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Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free


June 9: STAR Riders Feed the Children

June 9: 5th Annual Gaston CBA Fund Run

June 9: Brothers of America Vet Run

June 16: Victory 4 Vets Sunset Ride

June 16: POW Honor Ride

August 18: Big Pot Fun Run

BFBF Bike Build Raffle


Stealth's Custom Corner: Father's Day Feature


Loose Talk with Jon



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We'll be there! Come see us at The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE bus!



The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of June 4-11, 2012

Monday 82 pm t-storms, Tuesday 78 p-cloudy, Wednesday 71 iso t-storms, Thursday 76 iso t-storms, Friday 80 sunny, Saturday 84 m-sunny, Sunday 87 p-cloudy, Monday 87 p-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 6/03/12)






Another Round of Applause for the Grand Diversity of Motorcycle Lovers!

Have you noticed the varied expressions of "the motorcycle lifestyle?" There really isn't any one way to catagorize who a Carolina Rider is, is there? Like Bubba said to Forest in their conversation about shrimpin'...

"Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it." (from the 1994 movie Forest Gump ... here's the video!)

So, as I was sayin', there's, uh, leather bikers, denim bikers, fancy-expensive-matching-outfit bikers. Ya got your flower children kinda riders and ya got your uptown professional riders as well as your good ol' boy riders too. There's those of us with lots of ink and those of us with pristine skin, ... those of us who spend our time shining chrome and buying more upscale bling and those of us whose funky old school and rat bikes have that well-loved, vintage, and artsy appeal. Some riders ride to be with other riders and some ride to get away from everyone else in the world. Some of us ride 365 days of the year (regardless of what the weatherman says,) to work and church, to school and shopping, to catch a movie and over to grandmama's house too ... and then some of us only ride for recreation in our free time only on just-right-days when the wind is blowing only from the South and the curl in our hair just puts us in the mood. Some of us love classical music much to the surprise of those who think our stereos are tuned to all-Skynard all the time ... and some of us are downright artsy and deep even tho we may get an unsolicited rep of being superficial and uninterested in anything but beer and brawls. Ya got your bubba shrimp and ya got your bubba bikers. Ya got your gourmet shrimp and ya got your topshelf bike riders and everything in between and beyond too!

There are motorcycle lovers who don't even own bikes and never will and then there are those who own garage-fulls of two-wheeled chariots from many decades and varied styles. Some bike enthusiasts go to all of the rides, runs, rallies, and bike nites on The Carolina Rider Calendar and some who ride never-ever-ever spend their time standing on blacktop amidst a bunch of bikes bull-shooting with biker buddies with a can of Bud in their fists. And speaking of motorcycle events, they're as diverse as the wonderfully eclectic beings who make up this loosely-related lifestyle we often refer to as "the motorcycle community!" Yes, the honest to golly truth is that we two-wheeled aficionados do stand by each other when needed. We may be different and we may live our riding lifestyles in way divergent ways, but we pass each other on the road and we throw our hands down (or up as your style might be!) and we're one, we're united, we're family......



... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!

Greenville, SC STAR Riders are busy doing good!

Joe B. of STAR Chapter 352 shared this press release about a big project by their riding group.....








Jeani of Biker for Bikers Foundation talks about the flyer below: "The reason we are doing this is to make up funds so badly needed to help injured bikers. At present we are gearing up to go to Texas & help a guy who went down in Houston, needs surgery on his wrist & has no medical insurance. Obviously, he can't work without the use of his hand & if it's not life threatening...they send you home! The extra funds from the bike raffle will help to eleviate some of the needs for funds to help people in this type of situation. We are only selling 5000 tickets and a person need not be present, has 90 days to claim the bike, and the ticket will be pulled at the 2013 rally when the builder cranks it up. It is being built presently, will be disassembled in sections & reassembled at the rally. Also, tickets can be purchased at our website (, through Charter Members, State Capts, & at events we attend. It is a beautiful bike like the one in the pic but will have our logo, & the option of mini apes in case a short person wins."



Hey, it was wonderful seeing you guys who wandered over to The Big Ride Bus this weekend during Hog Happenin' in Lincolnton, NC! How great it was to reconnect with you and to hear your feedback.

Winner of this weekend's night for two at Maggie Valley Inn and 2 tickets to Wheels Through Time Museum: Robert Millar

Congrats Robert!

(Will you Carolina Lakes folks give Robert a nudge and tell him to contact me for his prize?!)


Next weekend event for The Big Ride is The Smokeout in Rockingham, NC June 22-23! Smokeout is a really cool event with bikes, riders, and entertainment you won't see anywhere else. Put it on your calendar and come join us for more give-aways and a good time!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Father and Son

a Father's Day Feature

by Stealth with photos by Vicki

June is the month of Father's Day, so I thought I would do a father and son bike feature.The story begins with me hanging out at Maddog Custom Cycles one Saturday. A poker run is in progress and this spot is a stop. When all of the bikes roll in, I take off for the parking lot to check out the sites. I come across this bad ass blacked out '98 Dyna. I never located the owner but I left my card and a couple of days later Geoffrey gave me a call. A plan was laid out to meet and shoot his bike. Geoffrey's dad Glenn showed up at the bike photo shoot with his Road King, ... that is when I came up with the father-son bike feature for Father's Day.

The story of how Geoffrey obtained his Dyna is one of motivation and determination. You see, Geoffrey is all of 19 years old and he has had this bike since he was 14! Geoffrey and his Dad spotted the black beast way back then. Geoffrey had already been bitten by the Harley bug at the age of 14. His dad made him a deal to get the bike. Geoffrey had to finish high school and attend college before the paperwork exchanged hands. Geoffrey has been working on his Dyna for five years.

The black beast reminds of a SONS OF ANARCHY bike! The all black and no nonsense look tell you this bike means business. It has Sceamin' Eagle heads, Vance & Hines exhaust that has been ceramic coated. In the looks department it sports diamond cut cylinders, twisted front spokes, and one of the coolest features I have ever seen is the way the speedo mounts in the handlebars, that is one bitchin' set up!

Dad's bike is called the "The Train" because he says it really "hauls the freight!," so I guess it moves along pretty well. Glen tells me he has the paper work to prove the Road King puts out 91 horse power and 98 torque! His Road King is rock solid and never lets him down. Glenn's bike is a little more on the conservative side but it has that classic Harley look. The Road King runs Rhinehart exhaust, front and rear wheels have been polished and it has a horn that sounds like a train that I heard and all I will say is it is LOUD!

This was a fun feature to do; both Geoffrey and his dad Glenn take GREAT pride in their bikes. Geoffrey being only 19 years old, well it says a lot about his talent and skill as he dis-assembled and re-assembled his bike with some help from his dad.

Check out more of Vicki's photos of the Father and Son bikes



In a few weeks it is Father's Day, call your dad if you can. And if he rides, go for a ride with him. I know that is what Geoffrey and his dad will be doing!





HOG Happenin' Happened

and The Smoke Out is Happenin'


We had a great time at HOG Happening in Lincolnton this past weekend. Got to meet and lot of new riders and see a lot of old friends too. Thanks for stopping by!

On June 22nd and 23rd we will be taking the bus and heading to Rockingham for this year's Smoke Out. This is a really "Smokin'" good time. Come on, ... make your plans now to come out and join us for a cold adult beverage on The Carolina Rider bus, THE BIG RIDE ...





Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro




Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte





SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D















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