess is eager to meet YOU and hear about the fun and generously-giving riding communities in North and South Carolina. She'll write about her own rides as she ambles about her new home states and she'll make a special effort to focus on what's happening in the Carolina riding communities. More to come as we grow together and as she settles into just the right fit of roles with our publications.

In the meantime, today I am happy to introduce you to PoniPrincess - or rather to have her introduce herself via her friendly writing style displayed in her first article CLICK HERE to read it ONLINE NOW!




FREE Motorcycle Event Planning Seminar For YOU!

I'm getting good registrations for this seminar but still taking more so PLEASE REGISTER NOW ....

We at The Carolina Rider have a good bit of experience with making powerful events happen from the ground up. Additionally we are most appreciative of the efforts of countless rider groups and individuals in our Carolina communities raising money and awareness of not-for-profit charitable and educational causes. In that light, we are making it one of our goals this year to help you produce valuable events for all involved. On Saturday, March 2nd we are offering a 2 hour workshop of practical how-to's and tried 'n true guidance to help as you try to help the world around you. Will it be worth it? Well the seminar if FREE and there will be a FREE LUNCH and HANDOUTS for you to turn to later plus beneficial discussions and connections made. The Carolina Rider foundational staff has 30+ years of marketing and fundraising expertise and involvement in the motorcycle world, truckloads of creativity and tons of useful advice that we know can improve what you're currently offering or planning to make happen. Is 2 hours enough? Perhaps not but it's a starting point and we don't want to overload brains or schedules either. You'll be armed with tools and ways to get your future questions answered too.

Who should attend? Individuals and groups actively planning or dreaming of creating a not-for-profit charitable or educational motorcycle-related event this year. That includes rides, rallies, shows, and other such events. But, hey, in the spirit of creative thought, remember there are probably lots of other kinds of charitable/educational events that haven't been ventured into yet so don't limit your visions.

Check out the flyer below and REGISTER NOW because we need to know how many to plan for. Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions. We're most grateful to Cox's Harley-Davidson in Rock Hill, SC who are providing space for the seminar.

I'm excited about Saturday! It's the Easyriders Show at The Charlotte Convention Center ... and, as a matter of fact, it's also my birthday! I hope to see you and invite you to please come introduce yourself to me and the rest of The Carolina Rider gang. Paul and Caroline who helped us so wonderfully at the Christmas toy runs will be at The BIG RIDE Bus to greet you and get you signed up for prizes, sell you one of our cool new t-shirts, and help you stay connected with your favorite Carolina online motorcycle publications! One of The Litigator calendar's models will be at the Bus as well ... so make plans to come on by....


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"



Hello readers of The Carolina Rider

and welcome to the 2013 riding season!

This month's build article and photo display here is going to be a build from a few months ago due to the fact that our current builds are going to be revealed at the Easyrider show on January 26th. The team at The Bike Exchange has been building around the clock for the last few months to build some extraordinary machines for our fans and customers to be proud of. I have to keep the builds a secret until the show but if you don't make the show, they will be on our Facebook page right after.

So, for this month's article, I'm showing you a bike we built a few months back that people ALWAYS seem to love. A lot of the time guys can't pick between flat paint or gloss paint on a custom build; so, what did we do? We designed a custom paint job that incorporated flats with gloss! It's a paint job that EVERYONE falls in love with. We, of course, put the baddest of the bad when we picked out parts and wheels and even went flat on the motor cases. And, of course, went with some apes because WHO DOESN'T LIKE APES ON A ROAD GLIDE?!

The finished product was breathtaking and had the sound to match the appearence!

Remember, you can always go to our website THEBIKEEXCHANGE.NET or catch us on Facebook @ The Bike Exchange.

See you guys at Easyriders!

Big Mike



A Different Viewpoint

Fazer & Friends - how it all began

This month, Golden give us a bike's-eye view of how his riding adventures began with his bike, "Fazer," and their riding buddies!

On July 1st, 2011 my life started, that's when my owner, Golden, aka "Bub," brought me out of the shadows of the Yamaha shop in Lancaster, Ohio to enjoy the open road with him. I'm a Yamaha or rice rocket to some and my name is Fazer. Although I have the horsepower and handling of a crotch rocket, I'm built with high handlebars and normal foot pegs. My owner is kinda old and crotchy and I don't want to bend his back more than normal. What was he doing in Ohio when he lives in Gaffney SC? Seems him and his beautiful pillion buddy, Margie, had stopped off the pick up their dogs at her sisters. They'd been on a leisurely drive around the Northeast and were headed back to Gaffney. Margie and sis wanted to "shop" so Bub grabbed the car and went to look over some cycle shops up there. Just "looking," you know! (How many of you were "just looking" when you bought your latest steed?)

