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(photo from Bikers for Bikers Foundation Spring Rally by Jeanie of BFBF)


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THIS SAT: Blue Knights Officer Down Memorial Ride, Raleigh, NC

THIS SAT: Mods vs Rockers 2012 at the Chop Shop

THIS SAT: 10th Annual RAO Ride

June 9: 5th Annual Gaston CBA Fund Run

June 16: Victory 4 Vets Sunset Ride

August 18: Big Pot Fun Run


Event Report by Jeanie Hood Carter: BFBF Spring Rally


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of May 29-June 4, 2012

Tuesday 80 scattered storms, Wednesday 88 p-cloudy, Thursday 89 p-cloudy, Friday 79 scattered storms, Saturday 80 m-sunny, Sunday 84 m-sunny, Monday 87 p-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 5/29/12)






Chasing Crowders Mountain

It's the way of The Rider. It's the invitation of The Ride. Sometimes we plan and map and figure and design. Sometimes we follow someone else's lead. Sometimes we just take off in the general direction of "Somewhere" and give into the adventure of surprises along the way......

Footloose and I set out yesterday for Crowders Mountain State Park. It was glorious Memorial Day weather; a good morning to take my Yamaha out for a stroll alongside his Harley. I had been to Crowders years ago. in perhaps when I was about 12 years old! Having not been the one to drive myself there forty years ago, I had no idea how to get there. Jon had never been at all so we checked an online map before we left and got a general idea of location. Then we left all forms of maps behind and pointed the bikes in the correct direction without directions.

Our ride home took way less than half the time of our ride there. Getting there, there were lots of u-turns and box turns. There was a bit of wandering down streets and neighborhoods that were clearly not state park entrances. We paused a few times to stop 'n scratch our heads searching the horizon for a mountain peak somewhere near. Oh, and yeah, there actually was some map viewing going on when we finally pulled out an iPhone ... but even then we had more searching to do, more meandering and exploration before we finally pulled into the park.

You know, when you're in town driving a car and you've gotta be on time for this or that, you make sure you know where you're going and set your GPS for the most direct route. When you're on a motorcycle, however, time is often not an issue. The road is the destination. The breeze is what you're looking for. The roar of the engine is the only thing you've gotta catch up with. Sure, sometimes we ride our bikes to appointments and then the clock's on. Mostly tho I like to reserve my riding time for timelessly chasing mountains!



... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!

THIS SATURDAY, June 2, 2012:

Mods vs Rockers 2012

Vintage Motorcycles & Scooters gather in the style of The Mods & Rockers British subculture of the 1950's & 60's.

There's a night-before kick off (for details check their website) then here's Saturday's details....

8am - Vendor Setup @ The Chop Shop in NoDa
10am - Rocker (motorcycles) Meet Up at Motorcycles of Charlotte
10am - Mod (scooters) Meet Up at Vespa of Charlotte
11am - Mods vs Rockers Ride Through Charlotte to The Chop Shop
11:30am - Bike Show Registration Begins
12pm to 4pm - Bike Show/Swap Meet
4pm to 5pm - Bike Judging
5pm to 6pm - Awards Ceremony/Raffle Drawings
7pm until - Live Entertainment at The Chop Shop Featuring The Tremors, The Strummers, Heywire and The Mannish Boys.







Jeani of Biker for Bikers Foundation talks about the flyer below: "The reason we are doing this is to make up funds so badly needed to help injured bikers. At present we are gearing up to go to Texas & help a guy who went down in Houston, needs surgery on his wrist & has no medical insurance. Obviously, he can't work without the use of his hand & if it's not life threatening...they send you home! The extra funds from the bike raffle will help to eleviate some of the needs for funds to help people in this type of situation. We are only selling 5000 tickets and a person need not be present, has 90 days to claim the bike, and the ticket will be pulled at the 2013 rally when the builder cranks it up. It is being built presently, will be disassembled in sections & reassembled at the rally. Also, tickets can be purchased at our website (, through Charter Members, State Capts, & at events we attend. It is a beautiful bike like the one in the pic but will have our logo, & the option of mini apes in case a short person wins."




I hope you enjoyed a long relaxing weekend - or at least got a chance to catch your breath - and perhaps made friends with a long stretch of road as well. Even tho the actual first day hasn't come, Memorial Day meant that the Summer's now pretty much officially kicked off. Good time to give yourself permission to relax just a little bit more than usual and get lost in the country with your two-wheeled friend!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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by Jeanie Hood

The Bikers For Bikers Foundation has become a passion for me so, I work the entire rally as a volunteer yearly. Many riders are still learning about this nonprofit & the events it holds. The rally unlike most rallies has its own unique qualities every year.

To start with, it is held at Shakori Hills Park just out of Pittsboro, NC. Shakori Hills is an old farm turned into a "green" park with a community center, art throughout the grounds, great camping, solar heated showers, & a huge rustic stage that all entertainers & visitors love. Most of the events there, including the rally feature music and the scenery alone sets for great camping & outdoor events.

The event is a laid back rally with one band after another & some of the best bands & entertainers in NC. It is like a vacation with music, prizes, & motorcycles. Friday night opened with Cold Blue Steel, playing classic country. The two young vocalists added a little young to the old. Next, Bubba Joe & The Bruisers played pychobilly-surf and Bubba puts a show on with his greased hair (which he swears in Valvoline), jokes, & extreme guitar picking. The bass player paints his face & nails in gothic manner & they jam out some crazy music that all enjoyed! Entertaining was an understatement. The closing band for Friday evening was Brother Esau, a Grateful Dead Tribute band complete with dual drummers like the original band. I'm not much on tribute bands but, this band rocked, got an encore, were as good as Garcia & his crew, and has its own "deadhead" followers. It was an amazing band that would turn any music lover into instant fans.

