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In This Week's Issue:

Lil' Weather

Some Event Flyers

New Bike Nite at Rack 'n Roll!

New Bike Nite at Stooges Pub & Grill!

An Area Tradition: Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Nites

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Stealth's Custom Corner

Return of Riding Season by Jane Lavoy

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of April 4-11, 2011

Monday 81 t-storms, Tuesday 60 showers/wind, Wednesday 68 sunny, Thursday 74 sunny, Friday 78 p-cloudy, Saturday 83 p-cloudy, Sunday 85 p-cloudy, Monday 78 m-cloudy (as per on Monday 4/4/11)










at Stooges

in Mint Hill!


on Hwy 27 just off 485


They're a Charlotte Area tradition......

....with new things up their sleeves!

This year with a new twist: every month they'll have a bikini contest and this year they will have 2 beautiful bike washers at The Lube. Come meet the QS&L Bike Wash Gals and get your bike cleaned up at the same time!





at Rack 'n Roll!


Located behind The Money

on Cherry Road across from Winthrop University

(You do TOO know where The Money is!)



Here's what came in with the last weeks' survey. Many thanks to respondents, Barbara B, Nabubba, Wesley A, Wayne with American Rides Maps, and Rick W! I've added this topic and list to our FORUM as a resource. To post your own, check out THE FORUM. This list can grow for years with reader faves!

Favorite Carolina Curves

The Diamondback Loop comprised of Devil's Staircase (Hwy 80,) Diamondback (Hwy 226A,) and part of the Blue Ridge Parkway in McDowell and Mitchell Counties

BRP between Cherokee and Little Switzerland

Highway 28 aka Moonshiners Run to tale of the dragon then Cherohala. I pickup highway 28 in McCormick,SC take it all the way until it dead ends at Deals Gap Hwy 129 then ride The Dragon(hwy 129) turn around and come back down 129 and then ride the Cherohala. What a great ride!

The Dragon at Deal's Gap!

Favorite Carolina Scenic Ride

Easy - The Blue Ridge Parkway - hands down!

Hwy 28 from Franklin to Fontana Dam

My husband and I live in Bennettsville, but are members of Hartsville Area ABATE. One of our favorite group rides is from Hartsville to Camden to Lancaster and back. We love the ride from Camden on Hwy 97 around Lake Wateree up through Liberty Hill to Hwy 200 to Lancaster. Looking at a map it doesn't look curvy, but it is such a ride of nice rolling curves and the scenery is awesome. Stop at the Pink Flamingo on the water and at Kickstands, they are so friendly and welcoming. We usually stop at those 2 then head to Kickstands in Lancaster for a late lunch on Saturday.

The Blue Ridge Parkway!

Favorite Carolina Thrill Ride

The Devil's Staircase and Diamondback - nothing better than 360degree switchbacks and peg scrapping corners!

Hwy 276 from Brevard to Waynesville

Charlies Creek Road

Favorite Carolina Destination Ride

Riding up to Stations Inn by way of Hwy 268 through Wilkesboro then over to the Elkin area up to Hwy 21 toward Sparta then taking the Blue Ridge Parkway. - great mix of curves, straights, and small easy-going laid-back towns.

Charlotte, NC to Charleston, SC - no Interstates!

Blue Ridge Parkway to Switzerland Inn


Go check out THE FORUM and post your thoughts!


Some Things from the "Mail Bag"






You know, "they" say (whoever "they" are!,) that if you can't do something right, don't do anything at all. Well, that's not always true. Sometimes you just gotta do as much as you can to get some good things cranked and started down the road toward "right!" And so it was with our website and e-mag. We're not perfect - admittedly so. We have from the beginning just attempted to make a difference and work toward excellence. And we DO work toward excellence!

And so today we reveal a NEW LOGO for The Carolina Rider. Still named CARL and still along the same design line but looking less like a girl rider and with a shift in colors. We like it! Thanks to Lil Tommy of Ace Custom Tattoo, CARL has a new look. Lil Tommy, a rider himself, sat with me on the porch of Ace one warm Winter day to sketch out a revision and we're thankful for his time and creativity!

Just know that CARL.2011 might not be the same as CARL.2012 or further down the road. We evolving toward excellence!

Look out below! ...

