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February 25th Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Coming Soon: TCR Classifieds!

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Love on a Bike! - 7 stories & winner announced

Mike on a Bike: Bikes I've Owned Part 2 - A Promise Kept

Sandy Reece: Winter's Going, Going, (Almost) Gone!

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Cycle Kings Motorcycle Club of Trenton NJ has been around 42 years. The Raleigh Chapter started in 2013. When a long time member moved to the Raleigh area, he started a chapter and continued his mission to make motorcyclist be more aware of their health as part of motorcycle safety.

It's one thing to have a medical incident while driving a car, it’s a total different scenario while riding a motorcycle.  So, when the chapter started the members agreed with that concept and jumped right into starting an Annual Motorcycle Safety and Community Health Day.

We started in January for a May event. We met with Capital Powersports Honda in Wake Forest to obtain a venue for the event. The General manager was very receptive to the idea and worked with us to use the dealership, as well as areas for CPR/First Aid Training if needed. We contacted many local medical organizations for their participation. But we found that we started too late and we didn’t realize that it was Mothers Day weekend.

This year, our 2nd year we changed the date and started in November. We will continue this until we reach the following objectives:

  1. To have several Health organizations available for the riders to talk to concerning subjects such as prostate, colon, and breast cancer and screening, different methods to include physical fitness into their lives to promote good health.
  2. To have at least one member of each motorcycle club in the Raleigh/Durham area become trained in CPR and First Aid as well have annual update and training at this event.
  3. To make the public and riders aware of motorcycle safety.
  4. To have a Bloodmobile available each year at this event.

Below is a list of Contacted organizations, Some took part in the event last year and some have pledged to participate in this year’s event:
·       North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Education Program and MSF instructors.
·       Tai Chi for Health Instructors.  Norma Ferrell and Rita Shilanko          
·       Personal Trainer Travanni Jette. 
·       Brothers and Sisters of Rex. Breast Cancer, Prostate and Colorectal Cancer Awareness
·        First Aid and the Biker. Faith and Curt Boogey. (C.I.A. MC)
Promotional Information from SNELL Memorial Foundation
B.U.D.D. s Bikers United to Defend Driving Safely
A Representative from Moto Mark Precision Maneuvering School (Tentative)
American Red Cross Blood Drive (if we get enough pledges to donate)

This year we are growing a little bit more. We are currently seeking pledges for Blood Donors. We need 35 pledges to donate blood to the American Red Cross. Please call 609-915-2484 to sign up.

So we hope to see this event grow more and more every year. It’s the type of event where you don’t have to spend the entire day. You can take a ride with your group, hang out for a little while, gather some information, and continue riding on that day. All we can hope for is some good riding weather.

So come out and support our Motorcycle Safety and Community Health Day!

Alvin “Cattman” Cadlett
President Cycle Kings MC, Raleigh Chapter




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of February 25 - March 4, 2014

Tuesday 59 p-cloudy, Wednesday 51 am clouds, Thursday 54 p-cloudy, Friday 49 p-cloudy, Saturday 54 m-cloudy, Sunday 65 p-cloudy, Monday 61 rain/thunder, Tuesday 57 cloudy (as per on 2/25/14)



The Big Reveal:

"Love on a Bike" Stories from Readers like You!

I'm excited to end this "month of love" by sharing all of the entries to our call for stories about "Love on a Bike!" 7 of you wrote in and each and every story is beautiful and personal and we at The Carolina Rider applaud you for taking the time to write, for being willing to share, and for giving us all something magical and sentimental to connect with!

