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THIS WEEKEND:Myrtle Beach Bike Week West with NANTUCKET! March 2-3


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free


GatorBites with Jason E. Taylor


439 miles and Shrimp Sandwich by Jeff Estes


Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of February 27 - March 5, 2012

Monday 54 showers, Tuesday 65 sunny, Wednesday 67 iso t-storms, Thursday 71 p-cloudy, Friday 65 showers, Saturday 69 scattered showers, Sunday 58 sunny, Monday 57 m-cloudy (as per on Monday 2/27/12)





Get to Florence THIS WEEKEND!






What was I (not) thinking?!!

So I admit it: Even tho I am a hard-core perfectionist, I am far from perfect. I am forgetful and make mistakes and let things slide and miss opportunities and I'm constantly late for appointments. And this week, just call me "Chagrin" as I'm pretty covered up with regret over failing some folks who voluntarily give or want to volunteer to give to this publication!

For two months I have missed getting my friend Jason's GatorBites column listed in the Contents of The Carolina Rider Scene. This was absolutely unintentional and I am re-running last week's GatorBites today to voice my sincere appreciation of his contributions. Jason, whose column comes out on the 3rd week of each month, is a faithful writer and creator for us as well as being a tried-and-true supporter of The Carolina Rider. In fact, he was present Saturday morning at The Charlotte Convention Center to help out however he could at The Big Ride during the International Motorcycle Show. While I was thrilled to see him there, within 10 minutes of his arrival I told him to go home. He had a fever and was in the achey-ugly stage of coming down with something. Thank you, Jason. We KNOW you are on our side! Hopefully some weekend rest has you back at it this week...

This morning I took on the task of cleaning off my desk and clearing out my email "get to" files. My desk was a cluttered mess clogging my organizational progress. "Organized Clutter" is what Mama used to call her stacks and limitless to-do lists. Guess that's just one more wonderful thing I inherited from her!

As I plowed through my "get to" files (varied emails that I need to get back to and respond or do something with,) I came across one from August ... AUGUST I said! I had let something get lost in a "cyber-stack" in the same way a forgotten letter can get stuck under a clutter of papers on a desk! Uggh. Chagrin, I emailed Jeff and declared my error and wish to put right my slip-up. Jeff had sent me a tasty story from his ride and I had let it get lost in the shuffle of my ever-flowing busy-ness. And what a great story - something I know I can relate to and know you'll feel some kinship. And so below, I am happy to roll out Jeff's first story in The Carolina Rider Scene, "438 Miles and a Shrimp Sandwich." His first ... but I am in sincere hopes it will not be his last.

The moral to my story today for me is to keep up. When I don't keep up I miss things. Even if I am off wandering down other creative avenues, I've still gotta keep up with the main road I'm following! Last week on that gorgeous sunny Thursday we had, Footloose and I climbed onto our bikes and headed South for a blissful while. Yum! I felt like I was coming alive again as I bathed in the day's warmth and allowed the miles to peel away Winter's callused skins. So immersed in the deliciousness of my ride, I didn't keep up for a couple miles and briefly lost sight of my lead dog. Fortunately I knew he was headed to Patio's in Clover. Pulling into their parking lot, Footloose Jon asked what took me so long. "I was caught up in some roadside sight and then you were gone," I replied. "You gotta keep up!," responded my ever-vigilant MSF Instructor man. Yes, I do. AND I also enjoy getting lost in the ride!......


(that's me - 2nd from right- with some of the great crew we had working at The Big Ride this weekend)

Welcome to Ashley (right of me), new to our promotions team whose sparkly-ness brought shine to The Carolina Rider!

Thanks to the gals of The Tilted Kilt (Crystal pictured) who helped out with us all weekend!

And big gigantic gratitude to Adam (the fine gentleman above) who recently joined the staff of The Carolina Rider!


IMS was a BLAST!

I had so much fun at this past weekend's International Motorcyle Show. The show itself was spectacular- so many inspiring exhibits. It was HUGE - taking up 2 to 3 times more of the Center space than Easyriders did. Attendance was excellant - especially early Saturday when we were quite busy at The Big Ride. Really good to see so many enthusiasts. Really good to meet some new faces. And really really great to hear from so many of you who already get and enjoy our publications. Remember, we are here for and because of YOU!

