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Free Thinking with FancyFree


Mike on a Bike is Rolling! - Ride Journal Entry #1


Destinations, Places to Ride to: Readers Respond


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Nancy, the event coordinator for the following new event sent in the following today to go with the flyer below we've been running and we're happy to help be a marketing sponsor....

This Memorial Day Weekend, mark your calendar for Saturday, May 25, 2013 to come to Cashiers, North Carolina and enjoy two wonderful events. The 1st Annual Cashiers Valley Poker Run and Blues Brew & BBQ.

The day will start with registration and check in at 9:00 am and last bike out at 10:30 am. Riders will begin and end their 130 mile loop at The Village Commons (the first and last pit stop) located at the intersections of Hwy 107 & Hwy 64W in Cashiers. Breakfast will be available by Wendy's during registration. This scenic route will take riders along our spectacular mountain roads making 3 other pit stops in Maggie Valley, Cherokee and Highlands before returning to the Village Green. Riders will pick up their playing cards at each of the 5 stops. Upon arriving back in Cashiers, participants will turn in their cards. There will be an award ceremony to acknowledge the winners for the best hand ($500.00 Cash), second best hand ($200.00 Cash) and worst hand ($50.00). Entry Fee for the Poker Run is $20.00/Rider which includes a box lunch sponsored by Subway.

A portion of the Poker Run will benefit Wounded Warriors Project.

The Awards Ceremony will take place at the First Annual Blues, Brew & BBQ which will begin at 5 pm. This exciting event will feature live entertainment opening with the amazingly talented Lauren Mitchell Band from Sarasota, Florida, followed by our headliner, the legendary Mac Arnold & a Plate Full O' Blues. Come hungry, food and beverages will be served. Admission to the event is free. Bring chairs and/or blankets. This will be a wonderful way to kick off the 2013 summer season. Please join us for this great event and to help support a great cause!

No coolers permitted. This event will occur Rain or Shine. No Refunds.

To register for the Poker Run, please visit:
Late Registration will be available the day of the event.
For more information on this fun filled day or how to be a sponsor, please contact Nancy Albers 704-458-7686, email: or visit and click on events.





The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of May 14-21, 2013

Tuesday 72 sunny, Wednesday 87 sunny, Thursday 85 cloudy, Friday 83 iso t-storms, Saturday 84 iso t-storms, Sunday 82 iso t-storms, Monday 83 p-cloudy, Tuesday 81 m-sunny (as per on Tuesday 05/14/13)


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We heard from Mike on a Bike! He's on the road to California and reporting in as promised. How great is it to get to be a fly on his saddlebag?! He's writing while snuggling up to a cup of much-needed java. Give him a read! And if you missed his initial story, "Committed," you know where you can find it? - online in our STORIES section at

Happy trails, Mike .. and to us all!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"


Committed: On the Road

by Mike on a Bike

(This is the first Ride Journal Entry for Mike's ride to California. It all starts with his story "Committed" which, if you haven't already, you can read in our Stories section.)

I'm sitting on a hotel bed in Vicksburg, Mississippi, 575 miles from home, waiting for the caffeine to start coursing through my arteries to lift an unusually dense fog covering my brain. No hard partying last night, no, a couple of beers and a burger at a local joint and one very deep sleep. Ah, here comes the sweet caffeine.

Yesterday's planned departure of eight o'clock turned into ten o'clock. I had overslept and underestimated those things I still needed to accomplish before leaving. Damn! But, after a prayer for a safe ride, the kickstand went up, and I was finally on my way. This was to be no leisurely sightseeing ride. My goal was to carve out some serious mileage which meant this was to be an interstate ride with stops for gas and a quick lunch only.

My ride was largely uneventful. It was Sunday, Mother's Day, so the traffic was light and was moving at a good clip. Every driver, with few exceptions, was driving using the 15 plus rule, that is, you can drive fifteen miles per hour over the posted interstate speed limit as long as you're all doing it! So when we had a posted speed limit of say 70, we were all moving along at a damn good clip. I must say, as a former Yankee, that Southern folk tend to be better drivers, especially at high speeds. I really think NASCAR is in the Southern gene pool.

My Raider performed, as usual, flawlessly. The few times I needed power to get out of someone's blind spot, or to move out of the way of one guy's unexpected lane change, a roll of the throttle brought on tons of power and acceleration. The Air Hawk seat I'm using for the first time definitely makes a difference in comfort although I think I can let a little more air out. I did wind up putting my car GPS on the bike but have found that with the sun to my back and polarized sunglasses, it is very difficult to see so it's off the bike for now. Besides, I really don't need it at this point. The directions to the coast are pretty straight forward, Interstate 40 for a billion miles to Interstate 10 for a million miles, and you’re in LA!

