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February 11th Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Orangeburg Ron: A 952 mile GREAT Ride!

Quesadilla: Easyriders 2014

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 11-18, 2014

Tuesday 38 rain/snow, Wednesday 29 snow, Thursday 43 am mix, Friday 47 p-cloudy, Saturday 46 p-cloudy, Sunday 56 p-cloudy, Monday 53 p-cloudy, Tuesday 62 showers (as per on 2/11/14)


Snow Angels & Seven Mile Dreams

The cedar tree outside my office window is beginning to look like part of a gingerbread village; candy fluff sugaring the evergreen needles. A lovely day to be indoors looking out but perhaps not a day to be on two wheels. It doesn't matter. To a rider, every day brings thoughts of The Ride. My mind has been wandering to the more tropical southern lands of The Florida Keys - not unusual in my Wintertime daydreams! While down with the flu a couple weeks ago, I watched a fascinating story of the building of the Florida Overseas Railroad built by Henry Flagler. Took my breath away to see them perch railroad bridges out in the ocean which today runs alongside my old nemesis, Seven Mile Bridge. Seven Mile always takes my breath away although I don't let him send me into panic attacks anymore as the sea wind whips my bike and tries to throw my rider confidence. Nope, I can't wait to take that ride again. The documentary on the railroad talked about folks who rode the railroad feeling like they were skimming across the ocean because in every direction they could only see water and sky. Same way I feel when I'm zooming across Seven Mile Bridge; ocean on either side and sky that goes forever. For awhile there, no land in sight.

On a cold Carolina day, warm memories of riding on water keep me buoyant and in touch with my rider self; even if my bike and I are both garaged for just a little while. There'll be a warm day when my ride and I can bask in the sun just around the corner!

Have you sent in your story?

"Love on a Bike"

So far, only a few readers have responded to our call for stories about finding love on a bike and I KNOW there are more stories out there. Motorcycles and romance go together like roses and chocolate on Valentine's Day! Even if the love didn't last, the story's still there, right? So let's hear it! Deadline is next week....

You might win a night for you and your sweetie at Skyline Village Inn!

Don't delay. Story deadline is February 21st!

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A 952 mile GREAT Ride!

Well, we finally had a nice January day and I was able to get out and ride to work.  The thermometer said 38 and feels like 33, but the promise is that it will be around 68 by quitting time and should be nice.  And yes it was cold coming in.  I don’t have a faring  or heated suit so I usually wait until around 40, but 38 is close to 40.  So during these cold days we think of rides we’ve had, and the rides we want to take.  We plan for the coming ‘riding season’ when we start complaining about it being too hot to ride.

I’ve recently talked with United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina and they are planning on their second annual ride this year.  The Carolina Rider is helping to get the word out as a marketing sponsor again this year. See the flyer above.  I know a lot of you missed that ride last year.  It was the last of March and the promise of cold and rain, but it was about 40 when I left home and not raining.  However, that changed quickly, about 10 miles from my house I put on my rain suit and left it on all day.  It didn’t get much warmer during the day, up to around 45 and it only rained harder.  They only had about 6 bikes show up, brave souls, but the people they serve with Cerebral Palsy came out anyway and we were able to put a few smiles on their faces, even though ours were frozen.  Hope we can see you there this year and with better weather.

My plans for the year also include a trip up to Skyline Village Inn – you’ve seen the advertisements in the “Rider” - and use that as a starting-off point for a ride on ‘the snake’ over to Tn. and stop by the Bristol Speedway and back.  I’m hoping sometime in April or so will be warm enough for my wife to ride along. She likes it warmer than 40’s and I expect up in the mountains it will be cooler...


A Big Weekend:

Blue Ridge H-D VIB Party & Easyriders 2014!

What a weekend!  Today is Sleepy Sunday, and I need it!  Friday night Mom and I had a personal invitation to the Blue Ridge Harley Davidson VIB Party.   When we got there it was wall to wall Harley Enthusiasts being spoiled and catered to.  There was a buffet table and bar set up in front of the service department. Several suggested keeping the bar for all times….the wine and beer was flowing!  They were giving away prizes, and Mom purchased a rather “pricey-blingy” top so that Dad could get double points on his VIP card.  She is so thoughtful like that ;-)

We probably stayed a little longer than we should have, because it was really hard waking up Saturday morning.   I had so much to do in order to look great for the Easyriders Show in Charlotte.  Bathe, nails, new couture dress, special riding case, my business cards, Press Pass, Service ID, and Vet credentials….whew!  it was a lot to remember.  (Humans can be very picky about allowing a dog to events)

Just as Mom suspected they gave us a little grief where they take your tickets, but Poni Princess and Mom spoke on my behalf, and they finally let us in!  (I wasn’t worried, I could see the top of the orange canopy that belongs to my favorite attorney, Jason Taylor the Litigator…I would just bark for him if they didn’t want to let me in!)

Mom can pull my Motorcycle riding case like a suitcase when it isn’t hooked to the bike.  So I just rolled through the crowd, checking out the bikes, parts displays, jewelry, and clothing along the way...


It's Snowing but There's More Ahead

Well the bike riding will have to wait. Snow is falling and no one is thinking about riding but it's coming....
Lots of good things happening that The Carolina Rider is involved in.

The 2nd Annual Litigator Ride is now on the books for June 1st & we are considering a purse of $2,000! Riding for the day with the chance of winning $2,000 gets your attention doesn't it??

New bike nights on Fridays beginning in April at OutSkirts Cabaret, a new Sponsor of The Carolina Rider who you'll be hearing more and more about. Their bike nite flyer is above. We welcome them as a supporter of our publications!

The Smoke Out in Rockingham and Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee are, of course on our Summer schedule and we're working on helping develop a new poker run for September.

.... And, the list goes on. Enjoy the snow. Rest up. We've got some playing to do!



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