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Where's The BIG RIDE Bus gonna be this week?






Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree


Shag's Rant


NC Legislative Affairs report from Blastoff


Event Report: Durham HOG 27th Bike Show & Chili Cookoff




Loose Talk with Jon



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Leon Yard sent in this flyer. He wants to see as many of our readers in this run as possible!



Nancy, the event coordinator for the following new event sent in the following today to go with the flyer below we've been running and we're happy to help be a marketing sponsor....

This Memorial Day Weekend, mark your calendar for Saturday, May 25, 2013 to come to Cashiers, North Carolina and enjoy two wonderful events. The 1st Annual Cashiers Valley Poker Run and Blues Brew & BBQ.

The day will start with registration and check in at 9:00 am and last bike out at 10:30 am. Riders will begin and end their 130 mile loop at The Village Commons (the first and last pit stop) located at the intersections of Hwy 107 & Hwy 64W in Cashiers. Breakfast will be available by Wendy's during registration. This scenic route will take riders along our spectacular mountain roads making 3 other pit stops in Maggie Valley, Cherokee and Highlands before returning to the Village Green. Riders will pick up their playing cards at each of the 5 stops. Upon arriving back in Cashiers, participants will turn in their cards. There will be an award ceremony to acknowledge the winners for the best hand ($500.00 Cash), second best hand ($200.00 Cash) and worst hand ($50.00). Entry Fee for the Poker Run is $20.00/Rider which includes a box lunch sponsored by Subway.

A portion of the Poker Run will benefit Wounded Warriors Project.

The Awards Ceremony will take place at the First Annual Blues, Brew & BBQ which will begin at 5 pm. This exciting event will feature live entertainment opening with the amazingly talented Lauren Mitchell Band from Sarasota, Florida, followed by our headliner, the legendary Mac Arnold & a Plate Full O' Blues. Come hungry, food and beverages will be served. Admission to the event is free. Bring chairs and/or blankets. This will be a wonderful way to kick off the 2013 summer season. Please join us for this great event and to help support a great cause!

No coolers permitted. This event will occur Rain or Shine. No Refunds.

To register for the Poker Run, please visit:
Late Registration will be available the day of the event.
For more information on this fun filled day or how to be a sponsor, please contact Nancy Albers 704-458-7686, email: or visit and click on events.





The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of April 30-May 7, 2013

Tuesday 74 am-clouds, Wednesday 70 p-cloudy, Thursday 69 am clouds, Friday 71 p-cloudy, Saturday 67 m-cloudy, Sunday 71 p-cloudy, Monday 72 p-cloudy, Tuesday 75 p-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 04/30/13)



FancyFree on a Rant too

At risk of sounding too much like Forest himself, I'm starting off my little column here today with a phrase that, while true and to the point, sounds a bit Gump-ish. Hope you don't mind....

My Mama, who is without a doubt a truly unique 93-year-old, used to say, "Wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same?," and the longer I live, the more I totally get it. This world is a wonderful hodge-podge of personalities, motivations, images, and opinions, a mash-up of beauty and ugly in the eye of many beholders, and a diverse medley of folks singing different tunes while dancing to their own beats. I love it but I realize not everyone is so comfy with dissimilarity.

And so it is with our Shaggy. I am tickled that he's a part of The Carolina Rider, that he is sharing his remarkable talent and edgy inspiration with us. Not so with some who berate him for his lingo and opinionated rants and, funny thing is, I appreciate you all too. In fact, it's you who make what Shaggy does possible. Like the curmudgeonly Andy Rooney or the blatantly-opinionated talk radio and tv news personalities, Shaggy's blasts can only make steam if you are on fire. If you step back and take a larger look at the artfulness of his delivery without looking for a fight, you might just walk away with a smile on your face and a yessiree in your heart. And if you don't think you have it in you to receive what he has to offer, remember, he warns us every time: The column is called a "Rant."

