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March 18th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

TCR Classifieds

Free Thinking with FancyFree

The Calendar Girl's Week Planner!

Justin and Cody: Our Bike and Two Wheels for Warriors!

Spring Rally Photo Contest!

Poni Princess: 40th Annual Charlotte CBA Swap Meet this Weekend!

Sandy Reece: All who wander are NOT Lost

Ron Lofts: Orangeburg Ron goes to Battle

Loose Talk with Jon


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A Ride for Lineman's Museum

April 19th - Shelby, NC

 The International Lineman’s Museum is hosting its annual Bikes Butts & BBQ Fundraiser & Ride April 19, 2013. Come join us April 19th for a ride, raffle, door prizes, silent auction, 2014 StreetGlide raffle, and BBQ butts.

We’ll kick off the morning at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds (1751 E Marion St., Shelby, NC 28152).  Registration starts at 9:30 with kickstands up at 11:00am.  Cost for the ride is $30 for a single rider or $40 for two riders. Each rider to sign up gets an event t-shirt, a BBQ lunch, and a ticket for the door prizes. If you register before April 6th you get $5 off of the registration. Register today at

An hour and a half ride through scenic Cleveland County and Kings Mountain State and National Parks will bring everyone to the International Lineman’s Museum (529 Caleb Rd., Shelby, NC 28152).  We’ve set aside 30-45 minutes for riders to visit at the museum, win a few door prizes, see the Make Motorsports team’s #50 Chevrolet truck, the car hauler, and enjoy some refreshments.

After another forty-five minute we will arrive at ....







The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of March 18-25, 2014

Tuesday 47 cloudy, Wednesday 63 drizzle, Thursday 67 sunny, Friday 70 m-sunny, Saturday 73 m-cloudy, Sunday 62 p-cloudy, Monday 52 p-cloudy, Tuesday 58 p-cloudy (as per on 3/18/14)



Current Listings:


Listed 3/3/14 - Custom Chopper - $10,500 OBO, 1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. (Charlotte)



A Ride for Power

I have a favorite thrill when I ride and it's one that I'm guessing most folks don't share with me. My Daddy worked in the electrical transmission industry throughout his career. A graduate of the 1930's NC State electrical engineering programs and a veteran of WWII, he worked on power lines up close and personal in a variety of ways. First as a lineman. Later as designer of some of the giant towers we're all familiar with across the Carolinas. And on down the road in management over the transmission and electrical installation areas of what was then called (and which I can't help but still call,) Duke Power. In his design days, he was proud to create two high voltage line models, one of which you see below. My father may have passed on from this life but I still get to see wonderful reminders of him all over the place when I ride my bike!

These two towers might as well have been my siblings in the way that they "lived" within my family. I grew up hearing and knowing about 250kv and 500kv lines, substations, insulators, power outages, and linemen and the many folks who worked with electrical power transmission for sure. Having this close connection to power lines, when I heard about a certain upcoming ride, I have to admit, I felt a certain kinship to it and "adopted" it for The Carolina Rider to help promote.

Even more cool is that this ride is for a museum that is dedicated to the history of linemen! Blew my mind and warmed my Duke Powered heart to know that someone out there felt the value of these amazing beings who, as Glen Campbell sang, "search the sun for another overload." I met with Jenna Rawe who works with the International Lineman Museum recently to hear more. Can you believe the museum is tucked away in Shelby, NC?! Jenna reminded me that most folks don't think a bit about power line workers till there's a need ... and even then people might be more apt to complain that their big trucks are blocking the roads than to be appreciative. "Lineman are a very rare breed and are highly unappreciated," the devoted Lineman Museum coordinator voiced. "Only time people really think about them are times like this when the power goes out. They are out working for days on end trying to get peoples power back on when their families are at home shivering just like the rest of the area."

The ride, which is the first of its kind for the museum, is the day after the first official National Lineman Appreciation Day. (Next year the ride will be on Appreciation Day!) You can read more about the ride above. And come on, people, after a Winter like this one, we should all show up in appreciation for these guys and gals!

