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June 10th Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

A Father's Day Special Writing by Mike on a Bike

Golden Opportunities: Bub & His Buds explore 421 & Beyond

TCR Classifieds

Brother Bear: The Patriot Guard Riders

Win a Shirt - Read The Tarheel Tornado Story & Count!

Quece: The Litigator Ride 2014

Orangeburg Ron: A Lovers Ride to Brunswick GA

Loose Talk with Jon

Join us at The BIG RIDE Bus!

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of June 10-17, 2014

Tuesday 91 p-cloudy, Wednesday 91 pm t-storms, Thursday 83 t-storms, Friday 86 scattered t-storms, Saturday 89 iso t-storms, Sunday 83 scattered t-storms, Monday 86 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 91 p-cloudy (as per on 6/10/14)

Proud as a Peacock

Every week I have the honor of compiling this magazine from the arts and crafts of our contributors and all of you too! As I continue to say, The Carolina Rider is designed to be "the voice of the motorcycle riders of The Carolinas" and that means it's not my voice or Footloose's voice ... but all of us and each of us.

That's my friend Jon up there with one of his baby peafowl. A diverse guy, Jon has a farm full of animals and an amazing girlfriend, Erin, who has even more critters and among many other gifts, she also plays the violin. Jon is a small business owner of First Choice Septic in Lincolnton and he and Erin have really busy lives both professionally and personally. Both are riders and devoted members of a social riding group, The Fishheads.

That's a tiny little snapshot of a couple riders who live in and ride in The Carolinas. And as Editor of this magazine, I get to meet such interesting people all the time at rallies and rides, at bike nites and out on the road. What a pleasure and gift! And here is what I know: there is NO one single description of a rider. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, nationalities, and beliefs. We like different things - different bike styles and places to ride, different reasons to ride too. And we aren't just into motorcycles. We have so many interests and activities that it would take the whole internet to list all that we do and love.

Whatever you call us ... riders, bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, .... we are the same as the rest of the world - diversely rich and fabulous! If there is one thing that binds us, perhaps it's what I call "the ride" ... that intangibly-impossible indefinable thing we get to dive into when we ride. It's freedom, it's fully living, it's expressiveness, it's breathing in and out as we move through the air....

In today's edition of The Carolina Rider Scene, as always, I am blown away by the range of gifts and interests of our contributors. Bub rides a LOT. He rides a Honda. He is way past "retirement" age. Mike on a Bike has taken on some long distance rides on his Yamaha. He's involved with his club and charitable community organizations and, as he once again expresses today, his family. Ron is clearly sweet on his wife Marcia, his constant riding companion and they ride perhaps even more than Bub. Their ride seems meander with what's around them and is filled with interesting stops and pauses to take in the world from their Harley. Tommy enjoys being the witness to "the ride." He sees the world thru his camera lenses and watches how riders express themselves, who and what is involved in the motorcycle experience.

I don't know that much about these folks beyond their stories, short visits, and emails that reveal again that they are just like the rest of the world - people whose lives happen to have motorcycles in them as well as a whole lot more!

And then there's Quece ... ok, now, she's unique. And, yet, is she? While she is our only 4-legged contributor, there's a 2-legged rider behind the scenes who we all know is Jane ... another person who's got a lot going on in life besides motorcycles. A career, family, home, and an ever-growing circle of friends, Jane's got a full life that explodes into all corners when the weather warms for riding her Harley!

And so, peacock proud, I just want to say thank you to all who contribute to this publication, to our financial Sponsors, and to all of you who read. What a pleasure it is to put together something that shows off YOUR colors and shine! We're a pretty cool bunch, us riders ... and I look forward to learning more about all of you.

