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January 26th Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree: What do you think about Helmets?

Indian Charlotte: Project Scout Design Competition

Share your Ride in 2016!

Bub: Breaking Story - A GPS Gremlin Strikes!

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Loose Talk with Jon: Who Won the Harley Street 500?

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 26-February 2, 2016

Wednesday 50h & 50% rain, Thursday 53h & p-cloudy, Friday 56h & sunny, Saturday 63h & sunny, Sunday 65h & sunny, Monday 67h & m-sunny, Tuesday 69h & p-cloudy (as per on 1/26/16)

Snowy Day at the Show

While it was iffy if anyone would make the trek to The Charlotte Convention Center on Saturday for the annual Easyriders Show, turned out, a bunch of folks did! Matter of fact, we had 4 of our columnists make it out - 3 of them from South Carolina and one from Charlotte! The BIG RIDE 2 was rockin and rollin in her stage-side celeb' spot and while vendors, show bikes, and entertainers were slim pickins, we had us a grand ol time and enjoyed chatting with a couple thousand visitors. Gave away some TCR Tuffs and the first edition of the TCR Calendar Girl poster. Good news: since the snow kept away a LOT of you who would normally be at the show, we still have some calendars. Stay tuned for how to get yours!

Helmets or No Helmets?

In last week's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine, Boda (and the Concerned Bikers Association) brought us back to the eternal question - should we wear helmets when we ride? That question is then tied to a host of other queries ... should it be a law or a choice? who should decide? what's the diff?

Let's hear from you!

We asked for feedback last week and it's beginning to trickle in. We'd like to keep the discussion flowing and see what kinds of responses come out. WRITE ME! We'll publish answers in early February and continue to explore motorcycle safety throughout 2016. Let us hear from you. We want to hear all thoughts in this multi-faceted discussion. Don't you?

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Voting Is Now Underway at

And Indian Motorcycle Charlotte’s “FUSION” is one of the world’s top vote-getters so far…

Vote For Your Favorite Custom Scout Every Day Through February 19 From Every One Of Your Work & Home Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones!

Here’s the story: "Project Scout" is a new and prestigious custom design competition with only 40 Indian motorcycle dealers from around the world invited to participate by Indian Motorcycle Company. Indian Motorcycle Charlotte accepted the invitation and challenge, with a scant 90 days time from inspiration and concept to stunning design, briefing the dream team of craftsmen, supervising the incredible fabrication work and meticulously detailed completion. “Fusion” is without question, a rolling work of art. 

You probably know Indian Motorcycle Charlotte (I-85 Exit 22) as the world’s very first Indian dealer and an exclusive 100% Indian dealer. Their inspiration for “Fusion” was the 1940-42 Indian Sport Scout. They even used a tank logo and paint from that era. Overall, the result is nothing short of spectacular with an obsessive attention to detail showing from each and every viewing angle.

The Top 3 “Project Scout” vote-getters will be displayed by Indian during Daytona BikeWeek and obviously enjoy great publicity. Since they’re good friends of The Carolina Rider, we ask for your votes for “Fusion” to support this beautiful “local” creation. 

Vote early and often at  To view the whole story on what it took to create this beauty, visit our Facebook page.



Riding Around in January


It’s closing in on mid-January and the CPRs haven’t been on a ride since mid-December!!  Mickey said we have to do something about that and we all agreed ---except it rains then it rains some more and it’s super cold and I’m sick and then Charley’s sick and Mickey is with his sister at the hospital with her husband and it seems like every nice day one of us has a doctor’s appointment----you get what I mean.  Finally I find an empty day on my calendar and only Charley has a doctor’s appointment that day. The next day is forecast to rain, hail, freeze and heavy wind!  So we plan to ride on Jan 14th with 3 of us. We meet at Mr Waffle in Gaffney at 9 AM and who shows up ? ... Charley!  He said he thought riding his bike would do him more good than a doctor, and we all agreed!

  I’d planned a ride to go down into the piney woods around Chester and Whitmire SC.  And put a route into the GPS to do such.  Pick up the route near Hickory Grove on SC 211, runs a few miles and turns south on a nice road that after a few miles losses it’s asphalt, yep dirt.  Not bad though, hard packed and no pot holes filled with water. We intersect another dirt road we’re familiar with that comes out near Lockhart, but then the GPS says to turn left at the intersection!  What?, thought sure we should go right.  GPS can’t be wrong, can it?, so we turn left on SC 97.  5 or 6 miles and the GPS says turn left and we do, run along 5 or 6 miles and there is the dirt road we came off of earlier! Here we go for the second time and at the intersection where the GPS says turn left-----we go right. “ recalculating---recalculating”----oops, locks on the right route.  Nice road, new asphalt, smooth. Spoke too soon----we’re in the middle of a SC pot hole reunion! YIKES!  Watch out, bounce, jump and swerve.  We survive that with only some tender spots on the rear and the bikes are OK, the road becomes better and we don’t have to be all over the road avoiding holes. 

The GPS brings us to the spot where one route ends and another begins.  This should run through the woods and bring us out near Lake Monticello. Did I say shouldSeems like the GPS gremlin is still with us. We’re going toward Chester and I didn’t plan that, oh well let’s see where it takes us. Go into Chester then turn south and back west, OK.  Then it puts us on a road that looks like a driveway to a couple of houses, goes right between them and natch---it’s dirt, but good dirt!, smooth and not rutted.  As it twists and turns through the pine forest, the sun flashes through the trees, beautiful riding.  We really enjoy what we are doing this Thursday.  [ side note---and we enjoyed it double when we woke up Friday to cold and rain ]  The temp was about 60 and the heated gear was turned off; or, in my case—turned low.

We rode a couple of other dirt roads, a lot of paved roads and finished up the day refreshed and feeling good.  And did the GPS keep us on the right roads?  nope, but we didn’t care, see more new scenery that way.

CLICK on the image below to enjoy the video I made of our day....

(Edited out most of the paved sections and some dirt too.  Notice we go slow on the dirt as we know we don’t have real dirt bikes AND ... we don’t want to fall and hurt either us or the bikes!)

Hope your Christmas was good and that 2016 will be nice to all,

Matthew Smith wins the Street 500!

It's been an honor to partner with Harley-Davidson of Charlotte and The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor to give away a brand new custom Harley Street 500. Leah, the Easyriders show Event Coordinator was exceptionally wonderful as she worked with us to build anticipation toward the event and throughout the day helped get folks to register. We were all disappointed more people couldn't come out for the show due to road conditions ... but I'm guessing all who entered the drawing were pretty happy with the odds.

Congratulations, Matthew. Enjoy your bike!

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