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February 7th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

A Deal that's For Real! - H-D of Charlotte's Forever Warranty

Myrtle Beach Planning - your thoughts please!

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Loose Talk with Jon

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 8-14, 2017

Wednesday 72h & clouds/sun, Thursday 52h & sunny & windy, Friday 54h & m-sunny, Saturday 70h & p-cloudy, Sunday 74h & p-cloudy, Monday 6h & m-sunny, Tuesday 64h & m-sunny (as per on 2/7/16)

Man, oh man, what a February day it is! Just stepped out on the deck a few minutes ago and it feels like Spring out there! Gotta finish this week's magazine and grab me some warm-day-outdoors time!

Rebel Randi may not be riding through our pages like she has been over the past 7 months but she's still around! She's living in The Carolinas now, afterall; plus she's excited to be out sharing The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine. This photo is of Randi and some Women in the Wind friends during a recent gathering of the WITW riders. Love those TCR Tuffs! And don't worry - you'll be hearing more from this rebel real soon.

A few more speaking up about Easyriders show ....

Kecia B. shared this: "Hello! Just a thought about the Easyriders Bike Show: make people aware that they can ride the Light Rail right to the convention center.  A lot of my out-of-town (and some in-town) friends were complaining about the price of parking too until I told them to use the light rail."

TCR Storyteller Lester added: "I have to throw my 2 cents in here also, about the Easyriders Bike Show and people’s excuses/reasons for not going. I tend to agree with you on the admission price. At $20 a head it is the most expensive show I go to, and I go to about a half dozen shows every year.  If they dropped the price to $10 the crowd size would probably double and the eats and drink sales would probably double also. For bad weather days like 2016, there is not a lot you can do about that. It’s a crap shoot. As far as parking goes, I have heard a lot of people barking about the $20 to park. I have to say that is your own fault, as just past the convention center is a parking garage and on the weekend, it is only $5 to park all day, and it’s covered parking ! So next year, if there is a next year, don’t park in the first place you come to, look around a little and cut that cost. I spent more than $20 just getting there. Do whatever you have to do, if there is a next year, it could be the last. SO BE THERE !"

Barry E. emailed: "I am not so worried about the $20 entrance fee but the content has to get better. The same old 30” front wheel bagger does not do it for everyone. Let’s have more vintage, more parts vendors, tech presentations etc. and I agree with the guy who said about it closing at 7:00pm. Let it be noon until late! Afternoon for families and evening for more a party atmosphere. Just my thoughts."


It's a Deal that's FOR REAL ... FOR FREE ...


Harley-Davidson of Charlotte's Forever Warranty

“You can’t get something for nothing.” ... So they say. But Ken Lipack, owner of Harley-Davidson of Charlotte in Matthews, NC begs to differ. His dealership has a sweet deal for motorcycle buyers that gives you a lifetime of coverage for free!

If you buy an approved motorcycle from Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, you will receive a Forever Warranty, a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty covering your bike purchased from H-D of Charlotte ...

> and it’s a FREE gift from the dealership for being their customer
> and it’s a FREE gift that keeps on giving for the life of your motorcycle while you own it!

Is there a Catch?

OK, so, if there is a catch, THAT’S it – that you buy from H-D of Charlotte, (since, of course, they are the ones authorized to provide this to you free of charge!)
And, yes, there’s a catch that you have to be the owner for this deal to be upheld. It’s a warranty gifted to you and is not transferable to future owners.
And, there’s a catch that you gotta maintain your bike and follow the prescribed maintenance schedule, and get your maintenance work done at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte.

A Sweet Deal

Still, even with the catches, it’s a SWEET DEAL, huh?!

“We’re getting asked over and over, ‘what’s the catch?’ and ‘are you sure I won’t have to pull something out of my own pocket in the long run to cover something down the road?’  ... but the deal is that the offer is completely on the up-and-up, offered by NWAN, the National Warranty Administrator’s Network and backed by Assurant, an A M Best A-rated insurance company with over $25Billion in assets and over 13,000 employees; a solid company standing solidly behind the warranty on your new bike.”  Lipack went on to explain that the dealership is footing the bill for this gift to you. “We are proud to be chosen as an approved dealership for the Forever Warranty coverage and prouder still to offer it to you. Currently we are the only authorized provider in The Carolinas and it is our sincere intention to show you that we are committed to taking care of you and your motorcycle even after the sale!”

So how does this work, exactly?

  1. You buy a motorcycle from H-D of Charlotte … a new Sportster, Dyna, Softail, or Touring Model as well as a number of qualifying pre-owned bikes that they have on the floor.
  2. You receive your Forever Warranty at no extra cost, as a gift from Harley-Davidson of Charlotte.
  3. You keep to the vehicle maintenance schedule every 5000 miles with all maintenance visits, (changing engine oil and filter, checking and maintaining belt, and checking and maintaining primary case and transmission fluid level,) at H-D of Charlotte.
  4. Whenever there’s any repair work to be done on the powertrain components of your motorcycle, that’s covered at 100% AND, (heaven forbid!,) if you ever have a powertrain failure that exceeds your motorcycle’s value, the Warranty Forever program will pay you full NADA retail value of your motorcycle at the time of failure – and you keep your motorcycle!
  5. If you are traveling and need to go to another dealership to have work done, your Forever Warranty guides you to finding another authorized dealership and to understand the pre-authorization needed.

