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February 18th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Bub & Friends make a Discovery that will shake the North Pole!

PoniPrincess: Riding Boots

Uncle Roy: A Bush in the Hand

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 18-25, 2014

Tuesday 63 sunny, Wednesday 70 am showers, Thursday 70 cloudy, Friday 60 rain/thunder, Saturday 62 p-cloudy, Sunday 60 p-cloudy, Monday 58 p-cloudy, Tuesday 47 showers (as per on 2/18/14)


Riding is good for your Creativity

It's true. A good relaxed ride helps you drop the layers of tension that dam up creative energies holding back expressive gifts. Tension, stress, anxiety, up-tightness ... these are creativity killers. A generous mix of Relaxation and Playfulness is the route back to creative self-expression and that sounds like a fun afternoon of riding to me! One of those big smiling rides without purpose or destination that ends with loads of laughs and a sense of satisfied ease in the end is just what this doc orders for anyone looking to kick start creativity.

Truth is, everyone is creative in some way. You might not think you've got a speck of creativity but it's there. It just takes some "letting go" and "tending to" to nudge it to life! I am thrilled to be in a position where I can help nudge potential creativity and encourage folks to write, draw, photograph, paint, sculpt, and any otherwise express themselves!

Today's edition is chock-full of creative expression. Bub and his riding buddies, Mickey and Charley, took one of their many cold weather rides recently and made a crazy discovery in the Carolina backroads that sent them straight to their favorite haunt for some ice cream. Read Bub's "golden" words as he describes their folly and finds. Enough to make me wanna join 'em even tho I don't do the cold as well as they do!

Poni Princess wrote about coming down with a case of "boot nostalgia" when she was rummaging through a closet recently. Again, the eloquence of her account, sent me in search of my own favorite scuffed up black leather friends. The stories a pair of boots can tell! And so, an invitation: TELL US YOUR BOOT STORIES!

And Uncle Roy is surely a creative machine; rolling out tales that keep readers looking for the punch lines. Do you, like I, get a pretty strong vision of the well-illustrated regulars and new characters in his stories? Unk's writings are often X-rated and at least adult-oriented. And his tales always remind me of the glorious spice and sparkle of the diversely eccentric world of riders!

Thank you, Bub, and Poni, and Unk, and all the other contributors to The Carolina Rider ... for sharing your creative juices! Your stories and reports keep us looking back for more!

Got a creative itch? We can help you scratch it! Write your ride stories and share them with us here at The Carolina Rider. I can promise you nothing but great fun and good connections.

Have you sent in your story?

"Love on a Bike"

There's still a little bit of time - you've got till Friday to get your Love on a Bike Story in to me. I'm loving the ones that have come in so far and can't wait to share them with you in next week's Love edition.

You might win a night for you and your sweetie at Skyline Village Inn!

Don't delay. Story deadline is February 21st!

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Express Yourself!

Thanks for reading this ezine and visiting our website magazine too. The Carolina Rider is THE VOICE OF you who ARE the Carolina riders. If you think you might like to share something of yourself and your ride, give me a holler. We'd all love to see and hear what you have to say and see how YOUR creativity works!


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It’s mid January and the riding days are few and far between. The cold, rain and overcast skies just put a damper on any outdoor activity.  Christie Henderson of Channel 7 says there may be a nice day on Tuesday, no rain and temperature may rise to the high 40s. Mickey says give Charley a call and see if he’s up for it.  Of course he is! I told him to meet us at the Forest City Diner at 9.  My thermometer is showing 23 as Mickey and I pull out of my driveway. Yikes! my heated jacket and gloves are working overtime and still I’m feeling the chill.

We blast up 221A to Ferry Road which is a short cut around the small settlements along 221A. We merge back into 221A just south of Forest City.  Mickey and I are talking about that it’s “strange” we haven’t seen any other bikes. Guess there aren’t any other crazy ones [ that sounds like a good title for a TV show ] out this early.  About then we see a motorcycle pull onto 221A from 74. Mickey says there goes some young guy on his way to work and thinking that he’s the only one brave enough to ride in this cold weather. Little does he know there are 2 guys behind him that are old enough to be his granddaddy.  We try to catch him but he zips through the going to work traffic and neither one of us need to contribute to the North Carolina Judicial system. Hey look! he got caught by the stop lite and we can catch up.  Well, catch up we did and you know who the young guy on his crotch rocket was?-----yep, Charley on his Suzuki Vstrom.  We three had a good laugh, 3 codgers out riding on a cold January morn...




