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What do ya think about taking a ride with CARL? Remember, CARL stands for CArolina Rider Logo and he's that little wild-haired-tribal-lookin' fello on the news header and all over our website. And you never know where he might turn up, really. We're considering some especially fun rides for those who receive this newsletter and I'd love to hear your thoughts on joining in. One ride at play is from Charlotte to the Skyline Village Inn in the mountains. Additionally, we do have some shorter ride planning ... including a Greater Charlotte area progressive dinner ride that would hit several restaurants one warm late afternoon/evening. Think about it: "I ride with CARL!"

I hope you have a wonderful week whatever you're up to! Perhaps as your Inbox receives this, you're on your bike or in your truck headed South for warmer Florida or maybe you're still tucked in under Winter layers here in the coldest Carolina Winter in recent memory. Wherever you are....

" go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor
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One of our Sponsors, Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, is cookin' up some fun for women riders ... and women who think they "might possibly wanna ride someday maybe." (You know who you are! hesitant ones who consider taking a rider class just to get comfortable on the back of our man's bike and we the gals who browse the new models just to support him....but secretly consider we might pump our courage up and go for it ourselves!) Check out what's up at the Matthews dealership and enjoy the following little ditty from Robin Haas who sells bikes there!...


May is Women Rider month and Harley Davidson of Charlotte is hosting a Garage Party, March 19th from 6pm - 8:30. The party is a women's-only gathering where we take the opportunity to either foster confidence in a new passenger or someone interested in becoming a rider or we give further knowledge to someone still in the learning stages.
In 1990, 4% of all Harley -Davidson motorcycles were purchased by women and in the first quarter of 2009, women accounted for nearly 14% of new motorcycle purchases. Alot of times the only thing holding us back is lack of knowledge as to where to learn to ride or how do they know which bike is right for us. The Garage Party can answer all of your questions. The party format involves rotating our guest through four different stations where you learn some the basics of motorcycling from how to easily lift a bike off its kickstand to how to lift a bike that has been tipped over. You'll also learn different ways that Harley-Davidsons can be made to custom fit the rider and the necessities of motorcycle apparel.
Basically, it's a fun way for ladies to experience the Harley-Davidson culture, to meet other women interested in riding and a great way to address some of the barriers that women face . So come join us on March 19th at Harley Davidson of Charlotte where our main objective is basically going to be: Have Fun...It's a Party!


Another response to our inquiry about folk's plans for Daytona....
Fred writes "Well you asked so here goes. I am again headed to Daytona Bike Week, this will make the 24th time. I always ride as the only time my bike has been on a trailer is after I was in an accident last May. I'm not trying to offend anyone but it's Bike week,not trailer week. I love the ride AND the destination. We are taking the scenic route down using as little of I-95 as possible. We make all the usual venues, The Loop, Main street, Iron Horse, Cabbage Patch, Destination Daytona e.t.c. We are heading down on Tuesday the 2nd and will head back on Sunday the 7th. To all those who are going,have a safe ride. Remember Daytona wants us there. Lets keep it that way."


Quick little Links, Stats, 'n News to chew on...

What makes a Helmet Safe? - An article in the New York times recently sparks again the years-old debate about helmet safety. "Many head-injury scientists, motorcycle-accident researchers and helmet makers say they are concerned that the "premium protection" proffered by current Snell-certified helmets may not be better after all. They argue that current Snell-rated helmets are too rigid and unyielding to properly absorb impact energy in the great majority of motorcycle crashes, subjecting riders to preventable brain injuries." Even the scientific experts disagree about helmet use and safety. How can we everyday riders know what's safe and right for us? (NYT Credit: By DEXTER FORD Published: September 25, 2009)

And in another helmet-related story from the Associated Press, a family of a Dallas, TX police officer has sued the helmet manufacturer stating that the helmet was defective and contributed to his death. The helmet maker is Super Seer Corp. But probably the more newsworthy part of the story is who else the family has named in their suit....Hillary Rodham Clinton for "not giving timely notice of the motorcade" in which he was participating for the then-presidential candidate as well as the city for not providing the officer with adequate motorcade training. is chok-full of bike-related news. Check em out but know that they are internationally many stories may not be in your neck of the woods unless you're living in Europe.

I gotta plug an event that we're helping to sponsor. It's the first of many rider events that The Carolina Rider will be involved with and I want you to be on the lookout for what we have our hands in!
The Carolina Rider dot com and Mad Dog Custom Cycles is sponsoring the upcoming Gumball Rally on Saturday March 27th that begins and ends at Knights Stadium in Fort Mill, SC (Exit 88 off of I-77) and benefits the Tega Cay Lions Club that does lots of good in their community. You'll get a gumball at each stop and you can cash in the gumballs for 5 tickets for each ball. There will be a drawing and half the fees collected - up to $1,000 - will be given away! The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win the big money. Ride stops include Cox Harley-Davidson in Rock Hill, Alpha Motorsports in Rock Hill, Matthews Fun Machines in Matthews, Charlotte Honda in Charlotte, Harley-Davidson of Charlotte in Matthews, Mad Dog Custom Cycles in Lake Wylie, The Tilted Kilt in Charlotte, and Steve's Bar and Grill in Tega Cay. You can get a suggested map to follow or go your own way. It's $20/rider with FBO at 10am and LBO at 1pm. I intend to do what I can to make this a fun and successful event and hope to see you there too.
Enjoying The Ride,
Jon "Footloose" Pendleton

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