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April 22nd Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Shag's Rant: My "New" Non-Jap Bike

Do you Ride on the Back? ... Tell us about it!

Sandy: What to do on a DAY OFF

Justin & Cody: Ride with us, Meet our Arrival

Calendar Girl Week's Highlights

EVENT REPORTS: A Ride in Memory of Danielle Locklear

Spring Rally Photo Contest - Enter thru May

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 22-29, 2014

Tuesday 79 pm t-storms, Wednesday 72 sunny, Thursday 73 m-sunny, Friday 78 iso t-storms, Saturday 82 sunny, Sunday 80 p-cloudy, Monday 75 m-cloudy, Tuesday 73 showers (as per on 4/22/14)


The rains we had Saturday brought the lake I live on into places I haven't seen it since I was a kid. I'm guessing you too found water gushing out of gutters and drains, spillways and puddles more than usual. Great for the green leaves and opening buds that Spring is springing on us everywhere; not so great for boggy gardens waiting to be planted.

This week's edition of The Carolina Rider Scene is overflowing too and I sense it, like the rains to the flowers, is making possible a blooming grand riding season that is now upon us! Wednesday evening, Footloose and I will both hop on The Carolina Rider Street Glide and head to Zippers first bike nite in Lincolnton. No I'm not riding my own. Partly because, as I've said before, enjoy the choice I get to make (to ride my own or ride on the back?!) Mostly because Footloose's bike has a new seat with our logo on it to match the beautiful logo'd paint job too and we want to show IT off! Please come see us that night if you're near the Lincolnton area or need an excuse to ride there. And join us for all the other bike nites Footloose mentions below.

Weather can't be beat this week. Enjoy!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

"I made ya look, but ya never saw me coming" ....

(Lzzy Hale)

In a previous rant I hinted at the idea of adding a non-Japanese bike to my fleet, and I had more than a few people ask if it was a Harley. FUCK NO!!! Rest assured, if you ever see me on a Harley I either lost a bet or I’m running to save my lily white ass. No its not American, I like the new Indian as much as the next guy but we’ve all seen the price tag on those damn things.  So what’s next, British? Not really my bag, but wouldn’t turn down a Thurxton. It’s also not German (could you really see my long haired ass rocking a Beemer?), I’ll give you a hint,,,, Italian....

Having never been a sport bike fan I have to say this one did take me by surprise. But I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the Ducati brand. Going on the time line of twentieth century motorcycle manufacturers Ducati is still relatively new, being that all their offerings to the world of two wheeled chaos is completely post world war two. I always craved one of these strange “sausage creatures” (pay attention that comes up later) for my very own even if it was just to be a hobby bike. During the Chesnee toy run I found a lead that I just couldn’t pass up. While talking to Clint Button, of A.B.O.M. fame, I found out he had one squirreled away in his vast collection of bikes. He gave me some info and I told him to name his price....

April Invitation:

Do you "Ride on the Back?"

Write your story and you could win an overnight stay at Skyline Village Inn for you and the one who steers the wheels you ride plus TCR t-shirts for both of you!....

You have a nice day off from work, household duties, etc… What would you do?  Go for a ride!   Meet a friend for lunch! 
That’s exactly what happened to me recently.  A friend near the Charleston, South Carolina area called me up and said “Hey, I have the day off on Friday…I would like to ride up to Thomasville and have lunch with you!”

Cool!  So I asked my friend, “Do you need to stay the night?”  “No….she replies…. I’m just riding up to have lunch with you on Friday and then returning home.”  HUH?????   "You are kidding me, right?," I replied back to her “No, you are staying the night with us so you can relax from your long ride and not be under any stress to return home by nightfall.” 
Now…mind you …this is a five hour “ride” for lunch from her home to my place of employment for this spontaneous lunch date. WOW!  What a friend!  (She truly is a wonderful friend!)

So tell me… have you ever done any spontaneous or just-for-the-heck-of-it riding?

Have you ever thrown your leg over the seat of your trusty steel pony and just rode and rode until it was time to turn around and head home or find a place to stay for the night?

As a treat to my visiting friend, I took her for a long back road ride after work towards our home from Thomasville to Winston Salem.  I decided to treat her to a little historic spot in Winston Salem for a neat photo opportunity.  She was thrilled to see this neat 1930’s Shell Station.

Enjoy the photos!  If you would like to see it for yourself, it’s located on E. Sprague & Peachtree St, Winston Salem, NC. Remember…there is NO fuel here!  Ha! Ha!  (It’s actually a NC Historic Preservation office)

I thoroughly enjoyed my friend’s quick visit and she made it home to her husband safe and sound!   It will be my turn next to make a spontaneous “planned” visit from my home to SC soon.  That’s a long ride I will be looking forward to!!  But, I don’t plan to make this ride in a day…too much to see and photograph in her neck-of-the-woods!

