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(photo from Motorcycle Cannonball by Dennis "Talk" Talkington of Billings, MT)


April 28th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

> United Cerebral Palsy Ride for a Life coming up May 30th! <

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Bub: We've got that Sunset Feeling!

Calling Women Riders!

Talk speaks out from Montana

Loose Talk with Jon

UCP of South Carolina hosts

3rd annual Ride for a Life fundraiser

Saturday, May 30

Get your motors running and your kickstands up for a good cause!  United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina (UCPSC) will host its third annual Ride for a Life motorcycle fundraiser on Saturday, May 30, 2015. (FLYER ABOVE)  Proceeds raised from the event will benefit the individuals served by UCPSC, all of whom have a range of life-long developmental and intellectual disabilities.  The event is being led for the second year in a row by members of the Mad Hatters Riding Club of Gaston, SC.

Registration for Ride for a Life is available on the UCPSC website,  The cost is $10 for a single rider and $15 for a rider with a passenger.  Event t-shirts are included with the registration fee at no extra cost for riders who pre-register online.  They will also be available for sale the day of the event.  Check-in begins at 9 a.m. at the United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina office at 1101 Harbor Drive, West Columbia, SC and the ride kicks off at 11 a.m.  Riders will stop at several different locations around the Lake Murray area before arriving at the after party destination starting at 4 p.m.  The after party will feature music, a raffle, auction, and 50/50 drawing.  Maps and directions to the various destinations will be posted on the UCPSC event page.

Sponsors for this year’s Ride for a Life event include Palmetto RX Solutions from Columbia, SC and GuildQuality from Atlanta, GA.  Marketing and advertising support is provided by The Carolina Rider. 

For more information ...

please contact Alanna Layton, Development Coordinator for UCPSC, or 803-926-8878.

(2014 Ride for a Life group shot)

About United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina

The mission of United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina is to positively support and impact the achievement of a Life Without Limits for people with disabilities. UCPSC offers a wide range of programs and supports for these individuals and their families, including community living services, adult day programming and employment services. United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina serves adults with a variety of developmental disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, intellectual disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, and traumatic brain injuries.  For more information, visit


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 28 - May 5, 2015

Wednesday 61h & 60% rain, Thursday 69h & 70% rain, Friday 71h & p-cloudy, Saturday 75h & clear, Sunday 80h & clear, Monday 82h & clear, Tuesday 82h & p-cloudy (as per on 05/05/15)

Nature's Beauty

The title of Bub's column this week inspired me to pull out some of my collection of sunset photos. My sunsets tend to be over the water, from our boat or dock. Any individual one of them rival any acclaimed artist's rendering, I think; and not because of me but simply the grandeur of creation. The colors that flow out of the evening sky amaze me and thrill me.

How about you? If you ride, you've seen some beauty out there - be it sunsets or some other expression of Nature's glory. What beauties have you witnessed on your rides? Share with us!

Talk is Back!

In this edition, we welcome back a writer who does NOT live in The Carolinas.... but considers himself part of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine anyway! "Talk" who lives in Montana and reads our publications, shares about recent riding he's been doing since we last heard from him way back in September of 2013 about his Sturgis adventures. We're happy to have Dennis "Talk" Talkington of Billings, MT back among our "cyber-pages" and appreciate getting his perspective of the Cannonball ride from his neck of the woods.

3rd Annual Ride for a Life, Columbia, SC

We have a new contributor adding her words to this edition as she helps to promote the 3rd Annual Ride for a Life. The Carolina Rider is happy to be helping get the word out as a marketing sponsor of their ride on May 30th in Columbia, SC. If you look at the photo in Alanna's story above, look hard in the back row on the left hand side, you might find a familiar face. Write me if you recognize one of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine's columnists and whoever gets their correct guess to me first gets a TCR Tuff to wear around their neck!

Women Riders Write in!

I have so enjoyed the two responses to the Call for Women Riders. Two long-riding women have been so kind to share their ride with us and I look forward to publishing what they wrote (and photos that accompany,) in the Mother's Day edition (week of May 11th) of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine. If you are a woman who rides - either on the back or on her own 2 or 3-wheeled bike/trike, you still have time to share!

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"Riding off into the Sunset"

What most of us would like to do and the ad agencies really play on it.  How many times in a car, motorcycle, atv or camping ad have we seen a variation on that theme?  A lonely hillside with the sun setting in gorgeous color and up pulls a bike ,stoppeds and a couple view the scene .  Not a care in the world.  Welcome to motorcycling!  That’s the way I feel when out riding these beautiful mountains or flat lands or beach lands---you get the drift.  Even in the rain I get that “sunset” feeling.  And it is so much better when you can share with your spouse or SO and even with your riding buddies.

And speaking of riding buddies, just found out that Shaggy and I share the same birth month, mine is on the first and his is the third of May.  He said he’s going to buy me a steak dinner and I said that I would spring for the milkshakes-----that’s fair, isn’t it?  After all I’m just a poor senior living on a  fixed income.   LOL!

The CPRs have been kinda crippled lately, Charley had cataract removal surgery on both eyes and although the left eye came out fine, he’s been having trouble with the right eye.  It got infected and wouldn’t clear up.  He was really worried about it as the docs , yes doc plural—he had up to 7 working on it, told him if the eye didn’t respond to therapy soon he may end up with seriously degraded or lost sight.  And he hasn’t been on a bike or been fishing, his other passion, since late February.  We’ve been in close contact and this morning he called and reported that he had been to the clinic and all looked good, the infection is gone and his sight is improving by the hour.  So this coming week has 2 good looking outdoor days and he is trying to decide which day to ride and which day to fish!  He’s looking for a “sunset”!