(Some of Jon and Erin's year old peacocks)

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

So yeah, before we beat up on our kids (not literally) for the dumb things they do, we best think about the crazy and sometimes stupid things we did when we were their age.  See, at sixty-three, I can now tell my two adult daughters about the incredibly dumb things, but sometimes really funny things, I did as a kid and well, as a young adult!  I mean you still have to do your parent thing, but when your kids are now adults and have, or are soon having, kids of their own, why not share the stories.  Hell, you might even hear stuff that they did that you totally missed!

            So girls, here’s a first for you …

(yeah, that's me and my girls 25 years ago ... a considerably younger Mike on a Bike)

            I was in my senior year of college and living off campus in an old house, keg parties for profit and all, with four other guys.  One guy bought a ’48 Willy’s Jeep wagon with a blown engine that he replaced with a V-8 with a four-barrel carb.  Well the folks of one of the guys in our house had a summer cabin in northern Michigan, in the boondocks, which was offered up for a weekend!  So we loaded up the Willy’s and another car with beer and our girlfriends (the order is intentional), and headed north.  Upon arrival we found that, yes, it was a single room cabin with a few single beds, and forget about any private romantic interludes!...


All of a sudden the road changes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes and then to smaller 2 lanes - and I can’t see the road ahead as it’s shadowed by cliffs and overhanging trees ... this is 421!

Early morning on May 19th Mickey and I pull into the parking lot at the Lincoln House in Lincolnton NC.  Where’s Charley? It’s a quarter of 7 and he’s always early.  We go on in and get a table and a cup of coffee.  Look at the clock again and he walks in the door.  Said he’d left home early but forgot something and had to go back and get it. So we order breakfast and they ask me about the route I’d planned. I replied that I knew it went to Bristol and Hazard KY and looped back to the Blue Ridge around Raleigh but that was all I knew.  It is programmed into the GPS and we’ll have to see where it takes us.

We had talked about a 2 or 3 day ride during the winter and finally we were on our way....

Current Listings:

Listed 5/20/14 - 2002 Custom Road Glide - $38,000 - One of a kind built by Camtech & tons of customizations: Custom House of Color Paint, Black with Candy Red Pearl host Flames, Low Miles, Diamond Cut Barrels, 88 punched out to 95 inch, Sachs Racing Head, 10:1 Pistons-Compression Releases, Cams, 42 Mikuni Carb, Wimmer Velocity Intake, Screaming Eagle Adj Push Rods, Fueling Lifters, FBI 2-1 hidden exhaust, Slash cut and tucked under bag, 6 piston front brake caliper, Metalsport Roxxy 26 inch Front Wheel, Camtech Stretched & Raked Front End, Camtech Stretched Tank, Custom Dash with Flush Gas Cap, Custom Chin Spoiler, Flared Side Covers, Camtech Stretched Extended Bags w/ LED Flush Integrated Signals/Brakes, Full Width Solid Fender, Sinister Drag Bars, Dakota Digital Gauges, Snakeskin Seats(Solo and Dual,) Custom Back Rest, Arnott Rear Air Rear Suspension with Handle bar controls, Flame Kick Stand/ Mirrors/ Grips/ Hwy Pegs, Banana Floorboards, Extended Rear Brake and Shifter, High Watt Stereo system & Speakers with Hand Grip Controls, & much more! Barry Pollack, call 386-212-3201

By the way, the bike was in The Litigator calendar in 2013 ... (Sorry, beautiful girl not included! ...)



Listed 3/3/14 - Custom Chopper - $10,500 OBO, 1998 Custom Rigid, 120CC Delkron motor. This is a great custom chopper, has many upgrades including, ape hanger handle bars, 5 speed baker trans, custom wheels, new tires, open primary, JB brakes and a chain drive. This bike screams with 120 hp and low miles. One owner. Call 704-236-9222 to see. Owner is motivated. (Charlotte)



I decided at the last minute to go to Royston, Ga. to attend the funeral of Daniel J. Allman of Cannon, Ga. who was killed in Iraq by a road side bomb. I also wanted to find out about the Patriot Guard Riders and see what they do. This type of ride was out of the ordinary for me to cover...

