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(Photo by Bub Carper from his story "CPR's First Rides of 2015")

January 27th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

The Story of Indian Charlotte

Bob Stone - Pisgah Covered Bridge Ride

TCR Classifieds

(For Sale: Road King Trike & a Corvette too, Custom Roadglide + Trailer, Switchback)

Bub - Carolina Pro Rider's First Rides of 2015

"Chill Riders" - Here's what some of you said!

Loose Talk with Jon




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of January 27- February 3, 2015

Wednesday 48 clear, Thursday 52 p-cloudy, Friday 50 p-cloudy, Saturday 48 clear, Sunday 46 chance of rain, Monday 49 p-cloudy, Tuesday 45 clear (as per on 1/27/15)

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We're happy to have Indian Motorcycles Charlotte as a returning Sponsor of The Carolina Rider! Their ads have been appearing for a couple weeks and today we are happy to have a little story about them.

Indians have a historical mystique about them. I happen to dig the fringy bags they are in part known for and have some of my own fringy kinds of saddlebags on my Yamaha!

The dealership is something that many folks have passed and noticed - right there on the side of I-85. It started out with a bang and got quiet for awhile. I remember taking a tour of their manufacturing facility in Kings Mtn and the big grand opening at the dealership. It was big time. Then in more recent years, there were many stories and questions about whether they were still doing business. They are! And they happen to be going strong these days. Just like the rest of us who over-extended ourselves in the years prior to the great crash of 2008, Indian Charlotte seems to have re-worked their model, held fast to their vision, and kept moving forward with wisdom and commitment to their roots. Good to have them around!

Footloose and I had THE BEST birthday party this past Saturday! Attendance at the 2015 Easyriders Show in Charlotte was spectacular and we considered it all in our honor. Just kidding. But we sure did have fun with all who stopped by The BIG RIDE 2. So good to see you all. I'm sure we missed a ton of people as the masses just kept on coming and we had a lot to keep up with. Nevertheless, it was great fun!

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How the World’s First Indian Dealer Became One of the

“Top 10 Powersports Dealers in North America”

The Story of Indian Motorcycle Charlotte

Indian Motorcycle Charlotte opened at I-85 Exit 22 in Lowell in 2008 as the world’s very first Indian Motorcycle dealer. The spectacular exterior design has won architectural awards and the dealership has been named a Top 100 Dealer by Dealernews magazine (the industry bible) five years in a row, winning awards for print advertising and its monthly e-newsletter along the way.

But there’s a lot more to the story.  It starts with Mark Moses and the amazing team of professionals he’s assembled.  Mark is the owner and general manager of Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, who has an all-consuming passion for everything automotive, especially motorcycles. He’s spent decades carrying the torch and nurturing his ongoing love affair with Indian motorcycles.

It’s well-known that Indian was America’s first motorcycle, but the brand’s pre-Polaris history includes more than a few bumps in the road. It’s been a challenging journey for everyone at Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, but that persistence has paid off.


In Chicago this past December, Indian Motorcycle Charlotte was recognized as a Top 10 Dealer by Dealernews magazine. They were also the only Indian Motorcycle dealership to make the Top 100 in 2014.  (Only 5 other North Carolina dealers made the Top 100.) Why is that important? Well, with 7,000+ powersports dealers in the U.S. and Canada, it’s kind of a big deal.

While he has assembled an excellent team of managers, sales people and technicians, it’s clear that Mark Moses is the driving force.

For 20+ years, he owned an automotive service shop where he also built high performance customs. Car & Driver magazine named ...


One of the great things about living in North Carolina is the rich history of our state. Whether you’re looking for civil war battlefields, ageless architecture, art galleries or museums, there’s always something here in the Tar Heel State to pique the interest of any history lover. I’ve always had more than just a casual regard for history, especially North Carolina history (yeah, I’m that guy who stops and reads those historical markers you see along the roadside). Our history is a link to our heritage, and, good or bad, it is what has shaped us as a society. Plus, I just like old stuff.

