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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

This coming weekend: Pointe to the Children's Home Ride - Concord, NC

And read about ... A Challenge by the Blue Ridge Shrine Club

... and a Calendar that's Raising funds for Two Wheels for Warriors


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree




From a Woman Rider with Sandy Reece: Here, There, and Yonder


Loose Talk with Jon


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Blue Ridge Shrine Club

Challenges you to RIDE over 1000 in 24!

In 2008, Blue Ridge Shrine Club member Todd Trivette came up with an idea for a unique fund raiser. Having a love for riding motorcycles, he started the Marathon 4 Miracles Charity Ride. While most riding enthusiasts are familiar with the poker runs you see all the time, this event was created to be a bit more, shall we say, challenging....

The premise was simple: Ride a route encompassing over 1,000 miles and do it in less than 24 hours. Donors were solicited before the ride to make contributions and that first year over $3,700 was raised!

The first year, Trivette and Noble Lyman Williams were the riders and endured terrible weather but because of the strong outpouring of support from the donors it was decided to make this an annual event.

 In 2009, Noble Brent Higgins joined Trivette and Williams in the fun and the trio have to date, through the kindness and generosity of donors, raised over $42,000.

The 6th annual ride is scheduled for June 23rd and donations are being sought now through August 15th

If you would like to support these three in their endeavors, please make your check payable to:   
Shriners Hospital for Children
and mail to :  Blue Ridge Shrine Club
PO Box 1504
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Help Raise Funds for Two Wheels for Warriors!

"Rescued Heroes - Veterans Edition" by Paul Sansale

Starring our own Justin Madore and Cody

Justin Madore, who frequently honors our pages with his column Fighting for Veterans on the Homefront, is working to raise funds for two causes close to his own heart ... and which are both critically-valuable to his own battle of living with post-war PTSD and other injuries: K9's for Warriors and Two Wheels for Warriors. You've read about these two charitable programs in his articles. Here's a new twist on the story. There's a couple, Lynn and Paul Sansale in Minnesota, who have their own project to create and print a calendar celebrating Veterans and their service dogs and raising awareness of PTSD. Paul, an artist, has created beautiful prints of these pairs for each month of 2014. The calendar is for sale through But here's another cool twist.... Lynn and Paul have committed to Justin that once the printing costs get paid for the calendar, he can sell some to raise funds for Two Wheels for Warriors, a program that builds custom bikes for wounded warriors, including Justin himself.

And so we at The Carolina Rider encourage you to read on, link to and buy a calendar or two and/or some prints. Kickstarter gives artists a defined length of time to raise funds and it turns out that the deadline for the Sansales to raise the printing cost funds is only a few days away: June 16th, so you'll have to act quick. Check it out and do what you can....

Lynn Sansale shares what this project is all about - and about meeting Justin and Cody

"We were referred to The Carolina Rider's contributing writer, Justin Madore, and his service dog Cody by K9sForWarriors, an organization that trains service dogs for Veterans with PTSD. We were meeting Veterans  that were going to be part of our calendar "Rescued Heroes- Veterans Edition" featuring Paul's paintings of their service dogs along with their stories. We spent over two hours with Justin when we visited Charlotte and took 500 pictures of Cody for Paul to use in painting Cody's portrait. To say we really "liked" this young man puts it mildly. He is dealing with so many difficult conditions- PTSD, thyroid cancer, pain from injuries all stemming from his duty  in Afghanistan and yet he wouldn't change a thing and would serve all over again. What an incredible patriot this young man is.

That day and many times on the phone after returning to MN, I had the opportunity to get to know Justin better. I learned about his love for motorcycles. Justin explained why a bike  feels "safer" for a Veteran with PTSD. In Iraq a soldier is constantly scanning his surroundings for anything that may warn of a roadside bomb - a wire, a mound of dirt, a box on the side of the road - all in an attempt to keep his unit safe. This continues minute to minute, hour after hour, 24/7 and this hypervigilance doesn't "go away" once the soldier returns home but may remain as one symptom of PTSD. Justin explained to me that when he is on his bike he can see everything around him - unlike when he is sitting in the cab of his truck. That is something that makes him feel better and safer when he leaves his home.

And then there is the love of riding that all bikers understand. That love of riding was something that his injuries and PTSD was going to take away. Many surgeries on his knee had taken away the strength it took to start his bike. And then there was Cody- his "Battle Buddy" and service dog that needs to go everywhere that he goes. Justin thought his biking days were over until some wonderful people came up with an organization called "Two Wheels for Warriors". This group of bike mechanics and enthusiasts put their efforts together and are finding ways to adapt bikes for Veterans to accommodate their needs so they can keep on riding. In Justin's case, they are building a bike that doesn't require the strength in his leg to start his bike. And for Cody- well, they are building this incredible side car just for him. Cody is even loving his new goggles and wears them when he is outside.

