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May 6th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

A Winning Article by Janette Mach - View from the Back Seat

Enter the Spring Rally Photo Contest!

Sandhills Mike - 2 Events in The Sandhills

Calendar Girl Week's Highlights

Lester - Bike Nite @ Sue's

New Invitation to Win! - Get High on the Hog!

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of May 6-13, 2014

Tuesday 89 m-sunny, Wednesday 86 p-cloudy, Thursday 91 m-sunny, Friday 89 p-cloudy, Saturday 81 iso t-storms, Sunday 80 scattered t-storms, Monday 86 iso t-storms, Tuesday 82 scattered t-storms (as per on 5/6/14)

Ride Captain Ride

Ride, captain ride, upon your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.
Ride captain ride, upon your mystery ship,
On your way to a world that others might have missed.

Do you know this song? What great words this chorus has that lend themselves so well to the rider world! As Sandhills Mike mentions in his column today, "a community is a wonderful thing," and whether you're a joiner who gets connected to others in rider clubs and organized motorcycle-related activities or you're more of a loner but still enjoy hearing about others' rides, aren't you, as the song says "amazed at the friends you have here on your trip?"

I know I am! I am amazed when I meet you at an event, when I get an email from you, when you write a story or otherwise share your riding experience with me and this publication! This past weekend I got to meet one of the writers who wrote for February's "Love on a Bike" writing challenge. Kecia Balose stopped by The BIG RIDE Bus to introduce herself and I was tickled to put a story to an in-person face and how happy she was to connect as well. I met several new faces at the Combat Vets ride Saturday and was consistently touched by the devotion expressed by everyone for their world of riding and riders. One couple shared that they were definitely gonna sign up to get this ezine because they're ready to "do something!" Sounds like they have a hankerin' for this trip we're on, huh?

I am amazed to be in this "trip" of motorcycling. While I didn't find myself on a bike until 15 years ago or so and never would have envisioned it being such a huge part of my life, I am thrilled to not have "missed" this world. The last line of the song's chorus says just that: "a world that others might have missed." Glad I'm not one of those!

The winner of this month's 5th Anniversary Celebration Prize is Janette Mach for writing her story, "View from the Back Seat." She so beautifully describes a rider's world with her words, "The sound of the pipes. The rumble of the engine. The scenery that you never saw.  The smells that you never noticed...even the taste of the air." There's more, of course but these simple sensory pleasures are surely at the top of most riders' lists!

2 Da Beach

Our columnists, Lester and The Tarheel Tornado are both headed to Myrtle Beach this week and say they'll report back upon their return. Hoping things work out ... since we learn in Lester's column today that his bike "came down with something" and is in "the hospital." Quick healing and happy travels!

Anybody else headed to Myrtle Beach? Don't forget, we have a Spring Rally Photo Contest going on and you can enter a fabulous rally photo thru the end of May! Plus, we'd all love to hear your stories ..... well, SOME of them, that is!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the winning story for The Carolina Rider's 5th Anniversary monthly "celebration invite" for April. Notice that this couple lives in Ohio ... but loves our Carolinas and have a trip planned to ride in our area in a couple months. Congrats to Janette who won a night at Skyline Village Inn and TCR shirts for herself and her riding partner!)

My first ride was only 5 short years ago.  Now looking back, I don't understand what took all my life...

All the senses are alive when on the back of a bike.  The sound of the pipes.  The rumble of the engine.   The scenery that you never saw.  The smells that you never noticed...even the taste of the air.  The closeness of the driver, holding on (not all the time, but just moments to touch.)  THIS is living.

So many long rides, no cares no worries, just watching the world go by.   Hey it didn't call for rain today...caught in rain storms, more like monsoons?  Who cares that was just the fun of the day, laughing under a bridge waiting for the rain to pass.  Moments like these are priceless.

My favorite is the Christmas ride.  Living in Ohio, we have nasty winters, but there is usually a clear, dry, sunny day that is perfect for a crisp winter ride (along with Christmas Carols of course "OH what fun it is to ride...)

I love riding on the back of the bike.  Infact, I catch myself often in the mirror....always smiling.  I would say that I wouldn't trade it for the world....BUT I learned to ride last year and now have a bike myself.  Even though I love the excitement of riding on my own.....I'd take a ride on the back any day!

I have had the priviledge as a rider (and a human being) to take part in a couple of much-valued and enjoyable charity rides recently in the Pembroke area. Here's a little info about each ...

