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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of February 7-14, 2011

Monday 53 pm-showers, Tuesday 48 sunny, Wednesday 48 p-cloudy, Thursday 40 R/S showers, Friday 45 sunny, Saturday 53 sunny, Sunday 55sunny, Monday 56 sunny (as per on Monday 2/7/11)



Your Weekly E-Mag!

The Carolina Rider Scene is a "weekly e-magazine," a mini-mag of The Carolina Rider dot com! Since the first time we sent out what we then called our "periodic e-newsletter," this part of our efforts to reach out to and involve our Carolina riding community has become a strong publication of its own. We produce "paperless" magazines ... one of them an ever-growing permanent resource that resides perpetually online at and the other that departs our outbox for your inbox at the beginning of every week. The magazines are FREE to our subscribers and it's a thrilling and curvy ride we're on in co-creation with you...

We have and will continue to revise and refine, expand and re-create as we listen to the needs of our subscribers (You!) and notice what might be of assistance and interest to our community. Sure, not everything we publish will crank your motor. Not everything is for everyone and we are fully and completely aware of that! But we keep hearing that we have some value and to keep offering what we're doing. Glad to hear it...and happy to stay the course.

A New Monthly Feature: artsy-fartsy

This week we unveil a new monthly feature. As you may have gleaned, we have some regular columns in The Carolina Rider Scene. This week we have something different that we're looking forward to creating along with you: "artsy-fartsy" will appear once a month and showcase some creative projects from you who like to write, photograph, paint, draw, sculpt, craft, and otherwise EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY about being a rider, about bikes & the varied and associated people and communities, and about living the ride.

I can't wait to see what's out there! It's already clear to me from many interesting conversations with some inspiringly artsy folks that we've got some great stuff to look forward to. As always, if you want to participate in The Carolina Rider or The Carolina Rider Scene, give me a holler!



Here's the schedule of our monthly columns

In case you haven't noticed, here's who and what happens each month within "the pages" of The Carolina Rider Scene

1st Monday of the month - Stealth's Custom Corner

2nd Monday of the month - GatorBites with Jason E. Taylor

3rd Monday of the month - artsy-fartsy

4th Monday of the month - Hollywood Helplines

and when there's a 5th Monday of the month - artsy-fartsy special edition

Thanks heaps to all who contribute!


Lending Aid

I had the opportunity to talk with some folks involved with the Accident Scene Management course that took place this past weekend in Matthews, NC at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. Charlotte CBA members Don and Sharon Smith participated in the full 2-day class and told me they were overwhelmed by the amount of valuable information provided them. Among many other things, they were stunned to learn how difficult it can be to remove a helmet from an injured rider but were grateful to learn procedures to ensure safely taking off a helmet without further injuring a compromised neck. "It's especially hard to do solo," explained the Smiths. "We practiced doing it with two people where one stabilized the head and neck while the other removed the helmet. That was very difficult. Then we did it by ourselves and it felt almost impossible. But it's just what you have to do if the other alternative is killing or further injuring someone." Members of the class spent hours in classroom study, hands-on practice, and vividly-real role play to prepare them in the unfortunate event that they were present at a motorcycle crash.

It hit me hard ... we ALL need this course! ... whether we ride a bike or drive a car or in any other way are out on the road, it is our responsibility to have this information and the practiced skills to be ready should we be called on. "I am going to read the book and my notes again and again after I get home because it takes going over and over it to be prepared," shared Sharon.

The images to the left and at the top of this article are from the cover of the course textbook written by Vicki Roberts-Sanfelipo, RN/EMT, Program Director for this national program that started in 1996 "in order to provide Bystander Assistance Community Education to motorcyclists" according to the manual. Robert-Sanfelipo shares that "as a nurse...I had never felt properly trained to deal with the unique aspects of motorcycle trauma....and realized that the things I had always been told (never move anyone, never remove a helmet, head tilt chin lift, tourniquet for bleeding,) were all wrong."

Whew! Powerful information....vital skills to know altho perhaps difficult to face and deal with even hypothetically.

Charlotte CBA's President Gary Bridges says they offer the course once a year free to their members and other riders. Everyone has to renew their certification every two years so a 4hr evening refresher class is offered in conjunction with each full Saturday/Sunday weekend course. North Carolina CBA/ABATE provides this course to their members and I understand it can be available to other riding groups for a fee.