... for an article by Jane Lavoy about this past weekend's activities. She's a sparkly, spunky, spark of a woman, that Jane, ... and we're awfully happy to have her as part of The Carolina Rider family! Jane's also written something about the upcoming Spring Fling Bike Fest being put on by one of our Sponsors, Lee's Performance. Check it out online and see what's up with the Spring Fling being flung up in Mooresville next month!

Last week I told you my bike was in the shop. She's home now and ready to roll as soon as I can get out of the office and out from under the stacks of undone to-do's on my everlasting lists....or maybe I'll just give up on the lists and hit the road anyway. Thanks, Derek, for taking such good care of her!

See you guys out and about....

Have a safe and happy week!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"



Heavy Hitter

Story by Stealth

Pics by Stealth, Vicki, and Ric


I ran into this bike at the Easyriders Show here in Charlotte. This bike caught my eye and I took a closer look. The more I looked the more impressed I was. The bike did not shout at me but slowly drew me in, like a seductive redhead. It kept saying "Come a little closer." Once I was there I was captivated by the simplicity of the bike and what really got me was this bike is based off of a stock Harley-Davidson foundation. The bike is based off of an o6 Heritage Softail.
The changes on this bike are simple but have great overall effect. The rear fender, the wheels, the seat all make a statement. The bike looks like it came from era long ago with all the updates and advantages of today's technology.
I left my business card around the bike and told the owner to call me. Monday morning I got a call and it was Scotty McDaniel from South East Customs in Concord NC. I set up a time to visit South East Customs and to meet the owner Ric Greene. Vicki and I headed up to South East Customs Saturday morning. I had never heard of the shop and really did not know what to expect. Upon arriving Scotty greeted us and boy was I surprised with their shop. I was like a kid in a candy store. Newer model bikes everywhere but all of them had that timeless bobber look to them. There motto is "Making New Bikes Look Old Since 2005."


The "Heavy Hitter" was sitting in the show room and I made my way to taking photos. The name "Heavy Hitter" fits the bike perfectly with its baseball bat style exhaust and its baseball jersey style insignia on the tank. The black powder coated front end makes a statement that this bike is all business. Not a lot of chrome on this bike and I like that. The black powder coated parts on the bike gives it a bitchin' attitude.. This bike is simple yet eye catching and most of all very road worthy. This bike has a way of turning heads without shouting, just one close look and you are hooked like a fish on the end of a line.
Scotty moved here from the L.A. area and he brings a touch of Cali with him as far as his taste in bikes goes. He and I were on the same page as far as bikes go and I could have hung out at the shop all day. Scotty tells me that Ric (owner) gives him free reign when doing these bikes and I can see why. Scotty has this "Making New Bikes Look Old" down to a science.
This will not be my only visit to South East Customs. Ric and Scotty have hit on something here and you can see it in the bikes that roll out of the door.
By the way "The Heavy Hitter" knocked one out of the park at the Easyriders Show here in Charlotte with a 1st Place award in the Stock Modified class! A great accomplishment.
If you have a newer bike and dig the bobber look check their website out at


Great weekend for Riding!!!

Thank God! I was getting Cabin Fever!

As soon as I got home from work Friday, I jumped out of my skirt, into my jeans and chaps, in preparation for the 40 minute ride to McKoy's Steakhouse and Saloon. First Bike night of the season. I laughed that they originally hinted for cars to park at "Bojangles," I guess because those folks were "chicken?" When Greg and I pulled up to the parking lot, I had a rush of excitement, seeing rows and rows of bikes, and lot's of good friends we have missed over the winter months.

The brand new Carolina Rider Bus was on display! It looks Great! The Big Ride! Lots of fun plans for that bus are coming this bike season!

We ate a great meal, walked around to the vendors, visited and waited to see if we won the Kenny Chesney drawing .. we didn't. After a few more hugs and hellos we put on our layers to head home for a good nights rest.