My Lonely Riding Boots ... & others' stories?

I hope you had the chance to enjoy the snow storm this past week. Its wintertime, you might as well! I loved every minute of it…..up to a point. It did give me the chance to watch Mother Nature in all her glory, and I was able to curl up with some reading I had wanted to get to. I had everything prepared in the event we lost power which we did not (thank you City of Rock Hill!) and Frog and I cooked a huge chicken to eat on throughout the storm.

When all the blustery-ness subsided with the weather and the world was quiet and peaceful and pure white, we decided to take the dogs out for a romp in the neighborhood. I was rummaging in the closet for my hiking boots and then I saw them. Or really, it was more like I felt them. Stuffed way in the back and feeling a little dusty were my motorcycle boots. A wave of nostalgia flooded over me like hearing a love song from the 1980's....





    I rarely visit the state of Mississippi; although, or maybe because, I was raised there.  I’m not known as a judgmental man—but at bottom, we are all mere mortals—and being from Mississippi, I make free to say that in my informed opinion, Mississippi is a backward place whose inhabitants are oddly proud to be living in a time capsule, and by all evidence, content to remain in their cherished and dogged 1930s ‘Jim Crow’ mentality and culture; which desire I personally find to be un-cool.  I make a sincere and aggressive effort to never pontificate, or meddle in other peoples’ business, but some things are everybody’s business.  Working against my geographical prejudice, was the fact that I had long been promising myself to ride the Natchez Trace Parkway from one end to the other.  I justified my decision to take the ride by rationalizing that this road wasn’t really Mississippi, per se.  As we all know, the Government owns everything; we citizens (read chumps) but rent it, by dutifully sending in, or watching powerlessly as Government mandated ‘payroll deduction’ raids our wages for the ‘protection money’ that the ‘Man’ euphemistically calls ‘TAXES’; and are thereby allowed to keep our shit; and avoid black Suburbans in our front yards.  By employing the simplest of logic, I deduced that since the Trace is clearly Federally Owned property—and thus, not so much Mississippi—I could justify taking my desired route.

Though I have ridden about seven hundred thousand miles on a motorsickle; somehow, without meaning to, I had overlooked this particular road.  Since my ultimate destination for this trip was biker bar located in Carlos, Texas; owned and operated by my friend, Yankee Mike; this seemed the perfect opportunity to finally check out the ‘Trace’.  As a life-long, ‘long-rider’, I knew I would be wise to do this trip in the fall.  For those who don’t know it; beginning around April 1st, and lasting until late November, Mississippi’s climate is hotter than Satan’s asshole; and frogs that considered themselves to be amphibious for years, have to get in the water to avoid being drowned by the humidity; and Louisiana and Texas climates are replicas of their eastern neighbor.  Add the ever-present droves of ‘SKEETERS’, that routinely rape turkeys, in all these three states and you’ll surely see where I’m comin’ from.  So it came to pass that on a bright and mild early-November afternoon, that lucky old sun shined down on lucky ol’ Reno motoring pleasantly along the Natchez Trace....


Who's Going to Daytona?

I won't be heading south for Spring bike week in Daytona but would love to hear from those of you who are. In fact, we'd like to see your photos and publish your stories if you feel like sharing. I realize that much of what happens at Bike Week stays at Bike Week, so we don't need to hear ALL about it ... but a taste of the fun can't hurt us!

The Carolina Rider is knee deep in making plans for the year - setting our calendar that's already filling with events we want to promote and/or participate in PLUS we're scheduling some RIDING TIME just for us starting this week with these 70degree days we're getting ready to have. I feel like we've earned them after being iced in last week plus I was without my bike for way too long. It's time.

Maybe we'll see you out on the road this week. Wherever you are - and you KNOW you're gonna squeeze in some ride time! - be safe and have fun!



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