Harvest for Hope Bike Run

  All of us knows someone effected by breast cancer in one way or another,a friends mother,the lady at work,or even a teacher we had back in middle school. The Harvest for Hope bike run is an event held now for the fourth year to rise money for cancer research. Boyd & Illya Lindsey,Steve & Espadonsa Jacobs, and Virgina Register put together a great ride on a really nice day for riding.

 200 registered riders pulled out of the C&P mini-mart in Pembroke headed south on a semi-escorted run. The Robinson ...

Kevin "Roadglide" Sampson Charity Run

I find time and time again that a community is a wonderful thing . The things that can be accomplished when we 'the people', work together toward a common goal it's simply amazing. Take for example this weekends charity run for Kevin "Roadking' Samson.  Kevin,a life long member of the Pembroke area and frequent friendly face at many a charity event himself  found himself in need and his community responded.

215 registered riders and many non-registered let Kevin know how much they care. While everyone gathered for the...

Hello all my fellow bikers in The Carolinas! Calendar Girl here with all the latest information on some upcoming events for this weekend and on into next week. There are zillions of events this week to attend as spring rolls on. More bike nights, and more fun rides to join! Be sure to check out the Events Calendar online….there is WAY more stuff going on than what I have listed here!

Some Events 'n Rides for Saturday, May 10, 2014

5th Annual Veterans Benefit Run - Florence, SC – The Warhorse Brotherhood helps local veterans with housing and financial needs in the Florence, SC area. Their fifth annual ride is coming up this Saturday and will raise money to continue those efforts. “We are not what you see on TV,” Infidel told me. “We want the face to face human connection of helping out veterans in our community.” The 65 mile ride in the Florence area will culminate in a silent auction, live auction, food and music. Close to 200 bikes have shown up in the past for these events. Infidel told me, “We are steadily growing in our efforts and success. We are not the biggest and the baddest, we are just the best!”

2014 Caswell County DARE Ride - Yanceyville, NC

Luke Fest 2 - Fayetteville, NC

Aidan's Ride North Carolina - Durham, NC – Jason is spearheading a fundraiser to raise money and awareness of ALD, a rare genetic disorder that affects young children, mainly boys. It is treatable if found early enough. The trouble is most states do not include it in their newborn testing panel so most babies go undiagnosed until it’s really too late. Jason became friends with Bobby Seeger, Jr, who runs Indian Larry Motorcycles. Bobby’s little boy died from the disease and Jason got to see how traumatic this was for the family. Go enjoy this benefit ride with Jason and help him raise money to lobby for legislation that will add testing for ALD for all newborns nationwide.

These and lots more can be found on The Carolina Rider online EVENTS CALENDAR!


Bike Night at Sue’s Wings & Things

Hello all! This past Thursday I had the pleasure of riding to Anderson to Sue’s for Bike Night.  Sue’s shares bike night with Timm’s Harley Davidson in Anderson.  Timm’s has it one week and Sue’s has it the next week, always on Thursday’s.  This works out great as we have several in Greenville on Wednesday night, so this gives us something to do on Thursday night.  Sue’s is located right beside I-85 at exit 27 on the southbound side of the road.  They have a nice big open parking lot with enough room for a couple hundred bikes. Sue’s also has a band stage in the lot for live tunes. This week the tunes were supplied by The Anna Leigh Band.  They did an excellent job of keeping the crowd entertained.

Sue’s Wings and Things specializes in wings (duh) but they have a wide selection of ...

I'm taking a Bike Trip

Last week we were going with the Bus to Quaker Steak & Lube for Wed bike nite but the rain came in and messed us up. But never fear - there's another chance! Come join us tomorrow night at QS&L. The BIG RIDE Bus will be there and we are working on getting bike wash girls (no promises.) You can definitely register for a trip to Maggie Valley that we will be giving away!

Speaking of Maggie Valley, did you see the new prize package we're offering this month? It's a big one! You need to notice that the drawing for this will be at Hog Happenin' in Lincolnton which happens June 6&7. The BIG RIDE Bus will be parked on the street taking names and kissing babes and you don't want to miss Hog Happenin' because it's a hell of a lot of fun.... plus while you're at the bus, that's when you can sign up for this drawing and maybe you'll get more BBQ the next month plus some other great perks - a stay at Maggie Valley Inn and tickets to what FancyFree calls her most favorite museum ever (Wheels Thru Time.) So, make sure you're in Lincolnton for Hog Happenin' and make plans to go to Maggie Valley July 25-26 for the BBQ Festival then .... as the ad says, "whether you win or not, you'll wanna go!"

I think I'm going a a motorcycle trip next week. leaving Tuesday morning and returning on Thursday night. My point is, anyone want to do a trip like that? Let me know....

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