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(Lyrics from the song Me & My Shadow by Billy Rose, made famous by Frank Sinatra)

Photo by Marcia Lofts

April 14th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Call for Bikes for Art Exhibit

Ron Lofts: An Easter Weekend Ride!

Vince reports: Carlo's Ride

Calling Women Riders!

Loose Talk with Jon



The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 14-21, 2015

Wednesday 63h &70% rain, Thursday 63h & 90% t-storm, Friday 78h 30% t-storm, Saturday 80h 80% rain, Sunday 69h & 80% rain, Monday 75h & 50% rain, Tuesday 78h & clear(as per on 04/14/15)

Maggie's Ready to Play!

The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE 2 Bus, the poodles, Footloose and I will be at the Mopar and Hawgs event in Maggie Valley for the weekend of May 22-24. It'll be our first time back since the fateful day of the fire that took out Bus #1, you know; but also the first time for #2, (which we also call The Phoenix thanks to The Tarheel Tornado) to park on Maggie's Festival Grounds. We're looking forward to a weekend in the Valley.

I just glanced at what else is coming up in Maggie Valley and wish we could be there for more of what's to come. This coming weekend they've got an Oyster and Seafood event and the next weekend is all about Mini Trucks. In June the Oasis Shriners bring all their fun and frivolity to the Valley, there's a weekend Swap Meet and Car Show, and if we weren't going to be at Smoke Out, I'd sure like to be in Maggie Valley for the weekend of Plotfest with killer music and honoring plot hounds!

Smoke Out's gonna have DRIFT TRIKES!

Speaking of Smoke Out, I just got an announcement from Edge - On Friday night, they're adding something truly cool: DRIFT TRIKES! You've surely seen drift cars (at least on a TV reality show.) Well, these are low-riding trikes that drift. Oh yeah.... Here's what Edge said:

"Drift trikes are basically big wheels like we had as kids. However, these have engines because most of us don't have the endless energy of a six year old. Sections of PVC plastic are slid over the tire and then the tires are inflated, which allows the bikes to slide through the corners on the hard plastic."

Uh-huh ... that's what I thought too!

Bike's are ART

... but you already know that now, don't you?!

I received info about an art exhibit that's being developed in Greensboro, NC and it's about the art of the motorcycle. Yes! -Someone outside the riding world noticed! As with it all, art most definitely is in the eyes of the beholders .. and some of us behold the rat rod in all it's grungy glory and declare it art. Some of us behold the big-wheeled stretched-out floor-scraping chopper gleaming under convention center lights and declare IT art. Some of us see our off-the-showroom, unadulterated, stock bikes as THE art of our eyes while others of us see an antique something-something that leaks oil and has a smoker's cough like Shaggy's gonna have as the most artistically beautiful creature on earth.

Ok, folks, so this exhibit that Greenhill is putting together now has me asking ...

How is a Motorcycle Art? and What is your idea of Motorcycle Art?

Write me! Send me some pics! I'll share in a future edition.

As for Greenhill's project - YOU can get involved ... IF you've got a significantly-artsy bike, that is. Read about the plan below and get in touch with Greenhill pronto as they're looking to get the bikes lined up by the end of May...

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"


The horizon is in the distance, power of the engine reverberates, and the freedom of the open road is just ahead; start your journey, one motorcycle at a time, one work of art at a time...

Opening at Greenhill (Green Hill Center for NC Art) January 2017, M.A.D: Motorcycle. Art. Design will represent the first major exhibition combining cutting-edge contemporary visual art and exquisite design accomplishments of the 20th and 21st centuries: the motorcycle. 

Visualize, experience, live in the moment to feel the independence, adventure, and individuality exemplified by an iconic bike. Walk into The Gallery at Greenhill, the air electrified with excitement of possibility, with 30 motorcycles and dynamic site-specific art conveying the story, freedom, sex, fear, flight, and rich cultural narrative of the motorcycle. Through the artist’s lens, M.A.D will explore the quintessential symbol of modern age. Do you want to be a part of it?