Footloose and I are so excited about this new addition to The Carolina Rider riderwear! We've had a solid black one of these ourselves and loved it for a couple years. For Footloose, it's a must-have for his bare skin of a head. For me, keeps my ears and neck warm. The versatility of the thing has really impressed us. The easy warming and cooling abilities just right. And now we have a cool design on it to make it even more perfect.

We call them "buffs" because we know them from the TV show Survivor. That's actually a brand name but there's not a good way to desribe them otherwise. If you know what I'm talking about, you'll understand. If not, watch the video link below, ask around, or find us at an event and we'll surely show them off! In any event, we've got a bunch and they're for sale NOW at a great price of $5.95.

 (click above to purchase your TCR "buff")

And here's a video about "mulit-functional headwear" .... WATCH VIDEO

Thanks this week to Sandy for the beautiful photos and reminders that the sun really IS gonna shine again! Thanks to Ron for another great adventure! Thanks to Poni Princess for more dets' on this weekend's Swap Meet, and welcome back and thanks to Justin for the update on his bike!

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Hello all my fellow bikers in The Carolinas! Calendar Girl here with all the latest information on some upcoming events for this weekend and on into next week.
Bike nights are really starting to crank up. Be sure to pop in to some of these great watering holes after a long ride… And
, remember, this is just a taste of what's on our full online Event Calendar so make sure you always check for all that's happening ... and get your ride on!


Some Bike Nights:

Chrome Drive Bike Night - Greenville, SC


Some Other Events and Rides:

ST12 Yard Sale to Benefit Hospice Cleveland County - Shelby, NC


Vet Fest 2014 6th Annual Patriots Hall Fundraiser - Walhalla, SC – It’s always nice to see good things happening in South Carolina and this poker run will be a great one to attend. Smitty is a past president of the Patriots Hall in Walhalla and he is trying to raise money to keep this 3000 square foot veteran’s museum open. The museum features displays beginning with the revolutionary war and goes through modern times. The route will begin at the VFW and travel 60 miles through other towns with great stops along the way. Smitty said, “With between 40 – 90 bikes on any of the previous rides we have never given less than $2000 to the Hall. Come help us keep the doors open!”

American Legion Post 7 Poker Run - Durham, NC


Orphan Run - High Point, NC – This is a new but awesome ride to be sure to include this weekend. The Orphan Run is a benefit ride hosted by the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club based in Columbia SC but is being assisted by their sister club in High Point, NC. They are hoping to raise money to fund grants for the Sacred Selections which is a non-profit group dedicated to helping Christian families adopt children both local and abroad. I spoke with Tim Rowe who is the VP of the NC chapter and who has adopted 8 children through this organization. Tim says, “Help me give back to an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve got skin in this game!” Wow, does he ever!

20th Annual Paine Memorial Run - Greenville, SC


These and lots more can be found on The Carolina Rider online EVENTS CALENDAR!

Our Bike is almost Ready!

Two Wheels for Warriors fast approaching the finish line

with its first bike build for Disabled Veterans!

I know that Cody and I have been away from our column here in The Carolina Rider Scene for awhile but we have been very busy with spreading the news about how PTSD Service Dogs can literally save a Veteran's life as Cody saved mine. We have been to many events from Raleigh, NC to Chicago, IL but none have been more exciting to us then are trips back to our hometown Plainwell, MI area were we get to meet up with our friends at Two Wheels For Warriors and their amazing dedication to building motorcycles for Disabled Veterans.  Not just any Disabled Veteran though. These bikes are being designed for the Disabled Veteran who used to be able to ride but can no longer ride due to injuries sustained in combat.  Veterans like me who was told that I would no longer ride after because I no longer had the strength and balance in my legs to hold a bike up anymore after my 7th knee surgery.

However, Two Wheels For Warriors has stepped up to the plate and taking on the challenge of making sure Disabled Veterans like me will be able to ride again with a little genius wrenching on the bikes and one bike at time all who were told that can’t ride anymore will once again ride! ....