Harley-Davidson of Charlotte is excited about the Forever Warranty. It's part of their ongoing effort to serve their customers as fully as possible. "We intend to serve all the needs of a motorcyclist from beginning riders taking our Riding Academy classes and purchasing their bike and all the gear they need to start out ... to advanced riders looking to upgrade or take a rental bike out for a spin. And as your readers see in our flyers, we have all kinds of events at the dealership to reach out to the community and support the motorcycle lifestyle. In addition to our Tent Sale of pre-owned motorcycles coming up in February and all the usual holiday sales and parties we create, we will have the Harley demo truck out a couple times this year for folks to try out all the new and different bikes. Last year we had a Craft Beer Fest and Cornhole Tournament that was a great success and we're working on its return this year!"

Yes, there's always something happening at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. And, as you can see, you really can get something for nothing: all the great events that the dealership puts on, the hot dogs that they often have available for weekend browsers, and now a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty with the new motorcycle you buy there.

We asked and You are Answering ...

. Where to stay? .
. Where to hang out? .
. What not to miss? .
. What to do? .
. When to arrive/leave? .

Greg P. says: "Stayed at Surfside resort several times... they reserve whole lower floor for covered motorcycle parking and it is close to Murrels Inlet and all the good stuff."

Steve T. says: "This is an easy one!  I have been a regular at the spring rally for the past ten years.  Try to stay south of Myrtle Beach (Surfside Beach, Garden City, or Murrell’s Inlet) to be near all the cool hangouts.  If you want to save a little loot, you can stay at the very southern end of Myrtle Beach in an ocean-front room for less than $40 per night.  Although they get pretty crowded toward the ass-end of the rally, the main places to hang out include Suck Bang Blow, Beaver Bar (two locations), and Spokes and Bones.  There are a multitude of other smaller establishments like Beer 30 that cater to bikers as well.  At the end of a fun and relaxing evening enjoying your favorite beverages, bands, and beer tub girls, head down to Sam’s Corner which is right across from the Garden City Pier to enjoy your favorite sandwich.  However, the best part of the rally are the great rides you can take.  You can head north up the coast to Jackson, NC, (USMS Camp Lejeune), a little inland to Fayetteville, NC, (US Army Fort Bragg). South along the coast to Charleston, SC, or west to many different areas."

Curtis B. says: "We live outside of Wilmington, NC but make it a point to go down every year for bike week and stay a couple of nights or more. We like to stay at either:

  1. Festiva's Ellington at Wachesaw East Resort in Murrell's inlet (866-599-6674).  We like this because its like having your own apartment right in Murrell's inlet.  Kitchens are furnished, pool is nice, grocery store is nearby and each unit as a nice screened in porch and there is a centrally located pool.
  2. Or our other choice, Camping at Lakewood Camping Resort located on S. Kings Hiway in Myrtle Beach (843-238-5161).  This place has a small general store, nice pool, located on the beach.  the camping spots are nice and the shower/bath/toilet area are clean and well kept. I also believe this is the only campground in MB that lets you park your bike at your camping spot during bike week.

Either location is not far from Beaver Bar and SBB which provides all sorts of entertainment and vendors!

There are some great places to grab bite to eat too:

  • Pulaski Deli - Great Polish Deli with awesome food
  • Eggs Up Grill - Great breakfast
  • PrimoHoagies Deli - Tons of sandwich choice and they even pack "to go" so it doesn't get soggy riding in your saddle bags.
  • Tupelo Honey Cafe - Great comfort food!
  • Toffino's Italian Bakery and Deli - The bakery is incredible here and the food is really good

TCR Storyteller Lester says: "I wanted to throw my 2 cents in on the subject.  I have had the awesome pleasure of staying with awesome friends at the MBBW in the past.  Chester and his brother (from another mother) Daryl had their own place down there and I have been very blessed to be able to stay with them in the past, most of the time.  A couple of years back I was not so lucky and I had to rent my own place. I searched around and found a two bedroom condo in Merrils Inlet for a very resonable price. I found it at If I had to find another place to stay, I would look here first.  It was a beautiful place to stay, Golf course (not needed), pool, (not needed) plenty of parking (very much welcomed) well lit parking lots and plenty of security (also welcomed). Like I said it was a condo, with a full kitchen, living room, two baths, two bedrooms and a sleeper sofa (not needed), along with a nice patio and a beautiful view. It was off the main drag so it was very quiet at night, until I came back. lol  If I have to find a place to stay this year, and I hope I don’t have to, I will look at Resort Time."

Brian B says: "Holiday Inn Express at Murrells Inlet. If they still have an opening. The wife and I had a large time there and they had a great staff."

Want to add your 2-cents to this discussion?

Write us and we'll share your thoughts too!

I'm re-running last week's stats because I think they're worth repeating and considering a little more ...

According to NC DMV as of December 2016, 193,089 motorcycles were registered. As of December 2016 there were 159,684 active motorcycle endorsements in the state of NC and 16,708 active motorcycle permits.

For the year of 2015 there were 3,668 motorcycle crashes, 231 involved alcohol. Of those crashes, 3428 were men and 238 were women.

The last stats of importance regards fatalities. For 2015 for ALL vehicles fatalities total 1380. For motorcycles that number is 163.

I collected this info from an update for MSF instructors that took place in North Carolina. I have no doubt that there are similarly thought-provoking statistics in South Carolina and other states beyond.

Think about it. Take a class. Be safe out there.

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