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April 15th Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

TCR Classifieds

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Do you Ride on the Back? ... Write about it!

Justin & Cody: Our Bike's Arrival - Can you Ride with us?

Calendar Girl Week's Highlights

Bub shares another "Golden" Ride - FLORIDA! - part 1

EVENT REPORTS: Patriot Run XII, Fort Bragg

Spring Rally Photo Contest - Enter thru May

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 15-22, 2014

Tuesday 66 showers, Wednesday 59 sunny, Thursday 66 m-sunny, Friday 66 cloudy, Saturday 74 p-cloudy, Sunday 72 p-cloudy, Monday 69 am clouds, Tuesday 75 scattered showers (as per on 4/15/14)



Current Listings:


Listed 3/3/14 - Custom Chopper - $10,500 OBO, 1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. (Charlotte)




Not all of us riders go to motorcycle events. Not to bike nites or rallies or poker runs either. Some of us do sometimes. Some do them all!

That came up in a conversation I was having with someone this past week and it once again reminded me of the perfect diversity of the riding population. "I'm a socialite," this one guy told me. "I look at your calendar every week to see what's coming up so I can meet new people and be with good biker folks." He's a social rider and motorcycle events fuel his life. Another rider shared that she's more of a loner and that riding is her one solitary activity that gives her time to herself to breathe and just enjoy letting go of the tons of peoples' needs in her life. Still another person shared that he and his wife ride in some poker runs to support charities they believe in but otherwise they ride with a small group of friends on short daytrips usually. Another guy told me about being part of a HOG chapter for many years and now being in an MC. "I like the family connection I find with bikers and, while I love to ride, it's riding with my brothers and sisters that really makes me happy." There was also a couple who shared their love of rallies. "We hit as many as we can every year!," trilled the wife. "It's just what we do. I guess kinda like those of us who followed The Grateful Dead, we follow motorcycle rallies and we love it. Everyone knows we're living our life for the thrill of the rallies!" The mixture of rider motivations varies widely just like the diversity of personalities, skills, choice of bikes, and dress style too!

If you're one of the many who looks for a ride to be a part of, our Calendar Girl shares today that events are fewer on The Carolina Rider online Events Calendar for this weekend. It's a holiday weekend and the forecast looks spectacular for us outdoorsy folks. The rain last night may have showered away some petals from the season's flowers but it brought in a freshness in the air that I know I am enjoying. May you too.

I have a little flock of hens ("my girls") who lay such beautifully-colored eggs, there's no need for vinegar and food coloring and that little loopy egg scooper. And so, with my "Springtime/Easter card" above, I wish you all lots of Springtime fun with friends and family, the road and the wind!

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April Invitation:

Do you "Ride on the Back?"

Write your story and you could win an overnight stay at Skyline Village Inn for you and the one who steers the wheels you ride plus TCR t-shirts for both of you!....

Our Bike's Arrival

Can you Ride with us?!

I am so excited to say that my bike is getting closer and closer to ready to roll ... and, as with most builds, the bike's completion is coming down to the wire. My friend Brad in Michigan who started Two Wheels for Warriors, has gotten all the paint back for the bike ... now he is marrying up the side car to the bike before he sends it off to the painters. The crew at Dirty Boyz Motorcycle and Dave Solleveld who is doing the paint along w/the help from Shotgun Willie are busting there asses off to make sure the bike will be ready in time to ride it home to The Carolinas!

And here's where you come in ....


Brad, Cody, and I will be riding here from Michigan the week of April 28th. Along our route, we would love for some of you to ride along with us! Look here in next week's ezine for updates. We'll be giving "on the road" updates via The Carolina Rider Facebook page once we're on the road so you can find out where we are and we'll provide you some way to find us. At this point, I know we'll be stopping in West Virginia for an overnight on the way into The Carolinas.


If you can't ride us into town, here's another option: We plan to ride into Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord on Wednesday the 30th and join up with The BIG RIDE Bus for Bike Nite. Please come see our new bike built by Two Wheels for Warriors and learn more about this amazing effort to create bikes for injured Veterans.


Finally, there's one other way you can get involved. My next step is to put together build and support teams here in The Carolinas. I'm looking for just the right bike shop/builder, the bikes and parts, and the financial support to make it happen. The Carolina Rider is partnering with me and we're all excited to connect another injured Veteran with a bike built to suit their personal needs and give them back some freedom in living.

Enjoy a few photos I was able to sneak away from Brad!

The guys from Consolidated Stripping let Brad and a great friend of Two Wheels of Warriors, Garry, use their sand blast machines free of charge. As well as Brent from Tough Coat Custom Powder Coating is meeting Brad  1/2 on the price of the powder coating. Brad also said that he got the side car from a disabled Army Vet named Mark. Brad also says that Cody's helmets have been painted and they are "bad ass!!"

Thanks to Two Wheels For Warriors and all the great shops and people that are helping to make this 1st Bike a success ... they're truly going above and beyond.


