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THINKING AHEAD - This Week's Riding Planner:

  • The Little Weather Quickie
  • Some Weekend Motorcycle Events
  • Bike Nites/Other Recurring Events
  • Some Differently-Flavored Events of Charlotte & Beyond!


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- This Week's Riding Planner for The Carolinas -


The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of June 22-28

Tuesday 95 SUNNY, Wednesday 96 SUNNY, Thursday 94 partly cloudy, Friday 89 scattered t-storms, Saturday 92 isolated t-storms, Sunday 93 SUNNY, Monday 91 partly cloudy (as per www.intellicast.com on Monday 6/21/10)


A Carolina Rider Sponsor,

Steve's Bar & Grille

is cookin' up a new bike nite

and some hot times

in Tega Cay!


This Saturday, June 26th - Last Saturday of the month Bike Nite featuring Mad Dog Custom Cycles promoting the new Thursday bike nites!

Thursday Bike Nites in July: July 8th and July 22nd

July 31st- Bikini Contest and Last Saturday of the month bike nite

Thursday bike nights in August 5th, 19th

August 31- Motorcycle Leather Fashion Show and Last Saturday of the month bike nite





(see CALENDAR for more plus full details)...


Hot Springs Rally ... Hot Springs, NC

Smoke Out ... Rockingham, NC

Cruisin' Cause we Care ... Spartanburg, SC

Ride for Paul ... Salisbury, NC

Christmas in July ... Easley, SC

Derrick Risen Ride ... Lumberton, NC

Antique Bikes ... Chesnee, SC




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a few events & destinations that you might like to ride to this week....

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My Winning Lottery Numbers?

The Combination to the Safe that holds all my diamonds, gold, and highly-valued stock certificates?


Oh, how I'd love for one of the above to be true.... But alas, I have no such riches and the numbers above are the high temps predicted for the remainder of June.

That string of numbers might vary by 8 degrees at most .... but they all spell H-O-T to me! Today's the first day of Summer and as I keep saying, it's SUPPOSED to be hot if it's a Southern Summertime. It's barefootin' time....except when you're on the pavement. (Did you ever step on those tar bubbles on an asphalt driveway and get sticky black spots on your feet?) It's ice cream time......and I prefer mine homemade banana or fresh peach. (And when I was little, it was hand-cranked and I was the one to sit on top during the cranking and the first to lick the dasher!) It's mojitos with lots of mint and rum time. (And my favorite rum these days is Patron's Pyrat Rum!) It's bobbin' in the lake time. (And my lake of choice is Wylie and my favorite bobber is an old tractor innertube!)

And as for us riders, it's sho'-nuff that time of year to choose ridin'-in-the-early-mornin' over riding most any other time of day too! The lows are in the low 70's - pure heaven on a bike!

So Happy Summer Solstice, folks! It's my custom to welcome Summer in some happy fashion. Honestly, I welcome all seasons but Summer gets my School's-Out-Kid-Spirit feelin' like playing hookie and chillin' free! By the time this e-news is sent your way, it'll actually be the second day of Summer but, hey, close enough. So how ya gonna celebrate this hellishly hot time in the ol' South?

Question of the week for the week of June 22nd, 2010: How did you celebrate this week's Summer Solstice - The First Day of Summer?...and what are your favorite Summertime treats and memories?!

Happy Summer everyone! Hot or not, let's ride!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor




Quick little Links, Stats, 'n News to chew on....

Whose idea was this biker gang thing, anyway? Chuck Zito, a former NYC Hell's Angels member, says he did. Kurt Sutter, who created the popular Fox TV show Sons of Anarchy, says he did. Well, at least they're arguing over who created the show. Sutter's blasting away about it.



Hot times were had by all at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte and the NC State HOG Rally this past weekend.


And by hot, I mean 100 degrees in the shade. I'm not sure.... but I think that some of the vendors who I met on the first day of the rally might have melted and evaporated by the end of the rally. It was hot. But hot or not and slow economy or not, there was still a pretty decent showing of Harley enthusiasts.

I understand there were 1200 HOG members who were pre-registered and another 2000 who paid at the gate over the 3 days. Most showed up Saturday and were lucky to enjoy some great music, plentiful adult beverages, and great hospitality from the dealership and all vendors and supporters involved.



Speaking of adult beverages, there was lots of appreciation and applause for Budweiser and Jack Daniels for the copious amounts of alcohol provided.

To the left is a shot of one of the vendor tents and the folks enjoying the rally's generous 6 acre Vendor Corral. As attorney Jason Taylor said, "It's extremely hot but can't think of anywhere I'd rather be this weekend. I've met such great riders and new friends at this rally and I look forward to making many more friends at upcoming bike events!"

Yeah, it was hot and I too am glad I was there.

This week I'm thinking I'm gonna stay in the cool shelter of my office during the heat of the day but I'll be out amongst the local bike nite fun and hope to see you somewhere too.

Until then, keep the shiney side up!!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com



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