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March 25th Edition

In This Issue:



Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

TCR Classifieds

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Golden Moments with Bub and Friends: "It's Strange out Here"

Sandhills Mike: "Spring Safety Reminders"

The Calendar Girl's Week Planner!

Welcoming New Sponsor: Outskirts Cabaret

Spring Rally Photo Contest!

Introducing: The Tarheel Tornado

Loose Talk with Jon


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And here's a video about "mulit-functional headwear" .... WATCH VIDEO




Lightning Friends & Family Memorial Org. Poker Run

April 5, St. Paul, NC

The Lightning Friends and Family Memorial Organization will be hosting the 1st Annual Poker Run, sponsored by Crow’s Nest in St. Paul, NC on Saturday,  5 April 2014. This 501(c)3 non-profit organization is committed to honoring service members of the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade and the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, past and present. This memorial will recognize those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who have served in the 525th BfSB.

The funds raised at the Poker Run will go towards building a memorial that will become a permanent monument and be displayed at the 525th BfSB Headquarters in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Poker Run will consist of five stops: Crow’s Nest, 22 Klicks, J&J’s, Charley’s Pub and Mac’s Speed Shop. There will be cash prizes for the best and worst hands, prizes for games and a 50/50 Raffle. Food will be provided by Crow’s Nest, a DJ will be providing entertainment and the Cape Fear Heroes cheerleaders will be performing. T-shirts will be sold for $15 and $17 as well as prints by Mike Solovey will be  for sale. Their will be a Silent and Live Auction at Crow’s Nest following the ride. Auction items provided by local businesses include spa treatments to The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek, a gift basket from Bubba’s 33 Restaurant, passes from Redpoint Crossfit and Guns Plus and many more. There are also big ticket items such as a Massanutten Resort package worth $1500.

Online registration is now open at . The registration fee is $10 a hand.  On the day of the Poker Run, registration will be open at 10:30 A.M. at Crow’s Nest at 4351 Chickenfoot Road, St. Paul, NC. Kickstands Up at Noon. 
For more information please contact Emily Damboise at





The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of March 25-April 2, 2014

Tuesday 54 showers, Wednesday 50 sunny, Thursday 60 p-cloudy, Friday 67 showers, Saturday 72 showers, Sunday 69 p-cloudy, Monday 70 p-cloudy, Tuesday 69 p-cloudy (as per on 3/25/14)



Current Listings:


Listed 3/3/14 - Custom Chopper - $10,500 OBO, 1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. (Charlotte)



What's to be Seen on a Ride in your Area?

I'm happy to welcome to The Carolina Rider a new writer who we look forward to following here in the pages of TCR Scene: Danny Dalton from Rutherfordton, NC. His rider/pen name is The Tarheel Tornado and in today's column, he encourages us all to not overlook possible cool rides in our own neighborhoods. Rather than always thinking we've gotta spend a whole day getting somewhere and back, he's right - there's plenty of fun curves, interesting sights, and worth-it rides most everywhere ... if we ask around or keep our eyes open.

Bub, who rides out of Gaffney, SC, keeps his eyes open ... and, as he tells us this week, he finds some strange stuff out there on the roads of The Carolinas. We've already seen some of his finds and I'm sure you don't wanna miss Today's Strange Find!

Are you Organizing a Non-profit Ride?

I want to draw your attention to all we're doing to help highlight not-for-profit motorcycle events going on all over North and South Carolina this riding season. We've added a weekly column where our Calendar Girl gives you a tiny listing of the more massive event listing from our Events Calendar. Not just a regurgitation of what's already been said; she's taking some time to connect with ride organizers and get some quotes and additional info about what's up from the coast to the hills and every-which-way across our states. Additionally, we've been fortunate to have some event organizers write a little something about their events themselves. We're placing them at the top of the weekly Riding BE-cause column. Check it out. Today we hear about Lightning Friends and Family Memorial Poker Run happening around the Fort Bragg area next weekend.

Are you involved in putting together a ride? Contact us! We're here to help...


You won't SURVIVE without one of these!

While I'm not into so-called "reality tv" in any other form, I've been a Survivor watcher since the beginning. I don't find the adventures as interesting as I once did but I guess I just can't NOT watch. And so I DVR them and follow along.

They have these scarfy-stretchy-colorful things they wear to identify which tribe they are on. Originally they got to take them home when they were voted off but lately they've made folks throw them in the fire as they leave. I wonder what changed that? In any event, the "buffs," as they call them are pretty cool neck & head-warmers, hair holders, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, hats, and general all-round versatile accessories.

Several years ago at a bike event, we came across something similar that was all black. Jon's been wearing the hell out of it ever since. It covers head and neck and lower face like a bandana/balaclava combination might ... without the bulk under a helmet! It's warmth without lots of layers. It's got so many ways to be worn. It works for warming or cooling. It's become a counted-on part of our riderwear.

