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Photo by Paul Noble ~ See more photos from Easyriders 2014 in our Gallery now!

February 4th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Sponsor Highlight by PoniPrincess: Elrod Pope's Harold Staley

Mike on a Bike: Bikes I've Owned (Part 1)

Sandy Reece Reports on Easyriders 2014: Hot Hot Hot!

Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 4-11, 2014

Tuesday 45 pm showers, Wednesday 67 am showers, Thursday 51 p-cloudy, Friday 53 cloudy, Saturday 50 rain, Sunday 48 showers, Monday 44 sunny, Tuesday 48 p-cloudy (as per on 2/04/14)



Welcome to the Month of Love

As we let on last month, this year is a special celebration of our 5 years online and we've got something up our sleeves each month of this year. Last month, we had a bus load of our columnists and various creative contributors for you to meet at the Easyriders Show in Charlotte on January 25th. I do hope you got by The BIG RIDE to see some of these fabulous characters who give of themselves to co-create the publications you enjoy each week (and online always!)

Sadly, Footloose and I were absent from the party and I must admit, it was one of the hardest things we've had to do - to not be where the action was and to miss this annual bike extravaganza. It truly is something we look forward to each year and we have met so many great folks like you just by being at the right place at the right time at the show. Please know that we'd have been there had we not been absolutely stricken with the ugliest case of flu I've ever known or ever wish to meet again. We're both actually still recovering, two weeks later. Thanks for stopping by the Bus and chatting up those who were there. We got great reports and know a good time was had.

Now, as for this month's 5th Anniversary celebration event ... we're inviting you to SHARE YOUR STORY of LOVE ON A BIKE! We know these stories abound. Motorcycles and relationships go together like a chilly passenger spooning a rider's warm back - warm and snuggly, and often too, passionately hot! So tell your tale. Let us hear how a motorcycle brought you and your sweetie together. Tell about a past biker love or a current flame. Share a sizzlin' hot story or heart-warming journey. Whatever it is, let it be about LOVE ON A BIKE!

You might win a night for you and your sweetie at Skyline Village Inn!

Don't delay. Story deadline is February 21st!

Write me to enter


We have several reports from the Easyriders Show and we'll be dishing them out a bit at a time over the next few weeks. Today, enjoy Sandy's report and always-beautiful pics! As a part of our 5th Anniversary celebrations, look for a monthly Sponsor Highlight showcasing some of our valued advertisers who we affectionately call Sponsors. This month: Elrod Pope Law Firm. See below.

Finally, in today's edition, we enjoy the return of Mike on a Bike. He's been threatening to write more and we're awfully glad he did .. and to see that it's part 1 which means we have more good stuff to look forward to from this writer. I know you'll enjoy his reminiscing about his first 2 bikes as did I!


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#1: Whatcha got for riders?

Elrod Pope Law Firm represents people in all types of personal injury claims, not just vehicle accidents. They offer legal representation in the areas of workers compensation, medical malpractice, and social security disability. They are highly experienced and excellent in cases from wrongful death claims to dog bite claims. They truly are "Here To Help."

#2: Make it personal for us!

Mr. Staley is originally from Moncks Corner, SC and worked in children's education right out of college from USC and then received his Masters Degree from Middle Tennessee State in 1998. His law degree was obtained from Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan and is certified to practice law in North and South Carolina. He's got you covered! He is a previous triathelete and serves on the South Carolina House of Delegates for the South Carolina Bar.

Putting aside all the impressive degrees and political memberships, Harold is truly a great guy that I would definitely want to take out for wings and a beer some time. His motto in life is one we bikers can definitely live by…preparation + opportunity = LUCK!

Although Harold does not ride a motorcycle, (he prefers the even more dangerous bicycle!) he is fully versed in our culture. He has represented many bikers in their claims against wrongful drivers and had worked with several of our color wearing brethren as well. The man speaks M/C fluently and knows bikers are all about RESPECT. Finally, someone who hears us!

#3: News, honors, events?

He received the unbelievably distinguished honor of being named the South Carolina Bar’s Law-Related Education Lawyer of the Year in 2002 for his dedication and service in advancing the Bar’s high school mock trial program.

#4: Tell us something we need to know ...

Harold wants to emphasize to all our biker friends the tremendous importance of having adequate insurance coverage for yourself in the event that imbecilic-text-writing-at-fault cage driver is underinsured…hence the term Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM). Unlike uninsured motorist insurance, which is required coverage on all policies, UIM is optional coverage.  It doesn’t cost much at all to add to your policy and the extra protection can be huge.  Harold says that if you don’t have UIM or have a small amount, call your insurance agent to get more…NOW. He can only go after monetary amounts that have been established in the insurance policies of both drivers.

#5: What more ...?

Mr. Staley mentioned (and I totally agree!) the only person who is your friend in any claim is your attorney! Insurance companies do not stay in business by paying out all they owe. You NEED representation anytime you have a monetary claim against a company or individual. There is stuff you can not even imagine needing to prepare for. That is your attorney's job. You do your thing and get healthy again and let your attorney do his job and get you the money you are totally entitled to.


Bikes I've Owned

Part 1

I’ve been procrastinating.  I’ve been trying to come up with something to write about that would be of interest to the readers of The Carolina Rider, and something I wanted to write about, and have just gotten nowhere.  This morning, while procrastinating, I read a very funny piece in the NY Times by a writer who overcame her procrastination by starting her writing early in the morning, even before coffee (I’m not that extreme!)  She theorized it had something to do with the creative side of the brain still being dominant early in the morning. So here goes, but first, I have to get another cup of coffee.

I’ve always been fascinated by and in love with motorcycles.  As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Long Island, my friends and I would scourer the neighborhood on trash pick up days for old twenty-inch bicycles, reel type lawnmowers, lumber, pipe, just about anything we thought might help us build a motorized bike.  Sure, factory made mini bikes were available but my folks weren’t about to hand me $300 (we’re talking early sixties here), especially when my mom didn’t “approve” of my motorbikes.  I think it had less to do with my safety and more to do with what she thought the neighbors might think.

Our motorbikes were ingenious....



Can you say "HOT- HOT- HOT!?"

Sandy Reece was at the show!  She can!

For a windy cold day in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Easyrider Motorcycle Tour in Charlotte was smokin’ HOT on Saturday, January 25th!    (So hot that we were evacuated for a brief period while the Charlotte Fire Department and arena personnel secured the venue for a possible emergency.  No fire though, it turned out to be a leaky sprinkler unit causing the alarm. Thank you for keeping us safe! “Now…put a trash can under the leak and let’s get on with the show!”)

If you weren’t able to attend the 2014 Easyrider Motorcycle Show in Charlotte…here’s what you missed:  Awesome motorcycles of every shape, size, and color scattered throughout the arena for patrons to drool over!  Several machines were to be judged for the motorcycle contest.  If I were the judge…everybody wins!

Old Man Winter

Well The Easyrider show has come and gone. Winter will not seem to let go and all I want to do is ride. Not at 5 degrees or 20 degrees but a respectable 60 or so degrees. Maybe if we put our collective minds together and told Old Man Winter to go away,  he just might listen???

Keep staring at the bike in the garage, warm weather will be here sometime!!


Marcia Lofts won a night for 2 at Skyline Village Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway plus 50% off for friends who accompany them during that stay.


James Hall won the H-D Leather Jacket drawing from Harley-Davidson of Charlotte


The Litigator announces that Lin Walker was the winner of the gift card drawing from The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor.

Congrats to all!



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