The Pisgah Covered Bridge is one of Randolph County’s most prized historical artifacts. Located about a dozen miles south of Asheboro at the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest, the Pisgah Covered Bridge is one of only two remaining covered bridges in North Carolina. It had been close to 15 years since I’d been down to the Pisgah Bridge, so a Saturday afternoon ride to check it out was in order.

If I’m in a hurry, I can get to Asheboro from my home in Archdale in about 20 minutes. Interstate 73/74—or the bypass, as we locals call it—skirts right around Archdale and connects up with US 220. My bike was built for the four lane super slab, and will cruise along happily all day at 75 miles per hour, but I much prefer the country roads of rural Randolph County. Another reason was I needed a barbecue fix, and I knew a place right along my route.

Main Street in Archdale is US Highway 311. Heading south, the road slips along easily through the small communities of Glenola, Cedar Square and Sophia, terminating a few miles later in Randleman at US Highway 220 Business. A right turn onto 220 Business South (Fayette Street) and ...


1996 ROAD KING TRIKE – 14,000 miles - Lady rider, Garage kept, Red/black. No reverse. $25,000.00  828-208-7579

1994 CORVETTE - White w/red interior - all original, 65,000 miles, garage kept, Extremely clean. $13,000.00  828-208-7579


2002 Custom Road Glide & Trailer - PRICE REDUCED: $23,900 with trailer!- One of a kind built by Camtech & tons of customizations: Custom House of Color Paint, Black with Candy Red Pearl host Flames, Low Miles, Diamond Cut Barrels, 88 punched out to 95 inch, Sachs Racing Head, 10:1 Pistons-Compression Releases, Cams, 42 Mikuni Carb, Wimmer Velocity Intake, Screaming Eagle Adj Push Rods, Fueling Lifters, FBI 2-1 hidden exhaust, Slash cut and tucked under bag, 6 piston front brake caliper, Metalsport Roxxy 26 inch Front Wheel, Camtech Stretched & Raked Front End, Camtech Stretched Tank, Custom Dash with Flush Gas Cap, Custom Chin Spoiler, Flared Side Covers, Camtech Stretched Extended Bags w/ LED Flush Integrated Signals/Brakes, Full Width Solid Fender, Sinister Drag Bars, Dakota Digital Gauges, Snakeskin Seats(Solo and Dual,) Custom Back Rest, Arnott Rear Air Rear Suspension with Handle bar controls, Flame Kick Stand/ Mirrors/ Grips/ Hwy Pegs, Banana Floorboards, Extended Rear Brake and Shifter, High Watt Stereo system & Speakers with Hand Grip Controls, & much more! Barry Pollack, call 386-212-3201

As seen in The Litigator 2013 calendar ... (Sorry, beautiful girl not included! ...)

Check out THIS Custom Chopper!

1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor - This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. $8500

The full CPR crew finally got in a 2015 ride on the 16th of Jan.  The original plan had been to ride to Roan Mtn in TN, however the weather there was “cold” and we were afraid there might be black ice especially on the roads we ride.  When Mickey and I left Gaffney to meet Charley and John the temp was 25.  My heated gear could barely keep up as we rode to Polkville NC to meet our riding budds. We discussed it there and decided that it wasn’t smart to press our luck and go further north.  So it was south we went, down to Hickory Grove SC and on Rt 97 and onto a dirt road that came out on Rt 9 near Lockhart SC.

When we left my house to pick up the other 2, Mickey and I ran into some heavy fog near the Broad River and into Boiling Springs NC. And John and Charley reported likewise whenever they were near a body of water. As we cruised down to Hickory Grove we ran through  pockets of fog and on Rt 97 as we rode toward Lockhart.  We discussed what water was near us to cause it.  We had crossed the Broad River awhile back. Mickey said he thought the Pacolet River ran down this way before it merged with the Broad.  A lively discussion was had about where the Pacolet ran.  We passed several streams along the dirt road and Mickey thought they were the river, and when we stopped on a bridge over a large stream to add to the water, he thought it was the Pacolet.  Now the 3 of us, being true gentlemen could not deny his claim, but we sure were vocal in our retorts. John, being the smart one, brought out his smartphone and said it was Bullock Creek.  We seen several more “Pacolets” as we rode along. Then after we arrived home Mickey got on Google and found the Pacolet does run into the Broad 4 miles north of Lockhart.  That shot a couple of us down!!

