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Fly-in, Drive-in Ride-in!


Keith Larson's Ride #10 is April 28th


Dale Folwell for Lt. Governor


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of April 9-16, 2012

Monday 74 sunny, Tuesday 72 p-cloudy, Wednesday 61 sunny, Thursday 65 sunny, Friday 70 m-sunny, Saturday 77 iso t-storms, Sunday 82 iso t-storms, Monday 83 sunny (as per on Monday 4/9/12)






Being a Rider is Good Stuff!

Last week I wrote about what your senses notice when you're riding. This week we have the pleasure of publishing an article by a reader who went on what he calls his "Ride of a Lifetime!" As I looked over the article and photos, I was struck by something .. the radiant smile on Scott's face and its reflection in the overwhelmingly empowering and positive descriptive language speckled throughout his story...

"not a small feat" ... "awesome sight" ... " too much to pass up" ... "ate like kings"

"great accomodations" ... "people showed love everywhere"

"deeper understanding" ... "awesome sight"

and then there's the line that reveals the depth of the enthusiasm behind his smile: "flat-out fun!"

And you know, fortunately, that's the kind of stories that I hear over and over from riders. Positive descriptions of this pleasurable passtime that brings refreshment, community, freedom, peace, joy, thrill, adventure, and just plain flat-out fun!

Somebody stopped me at an event sometime back and thanked me for my column. He said what he liked most was my overall positive tone and that the world needs more of that kind of thinking and expressing. I thanked him. I thank him now again but, truth is, it's fairly easy. It's easy to be upbeat when I'm surrounded by folks having fun. Not all the time, understand. I'm not oblivious to the pain and disgruntlement around me. It's everywhere and all-pervasive. But I can dismiss the general grumble and focus on the "good stuff." What I'm talking about is what calls us to our bikes, the people we ride with, the lonesome road, and the community spirit that binds us. There's some good stuff all around us and I'm happy and grateful to ride a motorcycle and be connected to all of you who share this affirming lifestyle!



... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!







The Carolina Motorcycle Show folks sent this in ...

While you're shining up that classic bike for the spring riding season, mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Carolina Classic Motorcycle Show! It's being held at the same place, the NC Transportation Museum, Spencer, North Carolina.  Some have asked if the museum's new fee policy is impacting the cost of the show.  The museum fees are only if you want to visit the regular exhibits or ride the train.  If you're just coming to attend the show, only the normal show entry fees apply. $10 per bike or show as many bikes as you like for $20. As we have seen in the past, bikes of all conditions turn up and are definitely invited. We've had some very interesting barn finds show up. Sometimes the bikes are for sale. Maybe you'll find your next new project, or have one you want to sell. Put it in the show and get it noticed. This is not a serious show. Our trophies are a little quirky. Just a chance to display our bikes, swap a few stories and open the world of classic motorcycles to a wider public. These days, how many 12 year olds will ever get the chance to see their reflection in the chrome tank of a BSA Goldstar? ...


From Keith Larson

Keith Larson of WBT talk radio sent us this encouragement to get involved with this month's charitable ride....

Saturday, April 28 will be "Keith's Ride 10" (we have to call it "Keith's Ride" now because of a
trademark issue). It comes as I wrap up my tenth year at WBT. The Ride is going "Back to
Waxhaw" where it all started for me in Charlotte and where we went on the very first Ride. It
will be a terrific Ride, escorted by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Motor Patrol as always,
with help from other local agencies. It starts at Matthews Fun Machines and ends up in Historic
Downtown Waxhaw, where the town is helping us host a "Street Festival" on Main Street with
several bands, great food, and lots of fun.
As you know, your contributions as Riders go to our charities - and the need has never been
greater. We will be riding for the March Forth with Hope (Hope Stout) Foundation and the Zach
Ramsey Children's Cancer Fund, as always, and also three local families with kids currently
battling horrible cancers. The basic cost for a Rider and passenger to enjoy the whole day
including breakfast, lunch from Mac's Speed Shop, t-shirts, etc., remains $50. We once again
have several upgraded contribution packages to help us raise more money for the kids and
families. This year, the payment you make when you register will go directly to the March Forth
with Hope Foundation and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your contribution. March
Forth will then distribute funds to the other recipients.
We've had some excellent times together on these Rides, with many more to come. We do them
to have a fun day that allows us to help kids and families going through struggles that most of us,
thank God, will never know. I hope to see you on April 28th.
Follow on twitter: @KeithsRides



I'm Looking for You!

So you're wondering how you can get your charitable or educational event flyer in The Carolina Rider Scene? You wonder how you might tell your personal ride story? You're interested in listing your riding group on The Carolina Rider? You want to share your photos?

Write me!

It's REALLY just that simple. I'm looking for you and waiting to see your emails in my Inbox.

Hope to hear from you soon!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Ride the Line ...... FAIR WARNING!

