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The Carolina Rider's Bus, THE BIG RIDE, will make an appearance at the following upcoming events....


This Week:

Tuesday, June 21 - STOOGES Burn-out Competition

Wednesday, June 22 - Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Nite with Bike Wash Girlzzz

Saturday, June 25 - Steve's Bar and Grille Bike Nite


In the Near Future:

July 16 - American Cycleworks "I Remember Click" Poker Run

July 23 - Mad Dog Custom Cycles Open House with music by The Wiggle Wagons!

July 24 - Coyote Joe's Poker Run







Steve's Bar & Grille

in Fort Mill / Tega Cay, SC

is back open

and welcoming

you and your ride!


Roll on down for a good meal and a good time!

2150 Gold Hill Rd. Fort Mill, SC 803-548-1799











The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of June 20-27, 2011

Monday 92 iso-t-storms, Tuesday 94 p-cloudy, Wednesday 95 iso-t-storms, Thursday 89 scattered t-storms, Friday 87 iso t-storms, Saturday 89 iso-t-storms, Sunday 88 scattered t-storms, Monday 88 scattered t-storms (as per on Monday 6/20/11)


Bike Wash Girlzzz

Every Wednesday at The Lube!

This year with a new twist: every month they'll have a bikini contest and this year they will have 2 beautiful bike washers at The Lube.

Come meet the QS&L Bike Wash Gals and get your bike cleaned up at the same time!



Music & Motorcycles

They seem to go hand in handlebar....

Rarely do you go to a motorcycle event of any kind where there's not some kind of music - live or otherwise - taking center or backstage to the bikes and riders. Food and music are definitely at the top of event checklists....

And then there are the tunes for the road. Some of us prefer to listen to the music made by the world we pass by while others of us gotta have our chosen sounds blasting from our own personal stereo.

Whichever way you lean in that debate, there's often still music to be heard at the destination of choice....whether that's a bar or a concert, a friend's house or a bike nite, the jam is on.

And, hey, here's just a little plug for some friends of mine who play some kickin' music themselves...... The Wiggle Wagons will be playing next month at an event that we, The Carolina Rider, is partnering in: Mad Dog Custom Cycles Open House. Check out The Wiggle Wagons and come join us on July 23rd too!

And if you feel like riding to find some tunes around The Greater Charlotte Area, I found this LISTING OF FREE LIVE MUSIC this Summer. They're a different alternative when you need one.....




Our Readers Share....

Here's one of my responses to my column from last week (Driver's Ed to Motorcycle Skills) .......


Good Afternoon,

Great article about getting your drivers license and then motorcycle license. I was 43 years old when I finally got the "M" endorsement on my Driver's License in 2008.  My husband came home one day and told me that he was buying another motorcycle. I noticed and commented on the fact that there was no passenger seat, at which time he presented me with the brochure for the Riders Edge motorcycle course.  It was the best thing I ever did even though I had never driven anything with a clutch in my life, and even though it was 41 degrees and raining both of the riding days.  I now ride a 1998 Heritage Softail which is perfect for me (photo attached) and I'm so happy my husband talked me into taking the course.  Yes, Take The Course!

Thanks so much for your great newsletter.  I enjoy it immensely!

Dottie S.
Winston-Salem, NC



Thanks to all who read and write to me! And thanks Dottie for further encouraging EVERYONE to take a rider skills class. Here are some resources if you are ready to sign up.......

Central Piedmont Community College

Harley-Davidson of Charlotte

MSF, Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Rider's Edge



Thanks to Bud and Coley for getting this scanned flyer to us to share!.....



The Club Room

You guys have been patiently waiting for this and we sincerely appreciate those of you who have written asking for a submission form. We've had some technical challenges getting this one together and we're taking a little different approach than we'd intended which will just be much simpler for you and for us. Gee, why don't we think simple first?!

All who have written in should have an email from us this week to get you started. And if you want your riding group (social, charitable, corporate, fun, or other open membership groups,) shoot me an email and ask. Thanks much!




  • What're your favorite road tunes?

  • Where do you like to go to listen to good music?

  • Do you prefer to have a stereo on your bike or the ability to listen to what's around you?

Just wondering......write me!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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This month's artsy-fartsy comes to us from Wesley Ashley whose wonderful articles you've read on We're highlighting this month's article about another builder because BIKE BUILDERS ARE ARTISTS and Wesley gets that......Wesley gets that there are folks out there who pour their creative hearts and souls into their art of bike building and it shows in all he writes and the way he interacts with whoever he interviews.

Thanks Wesley for another awesome story! Read the FULL ARTICLE online ...

Deep Six Cycles

by Wesley Ashley

with photos courtesy of Ross "Dino" Landino

Deep Six Cycles is a small custom shop in Asheville, NC and they specialize in manufacturing custom parts from brass, aluminum and stainless steel. You really have to check out their foot pegs and hand controls, they're killer! They also fabricate some really cool handlebars. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Bowie the owner, mastermind and head fabricator behind Deep Six. So take a few minutes and check out the interview then got to and buy some of their homegrown, hand built motorcycle parts for your bike or next custom build. Not only will you be buying a great product but also supporting an American small business.