(Footloose with more Tiltled Kilt beauties at IMS)

The weekend was filled with connecting and reconnecting. I enjoyed meeting some guys with local rides that are forming, several Carolinas riding groups, & Ron with the Marine Corps' East Coast events. I met some folks from New Jersey who said they missed the New York IMS so just came down to Charlotte so they didn't miss this year's event. (Wow! That's some dedication - or perhaps they just needed a good dose of Southern Hospitality!) John with The Forever Blue Foundation who helps put on The Thin Blue Line Ride was a big help in our display area (hope your muscles have recovered!,) and it was good to see Edge with The Smokeout who brought over some posters and we gave out a ton of 'em. If you didn't get one, you missed out because these one-of-a-kind event posters are works of art that many collect. We're looking forward to being a part of The Smokeout this year ourselves.

Indications lean toward International Motorcycle Show being back in Charlotte next year. We hope so. Either way, we hope to be wherever it ends up in The Carolinas. If you didn't make it, maybe next time, huh?

(The Smage Brothers stunt show was a hit at IMS....thankfully there were no heads (or other vital parts) hit tho!)

Thanks to Austin with SuitCase Photography for the photos here and in our GALLERY. Happy to have you aboard, Austin!



... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!


You might've seen this one ... it's gone around ...

but if you haven't, it's worth it!

Joe B. with the STAR Riders of Greenville sent this out to his email list and I'm glad I'm on it...

Check out this AMAZING video of a precision riding team from 1935!




Sometimes the mistakes I make end up being most advantageous in the long run. Such is the case for the story I shared a couple weeks back about the Sun City Carolina Lakes riders. In the story I stated that one of their members is a retired attorney in her 70's who has solo cross-country rides to her credit. I was mistaken. Barbara is actually in her late 60's and only very slowly approaching 70 in the next couple years. She corrected me via email but here's the wonderfully beneficial kick: she then supplied me with her story and photos to share with you! Look for a photo journal of Barbara's adventures coming in the next edition of The Carolina Rider Scene. And thank goodness for that editorial error!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Hello all,

The 2012 bike season will be here before you know it. I encourage you to do what I did last week:

> Review your insurance coverage and your bike's maintenance <

 In my line of work, you tend to be over-insured because we see so many injured who do not have enough coverage. Because I carry an umbrella policy, I am able to actually get more Liability/Uninsured Motorist/ Underinsured Motorist coverage. While the umbrella coverage does not itself provide UIM coverage, it enables me to increase the amount I can have on my motorcycle. So, if I get hit by a car with a minimum of coverage (30k,) I have 220k UIM coverage. A minimum North Carolina policy of 30k is simply not enough insurance and I encourage everyone to get a 50k - or better yet 100k policy- and more if you can get it.

> Check out your bike's condition <

Also, take this time to look at your tire treads & air pressure, your lights, your horn and all other aspects of your bike. Now is the time to make repairs, adjustments etc. Also check your helmet for cracks and give your other riding gear the once-over. It will get you fired up for the season and it will make sure you are ready for the next ride and not be caught off guard.

I look forward to seeing you this season, so be prepared, be safe and stay vertical!

- Jason



439 Miles and a Shrimp Sandwich

By Jeff Estes (Jeff lives in Lake Wylie, SC and has been riding motorcycles since the early 70’s)

It was an early April Saturday in 2011. The forecast was for high 70's to low 80's but the temperature when leaving the house at 8:10 was a cool 52 degrees. My riding friend, Jerry, and I had talked the night before and wanted to ride somewhere but neither one of us had a clue where to. It really didn't matter, we just wanted to enjoy a beautiful day on our bikes. When we met at his house at 8::30, we decided to ride to Murrell's Inlet on the SC coast. Since his house is in Gastonia, NC, we had about 210 miles of riding to make it there by lunch. Without any further delay, we're on our way.

The ride started with coats and full gloves but these were shed at our first gas stop around 10:15. T-shirts, jeans, half helmets and open finger gloves were the uniform for the rest of the day. It's not unusual for the two of us to ride together without a defined plan but this is the first time we had decided to ride to the beach for lunch; it won't be our last time hopefully. Although both of us are baby-boomers suffering from occasional memory challenges, the entire ride only resulted in a couple missed turns. While we both had GPS's, they were only used to provide current location. We knew where we were going and on a mission for some fresh seafood. Somehow, a ride and food go hand-in-hand.