And it's not just the Shag that gets your goat. There are other things that The Carolina Rider offers that tend to make some folks uncomfortable as well. Some aren't pleased with scantily-clothed women in our top pic of this e-Magazine. Some don't approve of The Carolina Beauties Gallery. Some would rather not see sexy girls in any part of our publications or associated materials or promotional staffing. To you, I remind you that sexy girls and motorcycles have been and more than likely forever shall be intertwined.

There are other disgruntled beings out there who throw their disagreement our way on occasion. The motorcycle world, just like the greater world around us, has a side to it that's a bit junior-highish. There are riders who talk about other riders, publications who put down other rags, biker businesses who look down their noses at other businesses and the people who run them.

When I was 12 years old I had a poster of snuggly kittens on the wall of my bedroom that said "Why can't we all just get along?" I'm still that girl but see things from a longer-lived perspective. At the risk of sounding like my friend Shaggy, I have to say I'm over it. Please grow up and see that we are all doing the very best we can with what we've got. Many of us are pouring our passions and life savings into something we believe in and love. If you don't agree with us, that's ok with us, just please don't throw your brand of nasty our way. We're here to help, not hurt and we love what we do.

We of The Carolina Rider are proud of the unique platform we offer for diverse expression. As we continue to grow this year we are exploding off the "page" with such a magnificent menu of contributors and co-creators: gifted writers, photographers, and such and we are most happy with the varied content we present. We are absolutely pleased that we offer one-of-a-kind publications for the riders of The Carolinas and beyond.

Know what? We're never gonna all like the same things. We're never gonna want the same things. We're never all gonna agree.

And what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.....



Female Ride Day!

Sandy Reece, who, I'm happy to say, contributes a wonderful "from a woman rider's perspective" column to us each month, sent this in. I have to admit, I'm not familiar with so I did a little peeking around. Some cool images of women riders and varied resources. Click on their flyer below for info about the annual acknowledgement of us riding females. They've declared International Female Ride Day as the first Friday in May every year. Cool. I'm in! And, yes, Shaggy, I'm one of those fair weather riders you rant about sooooo.... I'm hoping for a pretty Friday.....


I was in my car (yes, I know, ... I had to pick up Footloose who had to leave his bike in the shop overnight and you really don't want me ridin HIM on the back of my little purple V-Star!,) and I was heading down fast-moving 485 from Charlotte to Matthews, NC this past Saturday night. Looking up at the electronic driver notification boards that more-often-than-not flash nothing of significance to me, I read in BIG bold lights: "Watch out for motorcycles." I felt like I needed to pull over and do the dance of joy. Yes! Thank you, Blastoff and all the CBA-ABATE activists who have worked so hard to make this happen! Thank you!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

(To read the full-out version of Shag's Rant, please GO HERE NOW where publishes his work fully unedited. Shaggy and Editor FancyFree have an agreement that in The Carolina Rider Scene e-Mags that go to folks' Inboxes, we will strive to cut it back a little with some *** instead of the full words. So, if you need a tiny bit of polite censorship in your day, continue below....)

Yuppie, go Home!

Raise your hand if you wish the weather would stay a little warmer a little longer. Now raise your hand if you're like me and don't give two ripe ****s what the weather does because you're gonna ride any way. I don't know about you but I am for one getting tired of the ever popular excuse of not riding because "the weather just won't cooperate." Ever since I started riding, I have rode year round. Like clockwork, in the winter I would layer up and in the summer I would strip down. This was done with no pissing, moaning, whining, or bitching because I was out doing the one thing I love and the only thing I was truly ever any good at. Over the years I have met a ****-ton of other moto jockeys with this same mentality, and it never ceases to amaze me that we've all mastered this unique combo of dedication and stupidity. Oh sure, you would be safer in a car, and warmer, and dryer. While you're at it, though swing by the local Macy's and pick yourself up a skirt, you pitiful remnant of a *******!