Greenhill executive director Laura Way and a dedicated team of motorcycle enthusiasts and volunteers, led by Ozzie Scofield, are working together to plan what will surely be a blockbuster and its first iconic design exhibition. The exhibition will open January 2017 and run through mid-June 2017. The motorcycle curatorial team is now searching for significant motorcycles to represent the “design” aspect of the show. Site-specific commissioned artwork displayed around the bikes will convey the cultural context of the motorcycle during the eras covered by the show:  Pre-WWII, Post-WWII, 1969-2010 and the current period.

If you or a friend has a significant motorcycle that you think will be of interest to others, please contact Laura Way at 336-333-7460 to discuss what you have or go to  “Significant” nominations will meet one or more of the following criteria: Technological Innovation; Design Excellence and Aesthetic Appeal; or Social Function.

After compiling a list of potential bikes, the motorcycle curatorial panel of motorcycle enthusiasts will select 30-40 to be featured in M.A.D.  It is anticipated that the exhibit will display machines from many manufacturers and nations that span the past 110 years of production.

Located in Downtown Greensboro, Greenhill is the only non-collecting organization dedicated to presenting, promoting and advocating for contemporary visual art and artists of North Carolina. Since its founding in 1974, Greenhill has presented and sold artwork of over 9,850 visual artists and engaged over 1 million visitors through free access to The Gallery, InFocus Gallery, The Shop and the educational programs of ArtQuest.

What a great weekend for a ride.  We had originally planned on going in March for our anniversary, but some friends said that they had spring break the following week and wanted to go for a ride and would we put one together.  So for our anniversary we went to the romantic village of Erhardt SC population around 500 if that.  You may not think of Erhardt as romantic, but the bed and breakfast – Erhardt Hall – offers a wonderful candlelight dinner and breakfast.  We stayed in the Drayton Library with a spa bath featuring a Jacuzzi tub and bar.  The outside was undergoing some updating and renovation, actually Marcia at first wondered if it was open, but we had a wonderful weekend.

However, back to last weekend, Easter weekend.  So we plan to discuss two options 1) going north to Hendersonville from Greenville on Cherokee Highway (Hy 11 I think) up to Hendersonville for lunch take 64 over to Bat Cave/Chimney Rock/Lake Lure and down Rt. 9 and over through Columbus and back to Greenville; or 2) down to coastal Ga. for seafood and warm weather.  The group voted to go south and save Hendersonville for more of a summer trip.  This group is not seasoned riders and Marcia and I wondered how many of the 6 other couples would make it.  My bet was 0 while Marcia was saying at least 1.  One did hold out until the Wednesday before we were leaving on Friday (however, his wife had already opted out.)


We made reservations at the McIntosh Manor Bed and Breakfast in Eulonia Ga. on Hwy. 17 (the directions say across from the Piggly Wiggly).  We were to be the only couple staying there (same as last week in Erhardt).  We like the Bed and Breakfast over the typical motel.  This one was only $90.00 while the local Days Inn was similar in price, but not nearly as nice.  So it is just Marcia and I, which is great with me because I really like her company.

We started out Friday morning around 9:00 as planned.  The weather was in the 60’s with a forecast to reach the 80’s.  It was overcast to start and even looked like it could rain, so as a precaution we put in the rainsuits.  The forcast was also for a chance early on Saturday with clearing as the day went on.  We headed out 301 to Bamberg and found a station that had non-ethanol gas for all octanes and even had a man at the pumps to help out.  That was great because we prefer to use non-ethanol whenever we can or add an additive to counteract the ethanol when we can’t.  We decided to stay with 301 to 321 in Ulmer.  One of the things that impressed us is that these roads must have been major routes south at one time.  We went down on 321 and came back on 301.  Both had large abandoned truck stops, abandoned motels, and restaurants along the way.  Must be a little like Route 66.  I remember as a kid going out west to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Utah on route 30, the Lincoln Highway, all 2 lane roads.

Ulmer is one of those towns that just must have ...