Love on a Bike is everywhere. Riders in pairs enjoying the two-wheeled (and three-wheeled) life together on the road. Sometimes their bodies are so entertwined we can't tell if there's one or two people on the bike. Sometimes the person in the back is kicked back, laid back, and totally chilled back in the back; off in her own world. There might be a shoulder rub, a hug, something shouted in a helmeted ear. There might be two individuals finding his and her own groove as they share a love of the wind. And, of course, and without a doubt, there are couples on two bikes doing their thing together. Some have their bikes painted to match, some pick their own personalities. Some ride together always and some on occasion. It doesn't matter the flavor or expression, Love on a Bike is the ride they share before, during, and after the time on the bike. It's shared - whether at the same time or not. It's washing bikes together, buying parts, visiting Harley shops, traveling to rallies, planning together, sharing what they see/smell/hear on a ride, enjoying food and drink and friends at stops along the way, shopping or sight-seeing or simply getting-there ... together!

Love on a Bike is hooking up at a bar and all the up the isle to the altar. Love on a Bike is a friendly passtime that leads to eternal devotion. Love on a Bike is a sharing of passion and a passionate sharing of the great ride of life. Love on a Bike is life together passed with the ease of country roads and the intensity of the craziest of rallies. Love on a Bike is a lifestyle, a joining. It's a unifying forever into the sunset way down the road.

Read the Love Stories!

> CLICK HERE to read all 7 Love on a Bike entries <

Winners: 1st place tie

We had a tie for 1st place! So congratulations to the following who win gift certificates for nights at Skyline Village Inn and t-shirts from The Carolina Rider:

Peyton Alexander from Charlotte


"Iron Horse" Daniel Krehling from Pennsylvania

And many many thanks to all other writers who shared their love stories! ... Bill Hanna from Virginia, Ron Lofts of SC, Debbie Sue, and Kecia Belose

(Apologies if needed to anyone who's pictured "incorrectly" in this collage of photos. Our effort was to pull together some pics of couple riding together and so we dug back through several years worth of event photos. But, we realize that it's possible we might have chosen a couple or two who aren't really couples - might be brother and sister or father and daughter or just friends but no romance. Whatever the case, it was fun to find these pics and hope you enjoy them too.)

New & Coming Soon

TCR Classifieds!

We're building a new section in this weekly ezine that we're pretty sure you'll be happy to have as a resource. TCR Classifieds will make their debut in March. Look for more listing info coming soon!

Calendar Girl Weekend Planner

The Carolina Rider Calendar Girl will tempt you to get involved in some of the motorcycle events happening around The Carolinas with a weekly column devoted to what's on The Carolina Rider CALENDAR. Most months of the year, there's always something on our Events Calendar it seems and The Calendar Girl wants you to know what's up. As many of you have said, a lot of what's promoted in our ezine happens close to the Charlotte area ... so we'll be pointing out what else is going on in all corners of our amazing states. Begins in March. Check it out each week!

He didn't enter the story contest with this and it's not strictly a love story but Mike on a Bike really hits the heart with his column today. Make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy if you're a tender heart. And it's a great personal story to end "The Month of Love." While Valentine's Day is weeks ago, Mike wishes to his beloved a happy one and we are honored to be present for his sharing. But his story goes way beyond the romantic as he follows his own journey thru motorcycles and riding joy. I have no doubt this one will touch all who read!

Sandy cleans out and plans ahead while waiting through the Winter's slow days. Ever consider our bike safety equipment might have expiration dates? Sandy says think about it and that's probably not such a bad idea once you consider it. But what will turn your eye the quickest are this gifted photographer's views of Winter roads! Don't overlook these gems that will surely make you wanna give into a case of Carolina wanderlust ...

March is upon us. In a recent conversation, someone asked me what date this Saturday is and I, tuned into the date for this Friday because I have an appointment on the 28th, said "February 29th." "Nope," I was told, "it's March 1st." Well of course it is .... Even tho I know the "30 days has September, April, June, and then November" saying and know that February is the one oddball month of the year that gets odder every 4 years, I goofed. So, if you're immersed in February and unaware that the calendar's getting ready to turn again, let me be the first to remind you: Saturday is March!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

With college behind me, I entered the world of responsibility; you know, a job, a real job.  My shoulder-length hair morphed into a quaffed head of hair, blown dry, sprayed into place, and as long as I could keep it without raising the ire of my bosses.  With this job came a really neat benefit: a paycheck, a decent paycheck, every two weeks.  My days of safeguarding my beer money from other monetary demands were over.  With a new address of my own and bills getting paid on time, it was time to reward myself with a new motorcycle.

