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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 2-9, 2013

Tuesday 59 m-sunny, Wednesday 60 p-cloudy, Thursday 50 showers, Friday 58 showers, Saturday 66 sunny, Sunday 69 am clouds, Monday 74 sunny, Tuesday 73 m-sunny (as per on Tuesday 04/02/13)


Talkin' about you ...

Remember this couple? Their love story was published here back at Valentine's Day. Well this week, they are making it all official and we wish them well as the wedding bells ring for our "PoniPrincess" and her man "Frog," sweethearts from childhood, lovers for life! I hear that after they share their vows, they're riding away on their Harleys........


Our friend Julie Scoggins, the comedian who is also a rider, dropped us a line recently to let us know she'll be performing in The Carolinas this month. If you get this in time, she's gonna be at the Comedy Zone at the Galway Hooker Pub in Cornelius, NC TONIGHT, April 2 at 8pm. Later this week, she's in Fort Mill, SC at the Comedy Zone at Madison's on the Corner on April 5 and 6 with shows at both 8pm and 10:15pm. They're small venues so she suggests gettin' tickets early! And look for more from Julie here in The Carolina Rider Scene - we're hoping she's gonna give us something to laugh about every once and awhile!


Bruce D won too!

Oops! A total oversight - we failed to see that Bruce D also wrote in with the correct answers to our "Smiles" collage. His winnings, a Sweetwater Sports Bar & Grill gift certificate, go out in the mail today and we say, (as they once did in Hee Haw!,) Saaa-loot!


You may recall that we spent the first part of our New Year's Day with the Sun City Motorcycle Club out of Sun City Carolina Lakes in Indian Land, SC. These intensely-active retired folks are a run bunch to ride with. We, of course, we on The BIG RIDE Bus hauling some of the residents of that upscale retirement community who weren't riders or otherwise couldn't ride on that drizzly holiday. Some on bikes, some in cars, and some on The BIG RIDE gathered in a Lancaster, SC breakfast spot to celebrate another year of life ahead of us. A couple weeks back, we received the following email and we're happy to stay connected with the club and share what's on this one member's mind:

The Texting and Talking Issue

"I'm Bill S., a member of the Sun City Motorcycle Club. I went to breakfast with you in the "bus" on New Year's morning. I have become increasingly concerned about the four wheelers that are texting and talking on cellular phones. Is there some way to get a program moving that will inhibit the use of cell phones while driving?"

Anyone have a response to Bill?


The forecast says there might be raindrops on PoniPrincess's wedding day this Friday ... and the chill in the air has returned after this past weekend's warm days. Nevertheless, we're still riding the waves of our Carolina Spring with flowers popping out as well as the requisite pollen! And this weekend looks to have some gorgeous riding potential - yippie! Footloose (whose bike is still in the paint shop,) has borrowed his son's ride and I'm planning on getting my bike out of the trailer for some seriously-needed weekend riding. Hope you can too!


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Often we run around in our busy lives taking care of the business of business and sometimes don't see the forest for the trees. The Carolina Rider is a forest. It was designed to be a resource for bikers/riders and we strive every day to be that and improve on that. I think we have done a pretty good job and will continue to change and grow so that we are ever evolving to be the best resource we can be to the biking community. That makes us a forest. Here are the trees:

When you receive The Carolina Rider Scene, over 50,000 of your fellow bikers have also received the publication. That's 50,000 people with families and businesses and employees, who need to eat, buy insurance, cars, motorcycles and vacuum cleaners (and such) which makes us a great place to spend your marketing dollars. Dollar for dollar we are very cost effective at reaching your potential customers and we do it every week. We have the ability to put you out there with a new ad, a new design, a new announcement EVERY week. And our website itself has the potential of being revised constantly to bring your newest cool stuff to the forefront.

So, let that sink in: each time you read The Carolina Rider Scene, think about being able to reach out to 50,000 of your customers with you company's message.

We're proud of what we have to offer.

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