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THIS WEEKEND: International Motorcycle Show February 24-26

Myrtle Beach Bike Week West with NANTUCKET! March 2-3


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free


NC Legislative Issues with Blastoff


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of February 20-27, 2012

Monday 52 p-cloudy, Tuesday 57 p-cloudy, Wednesday 65 p-cloudy, Thursday 64 showers, Friday 67 showers/wind, Saturday 51 m-sunny, Sunday 52 sunny, Monday 64 m-sunny (as per on Monday 2/20/12)












a BEAUTIFUL week to ride!

The weather report is MOSTLY SUNNY! Warm and sunny and pretty perfect with the exception of Th/Fr when there's rain in the forecast. Nevertheless, what a great week to be on our bikes and breathe some fresh air again!


I know, I know - we've told you this before but I gotta hit it one more time: This weekend is the International Motorcycle Show that we've been plugging for several weeks. Why not ride to downtown Charlotte and enjoy the show? Spend some time browsing bikes and products and visions that motorcycle manufacturers have for creating more to make us drool...


Want to see what kinds of businesses will be at the IMS show this weekend? Check out the list of exhibitors we have online for you now!

Remember, if you use the code TCR you will save money on your ticket to this weekend's show. While this weekend's tickets aren't nearly as expensive as Easyriders were, every penny helps ... so use your coupon compliments of TCR (The Carolina Rider, of course!) and the International Motorcycle Show.

And the road's opening up just up ahead!

Myrtle Beach BW West ...

Next weekend is the new event that Sonny Productions is putting on in Florence, SC. An alternative to what's been before, it's the "Myrtle Beach Bike Week West." Not a week, really, it's a weekend but Sonny's putting his all into making something happen for riders at the Florence Civic Center next Friday and Saturday, March 2 and 3. In addition to vendors and bikes and the usual (and unusual!,) Nantucket is playing Saturday night along with some other musical options 7-11pm. Go support this new effort to create something new and promising for our riding community!

Sonny sent us some additional info about the Used Motorycle Corral that'll be part of next weekend's event. See below and get involved.....

Daytona ...

In only 3 weeks I am thrilled to be heading to Daytona. It's been a couple years since I've had the chance to go and I can't wait to be surrounded by black leathers and feel some Florida sun on my shoulders again. I can smell the beer, funnel cakes, sea breeze, and exhaust now......

Anyone else heading down to Daytona Bike Week? How're ya making the trip? We happen to be trailering bikes down this time. Who's riding? Who's trailering? Who's renting bikes when you get there? What are you looking forward to most?

Warm up your Engines ...

Take some time this week to browse through our CALENDAR. The "motorycle event engines" are warming up - can't you hear that low hum that'll soon be a mind-melting roar? Check out what's coming up and please, please, please GET YOUR EVENTS on CALENDAR today! Time to make some plans ....




... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!

From Sonny with Myrtle Beach Bike Week West:

Used Motorcycle Corral

Its FREE with paid admission of just $10.00 for the weekend.  --- Individuals wanting to offer for Sale their motorcycle in the Used Motorcycle Corral at the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" will receive One (1) Free Space for your Motorcycle.  To register your motorcycle to be in the Used Motorcycle Corral, fill out the "Used Motorcycle Corral Entry Form" and submit your entry or you can do it day of show. 

Used Motorcycle Parts

Individuals with --Honda, Harley, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki All Types of Used Motorcycle Parts.    Its FREE with paid admission of just $10.00 for the weekend --- Individuals wanting to offer for Sale their "Used Motorcycle Parts" at the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West "Motorcycle Expo" will receive One (1) Free 10 X 10 Outdoor Vending Space just for "USED PARTS"   To sign up for FREE USED MOTORCYCLE PARTS VENDING SPACE fill out the  "Used Motorcycle Parts Entry Form" to register for FREE SPACE.

For questions or additional info contact Sonny at 336-643-1367 or cell 3 336-580-1638

Myrtle Beach Bike Week West
March 2-3, 2012
Florence Civic Center, Florence SC






"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"



Hello all,

The 2012 bike season will be here before you know it. I encourage you to do what I did last week:

> Review your insurance coverage and your bike's maintenance <

 In my line of work, you tend to be over-insured because we see so many injured who do not have enough coverage. Because I carry an umbrella policy, I am able to actually get more Liability/Uninsured Motorist/ Underinsured Motorist coverage. While the umbrella coverage does not itself provide UIM coverage, it enables me to increase the amount I can have on my motorcycle. So, if I get hit by a car with a minimum of coverage (30k,) I have 220k UIM coverage. A minimum North Carolina policy of 30k is simply not enough insurance and I encourage everyone to get a 50k - or better yet 100k policy- and more if you can get it.

> Check out your bike's condition <

Also, take this time to look at your tire treads & air pressure, your lights, your horn and all other aspects of your bike. Now is the time to make repairs, adjustments etc. Also check your helmet for cracks and give your other riding gear the once-over. It will get you fired up for the season and it will make sure you are ready for the next ride and not be caught off guard.

I look forward to seeing you this season, so be prepared, be safe and stay vertical!

- Jason


Things are hoppin' - MY 2cents




So, FancyFree wrote about all this today too but you know I gotta get my two-cents in as well. In fact, we've been talking this one up for several weeks but with good reason - it's going to be a pretty cool show to attend and participate in. Honestly I am looking forward to my weekend at The IMS show at the Charlotte Convention Center. FancyFree has already posted a link ot all of the exhibitors. This will be a great show. In Greenville last year, they say 40,000 people attended the show which means we will be very busy at the show here in Charlotte. Did I mention that the Tilted Kilt Girls will be helping The Carolina Rider out at The BIG Ride bus? Free stuff, The Tilted Kilt Girls, and The Carolina Rider bus and giveaways - all good stuff you don't wanna miss! So put it in your schedule: The International Motorcycle Show Friday evening Feb the 24th and all day Saturday and Sunday.

The following weekend we will be at the Florence Civic Center for the newest Myrtle Beach Bike Week West. A new bike show and concert by Sonny Productions. Sonny has been putting on events for over 40 years and this is a new event he is putting together so make plans to see The BIG Ride there.

Lastly but certainly not leastly, anyone going to Daytona? We will be heading dowen with some friends on Tuesday, March the 13th and be there through Sat night. Send us an email and maybe we can connect in sunny Fla!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D










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