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Ok, show of hands: how many of you were out on your bike this past weekend? What a gift to be out in 66 degree sunshine in the midst of this hard Winter, huh?! It's the time of year when riders like me emerge from hibernation, shake off our leathers, and test ride a block or two to check out the difference in what the thermometer says and what the wind chill does to ya. It's the time of year when some rites of Spring are mixed in with rides called "polar bear" and "blizzard" and "chilly chili!"

We welcome a new Sponsor to The Carolina Rider dot com!We're excited that Skyline Village Inn has joined our pages! Check out their ad and follow it to their own website for more info. Bill from Orangeburg wrote me in response to what I shared about Skyline Village Inn in last week's newsletter:

"Just wanted to mention that the 'Carolina Riders,' a small group had their last rally at Skyline. We had a ball and the owner provided a band every night to entertain us. The riding, as you stated, is outstanding. This location is a must for a weekender or spend a week it's even better!

"And go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor
The Carolina rider dot com

Our Sponsor Harley-Davidson of Charlotte invites you under their "big top" this week. Check out the ad below or better yet head down Independence Blvd. to check out the impressive selection of Great Pre-Owned bikes and good deals... and a free hotdog too!


Thanks for these responses to my inquiry about who's goin' to Daytona!

  • Harry wrote to say he'd be with 4 going down on the 3rd. "We are trailering them this year. Got caught in the ice storm last year near Branchville, SC on the way back. We are staying at the August Seven Inn (bed and breakfast) on South Peninsula Dr about 12 blocks from Main St. We'll probably ride the loop, go up A1A towards St Augustine (nice ride,) we'll spend a good bit of time on Main Street, then ride out to Destination Daytona and check out things in that area. Our tails will be tired since riding has been at a standstill for the past few months. Hope you and the rest of the riders out there have a safe and enjoyable Daytona this year!"
  • Milan's riding to Daytona with his brother-in-law. "This will be my first time going. I can't wait! I ride year round (SC doesn't get THAT cold,) but I really look forward to warmer weather!"
  • Scott from Columbia, SC wrote to say "I will not be taking the ride but would love to in the future. I am working with a couple of friends I met at the NASCAR All-star race last year who are also Harley owners. We are trying to get together for the Daytona 500 and have a mini bike rally."
  • J.R. shares the following: "I will be in Daytona racing the AMA Pro Flat Track Series! Our new track is at the speedway on the outside of turns one and two. Come by and say hello! We race on the 3rd and 4th. I am number 96c on a yellow yamaha 450. I'm a rookie this year so I could use support from local Carolinians!"


Bike nites'll start crankin' up in the next 6 or 8 weeks! Do you know of a bike nite planned for a bar or biz near you? WRITE MEand get your bike nite on our upcoming list! Just please make sure your intel' is valid so we aren't directing folks to an empty parking lot!
So far we've heard that Buffalo Wild Wings in Gastonia has a bike nite slated for Thursdays and
Carolina Harley-Davidson is planning a Wednesday bike nite. So what do you know that we don't???


Quick little Links, Stats, 'n News to chew on...

There are 204,511 Registered Motorcycles in North Carolina

In bike crashes, 49% of all fatalities were in curves; 57% are motorcycle-only crashes; 75% of all fatal crashes have been found to be the rider at fault.

Indian Motorcycle Charlotte was recently recognized by Dealer News Magazine as a Top 100 Dealer and earned a finalist position for Exterior Design Awards at this month's International Powersports Dealer Exposition in Indianapolis.

Wanna pretend you're a high-brow bike collector capable of competing at an auction for 6-figure and up vintage motorcycles? Check out You might need to know how to convert dollars and pounds in this international scene!

Star Motorcycles has jumped out into the "bagger" lane. The Royal Star Venture is a new take on an old touring theme and they've done a nice job of creating a powerful look that might just compete in the tough biker image world.

GRAVEL 'N GRIT - Riding tips from MSF Instructor Jon

As the above statistics show, almost half of all fatal crashes on motorcycles happen in curves. Why? Hate to say it, but riders don,t pay attention to the basics. The proper way to negotiate a curve, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is to "Slow, Look, Press, & Roll." Slow to an appropriate entry speed, turn your head and look through the curve, press on the handlebar in the direction of the curve and maintain or even slightly increase the throttle.

Coming into a curve too hot puts you in a no-win situation. Once you have exceeded the motorcycle's ability to corner, you the rider have nowhere to go but into a ditch or across the yellow line - neither of which sounds like much fun.

By the way, if you don't know what push steering is you probably need to enroll in an MSF class. They are offered through the community colleges as well as many Harley-Davidson dealerships including both our Sponsor dealerships,

And for more rider tips, you can turn to our column Riding Tips and Techniques by Jerry Motorman Palladino,

We've had a very good response to this The Carolina Bike Scene, our new newsletter format for The Carolina Rider dot com. As you see, we're still adding more and will continue to create and design as needs arise. It is our intention to keep extending our reach further into The Carolinas so if your town isn't represented, it will be - if not today, tomorrow or the next day soon! Don't hesitate to email me with your ideas or interests. We are constantly looking for anyone who wants to share their ride story through photos and/or words. If you want to write for or have pictures of events and riders, please do let me know. And always keep us in mind when you're planning a ride or other motorcycle riding event. Not only do you want to list it on our calendar but you can turn to us to help with any planning needs you might have.
Enjoying The Ride,
Jon "Footloose" Pendleton

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