Today's goal, Abilene, Texas, just west of Dallas. The sky is blue so it looks like weather will not be an issue today. If I can keep up this pace, I might actually take a day off in Tucson and just chill out before riding on to LA.

Stayed tuned, pictures to follow...



Readers Respond:

Myrtle Beach

So we've had a nice exchange of DESTINATIONS info in the past few weeks - guiding folks from outside of The Carolinas to DESTINATIONS for their trip South for Myrtle Beach Bike Week. You'll remember the original question as follows....

Bill E. asked for your help ... "We are coming from Boston and plan on going along the coast thru Cape may into De and then back to the shore as quick as possible. But when in MB any suggestions to where we might ride to within 50 mile or so from surfiside off the beaten track but with a place or 2 to stop and wet the whistle on the ride??"

Laura from Pawley's Island answered ... "The rider looking for places to head out for a day trip from Surfside may want to head south on hwy#17 (Old Kings Hwy if you're local) You can stop off in Georgetown on Front Street. The water front bars, The Big Tuna etc are laid back. Then hop onto alt 17 (left off of Front St). heading out south towards Charleston, Mount Pleasant. You will have a nice easy ride in that direction. Before you get into the Mount Pleasant area (traffic) you will get to a sleepy little fishing village named McClellanville. There's a flashing yellow light with a gas station/country store on your right (gas up if you need to) Take a left at the flashing light and down that road on your left is a friendly spot named T.W. Grahams. They are great folks that make you feel welcome, serve up some great fresh catch and cold beer. Then on up that road is a boat landing and a town park that's a good place to go hang for a few.  That's probably far enough unless you want to go into Charleston. But then you need to factor in some traffic. Hope this helps out. Enjoy the ride and welcome to South Carolina!"

And Bill E. wrote his follow up ... "Thanks for the reply we are loading up the bikes this morning and those of us that are riding are leaving tomorrow morning looking forward to a good visit!"

Thanks for reaching out, Carolina Riders!





Call to Action

I can think of nothing more important this week than to ask all of you subscribers of The Carolina Rider Scene to take time to contact these folks:

Below is a Message from Doc Ski.  I have provided all of the Judiciary Contact Information below his message.

It is still possible the (Helmet Repeal Bill) can be heard at the next committee meeting, this Wednesday - that's TOMORROW, 5/15/13.  Representative Torbett is doing all he can to get it considered. I think he needs some support from the citizens who will be most affected by the bill - and that means us!

If everyone who receives this notice calls the offices or writes an e-mail to the each of the committee members, it may be enough to get the bill voted on at the next meeting. We will at least get the attention of the members. There was a good deal of opposition to the bill by the committee members who were present, so it may not get a favorable report, but at least it will get a fair shake at the legislative process rather than being buried by some bureaucratic maneuvering.

The message does no have to be long. It can be as short as "Please support HB 109, the Helmet Repeal Bill."

Remember to be courteous and respectful.


Judiciary Subcommittee B

Rep Jonathan Jordan, Chair


Rep Chuck McGrady, Chair


Rep John Faircloth, Vice-Chair


Rep Rick Glazier, Vice-Chair


Rep Pat B. Hurley, Vice-Chair


Rep Henry M. Michaux, Jr. , Vice-Chair


Rep Paul Stam, Speaker Pro Tempore & Vice-Chair


Rep Rob Bryan


Rep Debra Conrad


Rep Valerie P. Foushee


Rep D. Craig Horn


Rep Joe Sam Queen


Rep Bobbie Richardson


Rep Stephen M. Ross



Let your voice be heard!




Welcome to The Carolinas!

Something cool happens several times a year here in The Carolinas - riders from all over the country pass through here on the way to Myrtle Beach or Daytona Bike Weeks. That's cool because we get to show off how great we are. North and South Carolina offer some spectacular riding opportunities - beauty and thrill. And, of course, we offer our good ol' Southern Hospitality that we're famous for. Now, I don't need to tell you all to be good hosts, that's not my place; but I do wanna bring attention to the wonderful opportunity we have to show off to the rest of the world. So roll out the red carpet welcome mats and say howdy! Myrtle Beachers are here and rolling.

Welcome Riders ...

And to all of you Carolinians who are also playing in Myrtle Beach and beyond, ride safe and have fun!

I almost have my bike out of the shop so I can get back on the road. The paint job is complete and I can't wait to show it off to you. I should be picking it up this week and will share some shots as soon as I get the chance.....



















































































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