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May 3rd Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Event Report by Ron Lofts: Ride for Life in SC

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

The Rider Wave: More answers from you!

Event Report: Independent Benefit Ride

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of May 4-10, 2016

Wednesday 74h & p-cloudy, Thursday 63h & p-cloudy, Friday 74h & sunny, Saturday 84h & sunny, Sunday 89h & sunny, Monday 86h & p-cloudy, Tuesday 88h & p-cloudy (as per on 5/3/16)

Events Cranking up!

This edition is filled with info about the events that are getting on the road now since Spring has truly caught on in The Carolinas. Sure, there were events happening before now; but the calendar is plumping up big and bright as the yellow sun.

We've highlighted a couple recent rides. Ron Lofts tells about the Ride for Life and there's a photo report on the Independent Benefit Ride as well.

This Saturday is the Comporium Pioneers 9th Annual Firehouse Run. Our friend Leon Yard makes sure we have a chance to help get the word out about this ride each year and we're happy to do so. Ride leaves from a firehouse! That's Oakdale Fire Station #2 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Check out more details in their flyer above.

You'll also find the flyer for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association ride this Saturday as well. Footloose tells you more below.

More Waves Coming in

We're still getting input from you readers about The Rider's Wave. Check out the new additions to this current topic. It's interesting how this week's answers focused on some logic and science of the wave...

Have a ride-filled week!

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South Carolina United Cerebral Palsy held its 4th Annual Ride for Life April 16.  Unfortunately I missed last year but was able to make it – albeit a little late - this year.

The United Cerebral Palsy website explains that “United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina is working to positively support and impact the achievement of a Life Without Limits for people with disabilities. UCP supports the people we serve to achieve better lives, helping them to maximize their potential, encouraging them to explore their aspirations and dreams, and providing ongoing support as they continue a lifelong journey of development and growth.”

This is a great ride for a great cause; but then they are all for great causes.  The Ride for Life supports men and women with cerebral palsy in South Carolina and specifically provides housing and day program services for people in the Columbia area. 
The first year was a little rough with a driving rain and temperatures in the low 40’s, but the last few years have been wonderful weather and a wonderful drive around Lake Murray with stops at various watering holes along the way.  This year added a few new stops and sponsors.  The Madhatters of Columbia have helped organize and participate in the ride the last few years and always bring a large group to add to the excitement.

This year the participants were down, but the income was up.  There were many bikers and others that came by at the start of the day to make a contribution and said they couldn’t ride, but wanted to help out.  We, (Marcia and I,) were kind of opposite that and missed the start due to a prior commitment and came in at the end to meet up at Shooters in West Columbia.  We had a great burger and onion rings and were well hosted.  There were the usual offerings of wonderful raffle items to add to the support of UCP SC.

Here's what some of you readers have said:

John shared: "If you raise your arm to wave it is a hand signal for a right hand turn. Most experienced riders will not intentionally put themselves or other motorists in harms way by giving false signals. Also there is less wind resistance with your hand down at an angle than up in the air."

Tommy explained: "Because if you point up or straight out for the wave it would be confused with the hand signal's for turning left or right. As for doing the wave period is to greet the other riders out there with you and to say hello brother I see you even though the cages might not."

Randall emailed: "The consensus is (that it means) keep the rubber on the road and have a safe ride"

Talk said: "on the wave ?....I generally any wave is more of a point at you....'I see you, fellow rider'.....I'm watching out for you, if only in passing each other on the road. Hopefully we're all watching out for each other."

Dale shared, "There is (& has been) an unwritten code of conduct for many years pertaining to bikers from bikers for bikers.  As I taught it to my son back in the early 2000s when he began riding, it's what I came to know as the Biker's Code of Conduct.  I won't go into lengthy detail here on the entire checklist but it does include ALWAYS waving to any biker who you meet on the road, providing it is safe to do so AND ALWAYS stopping to help or offer assistance for any biker, regardless of what they ride when you run upon either a wreck in which they are involved or a mechanical breakdown.  Such help can include medical assistance to the extent you are qualified.
The Biker's Code of Conduct is meant to be for ALL RIDERS of ALL MAKES & MODELS regardless of their country or origin."

In his recent column, our Bub said, "Fancy Free asked us if we “WAVE’' and I do. Get a response probably 95% of the time.  I wave to all riders, why I once waved to Shaggy-----made his day.  Wave at bicycle riders, most moped riders [ they seldom wave back---they’re in shock that a real cycle rider would wave at them ].   Most of my non-responders are those that only wave at riders on their brand of bike or chopper riders.  Their loss, I’ve helped several of those types when their bike broke or dumped them."

Jerry asked the question that perhaps many of us have wondered ... "So, what does the point at the road one mean ???"

EVENT REPORT: Independent Benefit Ride, April 24th

As mentioned in a previous edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine, we had the honor of joining some great old friends ... (and making a few new ones too!) on a poker run a couple weeks back - the Independent Benefit Ride. About 250 riders made it out on that gray day that turned sunny and hot before it was all over with and good monies were raised to help out a young girl. Good going everyone!

FancyFree (above right,) enjoyed getting to spend a little time with a special friend, Erin, (left above,) while on the ride.

Combat Vets Ride this Saturday!

Crossroads Harley-Davidson, Wilkesboro, NC

This Saturday is the 8th Annual Original Combat Vets Motorcycle Association Benefit Ride. John Vidas reminded me about it recently and he is one of a small group who work hard to make this event happen each year. Did you know that the CVMA gives 100% to veterans in need with no administrative costs or anything nabbing any of the ride proceeds? John says with heartfelt enthusiasm that it's "Vets helping Vets!" That "we have so many people that are falling through the cracks and CVMA is there to catch our Brothers and Sisters and help them on the path to a normal life. Every penny we raise goes directly to a vet in need." Cool.

Amazing Auction Items!

They've had some truly great items donated for the auction that will happen at 3 at Iron Thunder in Mooresville. John V told me this: "We have been blessed with donations. Just a few examples of what will be on auction are 2 first class Delta tickets, 1000,000 air miles from American Airlines, a $5,000 upgrade to your bike, and Coca-Cola 600 tickets! We've had donations from Yengling, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, Harris Teeter, all local Harley-Davidson dealerships including a brand new 2015 motorcycle from Crossroads H-D; power tools from Lowe's Home improvement. And this is just a partial list, Brother!"

It's for a Really Good Cause, Man!

The ride gathers at Crossroads Harley-Davidson in Wilkesboro, NC beginning at 10am and the 52-mile police-escorted ride to Iron Thunder in Mooresville leaves at 1pm sharp. I hear that this is the largest military ride in NC. You have options for how you want to support the ride and the charitable work of CVMA. Pay the $20 for the ride ($25 with passenger) and ride ... or, if you can only be at the end point, join the party (with live bands) and pay the ride fee there (it's for a really good cause, man!) ... or, if you can't do either of those, DONATE what you can. Head over to their website for more info.

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