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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree


Big Mike Buildz Bikes: What's up at The Bike Exchange


Woman Rider's Perspective with Sandy: Where there's a will, there's a WAY!


NC Legislative Issues with Blastoff


Loose Talk with Jon



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Erin, the CVMA Public Relations Officer, sent in this info and flyer about the CVMA & the Combat Vets Spring Run

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 15-2 is hosting a Poker Run on March 30, 2013 to benefit Purple Heart Homes and Matthew Bailey, a local Disabled Veteran. Registration begins 10 a.m. at Pat Rogers Speedway Harley Davidson in Concord, NC with first bike out at 12 p.m. Route includes stops at Sam Bass NASCAR Art Gallery, Twin Peaks Restaurant, Hendrick Motorsports Museum& Shop, and ends at Iron Thunder Saloon for awards presentation and live music. Prizes for Best Hand and Worst Hand, as well as raffle and silent auction. Entry fee is $20 per rider & $10 per passenger. Contact for more info.

About CVMA: We are an Association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby. Our mission now is to support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to help veteran care facilities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter, and guidance, or simply to say "Thank You" and "Welcome Home." We sponsor and/or participate in many motorcycle-related charity events each year, and as a non-profit organization, donate to various veteran care facilities and veteran charities.

Leon Yard sent in this flyer. He wants to see as many of our readers in this run as possible!






The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of March 19-26, 2013

Tuesday 65 am clouds, Wednesday 58 m-cloudy, Thursday 48 sunny, Friday 53 showers, Saturday 52 p-cloudy, Sunday 37 showers, Monday 51 few showers, Tuesday 59 p-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 03/19/13)



With appreciation:

Many thanks to Stealth and Miss Vicki!

Mike "Stealth" Pullin has decided to take a break from writing for awhile. No tellin' when or if he might return to his Custom Corner, but, for now, he's in need of some time with the other things he loves in life and we cheer him on! With him he takes his lovely wife and photographic partner, Vicki, whose shots have adorned our pages over the past few years. There's gonna be some good riding and playing days ahead for these two - I hope and wish sunny rides for this wonderful pair!

For now, we let you go on, but we'll see ya on the road and hope you might throw something in our direction on occasion as the spirit moves ya. With thanks to Bill Withers for some of the lyrics to his song as we "WISH YOU WELL!" ....


(click here to listen to this song online if ya like)


Count the SMILES

and you could WIN Something!

We've got 15 prizes for you ... here's whatcha gotta do and who can get in on this....

  1. Go to last week's edition of The Carolina Rider Scene and count the SMILES in the photo collage at the top of the e-Magazine (03/12/13)

  2. First 3 to write in with the correct number win Gift Certificates for 2 Adult Admissions to the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley

  3. The second 3 to write in with the correct number win $10 gift cards from TGI Fridays

  4. The third 3 to write in with the correct number win $10 gift certificates from Sweetwater Sports Bar & Grill in Lake Wylie, SC

  1. The last 6 to write in with the correct number win $5 Horsefeather Bucks to spend at Horsefeathers Roadhouse in Sherrills Ford, NC

Good Luck!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

As we come into the season, the phone's been ringing off the hook. We, at The Bike Exhange, have been so busy we couldn't make it to Daytona, which breaks our hearts because we look forward to Daytona every year! I'm definitely not complaining about being busy ... but it would have been nice to make it down there.

We've been getting a lot of calls about factory Trikes and people asking how come we don't build one. So, we picked up a few 2012 factory Tri-glides and went crazy on them!

We built the motor in the white and orange bike and turned it into a B/X 110 big nasty that sounds like hell on wheels! A gentleman drove all the way from Tulsa OK to pick this bad boy up and could not stop smiling when he sat on it.

The other Flat trike is by far my favorite and looks super mean. We kept cost down by not putting a motor in this one; but the look makes up for it: We went flat on absolutely everything as you can see and the candy red accents look so intense against the flat paint!

Be sure to like us on Facebook and remember: If you can DREAM IT, We can BUILD IT! Give us a call and we can start building your bike tomorrow. Pick your paint, wheels, accessories and we'll do the rest at a fraction of the cost of your local Harley dealer!!!! We are THEBIKEEXCHANGE.NET




Recently I had two friends, LC and Mona, to relocate their lives from one state to another state. Just picked up and moved! Unfortunately, the precious motorcycles were left behind temporarily until a plan could be made to relocate them as well. I had the pleasure of helping with one plan of action to move a motorcycle from Maine to North Carolina....