This recent bout of being pissed off sprang up a few weeks ago now. I was trying to get some buds together to ride to Chimney Rock and grab lunch at the local bar-b-q joint. But almost everyone gave the same reply: "not today slick, too chilly." After politely telling all of them where they could shove their "fair weather rider" bullshit, (seriously man, I've rode through snow on the Blue Ridge Parkway and you're afraid of a little nip in the air?,) I called up a bunch I know I could count on ... my best friend Matt Wilson and his better half, Ms. Amber Childers, and Ms. Monica Wilkerson and her riding partner Andrea Beech.


Before I go any further I just want to throw this out there: To all the yupps who think they're all "Billy Bad Ass" because they'll ride twenty miles when it's seventy and sunny, just remember that in the town of Boiling Springs, S.C. there lives a 30-year-old girls' gym teacher with a bigger****ing pair than you! Monica, if you happen to read this, please know that I have the highest level of respect for you. When it comes to riding, you have balls that clank....

But I digress....

After everyone had signed-on we agreed to use Strawberry Hill U.S.A. as a meeting point. Wilson and I arrived early and had some time to kill. While he and his better half grabbed drinks and munchies I gassed up King Shit and choked a few camels. On my second or third cig I struck up a conversation with these two gents, one on a V-Star, the other on a Harley. Once I introduced myself, the weirdest damn thing happened. The Harley pilot dismounted, shook my hand and informed me that not only was he a subscriber to, but that he also digs my work and was glad to meet me. Where the hell did that come from? He went on to say that he liked how straight forward I was and that he had given FancyFree a vote of confidence on me. Fucking aces man! Meeting cats like that is the only reason I sit behind this damn screen that reeks of bootleg U.K. porn and stale cigarette smoke. You guys were awesome and since you have my card now please hit me up so we can take a ride together.

After shooting the shit for a few minutes we parted ways and me and Wilson finally linked up Monica and Andrea. After that, Katy bar the door .. off we went to the land of twisty roads and overpriced tourist traps. It was a beautiful thing man. Splitting lanes, stop sign burnouts, passing the slow moving Sunday traffic with middle finger salutes: GOD BLESS AMERICA! Then another weird thing happened, once we arrived at Chimney Rock and parked we realized that the place was a ghost town. What the hell man? This place on any given Sunday is usually packed to the gills with tons of fat tourists constantly tripping over themselves in hot pursuit of that perfect little knick knack. Odd as it was though, it was pretty sweet to have decent parking without the fear of some****tard hill billy knocking the bikes over.

After that though it was business as usual. We all chowed down on dead pig while listening to the owner of the place brag and show off his "Quigley Down Under" replica Sharp's carbine that he kept behind the counter for security. I smoked, they shopped, I snapped a few pictures and we parted ways. Upon departure I sent the others ahead of me because I wanted to chill out alone for a minute and grab one more smoke.

For reasons unknown I just felt better after this run. I've been stressing out over all of this **** with the show (vendors backing out, people dragging their feet and the like,) but sitting in an empty parking lot with my last cigarette and a fist full of change that I rolled to make this trip everything just felt solid man. When I finally headed back to Gaffney, I had a completely different state of mind. King Shit ran like a scalded dog on that last trip through the curves. I drug my pegs a little further, layed off the throttle, and for the first time in a long time I rode like I had no reason to hurry to get where I was going. I had Ozzy blasting through my headphones under my helmet and the chorus chimed in perfectly as I hit top gear and those homemade straight pipes kicked in:

All my life I've been over the top
I don't know what I'm doing
All I know is I don't wanna stop
All fired up I'm gonna go til I drop
You're either in or in the way

Don't make me, I don't wanna stop






27th Annual Durham Harley Owners Group

Bike Show & Chili Cook-Off

March 9, 2013 Durham, NC

by Geoff

The days leading up to the annual bike show, for the Durham HOG organizers, involve countless last minute details and weather checks. You really don't know what you're dealing with until a day or 2 before the big event. After 27 years of presenting one of the bigger bike events in the Triangle, we're used to changing plans if necessary. Again this year, the weather more than cooperated and the Big Day offered a cool start but a sunny and beautiful finish.