I am going to be at the Thin Blue Line Ride this coming Saturday, April 14th and I will have a wonderful time, and you will read about it the following Monday right here inThe Carolina Rider Scene. The 2012 Ride is sponsored by Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, Cox's Harley-Davidson and as well as Tom Johnson Camping, Applebees, Suitcase Photography, Jet Metals, Budweiser, The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor and it benefits Aprill 5 and Forever Blue Foundation.

Events for the 2012 Thin Blue Line Ride include a police escorted ride, music, raffles, food and more!

So why am I telling you this ... because I don't want you to read about how wonderful it WAS, what a huge group of riders WERE THERE, how well it WAS orchestrated (one of my favorite escorted rides,) and how big the party WAS afterwards, and wish you HAD GONE! I am giving you "Fair Warning!"

 Check out the website and mark your calendars!

I hate to say "I told you so!" Instead, let me take a pic of you and your ride, and post it in our gallery along with my article. See you there!






I was part of a group of Christian Riders; nation wide, most are members of M25 where the leader Gary Burd set this ride up across the Holy Land. 71 bikers did a run across the Holy Land in Israel. This was no small feat in the logistics, since it was the first time it has been done, to get the bikes and riders over to Israel together.

In the USA we see rolling bikers in formation, which is an awesome sight and an encounter that's near impossible to miss. Yet in the rest of the world, the big bike culture is absent and doesn't thrive as here. The sight of rows after row of low slung American Cruisers rumbling past straddled by leather-clad riders would be rare, if not unimaginable. So seeing this group of Christian Riders, in a country with as many problems as they have with Christians, was an awesome impact on the people that saw them rumble along in formation. I had the chance to participate in this ride of the Holy Land; yet it was not just for fun.

(sign at the Syan border set up by Military base at that check point for us)


 The first ever "Run to the Wall, Israel" was a seven day ride to show support for Israel and its soldiers. I heard of the ride in a meeting with Rev. Gary Burd while he spoke to a men's group at Weddington UMC in June, 11. A trip to Israel was on my bucket list, and to do it with my bike was just too much to pass up. This was a spin off of the USA national event "Run for the Wall" in support for our Vets to Washington DC from Cal. We supported the Israeli Defense Forces with the run from Tel Aviv to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Each bike had an American Flag and an Israeli flag on it as we left the docks where our bikes had been shipped. Even thought the ride was only 70 miles we logged over 700 miles riding around the country drawing throngs of curious onlookers, media coverage world wide and declarations presented by the Mayors of several cities. We had over 100 Israeli bikers join in the run at times.

As we road, if we met or saw Israeli military members, we handed out olive green bandanas with Psalm 91 printed in English and Hebrew to all the solders. Psalm 91 is a prayer of protection and blessings. We also took over $600K in medical needs for the people of Israel.

We had 3 things we wanted to do with this run:

  1. show support for them as a nation

  2. support the military, past and present

  3. Take over medical supplies that are needed. (uses for Jews and Arabs as needed.)

We road in the missing man formation, this was for lost and wounded/hostage Israeli Solders. Every morning we would honor an Israeli Solder and then kick stands up right after breakfast and off we went. We ate like kings, great sleeping accommodations and the people showed us love everywhere we went. This can be seen on U-tube as many took pictures with their phones and posted it on this sight. You can see some of them by going to Run to the Wall Israel ... CBC has a very good one. We saw the holy sites, and all were sprinkled on by rain and re-baptized in the Jordan River.

Just riding across the Holy Land was just flat-out fun, but I learned so much about the history, and the people. The daily grind they go through with high tension of attacks by people that want to destroy them daily. This deeper understanding for the nation of Israel and the importance of the US supporting an ally in a land surrounded by enemies of both countries. I read the Bible in black and white, now I read it in color.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, the trip for next year last week of Oct/12 is being planned now. Go to M25 web site to get information, and just tell Gary that Scoot sent you.


Scott "Scoot" Wille









Thin Blue Line ... It's Here

If you haven't heard you must be hiding your head in a hole somewhere! The Thin Blue Line Ride has been announced on Fox 18, WBT radio and in most other forms of media as well. For me it's one of the year's biggest rides. It is a police escorted ride from Cox Harley-Davidson to Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. About 1 and 1/2 hours of "don't even put your feet down" fun. The ride helps the families of police officers who have been killed or injured in the line of duty ... a great cause.
This is TBL Ride number 4, the weather will be great I hear. With the small amount you pay to charity to ride in this ride you also receive (while supplies last) a nice t-shirt and lunch from Applebee's along with a band and a great ride!

So, to make it even more interesting ... to the first two people who approach me at Cox on Saturday morning with their Thin Blue Line Ride window cling, I will upgrade you to the VIP section... BE THERE EARLY as this is only going out to 39,000 of my best friends!!

See ya Saturday and

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



Ride Like A Pro




Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte





SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte



SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte



SkyLine Inn




Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte



SkyLine Inn








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