We hope our calendar can be sold to help raise funds for this organization and others. Our goal when putting "Rescued Heroes"  together was that it would do good things for Veterans with PTSD. But first we need to get it printed and not in Korea! This calendar will be printed in the U.S.A - in fact in St. Paul, MN by Impressive Prints owned by Dave Haugland and his brother. They support what we are doing and are printing it at "cost." A four-color quality job is expensive, so we are to using to raise the funds for this printing. With Kickstarter, people pre-order our calendars or perhaps prints of the dogs and become our backer. Kickstarter gives us 30 days to reach our dollar goal amount - if we do, we go directly to the printer and send out orders to our backers. But if we don't reach our goal all is voided out.

Anyone can become a backer by going to and put "Rescued Heroes-Veteran Edition" in the search box, (or simply go to THIS LINK and watch our video and read all about us. Choose any reward and hopefully this calendar can not only raise awareness for PTSD and the value of service dogs, but help get Veterans back on their bikes."




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of June 18-25, 2013

Tuesday 79 t-storms, Wednesday 85 p-cloudy, Thursday 84 p-cloudy, Friday 83 p-cloudy, Saturday 85 p-cloudy, Sunday 86 iso t-storms, Monday 87 p-cloudy, Tuesday 88 iso t-storms (as per on Tuesday 06/18/13)


Smoke Out 2013!

I've been looking forward to this weekend all year - Smoke Out! It's got a flavor all its own and I kinda dig it...

And it's not just because of the amazing event-building by Edge, a passionate creator of the Rockingham, NC event that celebrates its 14th year this weekend. It's not simply the crazy artsyness of the bikes that come out for the show, most winning "at-a-boy" awards due to the generosity of event sponsors. It's not only because of the uniquely laid-back spiceyness of this adult atomosphere and the gals who get painted, the unusual rides that putter down the boulevards between vendors and displays, or the insane speed demons that take their everyday ride to the hot asphalt of the dragway itself....

It's the total package, the relaxed Johnny-good-time attitude of the whole thing and the ultra skin-inked-uppedness of it all. It honors freespiritedness and, as you know, I kinda fancy freeness!

Yep, it's Smoke Out and there ain't nothin' else like it on the planet.




Be a Regional Representative of The Carolina Rider!

Why not become an Regional Representative for The Carolina Rider? It could be tons of fun!

We'd love to have reps in The NC Mountains (Asheville area) and the NC Coast, Central SC (Columbia) and the SC Coast, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC and Raleigh/Durham, NC......

Email me and let's get you started.....

I'm excited to be hearing from some of you who want to connect your area of The Carolinas through our publications, who want to share stories about YOUR RIDE, your area, your fun and I invite more of you to get in touch with me today and see how you can highlight your area of The Carolinas. It's painless, easy, and possibly more fun than you're expecting....


Please let there be good weather to ride Thursday night. You know I'm a fairweather rider and I just want to ride. Plus, as Footloose reminds us, it's Bike Nite at the Steele Creek Mac's and he and I plan to ride our bikes (well, as you read in his column last week, his is back in the shop but he's got a "project bike" he's riding.) So, find yourself something with two-wheels also and join us!

Hoping to see you somewhere this week.....


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Here, There, and Yonder ... from Sandy Reece

Tis the season for riding and that's exactly what I see happening! As I sit in my office during the week, I hear the roar of motorcycles ride by my office. Yes, I am so envious of those riders as I would love to be out there riding as well. Some days "Batman" sits patiently in the parking lot waiting for me to take him down some long back roads for a lunch ride or the trip home.

This past weekend (Sat-Sun-Mon) was three full days of riding for me!

On Saturday I participated in the Stokes County Animal Shelter Poker Run near Walnut Cove. I lost count on how many county lines we crossed - but I know we covered all three mountains in the area of Brown, Hanging Rock, and Pilot Mountains. It was a beautiful day to ride in the crisp cool rural back roads. BUT ... unfortunately there is a negative point I have to make ... I wish the leader of the ride had done two things: 1) had a riders meeting and 2) introduced her ride captains who would be blocking intersections. I am an experienced rider and have participated in a lot of poker runs and such but I knew only five people on this ride and had no clue where we were going on the route. My points are noted to help anyone planning a Poker Run or Charity Ride: Please remember these very important items. It will help all riders who participate and make the ride much safer when everyone is "on the same page." Just sayin' ...

On Sunday, we celebrated the men in our lives - Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, Special Fathers, Husbands, and Significant Others - basically any male who helped the reproduction of our growing population! I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

On Monday we RIDE TO WORK day! Rain in the forecast - ok. I rode anyway! Not so bad. It actually felt pretty good! Kudos to all motorcyclists to ride to work EVERY day whether it's a calendar event, to save gas, or just because you want to. Stay safe!

As I close today, I would like to say "Rest in Peace Martha Holster," a fellow member of the NC District Motor Maids who was hit by a car driven by a 74 yr. old. Martha was traveling with her husband on a trip in Ohio/West Virginia. A cager turned left in front of Martha and hit her. PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE: Be aware of your surroundings and watch for cars at all times. Not saying this to scare anyone - but be on your best game of defensive riding.


While on the Stokes County Poker Run on Saturday I wore my "safety green" shirt. One gentleman came up to me and said "I like your shirt!"

Neon green should be the new black!



Do be safe out there ......