Ride long and Ride strong!   Stay safe my friends!  -  Sandy Reece

Ride with us!


Meet us at Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Nite 4/30

Cody and I will be getting on our new bike built by Two Wheels for Warriors within this week. We're on our way to Michigan now. Want to join in the excitement around this completed project? Want to help kickstart such projects in The Carolinas?


Brad, (my friend who started Two Wheels for Warriors,) Cody, (my service dog,) and I will be riding here from Michigan the week of April 28th. Along our route, we would love for some of you to ride along with us! Look here in next week's ezine for updates. We'll be giving "on the road" updates via The Carolina Rider Facebook page once we're on the road so you can find out where we are and we'll provide you some way to find us. At this point, I know we'll be stopping in West Virginia for an overnight on the way into The Carolinas.


If you can't ride us into town, here's another option: We plan to ride into Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord on Wednesday the 30th and join up with The BIG RIDE Bus for Bike Nite. Please come see our new bike built by Two Wheels for Warriors and learn more about this amazing effort to create bikes for injured Veterans.


Finally, there's one other way you can get involved. My next step is to put together build and support teams here in The Carolinas. I'm looking for just the right bike shop/builder, the bikes and parts, and the financial support to make it happen. The Carolina Rider is partnering with me and we're all excited to connect another injured Veteran with a bike built to suit their personal needs and give them back some freedom in living.


(The bike and Cody's sidecar in the shop ...

... they're working hard to get this bike out in time for our ride home to The Carolinas)


Hello all my fellow bikers in The Carolinas! Calendar Girl here with all the latest information on some upcoming events for this weekend and on into next week. The weather is finally being more reasonable so we can get out and celebrate spring. This is week is a little lighter in the number of events being offered with the Easter holiday coming up, but that will just allow you to hit more places!

… And, remember, this is just a taste of what's on our full online Event Calendar so make sure you always check for all that's happening ... and get your ride on!

Some Events 'n Rides for Saturday, 26 April, 2014

BACA Child Abuse Awareness Poker Ride - Raleigh, NC

Dudley Crenshaw Memorial Run - Easley, SC – I talked with Robbie Wilbanks, Sargent at Arms, for the Marines Motorcycle Club about this memorial run. Club brother and USMC Ret Dudley Crenshaw passed away as a result of complications due to a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. He was an awesome man of his word and terrific family man. His passing brings to light the awareness needed for all brain injuries and this club wants to take on raising money for The Brain Injury Association of SC. Robbie said, “We plan on hosting this annual event as close to Dudley’s birthday, April 28, every year. Come join us for a long poker ride with about 4-5 stops and ending at Ms. Hoots Place for food and karaoke music.”

4th Annual Relay For Life Cancer Poker Run - Canton, NC

These and lots more can be found on The Carolina Rider online EVENTS CALENDAR!


A Ride Remembering Danielle Locklear

It's been in the news. Another young woman gone missing. A community coming together over the search, the loss, and now justice. Our Sandhills Mike joined the ride in her memory this past weekend......

A charity ride was held today for Danielle Locklear in Hope Mills, N.C. The motorcycle club "Hole Shot Ryders" out of Parkton, N.C. put it together on some very short notice. You may have heard about Danielle Locklear, she was reported missing on 11 March 2014, her body was found on 2 April and Identified on 8 April. This young woman (15) was murdered by an ex-boyfriend, himself only 17.

The "Hole Shot Ryders" picked a route thru Hope Mills and the surrounding community.  We ran thru the city streets and back-roads that Danielle would have learned to drive on. We went by the high school she attended as a show of respect.

The ride of about 15 miles was not escorted so there was a few traffic problems but to my knowledge no one got hurt . We had at least 50 riders when started and a few arriving as we departed. The community of riders was well represented with riders from, Freedom Followers, Nam Knights, Borinqueneers, alot of individuals and a Wingman or two.The weather was pleasant 66 degrees overcast but no rain.


Bike Nites are cranking up and our online Events Calendar is brimming with rides and runs and such. The weather is somewhat more stablized and I'm ready to ride!

The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus is also ready to get out and meet and greet. One event we're excited about (among many) is the Combat Vets day on May 3rd. It's going to be a full day paying honor to our Veterans and to enjoy good riding, great music by Nashville recording artist Rockie Lynne at the end point, and good people!

Bike Nites

Come join us for one or all of these bike nites! After last year's mostly rained-out season, I can't wait to get the party started.

We're riding my bike to Zippers this Wednesday and taking The BIG RIDE Bus to Out-Skirts Cabaret on Friday.

And please mark your calendar and join us next week when we welcome Justin and Cody's special new bike from Two Wheels for Warriors into The Carolinas. Meet them on the road or meet them at bike nite in Concord.

We'll be giving away TCR Tuffs and drinks too so wear your own TCR clothing!

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