On Saturday April 2nd: The "Thin Blue Line Ride" from Cox's Harley Davidson, Rock Hill, SC to Charlotte Harley Davidson in Matthews, NC. A few layers of clothes again, grab the dog, and we were off. (they were serving breakfast at Cox's) As soon as we got to the Rock Hill Exit, we stopped for gas, and then it happened:

I could tell something was wrong with my bike. Greg says "blew a cylinder!" It barely chugged its way to Cox's HD and we drove straight to the service door. The doors opened up like the ocean parting as I drove thru, looking over my shoulder at all the bikes lining up for the ride, and I am not one of them! It was 10:40 and the service techs met me at the doors. Knowing how much I wanted to be a part of the ride, and not ride Bi*@# on the back of Greg's bike (that is where the dog rides!) The Harley Service Techs took over like a Nascar Pit Crew! By 11:15 they had swapped out 2 plugs, tested the ignition system, taken it for a test ride, and had it ready to go!

While they worked on the bike, I got to snap photos! Check 'em out! Photos of a lot of people who contributed, participated & volunteered for this event! We could have picked from a large selection of events on this day, but it seemed to me this was a "paying it forward" event. Money and Proceeds dedicated to helping those who serve us through Law Enforcement!

I love that we started the ride with a Prayer. The ride was Police Escorted from start to finish, I got to ride, "Orange Crush" ( my bike) behind Jason Taylor "the Litigator" on his bright yellow Harley and I could see Jon with The Carolina Rider about three bikes up, and Greg to my side. We were about 15 bikes behind the 3 Rock Hill Police Cars that lead this Ride. Then as we turned the corner and pulled out of the Harley Davidson parking lot, I looked in my mirrors, all I could see were hundreds of bikes following behind us. It was beautiful as we passed under the giant United States of America Flag!

The ride was on back country roads, and a few small intersections. We never had to stop. Surprisingly, with hundreds of bikes, we were still going the speed limit (a few mph's over!) It was not a boring clutch and brake ride at all! Very well done!

As we pulled into Charlotte Harley Davidson, we were directed to the large back parking lot where Ken (owner) hosts many bike events for the HD Dealership. They did such a great job setting up our parking format, that anyone could leave at anytime, without worrying about having to move another bike out of the way. Keep in mind, hundreds of bikes, parked perfectly!

The party took up all the parking surrounding the other three sides of Charlotte Harley Davidson. The Matt Stratford Band playing non-stop classic rock, food from Applebees and Quaker Steak and Lube, free beer and a lot of fun!

Thanks to all my past marketing friends that I saw this weekend, who welcomed me back and congratulated me for being part of THE CAROLINA RIDER team! I appreciate it and look forward to participating in, and writing about your events!


The Big Ride

This past weekend heralded the first appearances of The Carolina Rider's Newest team member: The Big Ride, a 28,000lb former Char-Meck school bus under transformation as our marketing vehicle.(See pic at top of this mini-mag) For those at McKoy's Bike Nite or joining the Thin Blue Line Ride afterparty at H-D of Charlotte, you got first peek. The Big Ride can be found around The Greater Charlotte Area over this riding season....serving as our home base and instead of a fly-away tent at rider events here and there.

Saturday's Thin Blue Line Ride was a wonderful success with a count of just under 500 involved in the ride, good weather, great sponsors, a super warm send-off from Cox's and a fantastic party at H-D of Charlotte. Thanks to all who came out!

I'd like to thank Keith Larson from WBT-talk radio for joining us for the ride and showing his caring support. We felt your support, Keith, and very much appreciate you taking time to participate.

Speaking of Keith, put April 30th on your ride schedule and join The Carolina Rider and Keith's many friends for his annual Ride for the Kids. We've been a part of this ride before and know it to be one to not miss. Great cause - kids who need us to make a difference in their medically-challenged lives. Good people - Keith and his Matthews Fun Machines buddies. Good time - heck, it's a motorcycle ride! For more info,

Also an awesome supporter of this past weekend's ride, Jason Taylor, a devoted Sponsor of The Carolina Rider. Jason, The announces the following Winners from this past weekend's Thin Blue Line Ride afterparty:

Rae Silleman won a $250 gift card from Harley-Davidson of Charlotte courtesy of The gave something away too! Robert Maxson won a 2 Night Stay for 2 at Skyline Village Inn. Thanks to Mike Thrift for donating this prize!

Congratulations to the winners

And great thanks to everyone who helped make Saturday's event a grand time and profitable benefit.

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



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SkyLine Inn






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Mad Dog Custom Cycles


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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte








SkyLine Inn






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Mad Dog Custom Cycles


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