Even with a job, cash was not limitless and so I decided that something in the four to five hundred “cc” range was doable and certainly something that I could handle.  So with paycheck stubs in hand I went to the bank, got a loan, and headed to the dealer where I bought a ...

Once again...the advantages of living in the Carolinas during the snows and melts away all in the same week! I am sure a lot of our readers are ready for the spring time and warmer days...especially for riding season.

As I write this article...the temperatures are on the rise for this week and I'm sure I'll hear the roar of motorcycles outside my office window.

While we're waiting for the Arctic Blast to move on and road clearings continue, I took some time to clean up my garage and motorcycle closet.  While reorganizing my gear, I checked everything for wear-n-tear, and expiration dates.  Expiration dates?  My helmet!  I was looking at a favorite helmet and thought it was a little old. I also thought it was time to get a flat black colored helmet to match Batman.  (Yeah…a girl must accessorize – even motorcycle stuff!) So I journeyed over to Cycle Gear in Greensboro, NC and purchased a new helmet. (in flat black of course to match Batman)  So…If you don't know how old your helmet is...look inside the shell for a manufacturer's date.  If the helmet has been dropped a lot or aged 10 years and may consider a new one.

My goodness! It is nice to see the black-top roads again!  Stay healthy and safe!    On the road again very soon!



This story is more fun than safety although the writer just finished a Riders' Edge class which he applauds as of tremendous value to his ride .... He says, "I thoroughly enjoyed your "Rider's Edge Class" very much. I can't imagine my abilities without it."

Mike shares:

"Funny thing happened to me the following Monday after (my Riders Edge) class....

After riding locally and gaining some confidence, I decided to branch out. It was a sunny 71 degree day and I decided to ride by the amusement park Fort Mill, SC via Newtown Rd and 160.

As I'm riding on Newtown Rd in the Marvin area, a crow flew by me and I thought to myself how much it must hurt to hit a bird. About 2 seconds later, A Hawk, That's right a HAWK. Swooped down from the trees above to my right and hovered the road to obviously show me that I wasn't welcomed. He hovered face high with his Talons out towards my face. All I could think of was to hold the bike straight and slow down as I prepared myself to have this bird latch on to my face.

At the very last second I screamed, "HOLY SHiiiT!". That yell, caused the bird to back off enough to skin by. I mean it was so close that I could smell it and feel the wind of it's wings.

I will never forget it and how come in class I was never warned about Hawks? (just kidding!)"

Mike Kasminoff, Charlotte

Road Hazards

One of my Riders Edge (H-D of Charlotte) students recently wrote me to say that he felt the class was wonderful, full of great real world advice and help when it came to riding bikes. In good humor he did chastise me for not fully warning him about all road hazards. It seems, as he shares in our Ride Safe column above, that one day he had a near collision with a hawk. He is OK and is enjoying his new found riding freedom but it got me thinking....

As we get ready to ride more and more this Spring, I would urge everyone to  take a rider course. They are available at colleges like CPCC and at Harley-Davidson dealerships such as (H-D of Charlotte and Cox H-D in Rock Hill. There is a world of great information in those classes and for most of us it would be a great refresher to the already large skill set we have required.

For example do you know what do you do if a dog is running at you? Are you looking for deer as you ride? What about cars at intersections?

If you are not thinking about these things (all the time,) you might be in trouble. What we all want is to arrive home safely and to do that you need a strategy. In order to have a strategy you need to be aware of the risk. Road hazards are only a few of the reasons to sign up for a rider course. Will you?



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