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June 3rd Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Bike Week Coverage:

1) Lester & Friends Relax up & down the Grandstrand

2) The Tarheel Tornado finds Happiness Eventually

TCR Classifieds

Shaggy Prepares for Kamakazi 2014: Round 2 - Ding!

Invitation to Win THIS WEEKEND: Get High on the Hog!

Loose Talk with Jon

Join us at The BIG RIDE Bus!


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of June 3-10, 2014

Tuesday 85 iso t-storms, Wednesday 92 p-cloudy, Thursday 88 iso t-storms, Friday 87 p-cloudy, Saturday 87 iso t-storms, Sunday 89 iso t-storms, Monday 88 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 87 scattered t-storms (as per on 6/3/14)

Grab a little Bike Week Spirit!

With what's "in the news" currently in the aftermath of some offenses to the enjoyment of Myrtle Beach Bike Weeks, I think we could all use a little old fashioned bike week spirit to take us back to our roots and to inspire our playfulness. We could chew on the misdeeds of some wrongdoers and despair the potential loss of what has meant a great deal to millions of riders, but let's not play taps on this cherished playground just yet and let's focus on the fun that's been had and keep hope alive for more to come. K?

Thanks to Lester and The Tarheel Tornado, this edition shines some of that good ol' Carolina coast sunshine on the annual trek to Da Beach. Their tales are quite different but you'll surely recognize something to reminisce about from your own bike week memories. As you read Lester's account of Spring Bike Week 2014 and enjoy his color-full photos, you might feel like you're part of his gang of friendly buddies who revel in the sights and sounds, foods and drinks, antics and partying of the Bike Week Experience. You know - the bars, the music, the vibrant people, the playful vibes that are unmistakably the bikers' playground!

The Tarheel Tornado's story is another real life adventure ... the kind of adventure that has obstacles at every turn. The Tornado set out months and months back to enjoy the best and smoothest bike week experience ... but with Murphy's Law as a constant companion on his road to fun, he ended up traveling a long way from "smooth" before he finally found his way to "happy." Ride on thru the rough patches with him ... for you'll surely want to witness his smile when he realizes that his girl's arms around him were all that mattered anyway!


Don't forget to check out where we'll be this month and join us somewhere. Footloose will buy you a drink if you come up wearing one of our shirts ... so get one if you haven't already! Moreover, we just enjoy hanging out with you all so find us. We plan to enjoy bike nites at the following Sponsors every month. Here are June's dates: Zippers (6/4,) Out-Skirts Cabaret (6/20) and Quaker Steak & Lube Concord (6/25.)

It's Hog Happenin' this weekend and it's almost time for Smoke Out too!

C ya soon ...


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Well friends, Myrtle Beach Bike Week has come and gone again.  I was there about 8 ½ days this year. Man, I had to come home to rest.  Rode down and rode back, though I wasn’t planning on riding back. The plan was to sell the bike while I was there. It almost worked out, almost. My bike is still in the shop so I rode a friends bike down and he asked me to sell it while I was there.  So I did, almost. Anyway, many thanks to Earl for letting me ride his spare bike down. BYW, it is a nice, nice bike. A 2002 HD Heritage Softail.  Black in color, 21,000 easy miles. 104 HP on the Dyno. Sweeet !!!

 Anyway, the ride down was uneventful.  Four of us rode down: Chester , Daryl, Sexton, and myself. We let Sexton lead. Sexton is the oldest, so we called him Paw Paw all weekend. Other than the Palmetto Moonshine Cadillac that we ran with for about an hour,  (We met up with the guys from Palmetto Moonshine later in the week, so I’ll get back to them later,) the ride itself was uneventful. The way I like them. The weather was warm, upper 80’s. A great day to have the sunscreen with me, since I prefer to ride sleeveless. We arrived at about 6:00 on Thursday the 8th of May. We rode out to Murrells Inlet to enjoy sitting down and talking about the up and coming weekend, and having a cold drink or two.  It had been a long day as I had gone into the office at 6:00am, worked a half a day and had a semi-annual  Dr. appt. doing it all that morning. We rolled out at 1:00. We stopped at Harley Haven in Irmo and at Thunder Tower HD outside of Columbia on the way.  Great ride, hot but dry.

Thursday (and everyday) we eat breakfast.... Then we eat lunch.... Then we ...


Where do I start? This past week has been full of highs and lows, challenges and accomplishments. I might as well start from the beginning, because you can’t make this stuff up. Several months back, my riding buddy “Lester” and I were discussing future rides and plans. We don’t do all our riding together, but Lester is a very good riding buddy, and I ride with him as much as I can. It was then we realized that 2014 would be the 75th anniversary for Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, SC.

This was just too close to miss, so we made our plans. He had different arrangements than me, but we would try to ride some together while we were both there. Lester would be staying with a colleague of ours at a house in the Garden City area, and I would be trying out my latest purchase of a 42’ Forest River toy hauler and staying at Huntington Beach State Park.

This is where the story actually begins....

