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Bike Wash Girlzz

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of May 23-30, 2011

Monday 90 m-sunny, Tuesday 93 p-cloudy, Wednesday 92 p-cloudy, Thursday 88 iso. t-storms, Friday 83 scattered t-storms, Saturday 84 scattered t-storms, Sunday 82 p-cloudy, Monday 82 iso.t-storms (as per on Monday 5/23/11)


Bike Wash Girlzzz

Every Wednesday at The Lube!

This year with a new twist: every month they'll have a bikini contest and this year they will have 2 beautiful bike washers at The Lube.

Come meet the QS&L Bike Wash Gals and get your bike cleaned up at the same time!



Excuses are Melting away!

What difference a week makes, huh? Last week we turned the heat on in our house....this week, the heat's been turned on outside of our house!! From chilly dreary and drippy days to bright and shining big sizzlers.......

Get off the couch and roll throttle!

Even tho we can all come up with one or one hundred excuses to not do something, I say we've gotta rule the weather out as a valid excuse for not riding right now. Sure, it might be hot but last week you said it was too cold and wet so your excuses are running thin.

A Case of The Can't Help Its

I have a friend who I absolutely know would love riding if he'd allow himself to. I know he'd love the freedom and the flow of the road as well as the many many good friendships he'd make. But he's stuck in a rut made of what my Daddy used to call "A Case of The Can't Help Its." The Can't Help Its were never clearly defined but it was always assumed it meant "whatever it is that's keeping you from doing something fun and good for you." My friend's Can't Help Its keep him from lots of happiness and connections. He gets stuck in fear and anxieties as well as general lazyness and overdone excuses. Know anyone like that?

There is no remedy for The Can't Help Its except personal inner willpower. You can't cure anyone but yourself of this syndrome so you may as well give up trying to get those other folks up off their butts. But for you, sisters and brothers, get off the couch because it's time to ride!


Our Readers Share....

Jason J. sent this in: "The JDRF event that was suppose to happen on May 14th, was cancelled do to rain. We have since rescheduled it for May 28th, this coming up Saturday." ...


It's a wonderful thing to meet new people ... and motorcycle events are rich with unique and interesting folks for meetin'! Jon and I had the fortune of meeting Neale Bayly recently while we were set up at Matthews Fun Machine for Keith Larson's ride. Neale's one of those folks with stories on top of stories and tons of unique motorcycle adventures. I look forward to sharing much more about Neale and his work in a future edition. Today I want to promote something he and his charity are doing on June 12th. A most worthy cause and what looks to be a pretty cool adventure ... and I'm betting some really cool new folks for you to meet as well!





Hog Happenin'

Here's a little lead-in to a story I just posted online about the Hog Happenin' coming up in a couple weeks in Lincolnton. I hope I'll see you there! ....

I just heard of the Hog Happenin' last year but was unable to attend. In talking with some other rider friends, I'm not the only one to just recently hear about it ... or have never heard about it. But that doesn't mean that it's poorly attended; in fact, much to the contrary. The Hog Happenin' in Lincolnton is an extremely popular event and the first year it happenin'ed the NC Chamber of Commerce awarded it the distinction of The Best Downtown Special Event in the State!

So with all that said, you better know that The Carolina Rider will have The Big Ride parked on site of this year's Hog Happenin and we're looking forward to being a part of this innovative event. It's the 11th year of the Happenin and organizers are bringing more good food, vendors, arts and craft, and bike fun on June 3&4 ... that's Friday and Saturday.

READ MORE of this HOG HAPPENIN' story on our website and see flyer below as well....



I'm getting a number of requests for GROUP SUBMISSION FORMS! So, of course, I am re-running this again as promised since it's an effort to help you all. Thanks to everyone who sent in requests.

Yes, we have had a delay in getting forms out to you but they WILL get to you ... I promise! Everyone who has written in is on a list to receive as soon as that delay is cleared from "the road!"

Attention Riding Groups/Organizations!

Today I send a shout out to all of you who are part of riding groups, organizations, and clubs. It's time for you to show your stuff in THE CLUB ROOM which will be found under GROUP PAGES at! We want to help you get the word out about who and what you are and all that you're doing in our Carolina communities.

