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April 1st Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

TCR Classifieds

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Calendar Girl Week's Highlights

From the Mailbag: Iron Horse asks When is it TOO COLD to Ride?

"Risky Business," a Bike Review by Joe Champion

Spring Rally Photo Contest - Enter thru May

Sponsor Highlight of the Month: Out-skirts Cabaret

Loose Talk with Jon


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Durham HOG 28th Annual Chili Cook-off & Bike Show

Geoff reports: "Turnout was really good this year.  Aside from a few gusts of wind trying to launch a tent or 2, the weather was perfect!" Read more and check out their photos HERE ....







The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 1-8, 2014

Tuesday 78 p-cloudy, Wednesday 82 sunny, Thursday 81 p-cloudy, Friday 76 scattered t-storms, Saturday 74 m-cloudy, Sunday 69 m-cloudy, Monday 62 few showers, Tuesday 64 p-cloudy (as per on 4/01/14)



Current Listings:


Listed 3/3/14 - Custom Chopper - $10,500 OBO, 1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. (Charlotte)



Ride with Justin & Cody!

I had a fine visit with Justin and Cody today. While my own dog Darla Blue was not nearly as behaved as Cody the Fabulous Service Dog who was, of course "at work" and trying his best not to be distracted by my mouthy flirtateous one-year-old girly-girl, Justin and I were still able to have a conversation and catch up on the big event underway this month. With ever-watchful Cody at his feet, Justin shared the most recent photos of his bike in the build process and plans for the ride back to The Carolinas later in April. It's gotta be damned exciting for him - a bike being built specifically for Cody and him, a ride that he's not been able to enjoy in some time due to wartime injuries.

As you know, Justin, who writes our "Serving Veterans on the Homefront" column here in The Carolina Rider Scene, is a proud US Army Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. You may remember from his story (in our Articles section.) He sustained injuries and has been through multiple surgeries and treatments as well as service-related disorders including PTSD, cancer, and seizures. Cody is his lifeline and the motorcycle being built for them right now will give Justin back some freedoms he hasn't experienced in many years.

A friend and Army buddy, Brad Vandenberg (US Army, Ret.) in Michigan has thrown himself into creating the not-for-profit program, Two Wheels for Warriors, with the mission of re-creating bikes to meet special needs of injured Veterans. Justin and Cody's bike is the very first and Justin the inspiration for the effort. Humble and ever-grateful, Justin won't focus on that, however. His aim is to help as many of his Veteran brothers and sisters as he can and, as a Carolina resident now himself, this Michigan native sees "Two Wheels for Warriors-Carolinas" happening next!

The Carolina Rider hopped on board Justin and Cody's venture as soon as we met at the 2013 Easy Rider Show and we're thrilled that the first large step is about to be taken. Plans are for the bike to be ready around April 26th. Brad, Justin, and Cody will ride back home to The Carolinas shortly after and we're putting out a holler for YOU to join their ride! We'll be announcing their route back in next week's edition and encourage all who can to pick up and ride a mile or hundreds of miles with them as they bring Two Wheels for Warriors and the first bike here.

The plan requires patient schedule flexibility. Justin, who hasn't ridden in awhile, will be riding a newly completed bike over 1200 miles along with Brad (and Cody of course, who will be in the side car of Justin's bike,) and they need to take their time getting here safely. Might be they ride straight through with all the adrenelin pumping in Justin's psych'd up energy ... or might be they need to take more than one overnight to be in tip-top riding shape.

Stay tuned! We'll be publishing the ride route and asking you to sign up to join in as you can, take photos on your part of the ride, and share in a homecoming celebration too. Plus, there's other ways you can get involved. Donate bike parts, services, skills, and/or monies as we help build The Carolina Build Team for Two Wheels for Warriors. Help us get the word out. It's a good cause and, honestly, if you spent 5 minutes with Justin, you'd be infected with his enthusiasm and inspired by his mission. He's as they say, "eat up with it!" and we have caught the bug too......

Here I am with Joe at last year's Smoke Out. Joe, a Cleveland County rider, has been a super supporter of The Carolina Rider for several years and today he's contributing a bike build story. Thanks, Joe! It's truly wonderful to have you in our pages!

Geoff with the Durham HOG group has brought us other stories, flyers, and quotes about the work of his HOG chapter. He's following up this year's successful bike show/chili cook-off with an event report you'll find in our Articles section.

Our friend Daniel "Iron Horse" Krehling has written in before (including a contribution to the Love on a Bike project back in February.) I gotta tell you, he clearly "ain't from around here" because this Pennsylvania fellow shares a story today about riding in temperatures I doubt many of us Carolinians would consider sane. Not me ... but, you go, Iron Horse! Stay frosty, my friend....