Hot coffee, a biscuit, and a slice of Joyce's rum cake, along with the camaraderie of a common goal shared among good friends, quickly eased the chill. Two vendors, Rick's Razor's Edge and Brian the Glass Wizard arrived Friday night and not only started setting up their own tents, but helped mark off the vendor tent locations that ringed the bike show field. The rest of the vendors started rolling in as soon as the gates opened Saturday and all were ready to go when bike show registration opened at nine. We had organizations reaching out to the community and vendors selling merchandise and promoting their businesses - everything from biker churches offering salvation to Hell's Angels selling t-shirts, from body piercings by Twisted Sixes to hand-painted pinstripes by 48 Customs.

Our band this year, Mr. Cat, set up, warmed up, and started rocking by 11, alongside the chili contestants. After lunch, while the chili votes, Mr. Cat inspired a bunch of dancers to heat up the pavement. Later, the band, assisted by Mother Nature, raised the roof when a gust of wind lifted the tent from over drummer Jared Cargill and set it upright on the grass behind the band. Mr. Cat rocked.

Fifty-two bikes entered the show, competing for trophies and bragging rights won by popular vote. Everything was there, from 1957 to 2013, from stock to ground-up custom. Go to our event site for a list of class winners. Not only were there gorgeous bikes in the show, they also filled the parking areas. I found the flame paint (photo left) on a Road King in the front parking lot. Guest Marc Pollard set up a special tribute to the men and women of the armed forces, in honor of his stepfather Roger Nelson (1946-2009,) who served in the Vietnam War. The display featured a 2006 Army Edition Fat Boy, #12 out of 12 made of a limited edition by Harley-Davidson.

The crowd enjoyed hot chili, grilled hot dogs, cold drinks and home-cooked baked goods. Burlington HOG won the chili contest again! Ron the Ref, our friend from the Carolina Hurricanes, kept the event moving, announcing door prizes and trophy winners. Another local celebrity, Chewy the Biker Dog, stopped in to hang with the crowd and enjoy a hot dog.

A local Durham HOG supporter won the raffle and chose the cash prize. The raffle and event generated close to ten thousand dollars this year. That money will be distributed to local charities supporting our neighbors in need. Check the back of your ticket stub for a list of the primary recipients for 2013. Thanks again to everybody who bought a ticket and attended the event.

It's not just the bikes and the fundraising that makes our annual Bike Show special. It's the connections, the friendships, and the fellowship of the biker community. Durham Harley Owners Group appreciates the support and teamwork of volunteers from the Christian Motorcycle Association and Boy Scouts Troop 75 from Fuquay-Varina.

Spring is here. Get out and ride safe.


As of Saturday, April 27th, we have had good momentum with two bills in the NC Legislature. Still, more needs to happen.

 S-353, the Senate bill to require stiffer penalties for motorists who violate a motorcyclists right of way, has passed the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee. Please take a few minutes to contact your House reps to get this bill out of committee and to the floor for a vote. This bill needs to get passed in the House and sent to the Governor for his signature. While we will see no immediate improvements in safety, the bill will increase fines and punishment in NC for those who violate our right of way. Eventually, we will see improved safety.

 House bill 109, the Helmet Law Repeal bill, has passed out of the Transportation Committee and now sits in the Judiciary B Committee. Again, contact your House reps to get this bill moving towards a floor vote. This is not an anti-helmet bill. It is a Freedom of Choice bill. If you want to continue wearing a helmet, it will be your choice. All we are asking for is the freedom to choose for ourselves what is best for us in a particular situation. We simply want to be treated as adults who are capable of making our own choices when it comes to safety gear. If I want to hop on my scoot and run out to the store a couple of blocks away to pick up a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk, it should be up to me to decide if I want or need to wear a helmet. Helmets are not a guarantee of immunity from injury. Most helmets are rated effective for speeds UP TO 14 mph.