Both of us are very experienced riders and thus maintaining a steady speed on our Ultra's on any type of road is mindless. Our speed remained slightly above the posted speed limit mostly; well not more than plus 10-15 mph's. Our speed kept my 5-speed Twin-Cam Harley around the 3000 rpm mark all morning.

Our first stop was really for a bladder-break but we took the opportunity to fill our 5 gallon gas tanks. After a quick phone call to my wife to tell her where we're heading and when we might be home, the Twin-Cam's are re-awakened. I was in the lead for the first section but Jerry's in the lead and will be for the remainder of the day. The sound of his 103ci motor through an aftermarket 2-into-1 exhaust system sounds pretty good.

We make it to The Inlet Crab House & Raw Bar a few minutes after 12:00. I've been thinking about a shrimp sandwich with onion rings for the last 50 miles and we're finally there. The food, and the atmosphere is worth the 210 mile ride. Our Harley's are the only bikes in the parking lot. In fact, there are only 4 or 5 other small groups there since it's very early in the year for most tourists. After ordering, we have a few minutes to wash the road off of our faces and hands and say a few words of praise and thanks to our Creator that provided such a great day thus far.

After a great lunch and pre-ride preparations (another bladder-break,) Jerry and I are on the bikes again. We ride through Murrell’s Inlet and then continue south on Hwy 17 to GeorgeTown, SC. The bikes turn northwest and we start our trek back to Gastonia, NC. The next couple of hours will provide the best riding roads of the entire day. We're traveling on 2 lanes roads through farmland with only occasional crossroads slowing our progress. Our bellies are full, the sun is warm, the roads are great, and the Ultra's want to cruise. It was a great recipe for an afternoon ride. Opportunities to let the modified Twin-Cams create some more rumble is offered by passing the occasional car or truck we encounter.

Even though it's early spring, some huge bugs are slamming into our windshields and fairings leaving remnants that must be removed at our next stop.  The ones that aren't collected by my fairing streak pass by my helmet narrowing missing my sunglasses and face.

Next Stop, when did we last get gas? A quick glance down and sure thing, my gas light is on. A check of the trip odometer verifies that it's been 180 miles since we filled our tanks. We're in the middle of farm country and I haven't seen a gas station in over 30 minutes! I quickly wonder how much a farmer will charge for 1 gallon of gas since pushing the 820+lbs Ultra isn't an option! The GPS is put to work to find the nearest gas. It's 15 miles away and I'm hoping that Jerry is aware of our need for "go juice." Thankfully, he is. When we stop, it's been 198 miles since our last fill-up. 4.6 gallons of gas for each bike, 16 ounces of water and some more ride preparation and we're on our way. This will be the final stop of our 439 mile trek.

The remaining 120+ miles of riding are equally enjoyable. As we near our hometown, I come along side Jerry, wave, and turn onto the road that will take me home. We both arrive home around 5:30 that afternoon just in time to put the bikes in the garage and, in my case, take my wife out for dinner. My Ultra is still making those familiar cool-down clicking noises when we leave for dinner. I share with my wife that it was a wonderful day and that I wish she had been on the bike with me. She gave me a soft smile and said "That's nice but an overnight stay would have been needed." My response was, "OK, next time."



The Big Ride is headed to Florence ....




Myrtle Beach Bike Week West

& Nantuckett!

This Friday and Saturday in Florence, SC will be the first ever motorcycle show and expo. Sonny Copeland who has been doing bike week events for forever is putting together the show and concert. The BIG Ride is headed down to spread TCR love and joy. We will be there through the concert on Saturday night which starts at 7pm at the Florence Convention Center. Rain or shine we will be have fun at The BIG Ride! Come say howdy...

International Bike Show

It was truly a wonderful weekend. We were slammed with people. Most knew about us but some had not heard of The Carolina Rider. We will report on the numbers as soon as we get them in. Interestingly, The Big Ride had a visit from the Speaker pro tem of the NC house of Representatives, Dale Fowell, who is a friend of bikers and has helped get several things passed to help our cause. He is running for Lt. Governor this year . I will be writing more about him in the near future.

Hoping you have an enjoyable week!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D










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