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Lil' Weather

* Harley-Davidson of Charlotte Offer *

Hog Haven Coming Event

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Stealth's Custom Corner

Loose Talk with Jon




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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of February 7-14, 2011

Monday 53 pm-showers, Tuesday 48 sunny, Wednesday 48 p-cloudy, Thursday 40 R/S showers, Friday 45 sunny, Saturday 53 sunny, Sunday 55sunny, Monday 56 sunny (as per on Monday 2/7/11)



Get out!

Warning.....That warm itch traveling up your spine whenever the sun comes out these days is just gonna get worse. You're gonna find yourself inching toward the door more and more ... and even MORE as the earth begins to move closer and closer to Springtime. It's a progressive affliction that'll eventually propel you right outdoors and into some kind of freespirited ride that dispells your Winter blues and re-energizes your couch-potatoed body.

Not long behind that insanity will come true Spring and Summer and you'll find yourself completely out of your mind and spending as much time as you can OUTdoors. It will be then that you will find yourself ready for what Brett Causey and his company Hog Haven have to offer you. But like any good gardener will tell you, it's February when you pick out and plant your starter seeds if you're going to be ready for your Spring garden. So to for bikers. NOW is the time to look into what you're gonna need when you decide it's really really time to GET OUT!

Hog Haven Grand Opening in Clover this Saturday!

Hog Haven is the venture of Brett and his wife Vanessa. They've had an online store for some time now and THIS SATURDAY grandly open the doors to their new store in Clover, SC. (check out the flyer at the top of this e-mag above!) Everyone's invited to ride out on two or four wheels and check out this high-end camping gear-'n-more shop. Brett's proud to offer some really cool equipment and accessories, "everything you need to carry on a bike" - from such fine lines as GSI Outdoors, ALPS Mountaineering, and Jet Boil. They've got knives and survival kits, first aid supplies and tire repair kits, small travel-sized items like toothbrushes and toilet seat covers, rain suits and well, of course TENTS! "Those Jet Boils are the neatest products and actually what got me into this business....I gotta have my morning cup of coffee!," shared Brett in a recent phone interview from Oregon. Jet-lagged and tuckered out from working another full job while building the Hog Haven business, he was in no way low on enthusiasm for his mission. "You have probably been on some camping trips that were really nice and everything went well....and you've probably been on some that were completely miserable. I want to help folks understand that a good camping experience can be accomplished. It requires being prepared....thinking and planning ahead.....and I really want to be here to help folks do that and end up with a great camping experience!"

Besides the many greats products you'll want to peruse at Hog Haven, Brett and Vanessa are creating a space for riders to come hang out for awhile. "We've got some additional renovations going on right now but even now we have a sitting area and the coffee pot's always full for you. There will always be Cokes and Dr. Peppers too but if you need something else we're right next door to a bar!" Brett invites riders to take a break in Clover, stop in and visit...and, I have to admit, it's a perfect location for many of my own warm day runs through South Carolina!

The shop will be open initially just on Saturdays 9am-6pm and Sundays 10am-4pm but as this year's riding season is reborn, hours will expand.

It might be February but, as I said, gardeners are purchasing seeds and materials to get going with their projects just as soon as the soil it's time for us riders to make preparations for our own great adventures of Twenty-Eleven. Brett said, "We decided to have our grand opening now because it's time for folks to get ready for Daytona." Yep, believe it or not, that's just a meer 3 weeks away.....


What's New Online?

Please do check out all our new articles and stories popping up on Here's what's newest....

... STEALTH ...

In addition to his Custom of the Month below, Stealth has a great article on our homepage "Where Does Harley Styling Come From?" that dives into the design genius behind the look of today's Harley-Davidsons.

... ZEMPLIVIN' with WESLEY ...

Zemplivin with Wesley offers a couple choices too.....A thoughtful article about a charity created by a builder in Conyers, GA ... and some February thoughts with beautifully enticing photos like this one....

How lucky are we to have these dedicated lovers-of-the-ride as a part of The Carolina Rider?!


Still Calling for Contributions....

A New Monthly Feature: artsy-fartsy

Last week we unveiled a new monthly feature...."artsy-fartsy" which will appear the 3rd week of each month and will showcase some creative projects from all of you out who like to write, photograph, paint, draw, sculpt, craft, and otherwise EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY about being a rider, about bikes & the varied and associated people and communities, and about living the ride.

I have already received some great submissions for publication and I am still so excited to see what else you've got! If you want to participate in The Carolina Rider or The Carolina Rider Scene in any creative way, please do give me a holler!


They're calling for a generous chance of snow this Thursday here in the Charlotte area and I'm sure you guys in the mountains are still covered in weeks of white stuff. But there was blue sky and a warm sunshine on my head yesterday as I wandered outdoors. Ain't it great to live where the sun shines year 'round...even if the days aren't always warm?

May you find at least one tiny ray of sunshine to warm your week,

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Black Sunshine

Story by: STEALTH
Photos by: STEALTH & VICKI

I came across Black Sunshine at the Easyriders Show here in Charlotte. I love this style of bike as by now you probably know. Less is more and Black Sunshine is a perfect example of this.

I left my business card at the bike with a message for the owner to give me a call. Monday morning Scotty McDaniel called me from Southeast Customs in Concord NC. I set up a time to pay a visit to the shop the following Saturday.

I had never heard of Southeast Customs, so I really did not know what to expect. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Upon arriving I met Ric Greene the owner and Scotty. Southeast Customs specializes in "Making Your New Bike Look Old." When I say old, I mean it in a good way. The showroom was full of late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles; they all had that bobber look from the late 40's and 50's.
Black Sunshine is a perfect example of their "Bobber Magic." This bike is based off of a 2007 FLSTS model. From its Paughco Hog Snout air cleaner to the custom made exhaust. Speaking of the exhaust, check out the tail on the exhaust system. Also, the rear fender is hinged, making for easy tire replacement.

I am glad I came across Black Sunshine at the Easy riders show. The bike proved that you don't have to have a $50K bike to compete. In my opinion this bike had those high dollar bikes by the tail!
If you dig this style bike, take a ride and go check out Ric and Scotty at Southeast Customs, you will glad you did!

By the way Black Sunshine is for sale! (704-723-4038)





Got a custom ride Stealth should see? . . . Email STEALTH@THECAROLINARIDER.COM


Lobby Day


I went to Raleigh last week. It was a day of bikers talking to their legislators about issues near and dear to riders hearts. Bikers from all over NC rode and drove to show their support for the CBA. Legislators shook hands and listened and some were open, some were not...mostly all listened.

I don't know if anything will come of our visit. You can't really ever know whether you have any impact on what's going on in our government....all you can do is be present in whatever way you feel is your best role and to make it a point to let your elected officials know how you feel...whatever your viewpoint, whatever your feelings. It only takes a minute to send an email and ask them to consider your point of view. There are over 300,000 people in the State of NC who hold a motorcycle endorsement. If our legislators heard from each of them once a quarter, just think of the impact that would have.


I can say that our CBA is one amazingly committed group of people. They aren't only present but strongly dedicated to the cause of rider safety and rights. I am grateful for them. They make an impact.

Here's a picture of Rep. Bill Current getting the 2010 Legislative Warrior Award from the NC CBA. Thanks to Bruce from Cary for sending it to me. A momento of my day in The State Capital. A reminder of the widespread work of our Concerned Bikers Association.

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton


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