Current Listings:

Listed 5/20/14 - 2002 Custom Road Glide - $38,000 - One of a kind built by Camtech & tons of customizations: Custom House of Color Paint, Black with Candy Red Pearl host Flames, Low Miles, Diamond Cut Barrels, 88 punched out to 95 inch, Sachs Racing Head, 10:1 Pistons-Compression Releases, Cams, 42 Mikuni Carb, Wimmer Velocity Intake, Screaming Eagle Adj Push Rods, Fueling Lifters, FBI 2-1 hidden exhaust, Slash cut and tucked under bag, 6 piston front brake caliper, Metalsport Roxxy 26 inch Front Wheel, Camtech Stretched & Raked Front End, Camtech Stretched Tank, Custom Dash with Flush Gas Cap, Custom Chin Spoiler, Flared Side Covers, Camtech Stretched Extended Bags w/ LED Flush Integrated Signals/Brakes, Full Width Solid Fender, Sinister Drag Bars, Dakota Digital Gauges, Snakeskin Seats(Solo and Dual,) Custom Back Rest, Arnott Rear Air Rear Suspension with Handle bar controls, Flame Kick Stand/ Mirrors/ Grips/ Hwy Pegs, Banana Floorboards, Extended Rear Brake and Shifter, High Watt Stereo system & Speakers with Hand Grip Controls, & much more! Barry Pollack, call 386-212-3201

By the way, the bike was in The Litigator calendar in 2013 ... (Sorry, beautiful girl not included! ...)



Listed 3/3/14 - Custom Chopper - $10,500 OBO, 1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. (Charlotte)



 Well I never thought I would do it again either but here we go folks!.... It’s time for the second KAMIKAZE.  Last year I came out with a poorly planned, poorly thought out half assed idea of doing a Jap only bike show. Well, as many of our readers remember, this excited a few and pissed off a lot more. I’m going to be honest I had no idea what I was doing, before this my planning skills wouldn’t even let me make eggs and bacon get done at the same time. But I had one of the best groups of friends and loved ones to help out. Like I’ve said before my biggest help came from a Triumph rider. But enough pissing and moaning. I went out and tried to do something that hadn’t been done before. Thanks to poor advertising and my bike wash girls slugging it out it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. But shit man, everyone that saw the later got a good show. You won’t see that shit at a H.O.G. rally! And when's the last time you went to a show where they still had bike games?

I can’t promise this year is going to be any better, all I can say is that a lot more work has went into it this year. By the time you are reading this I’ll be posting flyers in every bike shop, bar, titty club, junk yard, tattoo parlor, church, coffee shop, and slow moving heavy person. But I’m also branching out to a new audience this time around. Contrary to popular belief I’m not a “Harley hater”. I’ve never been ...


Recap of last 2 weeks' Events

Ya never know what may happen when The Carolina Rider's BIG RIDE is around!

Maggie Valley Spring Rally

We had a fine time in Maggie Valley a couple weeks back. Among the highlights were a pair of mountain goats who are reported to live on the high rock face way up a mountain adjoining the Festival Grounds ... just beside where we had The BIG RIDE Bus parked. Poni Princess and Frog were with us and we all were stretching our vision to see what was up there ... and soon other folks were looking too - to see if the tales were true; if there were indeed goats up there. Sure enough, our long-distance lenses confirmed at least one white goat with floppy ears and we commenced to offering the crowd "The Goat Report brought to you by The Carolina Rider" several times an hour.

Quece and her parents, Jane and Greg, showed up and Jane took the challenge to ride the mechanical bull...with Quece on board, of course! Frog even got video of it. Check it out! There's also another video of a guy who won a free ride on the bull too.

Lester made an appearance and brought his usual fine entourage - wifey and friends. Not just an appearance - he hung out a good while and used his gifts of persuasion to bring in the masses who passed the bus, get 'em signed up and enthused about The Carolina Rider. Thanks for all your help, Lester... and for your great coverage of Myrtle Beach Spring 2014 too! (enjoying your photos, by the way!)

Teresa from Maggie Valley Chamber of Commerce paid us a visit ...and her little dog too! She reminded everyone to be back at the Festival Grounds for the big barbecue event there the last weekend of July. (Remember, that's the one you can win tickets to -plus tons of extras- if you come register THIS WEEKEND at Hog Happenin' so come join us this weekend in Lincolnton!)

Tommy "Brother Bear" Pittard and his wife arrived and shot a ton of photos. The rally organizer, Sonny, popped by the bus on the official event golf cart several times a day and we were glad to hang with him .. but saw him wilt under the heat of the days as the rally beat on. Great work pulling it all together, Sonny! Hope you've had a chance to rest back up.

And so you see ... we have all sorts of characters and crazy times at The BIG RIDE Bus so make sure you find us somewhere soon! You never know who might be around, what you might win, or what we might create...

The Litigator Ride

As soon as last year's first Litigator Ride ended, Jason and I began planning for this year's ride. And the months of early planning and organizing paid off as a TON of bikers showed up and $3000 was raised for Bikers for Bikers Foundation with great prizes given away. In addition to the big money rewards, Blue Ridge H-D provided not only the starting place for the ride but some great merchandise prizes ... and many of the charity ride stops chimed in with their own offerings as well. It was a fine day except for one huge and noticable glitch: The Litigator himself was absent.

As I told everyone at the ride, if you know Jason E. Taylor, you know that he'd rather gnaw his arm off than to miss his own ride. It took a sickening case of vertigo to knock him off the day's event and even an hour before he was still trying to get there while being cared for in an emergency room. If you know him, you know he takes care of a LOT of folks who are ill and hurting. It's his turn and we all wish him speedy recovery and best wishes. From what I hear, you can't keep that strong man down - he was back in the office yesterday.

Here's what's ahead ....



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