So, we made our own and, in addition to the many functional reasons you'll want one, we think the design is pretty cool too!

Whatever your feeling about such businesses, I invite you to read about Out-Skirts Cabaret, one of our newest Sponsors. I enjoyed meeting and talking with the owner for this week's welcome article and was impressed by his business vision and personal savvy. And thanks so much to our friends of The Fishheads who rode out to help us get a good bike-filled parking lot shot for this piece. We love you guys!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

It’s a “warm” Sunday afternoon and I’m wanting to spin some wheels. Margie asks me where I’m going to ride to and I reply that I’ll probably ride over around Cherokee Falls and Blacksburg. I’ve found some interesting roads in that area and I’d like to explore them further. She says she’d like to ride along if I’m not going to be gone too long.  I promise that we’ll be back in a couple of hours, so we put on our cycle clothes, roll out the Honda CB1100 and off we go.

I find Ninety Nine Island road and go south on it. This road ends at a dam on the Broad River and has a nice viewing area. We park the bike and walk closer to the river to take some pictures of the dam and each other by the water. I tell her I want to show her the water crossing east of Blacksburg in the Antioch area. It’s a nice ride with some scenic  roads and I promise to ride slow enough so we can enjoy the scenery. And I do!

The water crossing is unique in that where the water crosses the road it is paved, unlike at the other Cherokee County water crossing where the asphalt ends at the edges of the creek bank.  She enjoys our little splash through the creek...


Spring and Safety

  The weather's getting better and I think we all are ready for it. With the improving weather is the need to get out and enjoy it. Many people are getting their bikes out of the garages, sheds, and other places they have stored them, to clean and service them for another season of the open road. As this process develops it is important to remember that we as motorcycle enthusiasts are not the only ones on the road. Our fellow drivers on the road (cagers as most are called) have grow accustomed to seeing less and less of us over the previous months. That's what I believe Mr. Abdo Zacheus of the 44th Medical Brigade safety office (Ft. Bragg N.C.) had in mind when he developed and planned the safety conference held on 13 March 2014.

Mr Zacheus 's review of current military policy for all personnel operating motorcycles on Federal land/military bases was brief and to the point "NO SKIN BELOW THE CHIN" says it best or "ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME."  Examples of foolish riders who were injured while operating motorcycles in unsafe ways; trick riding, not wearing the gear, etc., proved more pointed when they gave their testimony as to what they were thinking and why they didn't think "it couldn't happen to me."

   Mr Zacheus was assisted in large part by Mark Brown of MotoMark1. Mr. Brown is an experienced N.C. Motorcycle state trooper with a long pedigree of experience in advanced motorcycle driving and precision driving. Mr Brown gave value to the repeated examples of unsafe driving discussed  and things that could be done on a regular basis to lessen the risks associated with operating a motorcycle on any roads in this state or any other. Mr brown's question, "Do you ride your bike or drive it?" struck a cord with me . So many of us "Drive" to work,to the store and so many places in our cars but we "Ride" on the weekends or to a poker run ,charity event or bike show without the same thought about watching out for the other guy. Because of the sense of security our cars give us we do not change that attitude when get on a motorcycle.That attitude should change when you put on the gear to get on the motorcycle.

   Mr Zacheus was also supported by many local vendors;  April Soucier of RAY PRICE Trimph-Ducati , Finishline Motorsports , MotoMark1, and of course the local Harley dealership. Overall about 40-60 people attended.

The weather's getting better so it is time to get our minds/attitude ready for that person making the left hand turn in front of us, the driver that can't see us when they merge into our lane, or the driver who stops quickly to make a turn he hasn't signaled. We must begin again think ahead as to where we are going, what's around us, and where is our escape route. Is all our gear in good repair? Do we have all the gear? How can I be more visible at night and the early mornings?


Sandhills Mike


Hello all my fellow bikers in The Carolinas! Calendar Girl here with all the latest information on some upcoming events for this weekend and on into next week.
Bike nights are really starting to crank up. Be sure to pop in to some of these great watering holes after a long ride… And
, remember, this is just a taste of what's on our full online Event Calendar so make sure you always check for all that's happening ... and get your ride on!

Some Bike Nights:

Chrome Drive Bike Night - Greenville, SC

Some Other Events and Rides:

Benefit Ride for Ken Byrd - Monroe, NC – Some of you may have had the pleasure of hearing Ken Byrd as a freelance preacher at Freedom Biker church in Monroe, NC. Well now Ken is fighting advanced liver disease and is on the transplant list. He has lost most everything, including selling his bike, trying to pay his medical expenses. I spoke with Leslie, his step daughter, and she implores everyone who can to come participate in the benefit poker run. It will run about 2 hours and will hit 7 stops along the way. Leslie said, “We know that in order for Ken to get his new liver that someone else has to pass away. We pray that the person God selects knows the Lord and is just as willing to make the same sacrifice that Jesus did.”

