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February 3rd Edition

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Riding BE-cause - Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Brother Bear reports: South Carolina Lobby Day

TCR Classifieds

(For Sale: Road King Trike & a Corvette too, Custom Roadglide + Trailer, Switchback)

A TCR Focus on Easyriders 2015

Loose Talk with Jon

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 3-10, 2015

Wednesday 57 p-cloudy, Thursday 45 p-cloudy, Friday 48 clear, Saturday 59 p-cloudy, Sunday 63 chance of rain, Monday 52 p-cloudy, Tuesday 56 clear (as per on 2/3/15)

This week's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine takes a look back at this year's Easyriders Show in Charlotte. From our perspective, it was a tremendous event and we were proud to be present. Below you'll find a fine collection of other perspectives of the show from several of our beloved writers and photographers.

Also in today's edition is an impressive coverage of this year's Lobby Day in South Carolina by our Brother Bear, Tommy Pittard. Tommy, who loves making new motorcycle friends and getting out to as many events as he can, participated in his first ABATE Lobby Day and was impressed with the day's governmental celebrities, state headquarters, and comradery of the ABATE community. We sincerely appreciate Tommy's reporting and are glad to have him back in the pages of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine!

Winner of a Night for 2 at Skyline Village Inn

Donald Lemons is the winner of the drawing from Easyriders Show and wins a night for 2 at Skyline Village Inn plus 50% off for friends he brings with him! Woo Hoo!

Lynn and Mike Thrift of Skyline Village Inn joined us for awhile at The BIG RIDE 2 Bus during the show and it was fun to catch up with them. They're the owners of the Inn and they have a special love for motorcycle lovers. Skyline Village Inn is set in a beautiful area of the Blueridge and last year added some Dual Sport bikes to their offerings for guests to enjoy the area in a different way. Whether taking a car/truck during these snowy Winter months or two-wheeling your way up there when the roads are clear for bikes, Skyline Village Inn is a great option for motorcyclists.


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This year on January thirteen the ABATE of South Carolina Chapters and members from all over the state join forces in Columbia South Carolina. On this Lobby Day all the ABATE members would let the state Senators and Representatives know which bills is important to all the bikers of South Carolina. The members would meet at the Statue of John C. Calhoun before they would go into the gallery to show their unity to all the members of the General Assembly.

The Sunday afternoon before Lobby day I attended my first meeting of the Laurens County Chapter of ABATE. Their meeting is held the first Sunday of each month at two pm at the Medlock- Simpson VFW Post 3354 of Laurens SC. I didn’t know what I was about to get into but I needed something to write about and this seemed like a good place to start. During the meeting they started to discuss their up coming trip to the State Capital in Columbia SC to attend the Lobby Day 2015 that is held when the General Assembly returns. Bill Palmer the Chapter Coordinator asked if anyone wanted to ride with him to Columbia SC. I told him that I would like to ride with him in his van to the State House. The weather man had already said that it was going to be cold and raining.

When Tuesday came I was up and ready to go by five am. Thirty minutes later I was out the door on my way to meet Bill at the Laurens VFW. The ride over took me about an hour to make the fifty miles. I was half way there since it was a two hour drive from Calhoun Falls to Columbia SC. Most of the time I get there to early and have to wait. About ten minutes later Bill arrived in the parking lot. Then we headed across town to pick up Darrell Ward and his wife Terry Ward at their home. After we picked them up it was a short drive to the interstate to meet with the Greenville Chapter of ABATE which is in the same district as Laurens. We left the gas station and headed down I-26 to Columbia. We arrived at the State House at eight am and headed inside.

The ABATE members would meet at the Statue of John C. Calhoun in the Main Lobby at nine am inside the capital to go as a group into the gallery. At this time we would also receive our Legislative packet from Chad Fuller Public Relation Officer of ABATE. The Legislative packet contained the laws that we would support and not support. This is also a day for us to tour the State House and learn more about the legislative process. During the tour we would collect information to earn points to win prizes at the end of the day. I guess this is a way for us to have fun while learning about our state government.

At ten am the ABATE members started moving down to Governor Haley’s Office. In the East Wing of the first floor is where the Lieutenant Governor’s Office is located and on the other side of the hallway in the West Wing is where the Governor’s Office is located One of the big reasons that everyone was waiting on Governor Nikki Haley to come out of her office was to have their photo taken with her. Even I wanted to have my chance to have a photo taken with the Governor. Before she came out everyone was jockeying for a good position so that they could be close to the Governor. Then at eleven o’clock I saw a group of people emerging from her office. As many times that I have seen Governor Haley on TV it took me a few seconds to recognize her walking down the hallway of the West Wing. She was coming out to speak to the members of ABATE. The Governor told us her plans on what she had in store for the State and the motorcycling community.

The South Carolina State Coordinator Ralph Bell was very happy about the way Governor Nikki R. Haley talked about supporting ABATE during the next four years in office. The Governor made the statement that she would also veto any laws that didn’t help and protect the motorcyclists of the state. She would especially veto any law that would mandate that you would have to ride with a helmet on in SC. Now in SC you have to be at least be twenty-one years old not to wear a helmet. A bill that would require small children to be secured to a motorcycle with seat belts is meeting fierce resistance in the S.C. General Assembly. Rep. Joseph Daning, a Berkeley County Republican, filed legislation that would require a standard, rear-facing child safety seat to be used for motorcycle passengers from birth up to 1 year. This is one of the bills that Governor Haley thinks that if it became a law “Why would anyone think this would make it more safe for a child to ride a motorcycle.” This would be one bill that the Governor would be against if it came before her.

When it came time to make a personal call on members of the general assembly I headed out with the Laurens County ABATE members to the office building. The first Representative Office that we came to his secretary told us that he had already went to the Capital Building. When we went to the next office of Rep. Mark Willis he was in his office and he came out to talk with us. Bill Palmer informed Rep. Mark Willis of Laurens of the bills that ABATE wanted him to support and not support. Then we took some photos of him with the Laurens members. Then we asked him if we could take a few photos of Darrell Ward sitting behind his desk. To my surprise he helped us to set up the photos.

One of the enjoyments that I get out of going to these events is (what else) the free food. I would like to give credit where credit is due for the free shuttle ride over to the Carolina Ale House is Carolina Honda. In the morning the All American Heating and Air treated us to breakfast. Then that afternoon a lunch of ribs and four different kinds of chicken wings was provided by Chad Fuller with the Tom McGrath Motorcycle Law Group. I can tell you that those wings were the biggest wings I had ever seen. These wings must have came from some super chickens. After lunch door prizes were drawn. Jeff Robert who was sitting at our table won a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to use on his return visit to the restaurant. If you have not been to a Lobby day in your state it is time to join ABATE and attend one. Hope to see you in January at the next Lobby Day 2016.



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Easyriders 2015 Come and Gone

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a medley of reports and pictorials from several of the remarkable contributors to The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine. The BIG RIDE 2 had a flood of people flowing by and through it all day long and these folks got to spend some time with many of you and had good fun sharing the story of The Carolina Rider. As I continue to note, those who contribute to our publications are surely diversely-gifted and with varied perspectives; and their takes on the show surely demonstrate this! Here are some wonderful vignettes from the following members of our team that capture the essence of the show.....


Musical Motorcycle Fun...

The Song "It's All About That Bass" has made a big splash on the music charts. It's really a fun song.

I enjoyed how Jimmy Fallon along with Megan Trainor did this great rendition of the song for his show:

Well not to be outdone, an Ohio motorcycle group put together this parody: "It's All about My Bike"....


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