Opportunity came quick ... Bike Week in Daytona, Florida. A lot of Northerners were trailering their bikes South due to the severe weather and road conditions. One group of friends from Maine was doing just that ... trailering motorcycles for owners to meet them in Florida. A friend, Doe, in Maine made arrangements for LC’s motorcycle to join the trailer caravan heading south. Here in North Carolina, LC, Deb, and I took the day off from our jobs and made our way to meet them on a designated day and approximate time to pick-up LC's motorcycle. I had the phone contact for the driver/owner of the trailer in which LC's motorcycle was stored. We decided to head down the night before and get a hotel room ... just in case the caravan made good time on the highway. We wanted to be at the meeting point so their wait time would be minimal. I called Joe and checked status on their trip and received an approximate time of arrival. The next morning LC, Deb, and I are up and ready at 5:45am and I called to check-in with the driver. They are 20 minutes away! Woo-Hoo!

LC is excited! Her bike is almost here! Sure enough, 20 minutes later, Joe calls and they have arrived at the meeting point and I reply, "We'll be right there!" Arriving at the meeting spot, we are greeted by drivers from Maine with three trucks pulling large haulers. LC's motorcycle is unloaded and reloaded to our trailer. Eight of us enjoyed breakfast and conversation at the local Cracker Barrel (while a couple of others slept) and later on the road again for all of us! The three trucks continued south to Florida to meet the owners of the precious cargo and we drove home elated that LC had her precious motorcycle here in NC.

Now, you know what happens next: WE RIDE!!! We rode about 4 hours on Saturday and almost 6 hours on Sunday! LC has a big grin on her face as she introduces her motorcycle to the southern roads in North Carolina now called HOME! No more storing her motorcycle for six months out of the year due to Old Man Winter!

Last update on Mona's motorcycle: it's on the way to her via truck and friends!! FRIENDS were the key for these two motorcycles moving from state to state. Like I said, where there's a will, there IS a way!


Stay safe!!


As of now, we did not see any movement on HB-109, Helmet Law Repeal bill. At least there was no negative movement. Gaston County House Rep John Torbett did a fine job of presenting our side. Vice Chairman of the Committee, Dana Bumgardner, also of Gaston County, supports us on this issue. The committee ran out of time before any voting was done. So, we are still alive and well and we have more time to contact our House reps to let them know how we feel. Get busy. They will meet again this Tuesday, 03/12/2013.

 On another issue that the Gaston County Chapter of CBA/ABATE of NC is working on, lighting up the electronic message boards on the NC Highways with our safety message "Look Twice, Save a Life," our Gaston reps in the House and Senate support us. However, your help is needed. Call the NCDOT at 1-877-368-4968 or visit their website at NCDOT.GOV and wade through the crapola and let them know you are a concerned biker here in NC and you want the signs lit up. They are already in place, no new spending required, and we paid for those signs. It is a simple programming process to display our message. You can also visit the NCGHSP (NC Govenors Highway Safety Program) at NCGHSP.GOV to let them know as well.

Sure, it will take a few minutes of your time. But the life you save could be yours. We are trying hard to protect your freedoms and increase safety here in NC. We need your help. Take a minute. The return on your investment will be well worth it.

Bill Starnes,

Legislative Officer, Gaston County Chapter, CBA/ABATE of NC


Returning to Riding Safety Reminders

As some of you know, my bike is in the shop at Hot Rods and Harleys, in Concord, NC getting a new coat of paint, or several coats of paint. I was so ready to go for a ride this Sunday. The weather was perfect. No bike to ride.

Still, I was thinking about you all of you out there who do have your bikes. And as I thought, I realized that most people have had their bike put away for the Winter and will be hopping on them and riding off into the hills.

So, as a rider instructor, I want to share just a couple of thoughts on safety:

Please be sure to check out your bike thoroughly before you ride off. The most common cause of tire failure is under-inflated tires and if it's been sitting for a while then there's a good chance that they will need some air.

And start off slow. If it's been awhile, don't expect to be riding at the same level you did the last time you parked the bike.

And lastly, do think about taking an MSF class. Even if you are an experienced rider you can benefit from a class where you are reminded of all the stuff you have forgotten.

Above all, ....


Ride Like A Pro









Ride Like A Pro











Ride Like A Pro













Ride Like A Pro












Ride Like A Pro








Ride Like A Pro













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