Although we had ridden in the area several times, it was 3 or 4 years ago and we couldn’t find some of our good roads----narrow country roads with no center stripe and lots of curves.  John said not to worry and gave our battle cry, “We may be lost but we’re making good time!” Cruising along Rt 49 at our usual ... speeding along!, a county mounty emerged over a small hill ...


... through cracked lips & frozen tongues,

Chill Riders Speak Out! ...


Freon responds:

"I have a thermal diving suit I wear but it has to be really cold for that - single digits or very low teens. Love it too! It has lime green ligtning bolts so they call me the Neon Freon when I show up for events. hee hee"

David P says:

"I ride all year long. You definitely have to be prepared for it.
I use  riding gear. I've owned my HT Pants for almost 8 years along with my jacket the Killamanjaro  The best gear ever. It is so durable and functional. Protection with armor and liners they keep me safe, warm and dry.

Definitely need some good gloves for the cold and boots to keep your feet warm.  The biggest help to the cold is a balaclava that I put on my head and tuck in my jacket before I put on my helmet.  Keeps me totally protected from the wind and works wonders.

I do have a windshield on my bike, 2010 HD Electra Glide Ultra Limited, and heated grips have been a godsend this year.  I will say that my gear will keep me warm at constant highway speeds for up to an hour at 25 degrees which is roughly -14 wind chill factor.  The only part of me that gets really cold are my hands, even with the heated grips.

Just my take on things."

Vincent E. shared:

"You posed the question and asked what we wore to brave the cold in the winter or did we just stay in.  Well, I have no minimum temperature or anything like that.  I rode my 1983 Suzuki GS450A last winter during that Polar Vortex when it was 9 degrees.  My only stipulation is no wet conditions, if I can help it at all.  So, how do I stay warm?  Well, I’m lucky to some regard.  I guess I’m just naturally insulated and as I’ve always told people, you’ve never seen a whale freeze to death have you?  But in all seriousness, I really don’t wear a lot of extra stuff.  My socks are my regular socks.  I wear whatever pants (dress pants if going to work, my jeans if not) I need to for the day.  Same goes for the shirt.  Nothing special underneath.  My helmet is a fullface Hawk helmet and I wear it in the Summer time too.  In the winter, I just close off the vents more.  I do zip my leather jacket all the way up and it does have a thin liner that can be zipped in that I will add for when temps are going to stay down below 40.  I also will zip closed the vents in my leather jacket.  If I have to do the Interstate in those below 40 temps (typically I do because of my commute to work), I add a thin balaclava under my helmet. 

The key to warmth for me though are my hands.  If they are cold, I’m freezing and I don’t care if it’s 90 outside.  So, my hands are in thinly lined leather gauntlets.  My bike does have some very low amperage Chinese eBay $25 grip warmers.  Not a clue who makes them, but Carlo found them, knew they wouldn’t kill my bike's old charging system and they work awesome!  Finally, and I know I look like a dork with them, but I have these mitten things on my handlebars.  They are called Snow Paws from Parts Unlimited.  I don’t care what anybody says, but they are fur lined and keep the wind off my hands and the warmth of the grips in.  I can ride forever just because of those bad boys.  Install in like a second.  They are meant for snow machines, but I got them for $10 from a guy on Craigslist.

So that’s it.  Basically, zip up, a balaclava, and the hands.  Everything else is whatever I need to wear for that day.  No lower temp limits and I have done the superslap in the single digits.  It’s just cold, what’s the big deal?"

Thanks for your responses, guys!

Anyone else wanna chime in? Write in!

Riding a motorcycle

is not as dangerous as you might think...

I was at an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) update for riding instructors this past weekend and one of the stats the moderator gave us was that for 2013 there were 147 motorcycle fatalities in NC.  As an "oh by the way" he said that the pedestrian fatalities were almost double that.

To me that says that riding motorcycles is twice as safe as walking!

So if we want to save lives we need to stop people from walking and get them on bikes.....

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