Hello all my fellow bikers in The Carolinas! Calendar Girl here with all the latest information on some upcoming events for this weekend and on into next week. The weather is finally being more reasonable so we can get out and celebrate spring. This is week is a little lighter in the number of events being offered with the Easter holiday coming up, but that will just allow you to hit more places!

… And, remember, this is just a taste of what's on our full online Event Calendar so make sure you always check for all that's happening ... and get your ride on!

Some Events 'n Rides for Saturday, 19 April, 2014

Gaston County CBA Breakfast Fundraiser - Gastonia, NC

4th Annual CFR Cruise-In/Blessing of the Bikes/Bike Show - Bostic, NC – Carolina Faith Riders is a Christian motorcycle ministry based throughout North Carolina. Go see their fan-based bike show, eat some wonderful BBQ, and participate in the blessing done by Rev Marvin Green. I don’t know about you but I always think its s good idea to attend at least one of these blessing events each year…just in case! Mike, the president of the organization, told me this event is always the Saturday of Easter. He said, “We like to think that by blessing the bikes we also have a chance to bless some souls. You will be very touched by the words of Scott Huffman as he shares his Easter story. I KNOW you will ride away glad that you came!”

3rd Annual ROCKABUNNY RUMBLE - Murrell's Inlet, SC

These and lots more can be found on The Carolina Rider online EVENTS CALENDAR!


Part 1

Sunday morning dawned dark and cool, actually it was before dawn when I pulled  into Mickey’s driveway at 5:30. He was ready to roll, turned on his headset, said “good morning”, hit the starter button on his GS 1200 as I turned my CB1100 toward the street and off we go. Where are we going?  The title gives it away.

Several months ago, I think it was in January, you remember January, don’t you?  Cold and wet.  Mickey said that the Codgers should make a trip to Key West.  I said that I’d go along down to where I used to live near Cocoa Beach and Charley and him could go on down to the Keys.  Been there several times, done that. And then they could pick me up on the way back. So we talked about maybe late February  or early March. Then Mickey’s wife Jeannie had eye surgery and Charley was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and so it was April by then.  Because I had an appointment with my cardiac doctor the first week, we settled on the second week.

Finally the second week rolled around and on the 6th we started those wheels turning.  Charley lives in Lincolnton NC so it was easier for him to come down I 77 and meet us at a rest stop on I 26 just south of Columbia SC.  Mickey and I had planned to ride the back roads, but I suggested we ride I 26 from Spartanburg SC ,as it was Sunday ,traffic would be light and no morning rush in Columbia. And that’s what we did.

We found the rest stop below Columbia about 7:15, took a little break and at 7:30 here comes Charley on his Vstrom.  After Charley had his “rest” we headed south on I 26 for a couple of miles until we found the road we wanted that would take us over to US 301. Which we planned to ride on until it joined with US 27 in Florida....


Patriot Run XII - for Fisher House

Fort Bragg, NC

Patriot Run Xll, if you weren't there you missed a good one. The weather was perfect, the route well thought out, and the police escort well motivated. This run was to honor all veterans past and present and to support the Fisher House on Ft Bragg that supports our active duty soldiers and there family members. All the riders that rode that day had some connection to the services,active duty,retired or veterans.

Registration was pretty much done by 9 30 everyone was treated to a biscuits and gray breakfast during this time and some pretty strong coffee. Just before 10 am we all gathered for a pre-ride prayer followed by the road captains safety brief. The sheriff deputy that lead us out wanted to make sure we understood the rules of the road and to stay tight as a group and to watch the "accordion effect". When all was said and done at 10 am about 65 riders were headed north on Hwy 210 working our way to Lillington N.C. and then on to Angier N.C., this 20 something mile piece let riders get to know each other and find there place in the pack. The slower riders got pasted and the nervous ones settled into the rhythm of the ride  At Angier we made a left onto state road 55 to the Wake county line where Wake county deputy's ran us up to Federal 401 and on into Raleigh and the state capital. The traffic was a little tight in some spots but must people pulled over to give us the right of way.

The run started at VFW post #9103 in Spring Lake N.C. at 10 am and we where assembled at the state capital by 1130. The remembrance ceremony is held monthly and very dignified about 1215 the ride continued to VFW post 5631 with fewer riders then when it started overall a really good day.

It's Tax Day

April 15 and time to pay our taxes which has nothing to do with motorcycles.... but alot to do with just the stuff of life.

It's been really nice but for the next couple of days the weather is going to turn cold again. And then we will be back to riding weather. Gear up, The Carolina Rider is pleased to be a part of some quickly upcoming bike nites ...

Join us at a Bike Nite!

  • I will be at Zippers Bike bight in Lincolnton on April 23rd

  • The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus will be at Out-Skirts Cabaret on April 25th

  • And the bus will again be at Quaker Steak and Lube on April 30th and, as Justin shares above, we're excited that Justin and Cody will be joining us to show off their new bike courtesy of Two Wheels for Warriors! QS&L says they have Two Cent Redemption playing and 7 vendors too!

If you stop any of these, by tell me you read this and I will give you one of The Carolina Rider buffs!

See you out and about.....

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