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(Photo at Last Chance Saloon. Learn more about this year's Moonshiners Run below!)

May 17th Edition

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of May 18-24, 2016

Wednesday 76h & cloudy, Thursday 67h & 40% am showers, Friday 72h & 40% pm showers, Saturday 79h & 100% t-storms, Sunday 75h & iso t-showers, Monday 80h & m-sunny, Tuesday 82h & sunny (as per on 5/17/16)

So the saying (sort of) goes ...

"April (and May) showers bring May (and June) flowers (and veggies!)"

This week's forecast isn't too ride-friendly; especially Saturday with its 100% rain prediction. But, I'm telling you, I WON'T be fussing about the rains. I'm a rider and a gardener and for now, the choice is clear. It's planting time and so high time we had some good soakers to settle our plants in the ground! Grateful grower, not so cheerful rider. Still, it's all good .. and makes for good eatin' after some later year riding.

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Sheila Heck of The Last Chance Saloon shares:

The Last Chance Saloon in Walhalla, South Carolina has been doing Poker Runs the last weekend in July for over 30 years. This year we decided to change it up a little bit and bring a bigger-scale Biker Event to the Upstate! We're calling it the Moonshiners Run SC 2016 and it's spread out over many weeks and allows riders to ride it when they can. The ride actually started on April 1st and goes Through July 30. There are 41 stops. The more stops you go to on your own time or with a group of friends, the more entries you get in The Drawing on the 7/30/16.

Ticket Books are $35.00 and $10.00 of each book goes towards B.A.C.A., (Bikers. Against. Child. Abuse., see below for more info,) while the remaining money raised goes into drawing on 7/30/16 from which 3 winners will be picked. The final few days of the event includes the following:

Wednesday, July 27 - a 100 mile ride meets at The Last Chance Saloon (bring Helmets) & karaoke in the evening

Thursday, July 28 - a parade at 6:00. Line up at The Last Chance Saloon. The a band Massive at 8pm

Friday, July 29 - A poker run. Sign up starts at 10:00 am at the Last Chance Saloon in Walhalla SC. 1st bike out at 12 pm  Last Bike in at 6pm.  The band Road House that evening.

Saturday, July 30 - Bike games, music all day, burn out competitions, door prizes, auctions, vendors, and a whole lot of fun.

Buy your ticket book and get in the gate free for the weekend events and free tent camping.

A representative of B.A.C.A. shares:

B.A.C.A., Bikers Against Child Abuse, exists to as a body of bikers to create a safer environment for abuse children to not be afraid of the world in which they live.

B.A.C.A. started as an idea to help one wounded child. This child was eight years old at the time, and was so frightened of his perpetrators that he would not leave his residence. Chief, having had kind and loving experiences with bikers in his youth was moved to include this boy in his biker circle. Within weeks, this boy was seen all over town riding his bike and playing with other children. The idea to rally the biker community in defense and in support of children was actualized in 1995 when the first ride was held to visit wounded children and bring them into the biker family. That first ride had twenty-seven bikes present.  After this the organization grew to an international organization that is now in 11 countries. BACA in South Carolina is growing.  We have our home chapter in Columbia, but we also have other chapters all over the state including the Upstate. BACA is a 501c3 organization and no one gets paid to do what we do. We do it as 100% voluntary expecting nothing in return except the knowledge we are helping a child in need.  So, understand if you donate to us not only does the money stay here locally, but it will all go toward helping the children.

BACA has many different ways for helping these children.  An example would be the level 1.  The level 1 is when the entire chapter goes in mass to the child’s house and adopts the child into the BACA family.  The child gets a cut (vest) letting them know they are a part of our family.  Another way we assist the children is we assign two members to stay in contact with this child on a regular basis.  Another major way BACA assists the child is we go with the child to court, escort them to therapy, school, etc. Picture this, a child having nightmares and sleeping with nails in their windows because they are so afraid.  BACA comes in and gives the child the support they need, and within a few months they are outside riding their bicycle, playing outside, and removing the nails from their windows because they feel safe.

As the Upstate “Temp” Charter of BACA was getting started, we were contacted by a local bar, Last Chance Saloon.  Getting to know the owners, Billy and Sheila, BACA realized what a great partnership it would be to join together to have them assist us in raising funds for our children. This is where our annual event started.  Even though Last Chance had been having the annual event every year for many years, now the event proceeds will benefit abuse children here in the Upstate.

