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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

This coming weekend: 2nd Annual Motorcycle Rodeo - Rock Hill, SC


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree


Shag's Rant


From the Mailbag


Destinations: Q2U - Lake Wylie, SC


Bikers for Bikers Foundation Custom Bike Give-away!


Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of May 28 - June 4, 2013

Tuesday 85 m-sunny, Wednesday 86 sunny, Thursday 86 m-sunny, Friday 86 p-cloudy, Saturday 86 p-cloudy, Sunday 86 p-cloudy, Monday 78 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 80 m-sunny (as per on Tuesday 05/28/13)


Go Shopping

I had a fabulous holiday weekend. I hope you did too! The weather couldn't have been any more perfect for riding ... or for any other outdoor activity for that matter. I was outdoors non-stop and found myself in varying layers of clothing needs. You know we started out in the 40's Saturday morning so for that I was in long everything - sleeves and jeans! Every day warmed up in the sun but the air had that lightness that meant if you stepped in the shade long enough or flew through the air fast enought, you might want to throw on something over your tank top and shorts. NO complaints, here. I could take this kind of weather 365.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings I was outdoors - sometimes still and sometimes in the wind - and found myself in my hoodie. Imagine that. Memorial Day weekend and I was in a sweatshirt around a campfire! And when I say hoodie, I mean, of course, The Carolina Rider hoodie. I have a couple ... because I can. I suggest you have at least one in your wardrobe. And the point here is that I want to encourage you to check out what we're selling ONLINE NOW.


TCR short-sleeved shirts might be what you're most after these days altho if the Spring stretches out much longer, you might want to go ahead and grab a long-sleeved t-shirt for your saddlebag too! Whatever you think might work, please do amble over to our recently updated SHOP and get your orders in today!




I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"


 Well folks, I've busted my ass, cussed out some of my best friends, and shelled out every red cent I have to make it happen but I'm hoping it's all worth it. This show started out with a "what if" idea, I just wanted to see how many real riders out there had the same love for their jap bikes that I have for KINGSHIT. And damn it to hell you cats just piled out of the wood work like someone was passing around free weed and hookers. So what do you say to that? One thing and one thing only: Show Time boys and girls....

I've met so many true-blue balled hard core riders during this little venture than I thought was left in this shitty aftermath of fat-tired choppers and tall-tired baggers. For more than the love of Jap bikes; one of the main reasons for this show is that I just have to get all you crazy fuckers together in one spot. Whether this show sinks or swims I'll just be happy to get to meet some of the guys from all the emails and phone calls I've gotten here lately. Please come out to this show. Flag me down, yell at me, hell you can nail my ass in the back of the head with whatever you can lay your hands on; just let me meet some of the people that I'm doing this for. Come out, bring the bikes, bring your buds, and let the good times roll.

LOCATION: Palmetto Cycle Center, 125 Simuel rd. at Hearon Circle in Spartanburg SC

DATE AND TIMES: June 8th! The show will run from 10 am to 5 pm. Bike judging will last from 1 pm to 3 pm and winners will be announced at 4 pm.

THE SHOW: We will be selecting winners in three categories, best cruiser, best sport bike, and best vintage, the cost for entering a bike in the show is the wallet busting sum of $5.

THE BIKE WASH: The bike wash will run the length of the show and is FREE. I paid these lovely ladies (hands off the brunette - that's my baby sister) out of my own pocket to give your bike that same shine it had when it rolled out of the land of the rising sun. Just please, don't ignore the tip jar.

Vendors:  If you leave this show hungry, it's your own damn fault. I've made every effort possible to make sure the cold drinks and munchies are on hand. That being said, I kept the vendors to a minimum. This wasn't an accident but more of a statement. This is a bike show, therefore; if you come here you are coming to look at bikes! If you are in the shopping mood then Westgate mall is about 15 minutes away; knock yourself out.

But before I go, I've gotta say a word about all the help I've had with this. The Carolina Rider staff, the good folks at Palmetto Cycle Center, Matt Wilson, Amber Childers, Chelsea Gardner, Dennis Harris, Clint Button, Big Show, and most importantly the readers here. YOU guys made this shit happen. No way in hell this was a one pony show, if not for you guys this never would've gone past me talking out of my ass.

Sink or swim a folks, Kamikaze 2013 is flying in low.

I hope to see everyone there. Until then, keep it in between the ditches.




Remember Gary B's quest for a Goldwing ride buddy to venture to The Arctic Circle with him? ...

Well, OK all you bike adventurers, here is you chance of a lifetime. Join The Carolina Rider Scene subscriber, Gary Burgess, this Summer as he makes a journey to the Arctic Circle on his new Gold Wing. (pictured above)

Yes, YOU!! Gear up and head out with him on the ride of your life! Contact Gary for information on how YOU can join him.

Mike on a Bike Sends us a Quickie-mail while enjoying his journey ...


Just before the holiday weekend, we heard from Mike on a Bike:

"Rode the Pacific Coast Highway today from San Luis Obispo to Monterey.  Overnighting and headed to San Francisco tomorrow. Just incredible."