A Ride to Maggie Valley with PoniPrincess & Frog

Frog and I were piled up on the couch one evening recently with a cool beverage in my hand and the remote control in his. It could be a similar beginning to one of your evenings as well, but this one was going to launch an adventure. Devil's Ride had ended for the season and we were tired of Bigfoot re-runs so there we were with old episodes of Moonshiner. Gotta love them mountain moon-shining boys! Frog casually mentioned, "You know, that show is just a few hours up the road from us. We should ride up there sometime." That's all I needed to hear. How could you not want to visit the home town of Popcorn Sutton? So a little bit of research and a great phone conversation with Teresa of the Maggie Valley Chamber of Commerce found Frog and I couple of days later firing up the bikes and headed for a weekend in Maggie Valley, NC. Some mountain roads and cool breezes were on the itinerary. Beyond that, we were leaving it up to the Road Gods ... and some advice from

We left out of Rock Hill, SC on SC5 and took it north into North Carolina. About 20 miles outside of Shelby, the flatter roads of South Carolina started climbing and getting a little twisty (that's a motorcycle term.) Even though it is June, spring was still at these elevations so the wild flowers were blooming in all shades that Crayola could ever think of. Trees were still in their early fresh green color having not yet been burnt from the summer sun; but, judging by the calendar, that wasn't far off. Small yellow sunflowers spiced up the large patches of lavender blooming along the road sides. Clouds and sun exchanged places against the backdrop of Appalachian Mountains. In the words of Frog, "It's looking pretty Squatchy around here."

Less than three hours into our journey we drove in between two mountain ridges and nestled there was the town of Maggie Valley. Naturally we were hungry (when are we not?!) so we drove up and down the one main road hunting a whistle-wetting spot. I couldn't help but continuously be drawn to the eclectic building of The Salty Dog restaurant located about half way down the barely 2 mile long road. Large lobsters are painted on the walls facing the parking lot and a huge cartoon dog was painted right on the road side. How could you not have fun in there? Signs and banners announced the site was 'Biker Friendly' (as though there were any other way to run a business!) but the litmus test of  bikes in the parking lot completed it: This was obviously a great biker hang out!

The next day we had a yummy breakfast at the Maggie Valley Inn where we spent the night. It's a very nice hotel with some amazing amenities. They have a fully-stocked Tiki bar that is always hopping and we enjoyed a good band one evening. If you are looking for a place to stay you might want to check them out at

It started raining pretty hard that day so we decided to take in Wheels Through Time motorcycle museum. It was one of those O ... M ... G moments. I don't care what kind of biker you are (as long as you are one!,) you have GOT to see this place. Over 38,000 square feet of vintage bikes and they all still run! Dale Walksler, the owner, is a rabid collector and restorer of any type of American motorcycle. You may have seen his TV show a couple of times, "What's in the Barn?" When you walk in the door you are greeted by the nicest people who are more than willing to answer any questions or even set you up with a volunteer to personally take you around the museum, kind of like a docent, but that word just doesn't seem to fit here. Upon entering the main hall your lungs fill with the earthy smell of bikes, bike parts, and leather (someone needs to make cologne like that!) Frequently during the tour your ears tingle with the rumbling of a motor from a bike that is probably 40 years old. Every day the volunteers of the museum demonstrate the workings of most every bike on the place and there are over 300! If you don't do anything else, make dang sure you allow a couple of hours to tour Wheels Through Time on your trip to Maggie Valley.

Since the weather wasn't the very best for riding, we also took in some shops along the way....

MORE photos and the rest of this DESTINATIONS article ONLINE NOW! ....





Out and About with The Carolina Rider

This Thursday at Mac's in Steele Creek

As a reader pointed out, there are several Mac's locations including Greenville, SC and Fayetteville, NC plus 3 in the Greater Charlotte Area. We're happy to have this family of "Speed Shops" as Sponsors of The Carolina Rider publications. This Thursday we're going to ride over to Bike Nite at their Steele Creek location located on Sandy Porter Rd in Charlotte. It happens to be the closest one to my home so I'm going to take a long route to get there and enjoy some time on two wheels.

July 17 at Quaker Steak & Lube in Concord

We're planning to ride up to Concord for Quaker Steak and Lube's bike nite on Wednesday 7/16 and hope you'll join us too.

The following week, 7/17, we're taking the bus to QS&L for their bike nite plus annual swimsuit competition AND, as I indicated in a previous column, IF YOU WEAR ONE OF TheCarolinaRider SHIRTS that night (7/17) and come see us at The Bus, we'll buy you a beer and an appetizer! (Remember, you gotta have your shirt on when you ride up so you need to get it now. You can easily purchase them now in our online SHOP)

So come enjoy the swimsuits and what's in them and stop by The BIG RIDE and say howdy ......


SMOKE OUT This Weekend!

Finally, do come see us at The BIG RIDE Bus this weekend at Smoke Out in Rockingham, NC! Why? You don't want to miss this unique annual show! We'd love to see you! We'll be giving away prizes! And, last but certainly not least in my mind, we're gonna have at least one PAINTED LADY at The BIG RIDE on Friday and Saturday for your viewing pleasure! Here's last year's ...



































































































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