Some of you are charitable organizations. Some social riding groups. Some of you band together for a cause. Some of you ride together for fun. Some groups are focused on specific towns, some on specific types of motorcycles. Some are loosely laid-back and some are very defined and formal. It's all cool........

The Carolina Rider CLUB ROOM

The Club Room offers space for motorcycle-related community groups to:

  1. List General information about their organization
  2. Provide membership and contact information for riders to explore involvement
  3. Share periodic reports, articles, stories, photos, and announcements for The Carolina Rider community to enjoy and connect

If you would like your organization represented in The Carolina Rider CLUB ROOM, email me for a GROUP SUBMISSION FORM today!

We are here for you. Help us help you.


The Carolina Rider Scene will be published on Tuesday next week rather than on the Monday holiday. May you and yours have a safe and beautiful weekend!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"



EFI Tune-Up

Since Harley has made all their new motorcycles fuel injected I often am asked what is the best tuner or fuel management system ...

Harley-Davidson offers the Screamin Eagle Race Tuner to put fuel maps into the ECM (Electronic Control Module), which is basically your bike's brain." Harley-Davidson also uses digital tech to download simple map upgrades if you change air flow (e.g., switch to a hi-flo air cleaner kit).

We at Hollywood's Cycles prefer to use the Dynojet Power Commander for fuel mapping.

Dynojet has the III USB for earlier models and the V for later models (the V can be retrofitted to fit the earlier models with the right combination.) These work great, and are under 400 bucks. You can choose a specific map for your use - i.e., Vance & Hines exhaust, hi-flo air cleaner kit, 211 cams, etc. These can also be configured manually to make a custom map if needed (a dynometer makes this process a little easier.)

Power Commander has added newer products to make adjustments easier; one of which is the auto-tuner.

This box piggybacks onto the existing PCV and makes it a closed loop, which means it tunes itself as you ride your motorcycle. Their new system, called the Power Vision, actually flashes a map onto your ECM and saves your existing map. There is nothing that stays on the bike- no little box or module full of wires. The Power Vision mates to one bike so it cannot be used on another but it can be used on the same bike for upgrades and new maps. For additional information on this system, check out

Zippers Performance also has a really nice addition; it costs a little more, and it is their closed loop system called the Thunder Max.

It replaces the ECM and it auto-tunes once a base map is installed. I have attended seminars on the Thunder Max system, and it is extremely user-friendly and top-of-the-line. The price is closer to a grand, which leaves it a little out of reach to people doing minor modifications, but is a great choice if you plan on doing upgrades (big bore kits, cams, headwork, etc.). For more information on the Thunder Max system, pull them up on the net-

Hope this covered some basic questions, and remember- these fuel management systems are geared toward the 2001 and later Harleys that use the Delphi EFI.

See ya on the road,





Will I see you Wednesday?

Unless you aren't from around here, or you've been living underwater, or you just haven't paid attention, you are certainly aware that it's the big race week here in the Charlotte area. That means lots of influx of race lovers and many of them are riders too.

The Carolina Rider will be on hand at Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord for Wednesday Night Bike Nite to meet and greet many new faces here for the races. With QS&L being just a hop and a skip from the track and a hot place to hang, this week's bike nite will be especially big.

The Big Ride has a Prize for you!

We'll have The Big Ride, our promotional bus, parked and welcome you to come sit a spell under our awning and cool off. Don't forget - even if you already receive this e-news, you want to register for prizes when you see The Big Ride! This week register for a night at Skyline Village Inn.

And this week is the Bikini Contest Night at QS&L. Need I say more?! Well, I will say just a bit more.... girls, get out and register! (No, Bubba, not you - the pretty women are who I'm talking to!!!)

$500 Cash Prize!

Beautiful women, come strutt your stuff Wednesday night. The prize ain't too shabby for the winner of the Bikini Contest at Quaker Steak....$500 cash!! Sign up before 7:30pm and don't forget your bikini!! (Again, not you Bubba!)


As always,

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



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SkyLine Inn






Motorcycle Maps




Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D




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