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Come ride with me to Lake Lure this Wednesday!



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of January 30- February 6, 2012

Monday 59 sunny, Tuesday 66 m-sunny, Wednesday 68 p-cloudy, Thursday 67 few showers, Friday 58 p-cloudy, Saturday 54 few showers, Sunday 52 showers, Monday 53 p-cloudy (as per on Monday 1/30/12)











It's funny how memories shift reality a bit - how something that was not absolutely perfect is remembered to be the very best experience EV-ERRR! We romanticize things in hindsight, I suppose, and so we end up saying things like "back in my day" or "I remember the good ol' days" or "it was so much better when...." And yet those good ol' days were a patchwork of beautiful and ugly, bitter and delicious, joy and pain and all colors in between. Same as today. Just as will be tomorrow.

Last week I was daydreaming about riding down thru The Keys. (Truth be told, it's a pretty common theme in my head - especially when I'm not riding The Keys!) I've taken this ride through The Florida Keys from South Miami to The Southernmost Point a couple times on my bike, once on the back of my honey's Streetglide. And I just gotta say that my riding friends who endured that first ride I took down US 1 on my V-Star are to be forever applauded for their patience. I was a mess...

Riding The Keys is a rider's dream in many many ways: flanked by blue ocean on either side, fresh salt air, nature everywhere, tiki bars wonderfully spaced out along the journey! There's adventure and beauty along this 3-6 hour ride from the end of Miami and into a bohemian's partyland, Key West, FL. (I say 3-6 hours because it just all depends on construction and how many tiki bar stops you make!) I love the views and thrill for the destination. On my maiden voyage, my initial problem, however, was THE BRIDGES! I was fine otherwise. Afterall it's flat road to zoom down. No-brainer mostly. But those bridges deadened my confidence....and you know that being a good rider is 99% confidence. I'm not sure why having water instead of land on either side of the road was a concern for my senses. I do know that the strong ocean breezes - no, it was BIG WIND! - gave me the feeling that my bike might lift off the pavement and be thrown overboard at any minute. I felt out of control - uhh, never a good thing when you're on a motorcycle!

Of the many bridges I had to face, Seven Mile slapped me hard. I brought my bike to a stop before entering Seven Mile and had a talk with myself, pumping up the little bit of courage I had left at that point in my trying ride. Finally I kicked it and set out to conquer the big guy but, alas, that blast of strength didn't last long. Paralyzing with fear I slowed down and slowed down 'til mid-bridge I slowed to almost negative on the speedometer. I had to keep going. Nobody (even my knight in shinging armor) was gonna come save me. So I white-knuckled my way to the end hyperventilating, heart racing, tears pouring. Pulled over where my patient buddies waited, I finally breathed life back into myself and discovered that I was torn with celebration for making it but really really embarrased for falling apart. Uggh...

Nevertheless, a couple years later I returned to fight the bridges again and won with gusto and had an absolute blast fearlessly enjoying the ride! Perhaps that's what my daydreams are about .. .or maybe it's the splendor of The Overseas Highway herself. All I know is that those were THE good ol' days .. and I sure do miss 'em right now!




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And so ends January. A great month. As one of my Facebook friends (who is actually a lifetime friend with whom I share great memories of junior and senior high) said, "what a great week of birthdays!" January is my birthday month as it is Footloose's and we thank all who sent us good wishes. As the month ends and we begin our trek into February, we're just a few miles closer to "riding season;" altho, I have to say, this past weekend had the appearance of that with many bikes out in the 60's sunshine.

Hey- Just looked and 2012 is a Leap Year - now what's that all about again?....

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Lake Lure heard us ....

It seems I (we actually!) struck a chord with the Town of Lake Lure. And it seems that last week my info was not completely accurate. The Town in November removed the requirement that your bike have the EPA stamp on the muffler and I was not aware of the change. However, I also read the Lake Lure Noise Ordinance and it is a little confusing, so I have made an appointment to ride to Lake Lure this Wednesday. to meet with Officer Martin to have my bikes noise level measured and to try to get a little better understanding of the town's ordnance.

Come Ride with Me to Lake Lure!

And so, I plan on leaving Charlotte Wed., 2/1 about 11am headed that way. If you can and are interested in accompanying me on the ride, please send me an email for details.

South Carolina Bill Effecting Kids

SC has proposed a bill that would make it "unlawful to transport a person who is seven years old or younger on a motorcycle." Anyone have thoughts on that subject? I'd welcome hearing from you on that issue as well....

Myrtle Beach Rally Info

My friend Dan, Mecklenburg Scuzzbuckets MC, posted this on this page about the upcoming Myrtle Beach Rally...

Let's break it down... to make your plans accordingly:

2012 Will Be A Three Weekend Event:

May 10-14 (Thursday thru Monday) 1st Weekend
A collaborative effort on all area businesses to promote their businesses with special events generally inside and amongst their business location to service the biker community. This weekend traditionally always included Mothers Day. There will be bookings for special live performances and celebrity appearances, selected biker hangouts will open their doors or extend their hours, many offering food and drink specials, many scheduled indoor contests, planned free giveaways and even a classic car show. All in all this is the ideal weekend for those that may not want to come when the crowds of bikes are here and enjoy a peaceful, more relaxed rally setting.

May 15-20 (Tuesday thru Sunday) 2nd Weekend
Businesses all around Horry County from Little River to Murrels Inlet will put on their big parties. This is the traditional bike week dates that is recognized by the county where vendor permits will be issued for some areas of the beach. This week will include all the events as shown in the 1st Weekend but adding scheduled bike runs, outdoor entertainment as well as a slew of new business and charity events, along with the vendors. Saturday and Sunday Little River will be having their ever popular Blue Crab Festival. NEW this year starting Friday the 18th Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson kicks of "Cruisin' The Coastâ„¢" rally events which will include some charity events, bike runs and events yet to be announced (see events postings here for their new event lineup). All-in-all this week will be the busiest for the cruising rider with a majority of event locations to visit.

May 21-28 (Monday thru Memorial Day) 3rd Weekend
Traditionally beginning the Saturday before Memorial Day County recognizes the Atlantc Beach Bike Fest as a well organized event to include food and product vendors all around the Atlantic Beach area just north of Myrtle Beach. NEW this year Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson will continue with more "Cruisin' The Coastâ„¢" rally events with plenty of vendors and planned shows that are yet to be announced (keep checking our events postings here for the new lineup). I'm sure Harley will have a wonderful well planned series of events that will keep all who come entertained during their visit. Many of the area businesses will join in on the fun by adding a series of indoor activities along with similar events as offered in the 1st Weekend. All-in-all this week should be a wonderful extension of the previous weekend but with limited county wide biker vending permits. The merging of the Atlantic Beach and Harley bike weeks will make for a great blending of new and traditional activities throughout the Grand Strand.

Jamin' Leather will be celebrating their Grand Opening at their new location on 17 bypass just south of the airport, and just north of the back gate a.k.a. Market Commons and the light at Hwy 707) Vendors Wanted - Call (843) 294-1222 We welcome Motorcycle Dealers, antique or custom Bike Builders to display their bikes, as well as Street Performers that wish to showcase their talent for tips during the rally. There is a stage built on site if needed.

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D






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