 CBA/ABATE of NC continues to work for the safety and freedom of ALL motorcyclists in NC. We reached over 20,000 drivers ed students last year with our Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program in 2012. We have had limited success in getting the electronic message boards lit up with our safety messages on our highways. We are continuing to press for more use of the message boards in the belief it will increase awareness of motorcyclists by operators of other vehicle types. The increased awareness can only help to improve our safety. Please contact your House and Senate reps and ask them to continue pressing NCDOT to utilize this valuable resource in saving lives in NC. Also contact the NCDOT and the Governors Highway Safety Program to push for the enhanced use of the electronic message boards. They are already in place, they are paid for, there is no additional cost involved. Only a programming procedure is required. The life you save may be yours.

 CBA/ABATE of NC was instrumental in stopping motorcycle-only checkpoints in NC. We are working to prevent unfair legislation targeting motorcyclists in NC. We are working to repeal bills unfairly targeting motorcyclists in NC. We need your help. Whether you choose to join us as an active member, a supporting member or a supporting organization is your choice. But we are working for you. We have no funding outside our membership fees and fundraisers. If you choose to do nothing else, at least choose to contact your elected representative in the NC Legislature.

 Meanwhile, Ride Often, Ride Sober, Ride Free,

Bill "Blastoff" Starnes

The Devil's Ride

OK, ... I fell for it. I thought I was smarter than they were, could never be seduced, but Discovery Channel got me anyway. I can not pull myself away from The Devil's Ride. Every week I sit and watch in amazed rapture at how absolutely STUPID the program is and how completely FALSE the depictions of motorcycle gangs are. I have even caught myself googling information on the show and the people on it to validate my judgement on the ridiculousness of the plot, character development, and theme. I am validated every time.

Yes, I'm bothered that NONE of the characters have any battle scars, all their tattoos are colorful and fresh, and they all have perfect made-for-TV teeth. They wear Full Throttle Saloon shirts and designer watches for goodness sake! What biker gives a rat's ass about what time it is?! Their vests are still shiny from the never-been-worn newness, the supposed three piece patches are so nondescript (yet the characters boast at being a 1% club) and in every scene they're wearing FULL FACE HELMETS.

So I'm sitting on the couch verbalizing the absurdity of all this (and, yes, I'm now into my sixth week of following the show,) when Frog, ever the rational diplomat, looks at me and says, "Honey, they got you." "Do what?!," I ask incredulously. "Discovery Channel got you. You sit there every Monday at 10:00 and watch what you want to believe is a program about your beloved bad boy motorcyclists of the world. You talk to the TV about how stupid the show is and yet you still stay riveted to the screen watching every commercial and advertisement. Exactly what Discovery wants you to do. They are not in the business of creating so called reality TV shows for your enjoyment. They are in the business of selling advertisements and with this program about make-believe hard core motorcycle gangs they have you hooked. If you are so concerned about the misleadings of the show then Turn. It. Off." "I can't," I wimper, "I have to know if Sandman is going to get kicked out of the club for not showing up at the race." "Well there you go, silly woman" Frog says. "Hush and eat your popcorn. Finding Bigfoot comes on next."

I hate being manipulated! Anyone know when SOA starts again??



This Week ...

Come join The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus and crew at 2 different events this week. We will be giving away a trip to Maggie Valley Inn at both events.

First we'll be at Mac's on South Blvd. They have the band Loose Lugnuts playing at 7pm. As always the food is great and and there is always fun. (well we're gonna be there, aren't we?!)

And on Thursday night a great little bar and grill, FinZ in Matthews will be starting their first ever bike night. I'm sure you all know where FinZ is ... it's where the old Vinnies in Matthews was.

In any event find me or FancyFree at either of the bike nites and tell us "Goober said Duh-huh" and The Carolina Rider will buy you a drink!



















































































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