On Saturday, March 21st we held the Benefit Ride for Carlo Gagliardo to help raise money for Lost Wages and Medical Expenses.  I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this, but God truly was looking down on everyone that day.  With rain happening most of the week, that Saturday was perfect riding temperatures with a high in the low 70s.  It all got started out at Iron Horse where Mike Heafner and his staff were excellent hosts.  Fresh coffee was brewing inside for everyone and the grill even fired up with cooked to order hotdogs, if you wanted one for breakfast.  Riders showed up early and often to register, get their Poker Sheet, Raffle Tickets and head out on their own adventure getting all of the cards for their hand.

Paul Sachak of Armored Graphix was manning the stop at Corral Motorcycles.  Carlo himself was there to greet everyone at his shop, Carolina Cycle Service.  Ben and his wife took care of all the draws at Ben’s Vtwin.  Thom O’Mahoney handled everything at Cycle Gear and Robert Parker and Sally McAteer made sure Harley-Davidson had a nice place designated for us.  One of Carlo’s customers, Sara, took care of the details on Ride Day at Harley-Davidson.  As I was manning Iron Horse (and getting a special visit from Jan of TCR), I kept in contact with everyone through phone and text and learned that people were having fun at every stop along the way.

The day ended at Stooge’s Pub and Grub where over $2000 worth of door prizes were given away.  While there were prizes donated from everywhere, a huge amount of thanks have to go out to Thom from Cycle Gear.  From all kinds of motocross memorabilia (in tribute to Carlo), to his and her’s armored jackets (won by Alex Weddle), to a GoPro Hero 4 camera (won by Brittany, the bartender at Stooge’s), Thom just kept the prizes coming.  It honestly seemed like the door prizes were never going to end.  Carlo even gave away copies of the DVD made about him, “A Day in the Life of Carlo Gagliardo.”  I got mine autographed!

Stooge’s was the perfect setting to wrap-up as the “back lot” is home to a burnout pit and that got some good use that afternoon.  Everyone had a great time and despite my worries about how the whole event would be received, people genuinely seemed to enjoy the non-escorted format.  The highlight was watching Carlo thank everyone personally at Stooge’s as well as draw each winning ticket and hand out the prizes.  After all of that was done, we got to give Carlo the special prize of the day…$5259 which had been raised through the GoFundMe campaign as well as the Benefit Ride.  Just over $1800 alone was raised at the ride from 52 bikes/cages.  What a wonderful afternoon!

Added Update:  Just last week, Carlo was dealt some devastating news at a check-up.  It seems the pins/screws holding his leg together have shift and loosened.  He is still awaiting exact details, but he knows he will have to go back into the hospital yet again so they can re-open his leg and re-do his leg.  Thus, all of his progress and healing are most likely going to be un-done.  Thus, if you still would like to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign, you may do so by clicking here or copying and pasting the address into your browser:  Please help if you can…

Super Bonus Update:  People have asked about it, and details are being worked out, but Charlotte’s 2nd Annual Blessing of the Motorcycles is coming!  Mark Sunday, June 28th on your calendars.  Stay tuned to TCR for more info…

Indian Demo!

I was just writing last week about how cool demo rides can be to check out different types of bikes from different dealers. Well, did you notice that Indian Charlotte has a demo ride coming up this month?! Demo opportunities can be tons of fun - especially if you've never had a chance to experience the many flavors and attitudes of motorcycles out there in the world. As I said last week, most of the larger dealerships have them at some time or other so keep your eyes peeled and sign up when you can.

The Indian Charlotte dealership which is located just off I-85 in Lowell, NC has their own Factory Demo on April 24 and 25 and, as the ad says, you can ride each and every 2015 Indian Chief as well as the new Scout. They'll be great hosts with hot dogs and a warm welcome to all. If I wasn't teaching that weekend, I'd be there myself.

You'll need to sign up ahead of time and, as I said last week, you'll need to show proof of your motorcycle endorsement and bring your own protective gear.

I'm out on the range today and tomorrow with another crop of budding bikers. Safe riding to us all!

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