Riding groups who would like to schedule this life-giving opportunity should contact

Janet Bridges at:
704-516-8763 Cell
704-588-2051 Home

And I just want to express deep thanks to the Concerned Bikers Association for doing all they do in support of us all!


Someone flagged me down at an event late last season. "I just wanted to thank you," they greeted me. "The Carolina Rider has a positive voice and I sincerely appreciate that. There's so much negative in magazines and news and we need to hear more positive to keep us all going. You guys are doing that and I just want you to know that I, for one, appreciate that more than you know."

Sometimes we've gotta talk about the harder stuff.....accident management, loss, lobbying for bikers' rights. But he was right, we all need a lot more positive wrapped around our tired and overwhelmed shoulders. The Carolina Rider is honestly very grateful to be one positive voice shouting in the wind!

It ain't all sunny miles on our rides but we can still remember the sun's just up the road.......

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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This month's featured creative mind is writer Jane LaVoy.

A new Marketing Specialist with The Carolina Rider as well as with our associate Motorcycle Maps US, she's also a creative writer with tons of vigor and charm for whatever she pours her enthusiastic self into. Jane participated in the recent Tell Your Story writers' workshop and shared this tantilizing teasy-boast for women to ride their own. We're publishing it just in time for February's prompt arrival.. Enjoy!

The Best Valentine's Gift!

by Jane LaVoy

In less than a month it will be February 14th. The day of Love when Cupid arrives and strikes you with his magical arrow. Valentine's Day! The day that couples spend together to exchange their feelings of Love. A day that really was designed with women in mind!

Typical gifts are the dozen long stemmed red roses surrounded by baby's breath and wrapped with red silky ribbon, or the ever popular heart shaped box of candy. There is the occasional Teddy Bear, jewelry, and the infamous dinner out. But all of these gifts are temporary. Women, don't you feel a little disappointed when Valentine's Day is over?

Were you really satisfied? Wouldn't it be nice to get a gift that gives you enjoyment over and over again? Better yet, a gift that brought all of your senses tingling and made you feel like a woman.

What if you got a gift that really brought you pleasure? Sensual, emotional, pleasure! A gift that knew how to satisfy you over and over again! A gift that can soar your body to new heights and take you places you've never been before! A gift that reminds you that life is about the adventure (and, oh, the adventures you can have!)

What if the gift is within your reach, and all you have to do is put it between your legs?

Imagine the feeling .... the warmth penetrating up your thighs, the vibrations from your buttocks to the top of your crotch, the ability to lean left and right and feel soft leather pressing against your lips.

Even a virgin can enjoy this gift with gentle lessons and a little coaxing. Size doesn't matter ... you pick the size that feels best to you. Time doesn't matter, you can enjoy for as long or as little as you please. And men are an option! You can enjoy the gift as a couple or on your own.

You can accessorize your gift or keep it simple, whatever your taste. And you control your destination to be as climatic or it could be soft comfortable quietness, whatever you prefer.

And Men ... if you are well endowed, you may choose to satisfy your woman's hunger by giving her this gift. I know how much I enjoy mine. Valentines may come (no pun) and go ... but my gift keeps giving!!!!!  Thanks to my hubby (I love you, Happy Valentine's Day!)




This weekend I as able to get out on my bike, I hope you did. I saw one bank theometer that said 71 degrees. It was a good weekend for riding. Can you feel it? It's coming... great riding weather is on it's way.

We are in the planning stages for the third annual Thin Blue Line ride on April 2nd and it's shaping up be be a great one this year. WBT-TV has already scheduled a show about the ride for March 27th. Put that on you calendars and DVR's to see the show.

Also the Keith Larson Ride for Kids 9 is in the early planning stages. It's always a great ride. Keith Larson and the crew at Matthews Fun Machines always put on a great ride. It's April 30th and I hope you plan on riding in that one too ... I am!

I'm heading up to the State Capitol this week. Might see some of you there. It's the time of year for NC CBA/ABATE Lobby day...a chance to have some voice and impact or at least an ear to what's happening with certain motorcyclist-related legislation. Here's a list of this year's priorities provided by our state CBA/ABATE.


Can you feel it?... It's coming!!
Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



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