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In This Week's Issue:

Lil' Weather

Some Events

New Bike Nite at Rack 'n Roll!

New Bike Nite at Stooges Pub & Grill!

An Area Tradition: Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Nites

Free Thinking with Fancy Free


Loose Talk with Jon


Look for much more at

The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of March 21-28, 2011

Monday 68 p-cloudy/wind, Tuesday 82 m-sunny, Wednesday 82 p-cloudy, Thursday 69 p-cloudy, Friday 67 m-sunny, Saturday 72 scattered-t-storms, Sunday 72 scattered t-storms, Monday 66 few showers (as per on Monday 3/21/11)






The Carolina Rider welcomes new Sponsor, Rack 'n Roll in Rock Hill!


Troy and the gang at Rack 'n Roll will have BIKE NITES on Thursdays

beginning March 31st


They plan to have live music, vendors, specials

- Put 'em on your list to check out -.

Located behind The Money on Cherry Road across from Winthrop University









The Carolina Rider welcomes new Sponsor, Stooges Pub & Grub in Mint Hill, NC!


Jerry at Stooges Pub & Grub

in Mint Hill, NC on Hwy 27 just off 485

will be cranking up BIKE NITEs on Tuesday nights beginning April 5th.

. . . .

AJ, the Stooges beautiful spokesmodel, will be there to welcome you and take pictures with you on your bike.

Look for Bike Nite specials and fun.


They're a Charlotte Area tradition......

....with new things up their sleeves!

This year with a new twist: every month they'll have a bikini contest and this year they will have 2 beautiful bike washers at The Lube. Come meet the QS&L Bike Wash Gals and get your bike cleaned up at the same time!


Learning to Love the Curves!

There's a little road near where I live that was part of my training ground for curves. "Uggh," I used to think, "Not Curves!" I remember how I wanted to avoid them; how much I disliked seeing them come up ahead. I was afraid to lean - most especially to the left. Right was mostly ok. Left was another fear-filled story and I'd straighten out those left-sweeping challenges any chance I could get!

So, we'd take a run over to Dam Road in Fort Mill, SC for "curve training" and I'd creep slowly and over-cautiously around the twists. I mean slow.......sloooower than slow. I was taught push-steering in my MSF class but something inside of me still said I shouldn't get that bike off of a good solid perpendicular to the road. And so more drills on Dam Road; which was not a long run but still fun enough for whoever accompanied and helpful for a scaredy-cat beginner like me. So back and forth and round and round I went.


One day on a different ride on another curling Carolina road, I discovered the joy of curves and I haven't straightened them out since! Uphill, downhill, or in a straightaway, I loved the lean, the sway. It was the practice and the push-steering training and simply time and cultivated courage I guess. It was the first taste of feeling free to give into the natural rolls of the highways. All I know is that it was a liberating rush of energy and I've loved curves ever since.


Favorite Curves?

Most Scenic Byways and Highways?

Most exciting Ride?

Fun Destination?


Saw an article by the American Motorcycle Association, "America's 15 Best Motorcycling Roads," (which, of course, included The Blue Ridge Parkway) and it set me wondering.... What would we all choose as The Carolina's Best?

Ok, then, riders, let's see what comes up!

Vote for your favorites...

List ONE in each category.......they can be the same road/area in more than one category but JUST ONE submission in each category, ok? Answers cover BOTH STATES........





(For "Destination Ride," in other words, this would be a ride that leads to a place for fun, food, or spirits...your answer would be the town or area of the states and the name of the destination place like a restaurant/bar, resort, or other)

I'll gather and tally results and report back on votes next week!

Wherever your road takes you this week, remember the ride's much more enjoyable when you give into the lay of the land, the roll of life's hills, the bend in the roads. So enjoy the curves .. on your bike as well as in your twisty day-to-days!

Have a safe and happy week!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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This month's artsy-fartsy features more Carolina shutterbugs, Jeremy and Amanda McCorkle. Taken as part of their wedding trip out West, this photo is set in The Valley of Fire State Park outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Gorgeously brilliant colors! One of those pics that feels like you can almost taste the flavor of the setting, huh?

The Valley of Fire

Jeremy explains: "The picture was taken October 26, 2008 by my wife, Amanda McCorkle, from the passenger seat of our rented Road King and that’s my head you see in the foreground. I did all the post processing. To the right is my brother, Alex McCorkle on a rented V-Rod and in the front is my Dad and Step Mom, Larry and Laurie McCorkle. We had 3 other bikes with us on the trip, as they all came out to our wedding the day before. We took a trip that day to the Hoover dam, then up through the Valley of Fire, and back into Vegas. My brother and I grew up in Clover, and my dad and Laurie still live there in Lake Wylie." Jeremy and Amanda now live in Dublin, Georgia and are heading out april 8th with some friends in The Carolinas to the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL.







This's and Thats

Seems like it might be a good riding weekend coming up. Be sure to put the Charlotte CBA 36th Annual Swap Meet on your riding plans. This year as every year, it's being held at Metrolina Fairgrounds and as always they'll have lots of cool stuff and somewhere along the line I'm sure they'll work in a wet t-shirt contest for those of you who care about such things.

Speaking of the CBA, Gary Bridges, President of the Charlotte Chapter, sent me this release: "The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is pleased to report that the 3rd annual Michael "Boz" Kerr Bikers Inside The Beltway national lobby day will be held Thursday, May 12, 2011 in Washington DC" If you have any interest in attending, please drop me a line and I'll get you in touch with the right people.


I'd like to welcome our newest Sponsor to The Carolina Rider: Motorcycle Dent Repair and DentCharlotte. These folks are miracle workers when it comes to "paintless" dent repair and I understand they can work miracles on motorcycles too. So if you have an auto or bike in need of some work, consider them first - you could save big bucks.

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton






Motorcycle Maps




Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn






Motorcycle Maps




Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn






Motorcycle Maps




Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







SkyLine Inn

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