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(Read about Sandhills Mike's Winter project!)

February 9th Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Sandhills Mike: Restoring my Royal Enfield (pt 1)

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 10-16, 2016

Wednesday 50h & 50% rain, Thursday 53h & p-cloudy, Friday 56h & sunny, Saturday 63h & sunny, Sunday 65h & sunny, Monday 67h & m-sunny, Tuesday 69h & p-cloudy (as per on 2/9/16)

last call ...

Responses will be in next week's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine

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  I know most of you reading this article would rather be out riding your favorite motorcycle than be inside turning up the heat for these recent cold days. I know it is never too cold to ride with the proper equipment and preparation, but there are other things that can be done at this time of year that are as equally enjoyable.

Many of us remember fondly that bike we used to have "back in the day" ...  the single cylinder dirt bike that we wrecked more then a few times and lived to talk about. That minibike a friend had, your uncle's two-stroke street bike that smoked badly because the oil-to-fuel mixture wasn't right. But, most importantly, that first feeling of the wind in your face, that time when it was just you and the bike, a machine that brought you joy for a time. Freedom; you measured it in the amount of time you spent riding with your friends, and many of us still do.

Today, years later, we look back on those machines as antiquated, slow, and underpowered because we have moved on to "bigger and better" machines. I can only speak for myself when I say I miss those days when a 20 horsepower upright twin was a lot to handle. The need for regular maintenance, for point gap adjustment (not seen since the 80's,) chain lube and occasional cable adjustment were a part of your pre-ride inspection.

So, for me at this time of year I am resurrecting a machine from days gone by. I do it for the fun of it because you will spend more time and money restoring a barn find then you will be able to sell it for. Yes there are exceptions to this rule but they are rare. I like the early 70's models because you don't see them much, they start many a conversation and they are considered antique.

I picked up an early 70's Royal Enfield diesel model which are made in India and are right side shifters. I purchased it just days before the "Bull City Rumble" in Durham N.C. Early Royal Enfield's are rare in the U.S. and diesel models are even more rare. I took it to the Bull City Rumble in hopes of finding other Royal Enfield's and/or a local dealer but no luck. After searching the internet I wasn't finding any replacement parts in the states and the nearest was England whose prices are high and shipping rates even higher.

For me, these projects break down into 5 parts:

  1. Teardown

  2. Inspection

  3. Clean/Paint

  4. Reassemble

  5. Tune

  So, consider this part one ...


Voting Is Now Underway at

And Indian Motorcycle Charlotte’s “FUSION” is one of the world’s top vote-getters so far…

Vote For Your Favorite Custom Scout Every Day Through February 19 From Every One Of Your Work & Home Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones!

Here’s the story: "Project Scout" is a new and prestigious custom design competition with only 40 Indian motorcycle dealers from around the world invited to participate by Indian Motorcycle Company. Indian Motorcycle Charlotte accepted the invitation and challenge, with a scant 90 days time from inspiration and concept to stunning design, briefing the dream team of craftsmen, supervising the incredible fabrication work and meticulously detailed completion. “Fusion” is without question, a rolling work of art. 

You probably know Indian Motorcycle Charlotte (I-85 Exit 22) as the world’s very first Indian dealer and an exclusive 100% Indian dealer. Their inspiration for “Fusion” was the 1940-42 Indian Sport Scout. They even used a tank logo and paint from that era. Overall, the result is nothing short of spectacular with an obsessive attention to detail showing from each and every viewing angle.

The Top 3 “Project Scout” vote-getters will be displayed by Indian during Daytona BikeWeek and obviously enjoy great publicity. Since they’re good friends of The Carolina Rider, we ask for your votes for “Fusion” to support this beautiful “local” creation. 

Vote early and often at  To view the whole story on what it took to create this beauty, visit our Facebook page.

Events ahead!

Once the Easyriders Show is done here in The Carolinas, folks start thinking about the annual events coming up throughout the year. I got a call from Edge just last week about this year's Smoke Out whose weekend has moved to mid-June and, of course, Sonny is way ahead of the game with his 3 Maggie Valley rallies scheduled for May, June, and August too. There's HOG Happenin in Lincolnton in June and Antique Bikes on Main in July. And did you hear that the Metrolina Fairgrounds is getting bulldozed for new development? The Charlotte CBA Swap Meet will have its last meet there in May and the Fall event will be finding new digs. Got a call from a guy doing something new during Myrtle Beach rally week and we're considering lending a hand and we've had a couple more interesting invites we're weighing out for The BIG RIDE 2 and crew.

January just vanished and the phone's started ringing. Looking forward to some fun times with you all. Please let us know if you know of events we need to know about too....

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