40th Annual Charlotte CBA Swap Meet


Last week FancyFree gave you a heads-up on the 40th annual Charlotte CBA Swap Meet coming up. I had a chance to speak with one of the past presidents of the organization, Lloyd Isaac, and he gave me a few more details that I want to share with you this week.

As you know the Charlotte CBA, like all CBA groups, is a legislative organization of bikers whose main focus is to stay aware of the happenings in our government bodies which may affect the rights and freedoms of motorcyclists everywhere to ride as they choose. It also keeps an eye on the insurance commission to make sure they are not taking advantage of bikers whom they deem to be participating in a 'dangerous sport.'  (What??... Don’t get me started!!)

My husband and I recently returned from a fabulous vacation on the NC coast.  The weather was sunshine and 60-70 degrees every day!   Unfortunately I was not on my motorcycle….but I enjoyed the blissful weather with my truck windows down and my hair blowing in the wind….

I hope everyone took advantage of Mother Nature’s Bi-polar moment when we had some beautiful riding days recently. 

I have learned my directional senses are getting better as I rode through the area – heading towards what I thought to be a main road.  My senses paid off and I was flying down a main secondary highway headed back to the nest. As you can see from one photo view – there is SUNlight at the end of the Artic Tunnel!

Batman is back in the nest waiting for another break in the weather.  I hope Mother Nature gets her meds right and leaves SPRINGTIME in for a while ... Missing the two-wheeled ride bad!!!

Until then…safe warm and healthy!!

Here's a little trip we took a couple weekends ago ...

We started out planning on meeting Larry with his 05 Road King at the Piggly Wiggly in Neeses off Rt. 4.  However, just a few miles from home on the way we hit a road block.  Seems someone missed or ran a stop sign (not uncommon in this area –sometimes I wonder if the highway regulations are mere suggestions for many) crossing Rt. 4 and clipped the back of a pickup sending it into the ditch and flipping end over end. The occupants – 2 adults and 2 children  were not wearing seat belts (also not uncommon down here) and all 4 came out of the vehicle.  As a friend of ours that was working the scene from the fire department said; “there was room in the cab for them to live” meaning that if they would have been able to stay in the vehicle they would have had minimal injury.  Anyway, the 2 children were life flighted out and unsure whether they would make it.  The lady was dead on the scene, and the man was transported to the local hospital.  The driver that caused the incident was standing on the side of the road with minimal damage to the front of his car.  A sad start to the day.

We were able to get around, but others either had to detour or wait.  So our friend was a bit late.  We met another couple at the station that was also meeting a group to head to Aiken, but not to the battle.  They eventually had about a dozen or so bikes and headed out just in front of us.  We headed out Rt. 4 to the little town of Springfield – home of the oldest flea market in the south and the Governor’s Frog Jump.  The road over to Aiken goes through ...

This Weekend

H-D of Charlotte in Matthews has it's DEMO Day's going on so go try out a bike. Have a conflict for those dates? Did you know you can test ride bikes at the dealership on other days if you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license? Demo Days offer lots more fun and food and the big truck of bikes too. Either way, go ride a bike!

The Charlotte CBA will be running their annual Swap Meet and yours truly will be out there taking pictures and roaming around with FancyFree, PoniPrincess, and Frog. Come find me and remember, if you are wearing you Carolina Rider t-shirt or hoodie, the first beverage is on me!

The weather is to be nice again for a couple of days so get out and ride and let's get the season off to a big start!

Our friends at  Prowler Magazine have put together a big event (see below) lots of big named stars out there and you get a $10 off admission....

Friday, Saturday and Sunday….Hollywood Lands in Charlotte! Will you be at the University Hilton
for Charlotte's Mad Monster Party featuring one tremendous group of celebrity actors and directors? Join us!
It's only $15 on Sunday with the Carolina Rider $10 discount and you'll spend the full day at the #1 movie convention
mingling with Hollywood celebrities and exploring endless showrooms showcasing American pop culture!

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