I noticed him right away as he wasn't the usual type to wander in. Yamaha up there is more into ATVs and Wave Rider types. He ambled over to a FZ8 right beside me and was looking at the sticker when I nudged him with my front tire. He looked at me like, did that bike bump me? In that, "I'm only asking out of curiosity" attitude, he asked my price from the sales man. Well, I wasn't thinking of spending that much, he replied. The salesman returned with, what if I take off a thousand? Ohhh, that got the blood pressure up. Well, he replied, I'm only here visiting and I don't have any gear with me. No prob, said the salesman, we'll fix you up. So Bub went out to the car to get his cell phone, and as he walked back in the shop I heard him say, "Honey, I need a thousand dollars to buy a bike. -pause- I'm at the Yamaha shop north of town, your sis probably knows where it's at, OK see ya in a bit."  That's when I knew I was going to "RIDE!" Pretty soon Margie and sis pulled into the shop's parking lot and while the shop mechanic went over my vitals, Bub and Margie worked on the paper work. She and sis returned to shopping and Bub and I rode around some roads close to the shop. "Whew!," I heard him say, "this bike is like a rocket, more like the starship on Star Trek. It doesn't accelerate, it warps!" That made me feel good, but I kind of held the revs down as I knew he wasn't used to the power I have. And then, temporary tag on and registration in hand, we were off.

Man, did that ever feel good! I hadn't been on a road since my test ride back in Japan. We rode on some country roads around Lancaster, getting used to one another. And then on the 4th of July 2011 we headed out for Gaffney. Margie wasn't too happy about having to drive the car home but she hung in there. Right after getting onto the West Virginal turnpike, Bub noticed the fuel bars were gone and the little gas pump symbol was flashing .... continued ONLINE now! ...


The Right Stuff

Finding your fit in Motorcycles and Moto-clothes

Ladies, are you ready to try a motorcycle for the right fit?

The International Motorcycle Shows and Easyriders Motorcycle Shows are upon us all over the US! The tours will soon be coming to the North Carolina area. Ladies, are you ready to try a motorcycle for the right fit? It's similar to shopping for clothes with one exception - the men will WANT to go on this trip! I encourage all ladies to drag the men along and take advantage of a great opportunity to shop for the right motorcycle. These shows are designed to help assist you in your venture. All brands of motorcycles will be displayed for you to "drool" over. A sales representative will be nearby to help answer all your questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Some vendors will allow you to sit on the motorcycles to try for the right "fit." (NOTE: make sure motorcycle is not tagged "DO NOT SIT ON MOTORCYCLE")

Ladies, take the time to envision the whole package by placing your feet on the pegs/footboards and image yourself cruising down a long country road. Ask yourself some questions:

  • "Does the motorcycle sit right?"

  • "Is it too heavy to lift off the kickstand?"

  • "Are my legs-feet-shoulders-arms in the proper position for comfort?"

Depending on your riding skill level, the size of the motorcycle might play a role in your decision. If you see another woman rider among the sales floor, approach them and ask questions. Again, don't be afraid! The best advice I've received came from other women riders.

Find the right fit in your moto-clothes!

Shopping for clothes - MOTO-clothes and accessories! What fun! Riding gear doesn't quite fit the same as an outfit from the fancy department stores at the local mall. You really need to try on for the right fit! If you need a jacket, make sure once you have it on, sit down and extend your arms. If you need chaps or riding pants, do the same! Take a moment and sit down in a riding position. Make sure it all fits right. Helmets are also a "must" to try on for the right fit.

Don't forget an MSF Course!

Ladies, once you have done all the shopping to find the right fit for yourself, you will be ready for the road with less stress worrying with your attire. Beginner riders: don't forget that MSF course or Rider's Edge course in the budget! Skilled riders: the Advanced MSF course or Rider's Edge course are an awesome refresher!

Enjoy the shows!!


Save the Date!

The Carolina Rider, Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson, and The Litigator are bringing you a first time brand newly-planned benefit ride on March 3. We've got more details to follow but please save the date, hope for great weather, and plan on joining us! Here's what I can tell you so far...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Poker Run to Benefit Bikers for Bikers Foundation

Registration will start @ Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson at noon & last bike in at 4:30pm

1st place prize: a brand new iPad!

Plus .. the 1st 10 riders to register on the day of event will get one of our new TCR tshirts

For more info - stay tuned to The Carolina Rider dot com and The Carolina Rider Scene!


- I will see you all this Saturday at The Charlotte Convention Center -


Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro


Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D

Harley-Davdison of Charlotte

SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D













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