When I arrived at the staging area at the shopping center less than a mile from the Pruitt Funeral Home there was only eighty-seven bikes. As it neared 1 p.m. there were 107 bikes ready to go to the funeral home.

In front of the funeral home the Patriot Guard began to line up on both sides of the street with American flags. When the family started to arrive the Patriot Guard began to shield the family from onlookers and possible protesters. The Patriot Guard was expecting protesters which didn’t show up. There were plenty of law enforcements on hand to handle traffic and possible protesters....

Did you read last week's magazine? You can still enter! ....

Mom, Dad and I put on our “Sunday Best” (Tail of the Dragon T’s) for The Litigator Ride .  We got an early start, picked up some Krispy Kremes and headed to Blue Ridge Harley Davidson.  “Socks” (a good looking black Chihuahua) and I sniffed butts and walked around a bit… and before I could wag my tail there was barely a parking space left!

The BIG RIDE Bus of The Carolina Rider was there and collecting donations for BFBF
(Bikers For Bikers Foundation) That is where all the money was going and what a great cause!

Jason Taylor, The Litigator,” was giving away $1500 today.  You just collected tickets from the different sponsors.  Blue Ridge Harley Davidson, Ryan’s Sports Bar, Pop’s Old Time Country Store, Lucky Lizard Bar and Billiards and Twin Oaks Bar & Grill.  We all got these great maps, and we laughed at the good intentions,...

Mother’s Day on the Georgia Coast – I was able to cut out of work early on the Friday before Mother’s Day and Marcia was packed and ready to go.  We planned an overnight down to Darien/Brunswick Georgia area and a trip out to St. Simon’s Island.  We headed out Hwy 601 through Bamburg and Erhardt and Hampton.  The weather was great in the low 70’s and low humidity.
601 goes through farm country and you get all the wonderful farm smells.  We could smell the last of the wisteria in spots with that fragrant sweet smell, there were farmers tilling their fields getting ready to plant, and the occasional chicken house with the air so thick you could taste it and not just smell it.  I think one farmer was spreading his fields with the chicken house remnants as the dust in the air. We just held our breath until we were through the cloud of ‘dust.’

We made a quick stop at the McDonalds in Hampton for a soda and lunch around noon and back on 601 to where it connected with Hwy 321 or otherwise known as the Savannah Highway.  Apparently prior to I-26 it was the major road to Savannah from Columbia.  The sun was warming up well and I was able to take my jacket off but Marcia never gets too hot and wanted to leave hers on.

We did take I-95 around Savannah instead of going through town and all the stop lights and traffic to Hwy 17 just south of Savannah. We had been on 17 only a short time when we saw the sign for the smallest Church in America.  I had seen the sign on 95 but never gone by it, so we stopped to see.  It is little.  There are 8 chairs and a small pulpit.  A lot of people stop by and leave notes for loved ones that they have lost as a memorial, and there is a small donation box.  It was a nice break and opportunity to stretch....

Creating a Business

My friend Austin has a cool business going. He's using his photography talent out in the world to capture moments you might otherwise not get covered. Austin and his Suitcase Photography crew were present for The 2nd Annual Litigator Ride and caught shots of folks as they left the start or entered the end point. Then, like happens at some vacation resorts, he offered you the chance to purchase these captured moments framed to remember always. It's a great concept and one that I'm happy to help him market. I watched his table being swarmed at the end of the ride, folks checking out themselves and laying down some bucks to take home their memories.

Being an entrepreneur is tough going. It takes personal drive and discipline that not everyone has to burn as well a creative inspiration and flexibility to keep moving forward without bogging down. Good going, Austin, and all of you who are blazing your own trails in life! You can connect with Austin and his work HERE.

This is another friend of mine who's got his own business going. He helped me out for free recently with an event I'm putting on and I just want to send this thank you and shout out to my friend TBone. Give him a shout if you need some electrical work done....



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