(Mickey and John on the bridge into Summit Lake - same as me in the title pic)

In the meantime the other CPR members have tried to uphold our tradition---whatever it is. Mickey, John and self have ridden a couple of times and twice, I think, Mickey and I rode.  On one ride Mickey was trying to check out that old joke we see so many times of a person stepping on  a banana peel and falling down. Only being a CPR he tried it on a bike----and it’s true! He rode over one while turning around and his front wheel went south.  He didn’t go all the way down but he was doing some serious dancing to keep that BMW up.  Another lesson we learned ,and this happened on a ride I reported on last month where we four found a dirt road from the Brown Mtn area up to Blowing Rock ,is that you’re going too fast on a washboard road if your chattering teeth drown out your engine sound!  And that road drowned out the engines a lot!

(A surprising sight: the Russian chapel in the midst of the Russian winery vineyard)

We have kind of “rediscovered” the Lake Lure, Saluda and Hendersonville area, there are a ton of roads there that we haven’t been on and we have ridden that area lot.   Mickey and I were going off the main roads around Saluda, came across a dirt road that dropped down into the Green River Gorge, followed it around and came upon a beautiful little lake high in the mountains. Rode the dirt road around it and we were in Tuxedo NC.  Wow, been through Tuxedo many times but had never seen the lake.  Couple of weeks ago three of us, Mickey, John and self took off for a ride. We wanted to show John Pinnacle Mtn near Flat Rock.  This is a favorite of ours, the road follows the ridge of the mountain with wonderful views on either side.  Then we took John over to Tuxedo and gave him the tour of the lake which we found out is named Summit lake.  After that we tried –again- to find Howard’s Gap Road from near  Hendersonville to Tryon NC.  Did you know that there are lots and lots of roads in the mountains that will go on for 5, 10 or more miles and then suddenly end!  All you can do is turn around and retrace your “steps”.  We have found out that riding a road backwards—so to speak is just like riding a new road.  On one of those roads that suddenly end there was a Russian winery and in the middle of some vines was a Russian style chapel. Very nice.  Mickey ask me a couple of days later if I could find that chapel again---no way, I replied.  Too many roads and we still didn’t find Howard’s Gap.

Howdy from Montana to Footloose, FancyFree & the rest of the TCR crew and readers!

I haven't picked up my pen for awhile but thought I'd let you know I'm still enjoying those TCR emails that show up regularly. Riding has been good to me lately... This is the first year in a long time that I have been able to ride in February and March...several times and many miles....not just short in-town trips. Had 500 miles in by April Fools Day. Pretty good for up here, as last winter (2013/14) we had a record amount of snow. This just past winter between Xmas Eve and mid-January we had 3 feet of snow and then it kinda backed off. Looked like you folks back east took the brunt of the rest of the winter.

Last season I got in over 8000 miles...which may not sound like much to some...but was pretty good for this fat old man. Did about a thousand Ozark miles with number 3 brother, Andy, in May, and of course Sturgis. And best of all, in September, I rode down to Elko, Nevada and tagged along for the 13th and 14th stages of the Motorcycle Cannonball.

Elko north thru Owyhee to Meridian, Idaho and on to Lewiston, Idaho.....flat freakin' awesome!! I was in Elko the afternoon the riders did their only long day on the interstate from Springville, Utah and it was hot so they were pretty whipped by the time they got to Elko. All kinds of old iron ... even a Ner-A-Car (in orange below,) that I had previously only seen in a museum.

Let me tell you that it's pretty cool to pull into a gas station/convenience store in a tiny town far from the interstate with 40 or so old scooters and sit back and watch. Old iron requires a fair amount of maintenance and the looks on the local's faces when they walk out of the store or pull in to get gas and see what's up was priceless. Almost everyone was interested....and all the Cannonball riders and crew were friendly and enjoyed talking about their bikes, etc.

I even got to assist on wrenching an electrical problem along the side of the road on an Indian. There were even 4 gals riding in the Cannonball - one was 72 years young!

I did 2000 miles that week and headed towards home on US hiway 12. I liked the warning sign: "winding road next 99 miles" I shoulda taken a pix - and wotta ride!!

Made some new friends. Was invited to a microbrew pub in Meridian and even tho I'm generally not a beer drinker, I had to have one - named what else? ...  "Iron Butt!"

On the way home I picked up some used fairing lowers for my Road King and had to have a pix of my scooter "hauling body parts" (title shot above,) .....that could be ominous.......;-)

I'll be headed on vacation soon to the St. Louis area and if I get down your way I'll see if I can stop by one of your events.

Gearing up for the 75th Sturgis in August!



cvma in support of our VETS

The Combat Vets Motorcycle Association is one of many groups committed to helping out our veterans. You see it all the time in The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine and throughout our online Events Calendar - motorcycle events benefitting veterans. There are tons of organizations, tons of well-meaning efforts, and tons of devoted club members of these groups.

But, here's the thing - there's a TON OF NEED.

Thank you to the CVMA for their work on behalf of veterans who are in facilities and needing someone else to reach in and let them know they are cared for, provide additional monies for care, and salute their service.

FancyFree and I are taking the BIG RIDE 2 Bus to Crossroads Harley-Davidson in North Wilkesboro, NC this Saturday to be at the start of the CVMA's annual ride. Come join us - or join in another ride in support of our veterans closer to your home.

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