On Saturday morning the early crew took an early morning ride while the rest of us soaked up the free coffee offered by Painted Highway Ministries. For those who aren't aware, I am from Texas and it is tradition at most rallies there for a Christian Biker Club to offer free coffee. Boy, did Painted Highway Ministries fill the cup! Most of the people there traveled across the park to Dank Eats, one of the best food vendors I have ever eaten with at any rally because the food is fresh cooked as you order. Their flat bread breakfast taco & Euro's are 2nd to none!

After food & coffee the rally was moving again. Each year there has been a wedding & this year was no different. Congrats to Joel & Deanna Roberson of Jacksonville, NC. Joel is a State Captain with BFBF, both are members and wanted to share this special time with everyone at the rally. Amazing since both also worked as volunteers all weekend.

The featured "Battle of the Bands" started at high noon between Total Strangers & Neglektyd Toyz. Each played a little over an hour while 5 guests did the judging according to a set of objectives given to each. Total Strangers took the 1st place trophy & $500 to boot. Both bands & the judges did a great job!

Opening for the evening entertainment was one of the most entertaining solo artist in NC, Victoria Axelrod, who sings the blues and sounds like Janice Joplin. She not only has a powerhouse voice but was charming & visited with the crowd after her performance. Even the vendors were coming out to see her performance. Next was Night Shift-After Dark Band a seasoned band, with lead female vocalists Michelle who blew minds with like China Grove & You Need To Know. Excellent performance and the guys loved her stilettos! Yes, there was more ... Southern Reunion made their debut as a reuniting band playing all the old classic southern rock like Skynard and proved they still had it as a classic Southern Rock band. Jym Chapman & The Migrant Workers performed with all original music. The band does a number of performances in their church & each song is an original message. It was unique & refreshing. The final band performance was Tommy Thunderfoot & The Accelerators who is my favorite & apparently many others favorite Blues Band in the entire south!   They "raised the roof" as some of the crowd stated. After Thunderfoot there was a late night all star jam session where anyone could join in & some of the vendors did pulling out the mandolins & guitars was quite the show. The entire weekend was jam up with so many extraordinary performers under one roof. Many have vowed to be back next year!

The weekend also had great vendors with jewelry, food, a beer garden, patch vendor who had leather & biker wear, tee shirts, homemade ice cream, & a LED vendor. Mickey, President & Founder of the nonprofit foundation, announced that raffle tickets were going on sale for a Custom Built SOB by Southeastern Steel Choppers with the winning ticket to be pulled at the 2013 rally & only 5000 tickets to be sold!

Each paying guest was given a gate ticket & the winner of the gate prize took home new leather coat from The $250 coat didn't fit her but her husband loved it & had it on! Raffle prizes were provided by Hot Hog Leather, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, & Cycle Gear & were items like helmets, tees, gloves & some great tools. Brad Oakly won the 50/50 which he generously donated back because he truly understands the foundation & wanted to support it. Willie Rivera won the prize for riding the longest distance to the rally, which was 7.5 hours & he rode in rain a big part of the distance. Tee shirts were provided by The Dog House for throwing to the crowd which is always a favorite & crowd pleaser. The tattoo contest was won by Jamie Nelson of Painted Highway Ministries for the 2nd year in a row. She is a tough one to beat and several commented they would have more work done to compete with her next year! One person had a tribal tap type tatt from his days in the service that was unusual and he told a nice story about.

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors, Jason E. Taylor-NC Accident Attny., Hot Hog Leather,, Rambo's Cycle House, Big Bear Bail Bonds, Donnie Wheeler Transmission, Tucker's Automotive Repair, Diffin Brothers Cycles, Painted Highway Ministries, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, The Dog House, and to the Volunteers who worked their shifts & some the entire weekend for helping us make this happen & supporting the foundation in its efforts to help injured bikers & very needy children.

Bikers for Bikers Foundation Founder, Mickey and his wife (and author of the above Event Report!,) Jeanie. Did you know that Mickey started BFBF to begin with just out of the daily nickles and dimes that he threw into a jar from his own pockets?!









Ridin' and Happenin'

FancyFree has already told you about the Mountain-chasing we did this weekend. We also rode to Monroe to check out BoneYard Tavern's bike nite Friday. Leaving the Lake Wylie area we had a great ride down through Fort Mill, to Hwy. 521 and the over to Hwy. 75 and rode through Waxhaw. It was a great ride and we enjoyed the fantastic bar, BoneYard Tavern. George and Lisa and their cohorts with Ole # 7 Band cranked out some good tunes. Look for more to come for the BoneYard Tavern   bike nights and go ahead and head out from your end of the world to Monroe and check out their next Friday night bike nite!

This Friday and Saturday is the time to make it to Downtown Lincolnton for the annual HOG Happenin'. In addition to mouthfuls of the best BBQ around (it's a BBQ competition!) and a showing of cool bikes (it's a bike show!,) they're having a POKER WALK though the vendors. We'll be one of the locations where you stop and get stamped or signed. Below is the list of who else is a part of the walk.....


... and by all means, remember, The Carolina Rider Bus, THE BIG RIDE, will be at Hog Happenin' giving away free stuff, so please do drop in and say hi!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton






SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro




Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte





SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte











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