3rd annual friends of Donnie Seigler memorial ride - Greer, SC

Iredall County Spring Festival & 5-K Run Motorcycle Ride - Statesville, NC

BFBF 'Global Warming' Run - Randleman, NC – The Bikers for Bikers Foundation had wanted to call this a Polar Bear ride, but couldn’t be sure if Mother Nature would order up super cold or super hot weather in March, so they settled on ‘Global Warming’. This will be about an hour ride that culminates in a party at Riders in the Country night club. Bob, a member of the BFBF and avid Drifter rider, says, “Come ride and play with us and enjoy some good music and great food and super vendors while we raise money to help others out. The mission is plain and simple but the need is so great!” There will also be a raffle to give away a bike trailer.

These and lots more can be found on The Carolina Rider online EVENTS CALENDAR!


The Carolina Rider welcomes a new advertiser to our family of Sponsors. Out-Skirts Cabaret in Charlotte is a new strip club on the Westside and I had the privilege of interviewing the owner for an intro article. With Footloose snapping photos, I got the scoop on this young venture as well as the man who's invested in making it happen ...


Being a business owner, an entrepreneur with a driving vision is a life-encompassing choice that renders as much personal pride and accomplishment as it does constant fear and exhaustion. I say this from firsthand knowledge as a creator as well as in my work helping others to express their dreams with hopes to make a profit too. The passion carried in the heart of those dreams is inspiring.  And so, as it happens most every time I sit down with a visionary individual, that's what I heard in my conversation with this young entrepreneur.

My interview was with a new advertiser in The Carolina Rider. We'd scheduled the interview on an afternoon when his business wouldn't be in full swing and when Footloose and I could ride over on our bikes; me to spend some time chatting with the owner, Footloose to snap some photos.  We had invited some friends to join us and as our four bikes pulled into the then-empty parking lot, I could see a handsome guy waiting by the front door...  (Full article continues ONLINE ...)


Let's be real. The strip tease has been around for as long as women have had something to look at and men have had eyes to gaze upon our wonders. In other words, always.  Nudity isn't new; nor is sex and sexiness. This world is way bigger than narrow minds might have us believe and not all societies are prudish.  In more cultures than ours, the beauty of the human form is celebrated, honored, and enjoyed in artistically sensual dance and not kept hidden in windowless buildings on "the other" side of town.

And, biker friends, if we're honest, what's one of the biggest draws on every rally Main Street, around the more popular Sturgis campgrounds, and in overflowing party bars everywhere? Flashing for beads ... Dancing for dollars ... Parading for exhibitionists' sake.  Skin on display is one of the places where it's at ... so let's just get past any high-collared attitudes and enjoy the show....


When looking for a place to ride, don’t overlook your own back yard. Here in The Carolinas, our minds often think only of all the great places to ride deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, and worth riding many times, but occasionally let your planning stay close to home. The rides may be shorter, but can be just as rewarding.  Not only that, but occasionally you learn something about your own back yard you never knew before, which is what happened to me recently.

 There is a mountain cliff close to Columbus NC, which is only a 20 minute ride from my house. I cannot tell you the countless times I have driven past that ridge and never thought anything about what was up there, let alone thought about riding up there.

When my sister recently bought a bike, seemingly out of the blue, I didn’t know whether to be happy or concerned. To be honest, I had not seen her on the business end of a bike since we were in our early twenties. (Hey groovy guy, I believe disco was about to come in around that time!!!)  However, she is doing great, and having a ball. Having fun, that’s what it’s all about right? Well now she rides almost every weekend with some friends of ours from high school. One friend named Elvis, (yes Elvis is still alive. I see him on a regular basis hanging around the center of the universe called Rutherford Co. It must be the water there?)  Anyway, Elvis works for a crane business (I guess the record business was a little slow), and had been up on that ridge many times setting homes. He told my sister about riding up there, and off they went. When she returned, she couldn’t wait to tell me, and I had to go see for myself....

Advertising ....

It's that time of the year. The starting of Spring. The days will warm and the bikers will be out. We are privileged to have over 70,000 riders that receive our publication. Wouldn't it be a big help to your business to reach that many? ... to let them know your are out there and that your want their business? Shoot me an email and let's discuss how The Carolina Rider might be able to help you this season.

Welcome to Zippers!

Please help me welcome Zippers who just made a wise choice to advertise with The Carolina Rider. The restaurant/bar has been in Lincolnton for years but are now under new management. They had a bike nite last year but they want to grow it and the rest of their business too so they are investing some dollars with The Carolina Rider to get the word out. Look for more about Zippers in upcoming editions and make sure to go by and tell 'em you read about them in The Carolina Rider!

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