Shelia and Billy purchased the Land Mark bar established in 1929, The Last Chance in 2012.  They Continued the Poker Runs that had been going on since 1996 on the Last Weekend of July.  The Last Chance is a Private Bar.  This is the 3rd year that we have partnered up to raise money for the Children. Always a great turn out and a lot of fun for everyone.  Thanks to all those who participate!

For more info about this event, see flyer above

I was in Columbia (SC) a couple of weeks ago for a meeting and someone asked if I had a car.  “Yes, I have an 83 Pick-up and my wife has a Grand Cherokee.  I drive the car/truck when I have to.”

This was as the sky was lighting up and thunder rolling as we headed to the parking lot.  I put on the rain suit, and figured that by the time I got on I-26 and exited about 5 miles down the road, it would be sunshine all the way home.  I was correct and sweated all the way home in that rain suit.  You ask, why not stop and take it off?  Good question, you know how sometimes when you get riding you just keep riding, well I rode it all the way home (45 miles.)

I also noticed that I have nearly 10,000 miles on the bike from late September of last year!

So on the ride home I was thinking about my past two weeks and where I had been...

Start with Saturday and we went to Columbia for the Ride for Life (90 miles) and Sunday we did take the car to Church. (0 miles)  Monday to work and back (24 miles) and was a couple days before Marcia’s birthday so a ride up to Chapin on the north side of Lake Murray to visit our friendly firearms dealer for a Ruger TCR.  We went up through Batesburg/Leesville and home through Columbia to stop at Carolina Wings and Ribs for some dry rub ribs – Happy Birthday! -of course I won’t tell the age. (145 miles)

Tuesday back to Columbia for a meeting (90 miles), and of course work and back. (24 miles)
Wednesday to work and back (24 miles) and over to Elloree to check on one of our houses (50 miles)
Thursday to work and back (24 miles) and then back to Columbia for a Columbia Firefly’s baseball game (90 miles)
Friday a trip to Augusta for dinner (175 miles)

Saturday we had a church meeting in Columbia and took the car (0 miles) and Sunday to church (0 miles)
Monday to work and back (24 miles) and another meeting in Columbia (90 miles)
Tuesday to Holly Hill to check on some houses and Santee to our workshop (115 miles)
Wednesday a trip to Walterboro (114 miles) and to work and back (24 miles)
Thursday a meeting in Summerville (108 miles)
Friday to work and back (24 miles) and over to Bamberg to ‘Your Momma’s Place,’ we had heard about had good hamburgers (22 miles)

Saturday I finally cleaned the bike up (and Marcia’s new car – she had 98,000 on her 2014 Cherokee and said she wanted to trade before the 100,000 mile mark) and then went to Aiken for pizza (The Pizza Joint) and an ice cream soda (Betty’s On The Corner) (98 miles)

So that is just a couple of weeks of work for me/us. Some of those were with showers and rain, but most was dry and sunshine. 

From the Mail Bag ...

Scott D emailed this in: "This weekend in Raleigh is a Motorcycle Film Festival and June 25-26 is

Our friend Tommy Fowler shared an upcoming event: "Our HOG Chapter fundraiser for homeless kids and a children's shelter in Columbia is June 4th.  It is a different kind of poker run in that it is at Thunder Tower during their 10-year anniversary celebration and the poker stops will be on the premises."

TCR columnist Gary Burgess sent in some info from Facebook about The Greatest Generation Foundation and an impressive ride: "E. Bruce Heilman, an 89-year-old World War II veteran of the Battle of Okinawa, chancellor of the University of Richmond and National Spokesman of The Greatest Generations Foundation, is embarking on a 6,000-mile motorcycle ride across America to help raise public awareness about the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II that will be commemorated throughout the country this summer.
Dr. Heilman will travel through more than 20 states during a monthlong coast-to-coast tour that begins on Thursday, April 23, when he departs from the Marine Base at Quantico in Virginia and travels cross country to San Diego where he received his basic training before being shipped out with 800 fellow Marines to fight in the final battle of the war in 1945.

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