He promises a new Ride Journal Entry soon!




Q2U BBQ Pit - Lake Wylie, SC

by PoniPrincess

Now that summer is approaching I have been craving BBQ.  Seems like I just can’t get enough this time of year.  Q2U BBQ Pit and The Carolina Rider have enjoyed a great relationship so I decided to head over there to get some satisfaction!  They are located just on the other side of the Buster Boyd Bridge over Lake Wylie. You can’t miss their competition tour bus parked out on the road.

Oh, Dear Ones, I was satisfied! Frog and I went in and were immediately immersed in the deep aroma of fresh smoked meat. Before I finished perusing the menu I saw one of my favorite appetizers. I have a weakness (OK, I have several; but this one is food related) and that would be fried pickles. When our waiter suggested we start with an order I quickly agreed. They were GREAT!  Somehow the cooks make them very crispy on the outside and super dilly (yes, that’s a culinary word) on the inside. Fried heaven!

I had thought I wanted to get a plateful of shredded pork, but quickly changed my mind and ordered a rack of ribs. Woo Wee! They were fall-off-the-bone awesome. Q2U puts their thick sauce on a steaming hot rack of ribs, adds your choice of side items and delivers it quickly. I guess they know they will have to clean up the drool if they don’t get food to the table pronto! After enjoying these ribs I know why my dogs love to gnaw on the bones.  I was VERY tempted to sit right there at the table and do the same thing.

I had the chance to speak with co-owner Brian about their sauces. Q2U has four sauces on the table for you to try out. Brian has spent years perfecting their base sauce, The Original, and the perfection is there. Their remaining three sauces are all varieties of this one. They have won all kinds of awards with this particular recipe and were even named the Democratic Party National Convention Official Sauce this past year.  Brian and his partner, Mark, have travelled throughout the southeast to well-recognized competitions and knock ‘em dead every time.  Don’t miss out on a chance to have some award winning pit smoked BBQ from Q2U. They are very biker friendly (that means they serve beer!), have outdoor seating (so you can stare at your bike), and you can even get a picture of yourself with the pig out front!


Bikers For Bikers Foundation's

First Annual Custom Built Bike Raffle

by Jeannie of Bikers for Bikers Foundation

At the end of the 2012 BFBF (Bikers for Bikers Foundation) Rally, tickets went on sale for 2013 Custom Built Bike Raffle. By August, BFBF started pushing the tickets harder. Tickets sold all over NC, TX, FL, UT, NY, some in at least half of the other states and as far away as Washington State & a few in Canada! Great response and support across the US. Our State Captains & many of our local & out of state members really buckled down the last 3-4 months & sold hard to meet our goal of having the bike paid for. They did an extraordinary job, too.

In the fall, we changed to Combat Cycles, as the bike builder, out of Jacksonville, NC, could better meet our needs for the bike. Jim, owner, not only met our needs, he exceeded them & our expectations completely. WOW! The bike was everything we wanted & then some. A sleek bobber-style bike with an extremely powerful motor in simple black with lots of chrome. We wanted the single seat, loud pipes, & gave the builder the option of drag bars or apes as well as a few things like the tanks to be used. He chose the apes & bigger tanks, very fitting for the bike. It was a completely custom bike right down to the handmade console. Combat Cycles did a fabulous job & not only wowed us but every person who saw the bike. It's a real head-turner & will fly. I have to admit, I drooled every time I got near it!

On Saturday evening May 18th, at the annual BFBF Rally, 9:30 sharp, Mickey the President of BFBF carried the tub of about 625 raffle ticket stubs to the stage in the lightening & thunder storm. Don Eason of Brother Esau Band was asked to do the honors of pulling the winning ticket. When Jim Grygier's name out of Utah was pulled Mickey called him to announce he was the winner. He was in disbelief & said he had never won anything before. He immediately called "Rocky" Hughes, Utah area State Captain for BFBF. Both were stoked about the win and the buzz was all over Facebook! Unfortunately, the location of the rally & the storm kept BFBF from posting the winner for about 24 hours! People were posting left & right wanting to know who won the bike!
Congrats to Jim Grygier for winning the first annual bike raffle & thank you to all who supported it! It was a great event for BFBF to be able to award someone with a custom built bike. Keep a watch for the next bike build & raffle!  You never know, you may be the next lucky winner!

Also, a big "Thank You" to The Carolina Rider who sponsored full coverage for the duration of this event and Thunder Roads for running a full page ad in their first edition.



Maggie Valley

Today we welcome the Maggie Valley Chamber of Commerce to our family of Sponsors. You can look for a calendar of Maggie Valley activities here each month as above. It's a cool area of The Carolinas - good for riding, playing, relaxing, and a number of great bike rallies too. We've had a good long relationship with a number of great folks in the Maggie Valley area and look forward to meeting more through our new connections. Welcome Maggie Valley!

I hope you had as great a weekend of rest and recreation as I did. The weather's so good right now it's hard to get back into the office to even write much ....

See you at Finz THIS Thursday night! ...




















































































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