I thought and thought about pulling an April Fool's prank on you but decided instead that I'd rather just celebrate that April is finally here. Yippie! This week's warm weather is nudging us onto the two-wheeled road and the opening of lots of Bike Nites scattered around The Carolinas reminds us why we do all this: TO RIDE!

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Hello all my fellow bikers in The Carolinas! Calendar Girl here with all the latest information on some upcoming events for this weekend and on into next week. This week is full of fun events to attend so be sure to check out the full calendar and get to one in your area.

… And, remember, this is just a taste of what's on our full online Event Calendar so make sure you always check for all that's happening ... and get your ride on!

Some Events 'n Rides for Saturday, 05 April, 2014

2nd Annual Dice Run - High Point, NC

Blessing of the Bikes and Pancake Breakfast - Roxboro, NC – High in the hills of North Carolina is a little town about 30 miles north of Durham. Roxboro is home to the American Legion Post 138. Each year they hold a fund raiser to support the Colon Fur Scholarship program for nursing students. I spoke with Roger Crump about the event and he said, “Come up to the border of North Carolina and Virginia and enjoy an all you can eat pancake breakfast. Dr. Keith Kimble will perform a blessing of the bikes at 12:30. At 1:00 we will take a beautiful 2 hour ride led by our American Legion Riders through the countryside.”

Eurobike 2014 - Raleigh, NC

Bikers of SC 2nd Annual Swap Meet - Gaston, SC – If you didn’t get a chance to visit the swap meet in Charlotte last weekend, you might want to go over to Gaston, SC this weekend to check out the Bikers of SC Swap Meet benefiting the Fallen Bikers Memorial Fund. I caught up with the president of the FBMF as she was making a hospital visit to a biker who had recently gone down. Nicole is the owner of Nicole’s Pub in Gaston and she has offered her facility to hold the swap meet two years in a row now. The foundation assists bikers with incidental expenses incurred while they are recovering from a wreck. She says, “This foundation is near and dear to my heart. It was started when my husband and I were in a bad wreck about three years ago. He was killed and I suffered severe injuries. The biker community is an awesome group of people who just come out of the woodwork to help when a biker goes down. I want to continue that tradition.”

Benefit For Debra Watkins - Sandy Ridge, NC

Going Bananas for Brittany Dice Run - Rock Hill, SC – This fun event is designed to help with the medical expenses for Brittany who is struggling with Hodgkin’s Disease. Brittany is only 21 years old and was a college student until she had to quit to deal with this very recent diagnosis. She is a friend of the awesome Dragonfly Sisters, a women’s only motorcycle group whose sole mission is to help those in need. I talked with ‘Gin Blossom’ of the group and was awestruck by her caring spirit. She said, “It’s not about us, it’s about the charity and the person we are helping. Everything we raise at the dice run will be announced that day and go to Brittany.”

These and lots more can be found on The Carolina Rider online EVENTS CALENDAR!

Iron Horse asks: When is it too COLD to Ride?

Daniel K. from Pennsylvania sent in this story entitled "My Ride" ....

It was a pretty chilly day last week here in Harrisburg, PA. I woke up before 3am and really couldn't get back to sleep so being the true biker I am I decided to go for a ride. It was Zero outside with a wind chill of -21 degrees. A bit brisk even for me. Now I don't have heated suits I just layer up and dressed warm. (Yes I do have a windshield. I'm not completely crazy). So I fueled up and was on my way wherever my bike pointed me to go. I'm riding a 2006 Yamaha V-Star Silverado LTD. 6am was a beautiful sunrise. Worthy of my ride. Very colorful and serene. I really wasn't hungry for breakfast so I kept riding. About noon I stopped for lunch. My honey called me and knew I went for a ride but wondered where I was. I told her I just sat down to lunch at the Krystal Restaurant. She said okay and we continued to talk. After a while she ask where the Krystal Restaurant was and I told her Keene, New Hampshire. 9 hours away and It was -30 there. She asked why I would ride north and not south toward the Carolinas? I told her that was crazy as they were getting a snowstorm down there. As usual she said I was a crazy biker, she loved me and be safe riding home. (I bought her a few trinkets from the restaurant to prove I was really there). We bikers always buy our biker babes T-shirts and little things for them just cause we love them. It was another beautiful 9 hour ride home and another beautiful sunset. I don't know why but I really didn't see that many other bikers out. Sometimes it takes a few tanks of gas to clear your head and soul. So that's the story from a real "year round" biker. (Who needs a trickle charger anyway?) Love you guys and keep the shiny side up!

Get Inspired, Gals!

Read this Story in the New York Times ...

Mike on a Bike found this story about a women's motorcycle club called "The Miss-fires" in the New York Times. Its purpose is to help women cross any obstacles that might keep them from warming up to motorcycles. According to the article, "Their general philosophy is to try to make motorcycles less intimidating." Read more HERE.