TCR ... What's the story behind Deep Six Cycles? How did you get into building motorcycles and fabricating parts?

Tom ... I come from a pretty skilled and enterprising family. It was while working for them that I built the base foundation of most of my skills. We would do everything from building specialty tools to use in the field to fabricating specialized beds for our service trucks and wheelers. The other side of the family where farmers and between both sides some of my earliest memory's involve the smell of metal, wrenching and welding. There were always dirt bikes, three wheeler, mud trucks, or circle track cars around.

I got kind of a late start on two wheels (compared to some) with an old Honda XL175 at 13. I owned a few more dirt bikes on and off over the years. In my early 20's I traded a CR250 for my first street bike and got my bike license that fall. It was all downhill from there! Shortly after that I bought my first Harley. It was an old 70Xlch Chopper that had at least the neck done in 71 and a weld on hard tail. I was hooked! When it burnt a valve I took it as an excuse to re-fabricate and clean up a lot of the half-baked fabrication on it. Every time I would open a magazine it was like 'hell I could do that'... And if I can't by the end, I will be able to! You have to be willing to make some scrap when you're starting out...

It's funny, looking back on it a lot of my friends started riding around the same time. And we all had these clapped-out Jap bikes we would take off on day rides without a second thought! I wouldn't trade that time for anything!

Around 07 I knew what I had to do. I had been all over the country and was stuck back in Maine. It was time to get out for good. After a winter that involved 5' of snow in the front yard and spending all my money on heating oil. I moved to Asheville, NC the spring of 08 on a whim. Got a job on a Long Liner (fishing vessel) and did a couple 3-4 month seasons in the Bearing Sea.

After a month or so back on land I bought a school bus converted it to run on waste vegetable oil and made a trip to Maine to retrieve my tools and buy a few more... I invested all my money in the company and here I am today.

TCR ... What can you do at your shop, what services do you offer?

Tom ... We specialize in manufacturing custom parts, from Brass, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. We have a few different lines of Foot Pegs, Hand Grips, Solid Shock Struts and Handle bars. We make one off custom sissy bars, tag mounts, bungs, bushings, frames and frame modifications, and we also do Gas Tank modifications. I tend to gravitate to traditional choppers. So a lot of our builds and parts have kind of a new take with a classic feel. We also offer service work such as tire & oil changes, spring tune ups and other services. We offer a little bit of everything primarily we are a fabrication shop though.


There's LOTS more to this story....

CONTINUE READING the full article online....








Thank you, CBA

As you can see from this press release, the State CBA has really been working hard on behalf of riders. Yes, they're still trying to get the helmet law changed, but they are taking on other issues that are of great interest to the riding community as well and they are doing a great job of it.

We should all tip our hats to these hard-working people who work and ride on our behalf.

Press Release: No More Motorcycle-Only Roadblocks in North CarolinaThe Concerned Bikers Association / ABATE of North Carolina
( The Voice of North Carolina Motorcyclists)House Bill 381, The Checking Station Pattern Selection bill introduced by Representative Torbett (R-Gaston), will do away with Motorcycle-Only Roadblocks in North Carolina.   This bill is awaiting the signature of the Governor.  This bill prohibits law enforcement from establishing checking station patterns that focus on a specific type of motor vehicle (motorcycles, corvettes, etc).  In the future, all roadside checking stations (roadblocks) must establish a pattern that includes all types of vehicles.House Bill 113, The motorcycle Safety Act introduced by Rep Killian (R-Mecklenberg), was passed by both chambers and is awaiting signature of the Governor.  This bill will increase the minimum penalties for violating the right of way of a motorcyclist.  Previously, it was a mere $25 fine for this violation, this bill calls for a $200 fine for anyone who causes a motorcyclist to have to leave his travel lane.  The fine is increased to $500 if there is property damage or personal injury sustained from this violation.CBA/ABATE had two separate helmet repeal bills introduced this year.  One in the House introduced by Rep Hastings (R-Cleveland/Gaston) and one in the Senate introduced by Senator Harrington (R-Gaston , member Gaston County CBA).  Unfortunately both bills were held up in committee and no amount of persuasion could get them moving.  Both died in committee. CBA works very hard to promote the rights of all motorcyclists. We appreciate the support of our elected representatives and believe that by working with them in a respectful manner, we can achieve our goals. We appreciate the positive input and support we have received from other motorcycle groups.Doc Ski
Legislative Director, CBA/ABATE of NC
Commander, US Defenders-NC
Registered Lobbyist, NC Bike-PAC"When you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around." - Will RogersFor more information
Dale Carroll, State Information Services Director



See you soon....make sure you check out The Big Ride schedule above!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton


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