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(photo from Easyriders 2017 by Austin of Suitcase Photography. See more pics below!)

January 31st Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Myrtle Beach Planning - your thoughts please!

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Ron Lofts - Hello from the Northland!

Easyriders Show Pics

Loose Talk with Jon

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 1-7, 2017

Wednesday 69h & m-sunny, Thursday 63h & m-sunny, Friday 48h & 40% pm showers, Saturday 50h & sunny, Sunday 49h & 60% rain, Monday 64h & p-cloudy, Tuesday 69h & m-cloudy (as per on 1/31/16)

We hear you!

Lest you think otherwise, we want you to know that The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine listens to what you have to say. In fact, at the center of our mission here is to represent you, the riders of The Carolinas and beyond. Our pages are designed as space for your stories to be told! The name of this publication says it all: The Carolina Rider - isn't that you?! (And even if you don't live in The Carolinas, we still claim you! We have several writers who don't live in NC or SC.)

So, as I said, we've been listening ...

1. Myrtle Beach

Tim S. wrote Footloose recently asking for help figuring out where to stay for Myrtle Beach Bike Week. His email inspired the column below and we're hoping YOU will give him some answers. Surely we can help each other with this! Some of you have never been to MB Bike Week and need guidance. Some of you have been since the very first one and have never missed a year; spring or fall. Some of you have fallen out of love with the event and are considering giving it a try again. Read below and please respond! We might all learn something.

2. Healing Thoughts

Footloose also received this email from Jay Bird, a long time subscriber: "Jon, I wish you could post this picture in honor of several of my biker buddies visiting me in the hospital yesterday! I was involved in a bad crash Saturday in Mooresville hit by a pick up truck broke both bones in my lower left leg bad cut on the bottom of my foot my left leg & a ruptured spleen. I'm healing well, hope to be out of the hospital next day or two but I was just was laying here thinking about the good of friends!"

We're happy to post your email and photo, Jay Bird, and wish you easy and fast healing and best wishes.

3. What you said about Easyriders Show Attendance

In last week's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine, Lester asked: Is the Weather a Threat to Charlotte's Easyriders Show ... or is it Something Else?

We asked for your input and here's what we got back ...

Scott B said: "Was planning to go. Was about 0500pm and checked the web site only to see it was over at 0700pm??????? That's crazy. It should have been at night. My two cents."

Grant said: "I was there during the hay day of the easy riders show back in the early 2000's but greed took over. $20 to park, $20 to get in and the day for my wife and I quickly became a $200 day with a meal downtown Charlotte. Let's see the in door price go to $10 a head. I bet the small price change would bring vendors and goers back."

Madkat said: "With parking being $8-$12 and admission being $20 with a 1 1/2 hr. drive, the cost can outweigh the benefit of attending. The same style of bikes, (big 30"-32" front tire, bags almost touching the ground,) as I saw two years ago,why go every year? There were more vendors this year."

Anyone else wanna chime in?

Let us know. We're sending your input in to the show organizers to help in future show planning.

We hear you. We feel you. We're here for you.

Footloose received an email recently from Tim S saying, "I have been going to the spring Myrtle Beach run for years and have stayed at several places. What is the best m/c friendly hotel to stay at? We are not really happy with our choices so far."

Good question, Tim!

And so we turn this question over to our readers ...

You all are the experts!

Admittedly, Myrtle Beach's bike weeks have taken a beating in recent years and, as happens through time, some things have changed here and there. The good news is that the party at the beach is still alive and kicking! So, who's going for Spring? When are you going and where do you prefer to stay? Questions, questions, and more questions ....

. Where to stay? .
. Where to hang out? .
. What not to miss? .
. What to do? .
. When to arrive/leave? .

Come on long-timers; we know you have the answers!

Write in and let us know your thoughts and plans and we'll be sharing these with Tim and with all you readers in the next couple weeks' editions of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine.

BTW, Dates for this year: March 12-21, 2017

Hello from the northland!

First, a belated Happy Birthday to Jon! What a great way to celebrate a birthday with a big party at the Convention Center and thousands of people and bikes. ...

A long commute from Michigan

I’ve tried to work out several scenarios of how I could get down for the weekend and to the Easyriders Show. I thought of trailering the bike to my niece's home in Huntersville and coming over to the Show.  I will certainly miss our annual get together. And will really miss meeting all of the readers of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine and helping to sign people up. I always enjoyed coming up, even last year in the snow and ice with the small turnout.

... but still Scheming and Dreaming

I thought how we could come down and spend Saturday at the show and then Sunday head down 21 to Walterboro and pick up 17 down through Savannah and on to Darien to Skippers for some terrific seafood. Spend a night in one of the neat bed and breakfast inn’s around Brunswick/Darien. Then Monday come back up through Claxton and Statesboro Georgia to Barnwell and back to Orangeburg. Then pick up 21 and back to Charlotte and get ready for the 15-hour drive back to Michigan. It sounds great. One of you will have to do that and let me know.  Maybe stop at Jake’s Good Eats in Charlotte (featured on Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives a few years ago) for some of the best scallops and pan fried maple glazed pork chop.  Let me know how it is.  I haven’t found food like we had down there yet.

The Weather up here

The weather here has changed.  We had about 10-13 inches of snow for a time and it turned really cold with temperatures around zero and below and winds of 20 -25 and gusts of over 35.  It was a tough couple of weeks, but now the snow is gone and it has warmed up to the upper 30’s to low 40’s.  Everything is mud now. I remember as a kid when we had winters like this and before the roads were paved we would have school cancelled because of mud. The school buses couldn’t run the roads because of concern of getting stuck in the mud of the roads as they thawed out. The ground freezes about 18 -24 inches down and when it thaws it turns to mud. I’m sure we’ll have more snow and cold, but for now it is above average.

(This shot above was from our window one day at breakfast. Marcia and her camera! They are nice to see, except when they are in the road.)

Just Ride!


Some stats for you to ponder:

According to NC DMV as of December 2016, 193,089 motorcycles were registered. As of December 2016 there were 159,684 active motorcycle endorsements in the state of NC and 16,708 active motorcycle permits.

For the year of 2015 there were 3,668 motorcycle crashes, 231 involved alcohol. Of those crashes, 3428 were men and 238 were women.

The last stats of importance regards fatalities. For 2015 for ALL vehicles fatalities total 1380. For motorcycles that number is 163.

I collected this info from an update for MSF instructors that took place in North Carolina. I have no doubt that there are similarly thought-provoking statistics in South Carolina and other states beyond.

Think about it. Take a class. Be safe out there.

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