CJ Sauer has been around bikes all his life.  Drag  racing and building custom cars and bikes has been his passion most of his adult life.  Being successful meant staying busy with customers bikes and not having time to build anything  for  himself.

In 2003 CJ and his team at Southside Customs started on that personal project and after two years completed it.   The finished product was a long sleek and powerful custom bike named “ Risky Business”.  The bike has won best of show and several other awards just for the design and looks of the bike, but it’s real charm is its huge powerplant.  Bolted to the Saturday Nite Custom frame is a 152 c.u. Ultima engine with a super charger attached to aid the 114 octane racing fuel get to the pistons and a nitrous bottle, just in case the extra power is needed to the 310 hp engine.

A baker 6 speed DDS trans with a 4 inch open primary connects the powerful engine to the 330 Avon rear wheel.  A 21 inch Dunlop front tire on a Custom Design wheel keeps the bike running straight.

Unlike most drag bikes with rear controls, Risky Business has forward controls for street riding.  The long wheelie bar curves inward to one wheel, unlike standard drag bikes that have 2 wheels.

CJ says the forward controls and the one wheel wheelie bar makes the bike easier to maneuver on the road.  How fast is Risky Business?  Maybe someday someone will find out.  The only time it’s been on the track was a 1/8 mile track and CJ shut it down before the finish line because, as he says, "160 mph was as fast as he wanted to go.”

Want to see more of Risky Business?  The bike is on display at Skooterz Saloon in Shelby NC.  Or go to web site:


#1 Whatcha got for us bikers?

Out-Skirts Cabaret plans on bridging the gap between the strip club and the modern man. Angelo intends to create a hybrid club that offers a friendly destination place where couples are encouraged, women are welcome and there is no pressure. He says, “Just for our biker customers we have built an outdoor bar, Heels and Wheels open every Friday night beginning April 25th, where you can park your bike, enjoy a meal, and be attended by attractive and clothed friendly staff.”

#2 Make it personal for us!

Angelo Greco serves as the general manager and special events guy for Out-Skirts. He spent his early years in his family’s New Jersey flower shop learning what it takes to build a business and make customers happy. Yep, Angelo the burly biker is a flower man and you can certainly see his artistic side in the awesome tattoos that color his arms. He currently rides a Harley Deluxe (just like Princess!) after having spent years on a Big Dog. He loves the atmosphere of a bar scene and getting to really know his customers. He told me, “You won’t find ‘Coyote Ugly’ at my bar but I’ll put liquor in your glass and show you a good time. I’m no cosmopolitan ‘mixologist’.” Angelo did say that having spent his education years in all Catholic schools he can run circles around most people when it comes to work ethic. And even though he was “politely asked to leave my senior year” I believe him!

#3 What’s up lately at Out-Skirts Cabaret?

They are currently expanding the private rooms, improving the outdoor deck for all us bikers, interviewing new girls for the shows, and have recently re-paved the parking lot. May 4th they are a stop on a poker ride The Carolina Rider has been promoting that benefits Rachael Rushing. Out-Skirts loves being a part of the community helping others. Angelo said, “If you need something, I am number One on your speed dial list.”

#4 Tell us something we need to know…

Angelo was quick to answer this one! “You will always be tested in life. It’s better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you aren’t. Always be who you are.” At Out-Skirts they are exactly that. They are a Cabaret which offers adult entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere with opportunities to have a good time for whomever you are.

#5 Anything else, Angelo?

“Did I tell you Dave, the owner, plays flag football?” I giggled at this one, but he went on to say, “The TV’s in the bar are almost always tuned to sports events and we want to sponsor some local league teams.” Then he paused and got a sneaky grin on his face, “Except the TV at my bar. I usually have cartoons on that one!”
Fantasies are one thing, but actually going to a strip club? Oh yeah, I am so there! Meet me at the first bike night for Out-Skirts Cabaret Friday, April 25 at 7:00.

Advertising ....

I wrote about it last week but it's a good time of year to again remind you business owners out there of all the good we can do you. Shoot me an email. We are here for you and can help boost your customers, sales, and general business presence! The riding season is upon us and folks turn to The Carolina Rider to find out what's on the calendar, to hear news in the Carolina riding communities, and to read stories about the love of bikes. With over 70,000 subscribers, you want your business name and logo, flyers and happenings shown off here in our ezine and in our online magazine. Email me and let's create some good buzz for you!

Welcome back Quaker Steak and Lube!

They've been a past advertiser with The Carolina Rider and now they're back ... as are their BIKE NITES. A tradition in the Charlotte/Concord area forever, Quaker Steak and Lube - Concord's BIKE NITES have been legendary. Haven't been in awhile? Give 'em a try again! Under new ownership and management and ready to rock the season. Wednesday nights beginning TOMORROW April 2nd.

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